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So this is the first key mannerism, my dear brother mighty sister, who are the people you are choosing as guests Believe me, it has a major impact on the life of your spouse, your children, your future, your thoughts, the way you think your ambitions, your vision in life. Your guest has that ability to shape your to shape your future.

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Believe me, how many sins have people repented from because of a guest? And how many habits have people acquired very bad habits because of a guest and a conversation that should not have happened? Agreed? Who are the guests? This is the first mannerism

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and that is why the messengers that I sent him he said establishing this point really take note of this hadith I know you've come across it before that which will hurt you and Muslim the rate on your authority of the companion Abu Musa luxury. He said Alayhi salaatu wa salaam listen to this analogy and methodologies you slowly he will Jalisa su e kehamilan miski When Africa will kill the example of the good friend and the evil friend is exactly like the example of the perfume seller and the and the what?

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The blur of the bellows or the Hammersmith?

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Yes. Listen to the analogy. The good friend like the seller of a perfume and the evil friend like the blower of the bellows, the Hammersmith, a smelly and untidy and fiery and the loud and noisy process.

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Yeah. He says for Honolulu miski. In New Orleans, we're in tough times. I mean, who were in charge it I mean, holy Hunter Yuba, wonder if you could carry him and your car back or ima Vegeta. I mean, who the Hank Habiba. He says the seller of perfume

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will either give you some perfume

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on you, or you may buy from him some perfume, or a minimally if you don't do either of those two. He smells nice, isn't it?

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And then he said, and as for the Hammersmith, he will either burn your clothes or minimally, you will smell bad when walking away from him.

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This is the example so so a good friend may offer you advice. He may give you an idea. You may hear something from him or her that will change your life. Yes. And we alluded to this in the mannerisms of materialistic gatherings if you remember,

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like somebody who's offering you perfume, and even if he doesn't speak, even if she doesn't speak, my sister will say I just looked at her appearance and I noticed her hijab and it changed my perception of how I want to present myself and public till the day I want till the day I die. So you never said anything. But like the perfume seller you may at least just take a nice smell from them even when just interacting with them even if you don't buy or sell. Even if they don't give you a gift you with any of the perfume but the blower of the bellows the Hammersmith. What will he do? He will burn your clothes. Sparks going around everywhere. He will burn your clothes and evil friend

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will damage your Eman with habits and suggestions.

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or minimally you will just walk away from his gathering not smelling very nice. You come out feeling that your heart has become so hard from that gathering. You really didn't benefit. And it was a gathering that you could have done without