How the story of Ibnu Hazm began

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There is an amazing story attributed to a beautiful husband. May Allah Almighty have mercy upon him who died in the year 456 After the Hegira

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Do you know how the story of YBNL hasn't began and how his journey into the skies of greatness started? It started with this particular so now that we are speaking about that he didn't know Allahu Akbar, the great scholar of Islam, even though hasn't he didn't know that you had to pray to units?

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And the answer is yes, he didn't know.

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This has mentioned in his biography, he wants came into the masjid just before Asif time, it was agenda for one of the friends of his father funeral prayer, even though hasn't entered the masjid and as some of us did today, may Allah pardon us, he sat down.

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And so his moral be the one who was responsible for nurturing him. He began indicating saying to him get up, it hasn't made it known what he was trying to say to him. So someone was friends next to him, said, yaki, you've reached the age of 26 years old and you don't know that it's an obligation to pray to Eunice before sitting down in the masjid.

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So even Azim he got up and he prayed to units, he said we finished the janazah everyone went home and I went back into the masjid after the time of Salah look, it's all in the same afternoon. And I now want to carry out the Sunnah that I learned today. And I began to pray and someone said to me, sit down, sit down.

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What's wrong? What do you want from me? I was told you pray at this time. This is the time that it is disliked to pray. He said, So I sat down and I was so embarrassed.

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I am at the age of 26 years old and I don't know how to pray.

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So he said, I refused the situation.

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And I inquired about the scholar of our community. I went to Abdullahi Ibnu down, I went to his home. And I explained to him the circumstance and what happened to me and how embarrassing it was. I said to him, I need to remove the veils of General Ignorance that are upon me. What do I do? He said to him, let us begin studying. And let us begin with the motto of Imam Malik. And he said, we began our study during that time, very shortly afterwards, even though hasn't became the great Imam of Islam, if no hasn't,

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even though hasn't who would become the the historian, a theologian and jurist and the poet of course, even though hasn't the man of great intelligence, unbelievable understanding it No. Tamia Rahmatullah Allah, He praised him. In fact, Imam Abu Dhabi, he would say in his car, speaking about Abraham and what he would become that the Sultan of the scholars nickname of Eliza Abdus Salam, he would say makuti by Phil Islami in the religion of Islam and in the history of Muslims.

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Never has our library seen to greater books than the book of alimony by Enoch Kodama and Al Mohalla. That was authored by the Imam maybe no husband

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and allows him to have the salaam he would say must step up to foot. Yeah, oh, Myrtle has just been foot. Yeah. I have found no real confidence in giving fatwa.

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Only after I possessed two books

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no Kodamas and warning, and even no hazards. I'll Mohalla Allah, what? Isn't it amazing? It is remarkable.

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How did it all begin? How did this entire journey of knowledge and great hood and stardom appear for Abraham? Because of a sunnah that somebody gently corrected him with in the house of Allah subhanaw taala. And with this you see why a lot of us struggle to become the likes of ignore hasn't because we don't take advice very well. Just a few days ago, there was a brother actually and he was saying to me, actually, I'm disturbed. I'm so upset. Said what happened here here in the masjid. He said to me, I was praying next to her brother. I'm trying to close the gap before we start the salah to be in line with the Sunnah of the messenger. So I sent him and he was not having it. He was not having

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it. Moving away from me as if I am disgusting or something. And so after the prayer, I said to him, my brother have I have I upset you? I was just trying to honor the Sunnah of the messenger. So I sent him he said, Yes, you have upset me. So I put my hand on his shoulder to say to him, I'm sorry. He said to me, don't touch me.

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And he walked out of the Masjid. Now this very same fellow of ours, I guarantee you, the one who walked out of the masjid in the strong go to him after a week after a month after five or 10 years and he will be the same person.

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Come after 20 years 30 years this Quran will be the same Tajweed will most likely be the same who's who sure I will be the same his knowledge will be the same, his Dawa his projects for the hereafter will be the same, because we don't like a lot of us at least we don't like advice. So when someone gives you that advice, see it as a gift, Rahim Allah hombre and Ileana, you will be on the Allahu Anhu would say Ameerul Momineen. He would say, May Allah Almighty have mercy on a person who gifts me with my faults who what? shoots me in my foot with my faults? No. He said Who gifts me with my faults? Allahu Akbar. Yes. So the greatness of your husband began with this particular mannerism,

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mannerism number four.

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Praying the two units before sitting down when arriving in the masjid