S2E7 – How To Make Dua For A Strong Mindset And Self Awareness – A Doctor Explains Prayer

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The first and most important way of getting to know about yourself is to do I can't overestimate how important do is, do I is when you're talking to Allah. Now, when you talk to a lot, you can do it in Salah, after Salah, or at any time of day, pick a time of day, perhaps in the morning or late in the evening. You think about the significant events in your day and you think about and tell Allah what happened to you, how you reacted, what you did, what went well, what didn't allow will listen to you. If you say these things out loud, or even just say them in your head, what happens psychologically is you are packaging feelings up into words, you are connecting the knifes to your

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intellect. And so stuff becomes clearer. It is said that you know when you pray to Allah, the answer to your prayer is sometimes apparent in the breath you take, after you say I mean, keep that in mind. tell a lot about what's coming up for you tomorrow and how you hope to handle it. asked him for his help in handling both expected and unexpected things in a good way. Remember, you've got your rules of conduct your athlete, you can ask him that you keep to those things and promise him that you'll talk to him again about your day tomorrow. If you speak to Allah, your maker, the process is scientifically very valid, confess, discuss, God made you There is nothing you can hide

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from him and nothing you need to be ashamed of. And he can forgive even your greatest guilt, talking about your day and about your intentions and the events that went on will increase your self awareness. I guarantee you within 30 days of doing this, you will find yourself becoming a lot more insightful, a lot more peaceful and a lot more self aware. Next video we'll look at the other two methods which are journaling and talking to other people.

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