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Ali Hammuda


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The speaker discusses the importance of having a positive attitude and being a happy person in order to achieve success in life. They stress the need to be aware of one's own limitations and draw inspiration from others. The speaker also emphasizes the importance of avoiding negative self-talk and being aware of one's own limitations.

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You and I are not from here. Our parents were not from this country, rather, Adam and Eve. And these are the ones who I am speaking about Adam and Hawa. They are not from planet Earth, they are from somewhere above. And it was due to a particular predicament that happened there in heaven, that they were evicted. They were placed here on earth for a short period of time, they carried out a short examination, and then they returned back to their destination, their ends. And you and I are no exception to the rule. We are passers by in the life of this world, we will carry out a very short exam within our 5060 or 70 years, then we shall die and meet Allah and this examination theater

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called Planning Planet Earth will be deconstructed never to be seen again.

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Be a person who differentiates between the means dunya and the ends, the hereafter and Paradise, you will be a happy person. I'll give you an example. Imagine that you are a businessman who sells pens, one pound a pen, then a merchant comes to you and he says, Look, I'm willing to buy from you every morning a box of pens 10 pound a pen. Of course the deal is agreed. He says to you just come to my office first thing in the morning and I will give you your money you give me the products. The only thing that upsets you a little bit is that you realize that when you go to the shop in the first hour of the morning, he's not very accommodating. He frowns a little bit. He's not that welcoming,

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not very hospitable. I asked you a question, when do you care?

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Would it bother you? The answer is no. So if someone clicks your snaps you in hedge or somebody doesn't say thank you when giving them way, the traffic lights you say Alhamdulillah this is from Allah, how can I profit from this particular scenario? Differentiate between the means and the ends? That is principle number four. Principle number five, make sure that you are a person who correctly places his reliance and you will be a happy person. Make sure that the one who you depend upon meets two conditions somebody whom you love a lot and somebody who can be relied upon. Why because you may love someone, but if they can't be relied upon is you will struggle to continue with that person.

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Similarly, there may be a person who you can rely upon but you don't love them. Life cannot continue with such a person