Reviving ramadan #29 – Eid – Allah’S Gift To You

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Why should my priorities be on a day?

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Number one, promote happiness and be happy.

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We are told that if we want to live happy lives, that we shouldn't tie our lives to people or two things that tie it to a goal, or util filter is a yearly reminder that you have accomplished a huge goal.

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Which other nation do you know, has fasted for 30 or 29 consecutive days like you did, which other community stood in prayer in a nightly fashion for a month like you did? What other nation that gives in charity the way you did, furthermore, which OMA is promised the love and forgiveness and paradise of Allah other than yours, so Han Allah, be happy in Ramadan eating was impermissible, and fasting was the obligation on aid fasting is impermissible and breaking your fast is the obligation and that is because Allah intense joy for you on this day. After all, countless Muslims during Ramadan finally unchained from their necks, the yolks of help. Many worshipped Allah on a night that

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added over 83 years worth of good deeds to their lives. And many are now such that nothing stands between them and Janna, except death.

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These are things that are undoubtedly causes for celebration and joy. So be happy.

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As head of your household, as a parent, as an older sibling, as a community leader, shift things around for people to create a vibe this age, share gifts, spend in your family, be all smiles, establish contact with each and every relative of yours around the globe. Change the atmosphere at home. If you want to spoil your family let he'd be the day that you do. That's number one. Number two, mother and father before anyone else.

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When you're thinking about your eight greetings, and whom you're going to spend some time with this aid, ensure that that list of people is crowned with two individuals.

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Those whose love of you is unconditional, whose care for you only grows with the passage of time. Those whose health and wealth well being are intrinsically connected to yours. They are your mother and father begin with them. The third

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event broken relationships. This Ramadan we damaged shaytans ability over us. So on this day of aid don't allow it to recover. deliver him the last nail to his coffin, by initiating a sincere communication of salaam to all of those who need to hear it in your life. Voluntary amnesia is what we want on this day partial memory loss to liberate ourselves from previous fallouts and the pain of the past events. On this day. There is no space for feuds, no place for ill feelings. No such thing as not being on talking terms with another Muslim. And the best of the two who have fallen out is he who initiates the center, be that person, the fourth. Remember that aid of sin is not to be

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celebrated, but more.

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Speaking about Ramadan, Allah Almighty said well it took me a while to Kabila and Mr. hodda come when Allah contest Quran, Allah wants you to complete the proscribed period, to proclaim the greatness of Allah for guiding you, and perhaps you will be grateful. So if your ad is going to be defined by music and smoking and abuse of the hijab and mingling with non Muslims, missing of Salah and reunification with previous sins,

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then it's not a hate that you are celebrating. It's not a hate that you're actually celebrating. Because eight at its core, as you heard, is a celebration of Schuco gratitude for Allah's help in completing Ramadan and earning his pardon. This person is actually celebrating something else. They're celebrating their desires, because that has nothing to do with eat. There are some people who are who are unfortunate enough to only experience ate twice a year, and the other people who are blessing they celebrate it on every day of their lives because on each day they are adding an act of worship. They're blotting out a sin, they're refining their morals or planning a project for the

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hereafter. So they lead happy lives. They celebrate on each and every day. They leave in excitement at the prospect of meeting Allah subhanho wa Taala Khun lujah will be now your Salah who fee for Hawaii al Hassan bursaries each day which passes by where Allah is not dissipate. That is a day of high heat.

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Or cool yo yo mania clown movement for Utah it Marula was a Cree he was so creative who Allah who I hate and each day that you spend in the obedience to Allah gratitude remembrance of Him. That is a day of aid