Exhibiting our Brokenness before Allah

Mohammad Elshinawy


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So I want

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to get to everybody 1100 11

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local everyone back and at the onset We ask Allah to bless us in our days and help us

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secure for ourselves and for the world around us.

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The ability to take this challenge in stride,

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and to make all of our actions righteous and make them sincerely for his sake and not allow any of his creation or share of our intentions.

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Tonight's reminder will be regarding the verse

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in Surah, Al anon Allah subhana wa tada says about the previous nations for Lola it at home, but sooner tbev raro when I came across at Punahou home was a an LFO Michel pano Americana Yamato.

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Why is it that when our punishment came to them, they did not exhibit their brokenness. But instead their hearts became hard and shaped bond beautified for them, their behavior what they used to do.

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A person's mind probably jumps right now to Am I saying that Corona is a punishment from Allah Subhana Allah Allah or not, it actually really depends. Because at the end of the day, ultimately, whatever brings you closer to Allah is a blessing. And whatever distances you from Allah is an evil thing. And so it depends on who you are and how you're reacting.

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This could be a priceless gift from Allah Zilla gel if we are of the lucky group, the fortunate group, the blessitt group, the guided group that takes heed from a reminder of this magnitude because if one will not heed a reminder of this size, then what reminder

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will ever turn the lights on for them? You see, because Allah Subhana Allah Allah, He sends many reminders to his creation.

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But sometimes reminders no matter how powerful no matter how

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profound, it could even be Allah Himself, reminding meaning in his core and somehow with many of us, it still falls on deaf ears. So out of his mercy subpanel to Allah, He sends an even more invasive reminder sometimes a reminder, that's even more difficult

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for us to ignore the one that will not fall on deaf ears. inshallah Tada. And if this one doesn't serve as a wake up call, what would this is the meaning of that area? Why is it that even when our punishment came to them, they did not take heed, they did not exhibit their brokenness, they were not humbled and submissive before Allah Subhana Allah Tada. So it's from his mercy, ultimately, for a certain group, those that respond the right way. It's from his mercy that he blemishes their world, he discomforts them in this world, almost as if he's cracking the whip

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of tribulations as it Millennium says, to help them recalibrate on their course to help reset their compass to help them get back on track towards their, their true destination, so that they recognize his greatness anew so that you recognize the insignificance and the the worthlessness because of the unpredictability and the short term pneus of this world, he cracks the whip of tribulations to get you back on track and back going in that right direction. And so, if a person will not through this, then when this is the meaning of that.

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So it is incumbent upon all of us to respond appropriately as a believer should,

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by upping their charities upping their recitation of the poor and

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upping their a value, their servitude of Allah in the broadest sense of that term, upping their art because there is the heart of a balance the heart of servitude, and it is the clearest way to admit to Allah to show to Allah to confess to Allah that you recognize your brokenness in front of him. subhanho wa Taala.

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You know, Ibrahim Nam Rahim, Allah was once on a ship and the storms almost toppled the ship over and everyone is screaming and crying certain that they would die and they asked him

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to make the art for them recognizing His righteousness. And they said, Please make the art and he said beautiful words, words that the likes of them we should learn to make. Even if we haven't read them anywhere, just speak freely, genuinely, even if you're not eloquent, even if you don't know Arabic learn to speak to Allah and say to him, I recognize who you are. I am grateful for this reminder. So he used to say

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back to his words. Oh you who was alive when no one was alive and oh you who was alive when everyone else will die? Oh you who is forever alive? Yeah, how you? Are you? Are you who is ever sustaining everything? Alright 10 Apple duratech for Eddie naffaa Oh Allah, you've shown us your power. Now show us your pardon. Show us your forgiveness.

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And this reminds me actually in the context of being at sea, more rock allegedly rahimullah he used to say there is no better example for the believer in this world than the example of a men holding on to a log in the middle of the ocean saying Yeah, I'll be out, oh, my Lord, my Lord, in hopes that our love would rescue him. So the believer recognizes this, that he is that vulnerable that she is that powerless at every given moment. But if we're not going to reinstate that realization, and take heed to that wake up call with something as massive as Corona that put the whole world on freeze overnight, then when will we ever stop pressing the snooze button, stop ignoring the reminders if

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even this one will not work? I'll leave it there man. Alonzo did help us and he'll become people who converse with him and are humbled in front of him and serve him in a way that exhibits how broken and how desperate for his support and his pleasure. We inherently are as human beings, like locally and everybody also allows a lot of kind of being a Mohammed Ali was like, have a great evening.