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AI: Summary © The importance of peace and bringing the spirit of peace to the culture is discussed, along with the need for sharia law and the importance of finding a way to make people happy. The speakers emphasize the need for individuals to make conscious decisions about their personal lives and avoid violence. The segment also touches on the "we" concept and its use in men, including the "we" concept. Prayer and working hard are also emphasized, and a call for action is provided for those seeking a call to action.
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Bismillah Alhamdulillah Salaam Alaikum. Peace be with you. Thank you for tuning in to another episode of the deen Show. Today we're going to be answering one of your questions, so don't go anywhere. I got something to read to you so we can all benefit when we come back here in a deep show. This is the thing that

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Assalamu alaikum Peace be with you. Why don't you come Sarah J Kareem here on the deen show. How are you? How are things in Denver? peaceful, peaceful hamdulillah now some people think that you know Muslims are bringing havoc so they're trying to, you know, get people riled up, wound up and scared. But we started with peace you said it's peaceful or Muslim bringing peace or they bring havoc a Muslim must bring peace wherever he is. Must be with a smile must be that's how we should be. We shouldn't be just like salaam aleikum.

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UC salam is the word but it really also you must carry the spirit of it Salaam means peace. So not only the word you rather have to carry the spirit of peace. And, you know, that's how the prophets Allah,

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you know, was and this is how he been traded hearts because of that peaceful approach of, of about things and to others. And I know it's hard, you know, it's it's hard. Sometimes we all get tested, we all go through hardship, hardships, but do it for the sake of Allah do it for the sake of Allah because whenever you carry that name, Mohammed Ahmed is married a Muslim name, or you have the appearance of a Muslim, you presenting Islam. And this is what will make a difference ad in here. If we you see a lot of people are asking why the Dow is not reaching its goal here. We've been trying, I mean, our numbers are increasing Why? I tell them this.

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I will work with Saudi Arabia, no one will have.

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At one stage actually he decided to leave Mecca. Because again, he was going through the oppression and the injustice of non Muslims at the very beginning. So he arrived at a place called jet then near the Red Sea about to take a ship and go to epicenter. So one of the non Muslims Khafre non Muslims, he was actually one of the leaders of the tribe in the Arabia. His name is included in seagull car. He's the leader of a tribe called the car. So he saw him by the seaside and he's about to get into prison. What are you going to work? there? I'm leaving Mecca. I cannot worship Allah freely. I'm going through, you know, I can't wear my hijab for a Muslim woman in America. I cannot

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you know, have the look of a Muslim you know having a beard and because I'm singled out and I'm I lose my job if I pray and so forth. You know what the, this non Muslim said to our worker, so do you know what he said to him? Miss look like?

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Someone like you should not leave? No, he should be expelled.

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Why? He said to him because you're generous to your guest. You stand for the truth. And you help the needy

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mentioned his character. You see other Muslims care less how many records you pray at night, whether you know him, I'm not belittling this or not. But please don't misunderstand me. But he looks at your character. Who are your design? You know, Buddha referee, the companion he used to live in before he was one of the companions by the way he worship Allah according to the middle of Abraham. And he heard about this message this person in Mecca claiming that is a messenger. Say Mohammed Salam Salam he doesn't know he heard a rumor that there is somebody in Mecca is claiming that he's a prophet. So he had a brother, his name is his own eyes. He said Yana is go and check this man out

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for me.

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So when I swim to Makkah, and he said around the Kaaba, and he's watching the Prophet.

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He came back to our border, and he told him one statement, or a Torah julen movie macadam, Allah

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I saw a man who's commanding good character, good character.

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So we got good character. People who are having good carry are not spreading havoc. No, they're people like you who are calling to peace, Muslims. And Islam means peace. Meaning if you want to get peace, you got to submit an owner piece. Right? And this is what it's all about. Right? Yeah. So that's what will make the difference at the end of the day. So yeah, I must say peace. I must, you know, some panela we try plastics. Sometimes you have to do with plastic. Begin with a plastic, you know, more plastic, plastic and it ends up to be natural, it becomes natural. So this is what the Muslims are about. Yeah. So tell us now now I got the question on the show. And I said, Look, we got

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to read the question. So the person has qualified God willing to help give us some advice. People go to doctors, if they have a disease and something but many of us, we have the disease of the heart. And this is more important because the pills might fix you up and you might heal your bone if it's broke. But man when the heart is rusted, it needs that Polish polish. So let's get some polish. Tell us the sister look, I think this is just a message love your show. Sister needs a push title. Okay, so she said for years, my husband has been growing and improving and is Dean Dean the way of life while the messengers of God Islam. So and for years, he has been nicely trying to get me to wear the

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hijab. That's the fashion from the seven heavens from the crater, right? So he's been for years trying to get me to wear the hijab. And for years, I've refused. I just can't seem to find the courage to wear it. My parents are Muslims more cultural in brackets, it says, and it's strange, but they are against the hijab also, and I feel they would disown me if I put it on. I'm also nervous as to how my friends friends would react. It's eating away at me and I feel a lot the creator keeps sending me signs. Now the question is, am I being ungrateful by not wearing it? What about my parents? What am I going to do?

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Hello, that's the question, *. Let's turn this into a program I thought, you know, we can discuss this and inshallah, at the end, the system will shed a tear, her heart will soften and she's gonna run and put the candidate Can I tell you something that I think I've done in a previous show with you, but here it is, again. The religion is creed arcada and Sharia.

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Sharia is laws, commands, the hijab is a Sharia law, law. But the key that's missing here, and the heart of my sister, and I'm not being judgmental of her, but you know, we all need knowledge.

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I want to I want to I want to base this on a story. The story of the hijab,

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I shall be alone is the narrator of this one.

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She says this, when the verse regarding the command for the women to wear the hijab was revealed.

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color white Island selected as a solo number 33. Yeah, you

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have an article when you say me, Nina Nina hindlimb Angelababy, Hannah Delica.

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Dana lie, because a lot of the viewers they say the hijab is not in the Quran that's in the Quran.

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The emigrants, the women, the wives of the immigrants, as soon as this verse was revealed, you know, out of women they used to have around them something called an attack, something that they wrapped around the waist. They told this and they covered right away.

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They didn't hesitate. No. Because

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a command from a loss you're connected with Allah. Yes. They knew that. You have to please. I have no choice. Well, America. Meanwhile, Amina, look at this first ad. Look at this verse, Sister, I hope you're watching us.

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It is not befitting for someone who want to be a believer whether he is male or female. When Allah Subhana Allah decides a matter that they have a choice.

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They have a choice, no choice. You have no choice sister. I think a lot of our Muslim sisters, they think hijab is just a religious symbol, like the cross in Christianity, or they call this mama cow.

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The hijab is a religious requirement for a Muslim sister.

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It's like praying five times a day.

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You have no choice. It is not befitting for a believing man or a believing woman when Allah subhanho wa Taala commands you to do something that you have a choice that you have an option or you're intimidated by other people. Unless if your life is threatened, that's another issue. But you're afraid now that you're going to displease your family. But meanwhile, you are displeased

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Allah, I tell you, my sister, your family will find other ways to be displeased with you.

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And I base this on also in an authentic hadith. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says, If you try to displease Allah, if you displease Allah, or here it is man urbanista satola. If you try to please people, at the expense of the displeasure of Allah, Allah Subhana Allah, Allah will make those people displeased with you.

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I see that you need to take a break, but here it is, Sister, please Allah subhana wa Tada. And you will see that your family will be behind you on this alone will make them pleased that we're gonna get to the rest of the day when we come back. And I mentioned this, no one anywhere, we'll be right back, you think these things are going to bring you happiness? You know why you keep going back to the club, and you keep getting going back to these desires.

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Because you never find satisfaction.

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It's gonna end up causing you if it hasn't already a lot of pain.

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You're kidding yourself.

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What we are offering in Islam, what we have found in Islam for ourselves, is a means by which our hearts are at peace. They're at rest. They're not discontent, we are pleased with what we have.

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I am not afraid.

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I'm not afraid to say

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I am not afraid to stand alone.

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I am not afraid to stand.

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Back here on the D show. The special guests Shay Kareem, a mom in Denver, and you deal with these issues all the time. You've been in mom a long time, you know and we want to get from your knowledge so we can benefit and so inshallah we can implement and we can do this way of life, Islam submission to the will of God so we can avoid the Hellfire because death is a reality. And we want to get to agenda and the way to get there is to please our Creator before we meet our Creator. And now we're talking about we're answering a question sister wants to push she wants this encouragement, so we're giving it inshallah So you mentioned the Hadith continue from there if you work to please the people

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are expensive displeasing Allah, Allah be displeased with you. Here's what it says. Yeah, men out of the NASA the Sahaba Allah, Whosoever tries to please people. And regardless, whoever it is whether you mentioned your family in your question, family, friends, so you're trying to please your family and your friends, but at the expense of the displeasure of Allah.

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You see, we need to understand that the concept of me loving you and loving you it's not we have really nothing to do with it. And that maybe we need to explain that concept in a minute. You see, we love with that limb. Right? The heart. Isn't that yes. I mean, I will love you with the hand I just you know. I love you with the heart. Okay, can I say this? My heart I want you to love Edie. Can I do it? Can I do this? No, it doesn't work this way. Actually, the one who directs your heart to love a person

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is the one who holds the hearts. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and howdy tabula have nominum the last Muslim he says in na khulumani Adelina

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Asada rathmann the hearts of the children of Adam are two fingers of the fingers of Allah we believe that Allah has fingers we believe that but how they look like we don't know. Should we visualize now we don't so it's nothing like his nothing is like him nothing is like him and whatever you visualize is beyond that. Lay second cliche. So our heart is defined that what you just said from the Quran leads to commitment a second cliche There is nothing like a loss there's nothing like illness not nothing like a lot once it comes to his essence. Nothing like a lot once it comes to his actions. Nothing like allowance it comes to his name's nothing like allowance it comes to his attributes is

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he don't look like us. We don't look like none of you don't compare a lot to any of us. Krishna lemmya cola who Khufu while I'm Nicola Hakuna. Yes, our hearts are between two fingers of Allah. He rotates them the way that he was. Here is the concept of love work sister. Listen to this. How do you feel Buhari?

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The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says, If I have Bala

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gibreel If Allah loves the servant of his he will call upon God

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Gabriel the Archangel Gabriel had a helping out in the profits or loss and I'm sure him at one stage 600 wings he blocked the horizon yeah debris or debris in knee or hip bufala and and even afolayan I love so the son of so

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imagine a Lassie you'll need

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it you know in Facebook right now you know they get you get these messages this person mentioned your name, you get excited get excited about your idea. Imagine like

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mentioning your name.

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Somebody really you know a competitor's name is over the car.

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Get up with the fear, the profits or loss and I'm called upon him and he said yeah, over a while Sahabi the companion The one who literally had a ton of Muslims and throw away in Allaha Imani and Accra Allah, so Allah, Allah commanded me to recite to you so that will be in La La Casa de la forma, innovation, Yara Sula, la vamos a man Yamaha luck with Allah name me to you, who am I for Allah dB, for imagined sister of Allah loves you, he will call upon God, I love So, the daughter of so Jabri love

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jabiru will call upon the dwellers of the heavens, angels, Allah love so and so I want you to love them here it is hidden refer to the whole caboodle out then the acceptance of that person will be placed in the hearts of the believers in earth.

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But now, how will Allah love you when you are disobeying?

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Come on, let's make sense. How. Just please our last panel. And at the end of the day, if you seek the pleasure of Allah, Allah will get the people liking you, your family will like you, your family will love you. And this is what is meant by this hairy man or woman, NASA Sahabi law, whoever tries to please people at the expense of Allah the displeasure of Allah, Allah will turn their hearts against that person. Woman us happiness Abby Reba, la casa hola goodness. And if you end up making people unhappy because you're trying to please your Lord. The Prophet did not say that Allah is going to make them No, he said, Allah will protect you from the people. They are not going to harm

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Yes, we love our parents. Yes, we like our friends. We like that we would like to be accepted by them. There is no question about it. But listen, la tollemache, Luke and FEMA Seattle Hall, there is no human being entitled to really obedience which comes at the expense of the disobedience of Allah is as simple as that. But we call the sister Come on, do it. Do it for the sake of Allah. Like you said, This world is so short, you always say it was here saying that. It is so short, we could die tomorrow. You have the dying tomorrow, without a hijab. Allah will ask you about why? Because I was trying to please my my friends and trying to please the society I'm trying to please my family. I'm

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telling you, this answer is not going to pay off. Now what can the brother do also because we look at the sisters but let's take to account some of the husbands also. So let's say the husband at home should he be making his house and environment of Qur'an He makes this house now let's say he wants his wife to wear his job. But he's got you know, baseball, football and Xbox all day, if you don't hear that. And let's say he's like coming around, but at the same time, look, we don't want to again, like be judgmental. And we've been gentle with this obviously, because we love you know, so we love the people. So we want to, you know,

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give the best advice. So what about the brother now? Also, should he be making more talking more about our hitter having like, open up lay the books and let's say real solid, here are some of the books of knowledge and talking with his wife mentioning a lot more the everyday maybe have a little halaqa in the morning, things like this. I don't know you give us the advice. I mean, I will tell you something that is relevant to the Hague at least tell us the appearance. This is a command. Yeah. It's a Mac command for that. It's a command. Yeah, no question about it. off.

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No, no, sir, for asking the sister to show like this. Why? I mean, if the brother is shaved, then I'm sorry. Begin with that. Okay, I don't have this. But after this, you know, establishing your Muslim home like a Muslim Whoa. We know that the Prophet sallallahu wasallam banned us from having dogs are you having dogs at home, remove them pictures Why? Because Allah The Knower of the unseen told us angels will not enter this house. Angels will not enter this house. Now. What is going on with all these music videos and, and CDs and all that stuff? Come on. Let's work together to have our Muslim homes established according to the way of Islam, not just the appearance in the outside

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when we go outside, but inside the house, and I was also Allahu Allah. Allah mentioned that

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Demand is the one who needs to make these calls. So don't ask the sisters to wear the hijab when you are weak in the other end and your home is not set right to get with her TV Yeah, he's TV Yes, watch the deen show right things of benefit because if you're sitting and watching R rated movies, you're watching things that are no benefit you got a whole collection of DVDs cvds of all the pop stars these people are going to help increase your mind no one's gonna bring you down isn't it take you take you down so like clean these things and act with this and you will be asked about this time? Yeah, time Yeah, time management. Oh, yeah. Yeah, now I'm attorney. That's the howdy kitamura Casa

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Halina Mata, Anima Boonen fi Makati, Amina NAS, Assa ha, well, for us, there are two boundaries regarding which people, the majority of people are losers once it comes to these two boundaries, because they are not utilizing them while being healthy. That because when you're healthy, you could do more stuff, and having time at your hand. Now we sit in front of the TV for two hours, three hours watching a movie. Come on, you're going to be asked about this time in a different direction. Allah will ask you the Prophet, he said he wasn't Islamic, Muslim, wolf assuming that the feet of the son of Adam will not move until he's asked about four things and the other word in five things

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about his own about his life. How did he spend it?

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We're gonna take a break. We'll be right back with more to conclude here on the deen show don't go anywhere, deaf and the Day of Judgment, the mercy of a law these are the things that finally made me realize there is no time to delay anymore. I want you to take my Shahada, right there is really the essence of spirituality is to become more sincere to less and with our contemplate decades. So it is very, very scary. But it brings you back to reality there is a life which is everlasting. And you have to make a conscious decision of which group of people do you want to be the people or the people of hell?

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Back here on a D show, and we're answering the sisters question, and we want to help encourage the people. So we can all be in Genoa together avoid the Hellfire and everything that the crater has told us to do. It's good for us isn't it? Is because some people think Amanda's all rigid men is a bunch of do's and don'ts. Everything's haram share, everything's our candle fun. Now, what do you got to say about this submission? What does it mean submission?

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submission that you give up your whims and desires. And listen, the religion is so straightforward about it. Okay? He said So allow Alia selam adonia says no movement was a natural cash. This world is the prison of I believe, in the sense of you don't have your choices are somehow somewhat limited. But you see, you don't understand there is a kickoff, you actually find happiness and joy. And that comes when you kill yourself when you because at the end of the day, you're trying to please our last panel dial. And like they say happiness is irrelevant. Really, it has nothing to do with what you have. It has nothing to do with the person who smokes. I mean, weed, for example, to

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be happy. For him to be to continue to be happy, he has to smoke more and more and more and more he has to increase. Yeah, he has to double up he has to change the type that but submission The more that you submit the same exact thing the more that you submit to Allah subhana wa Tada. You find pleasure and happiness and it's good for you isn't absolutely tell us good. Can we give an example the person who wants a master's degree, a GED, a PhD. He's submitting to what the professor told him to do. He's studying, he's leaving off partying, he's sacrificing because he wants that title. So you get the job, make money bank grow, and then he can enjoy. So are we like living a wholesome good

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life. So at the end, we can get Jenna so we can obey Allah, because aren't these good things that now the woman's out there flaunting herself, you know, she's dressing provocative. Man ain't going to respect her. He's going to I'm sorry, pimp her, you know, she's going to be out there, you know, being masqueraded a commodity, right? Just for man's pleasures. And at the same time, look, you're drinking smoking weed, these things destroy you. So the things lying, deceiving everything that Allah the creator told us to do. Those are things that are good for us. And the things that he told us to stay away from are just things that aren't good for the for the human being, isn't that right?

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You know, I go back to the hijab. Yeah, the sister You know, as long as it shows to cover this is something very interesting mentioned in that verse and sort of tell us about the hijab. Then he can add a lie, because you brought this up? Yes. So when the sister wears the hijab, and by the way, the hijab is not the scarf. Okay, the hijab is modesty. There are seven conditions for this hijab to exist, it must She must be wearing

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garments that is baggy. It cannot be of color that gets attention cannot mimic tight jeans law. No, that's not it. I know. You see a sister who places a scarf on and then pi jeans. That's not a joke. She's just which is us covering her hair. Yeah, no jab is a concept that the sister reflected reflecting modest modesty. Yes, modesty, she's not getting attention. And I want to go back here to this point and say, Our last panel dialysis so that they are not known to be that type that you mentioned, that you can pick on? Yeah. Imagine getting on a metro or and you find that you ever entertain the thought of flirting with a nun? You might look but you don't keep looking right?

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You're not even going to think about the same exact thing for the sisters for them. That is what is meant. So the women cannot be used as a commodity kind of. I'm not saying that every women and let's be fair, not every woman who dresses this way. She's after that. I'm not saying this. But there are wicked people out there. And I'm not saying it's a protection. Yes. It's a protection, immunity. Yes. immunity. And she will find pleasure in this one lion. I'll never forget this answer. I was in

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a seminar. I'm sorry, in a debate with with non Muslims. And we had Muslim audience. And one of the people asked me this question about how can you force women in that heart whether it was we were in a hot summer to dress like this? And I told her, I answered them my best and one of our Muslim sister asked us to say something. She said exactly what you said a minute ago. The heat of the Hellfire is far worse. I'd rather do it here then.

00:26:47--> 00:26:51

Pull now. Johanna, I said to hora lokendra.

00:26:52--> 00:27:17

Come on, let's submit to Allah subhana wa, Tada. This is a requirement for Muslim women. That's how a lot of Hannah and this has been the way it is. Since one of the you know we had this Yemeni sister who got that peace, whatever. Noble or some kind. Yeah, yes. She She made a very interesting comment. And she said, Come on, guys. I mean, you talk about the human race developing,

00:27:19--> 00:27:36

you know, from nudity, and now on top of the line that they actually because how they present Adam and Eve that they were naked, and they were having little things around their bodies. And then they show us in the movies that when they develop they started dressed and I reached the top of the line, I reached the top.

00:27:38--> 00:27:43

That was the Muslim woman who went to have a piece of piece.

00:27:45--> 00:28:28

I mean, she said, I came to the top now. Yeah, with the job. I read that statement for non Muslims. That's fine. I mean, to address non Muslims with that, it's fine. But you know, for me as a student of knowledge, I have other ways to present to people but but I think she hit it right there. We'll come on, can you teach in your schools that Adam and his offspring, develop, develop, develop? Then you showed that the top of the line that they actually got dressed? Well, guess what I'm covering up? Yeah. And look at the icon of Maria, Jesus's mother, she all had we all had sisters. I mean, it was also awesome. And I want to tell the sisters this sinful human evolutionary lamb aroma, and it

00:28:28--> 00:28:50

was from a Muslim, that there are two types of people that I did not see. We know that the prophets of Allah went and he saw Jenna and he saw hellfire. He saw there are two types of people I did not see in the dunya in the world there but I saw them in the Hellfire and he mentioned women walk in kaseya area yes they were clothed but they are not wearing anything Yeah, and I can have temptation

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Come on Muslim sister. Before we go just we have one minute left tellers can the sister now start to okay she's we know she's she's obviously five pillars you got to be doing and praying five times a day where she began law loans occurred you know how much now for the job. Can she if she's wearing like tight jeans, okay, he job obviously you mentioned character. Okay, so it doesn't matter now years. You're in his job smoking, you know, foul language doesn't work doesn't work. Right. This modesty. All right. So now Can she like, leave off the jeans and start like, let's say she didn't because people think is just the covering here? Because she just start to wear like, the loose. What

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is it called? You know, the jilbab? Yeah, you know, from here this loose and then start to work her way up to progress, you know, to wearing it. She's like timid baby steps.

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I don't want to say this because we're just do it. You see, right after the show, just put it out. says this, yeah, whatever ama commands you to do. You need to do it. Do it, do it. I cannot tell somebody pray two times, and then three times and I see I see. So it's a common one. Here is the people

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The basis in Oslo Phil Emery Ludo Island, Hackney will fall by default when there is a command in the Quran and the Sunnah. It must be carried out right away. Yeah. As long as you don't have something, an obstacle that stops you, yeah, your ability. That's the rule. Thank you so much.

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But I look forward to having you back.

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And some more great, wonderful advice. And for our sisters, we love you. But Allah loves you the most. He loves you more than your parents. He loves you more than anyone and he knows what's best for you. So let's work hard in this life to please our Creator, before we meet our Creator, because death is a reality. And then there's the Day of Judgment. And then there's the Hellfire and paradise, so only the people of Paradise allows the most loving and merciful. Make dua to him, repent to Him alone, no intermediaries. We don't need to go to a confession box. We don't need to pray through anybody direct dial up. We call on the creator alone, and asked him to make it easy.

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And commit. And believe me, Allah will facilitate away. Get up in the night and pray one tear Allah will open up doors you couldn't even imagine because he loves you. Do you love him? That's the question. If you love him, you got to obey Him. So let's work hard in this life so we can be successful in this life to have Jenna in the next. We'll see you next time here on the deen show. Don't forget to pick up the new jr to Dean and call us at one 800 662 Islam to get the verbatim Word of God the crime for free or even to if you are not yet Muslim, everyone has the potential to submit only to God, the One God the same God that Jesus worship, you want to worship that God call us right

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now at this number. We'll see you next time. Peace be with you.