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Nouman Ali Khan
AI: Summary © Grateful is a concept that is difficult to measure and is related to behavior and gratitude. It is important to identify oneself with a religious community and develop gratitude for their actions. Learning the Quran is key to becoming a part of one's lifestyle and offers resources for Muslims to help those interested in learning the Quran. The negative impact of negative thoughts on one's behavior can lead to negative experiences and addiction to negative clubing.
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Human beings are very wrongdoing and they're extremely ungrateful and what what is one of the ways in which we're extremely ungrateful? We always have reason to complain. Always. If somebody says, hey, what's on your mind? Say Nothing? Nothing? I'm okay. No, no, you can talk to me. All right, here's a list. And then there's a list of all the issues. I mean, it's too hot. I hate, you know, I hate I used to live in California, and I'm living in Texas. And you know, you've got all kinds of problems, or money issues, health issues, family issues, personal issues, you know, all career issues, education issues, self worth issues, self esteem issues, all kinds of issues, and we're

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drowning in those issues. And if if you were to just take a moment and think about what am I actually thinking about, that I should be grateful for? It's actually very hard, it becomes a difficult exercise. I can't really think about anything right now. I'm drowned in the negativity. And it doesn't matter how much knowledge you have. It doesn't matter how long your beard is, or how how tightly your hijab is worn. This has nothing to do with the outside of our Islam. This is something that's happening inside of our hearts. So you can I could be a father of the Quran, you could know have all the knowledge in the world. But gratitude isn't there because we're always

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negative. We're always complaining. We're always looking at what's wrong around us. The word sugar has to be understood a little bit deeply also. Sugar is different from hunger. The Quran begins with Alhamdulillah that's where the Quran begins. Now the words Alhamdulillah the word hummed is actually a combination of two things that I'd like you to remember that I know there's I say a lot of things in the hood, but a few things I'd like you to keep with you even after you leave. So here's one of those things. hummed is two things. It's praise and gratitude. It's praise and gratitude combined together. And what does that mean? When you see a nice car drive by you praise it, oh, nice car. You

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didn't think the car, you weren't grateful to the car, you just praised it. So that's praise. When someone gives you the nice car, then you're very grateful and you say thank you. That's gratitude. Sometimes you can have praise Without gratitude as possible. And sometimes you can even have gratitude without praise that happens to I mean, Ibrahim Ali Salaam is really grateful to his father who raised him.

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But he's not going to praise his father because his father Father bills idols, so you could pray some you can be grateful to someone, even though they're not praiseworthy. Musa alayhis salam was grateful to the Pharaoh for raising him. But that doesn't mean he's going to praise Him. Those two things don't have to go hand in hand. You know, sometimes people when you thank them, they expect you to praise them also, those two things don't necessarily go together. But with Allah they always go together, praise and thanks always go together. This passage is actually not about praise, because it's not enamored Lilla. You see, it's an issue for Lila about gratitude alone. Just being

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grateful. We're not even getting to the praise yet. When you have gratitude and praise combined, then we graduate to something called hummed. This is even beforehand. This is even before him, this is the starting the first steps in our relationship with Allah, if you want to get to, to where you need to be you need to have a conversation with yourself, I need to have a conversation with myself about what is it that we should think Allah for an inch gorilla? And actually, I told you before wisdom isn't just beneficial knowledge. It's not just thoughts. It's actually what translates into behavior translates into Outlook translates how do you how you perceive things? How do you

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understand things? You've probably heard the phrase a million times Is the glass half, half half empty or half full. Someone with praise of Allah is going to praise Allah that it's there's water here, someone without the shocker of Allah rather, the gratitude is going to say why isn't it full? Why isn't it why what didn't you bring it from the fridge? Why is this room temperature? All the things that are wrong with it? That's the attitude of someone who doesn't have sugar. Right? So this is an attitude that he embodied and that then Allah says, profound wisdom from Allah woman Yeshua nama ash curule enough see because Allah has This is Allah's way of telling us that what he's

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teaching us right now isn't just about Look, man, he says and whoever is grateful, meaning not just Look man, whoever learns from this and becomes grateful, then he's only doing so for his own self in oh my gosh, Guru leadoff. See, you're only doing it for yourself. The thing is, either I'm greedy or unhappy all the time. Right. I'm unhappy with the relationship I'm in. I'm unhappy with my children. I'm unhappy with my parents. I'm unhappy with my friends. I'm dissatisfied with the house I live in. I'm dissatisfied with the job that I have with the clothes that I'm wearing. I'm just dissatisfied with the way I look. I'm dissatisfied with my education and dissatisfied with people's opinions of

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me. I am constantly dissatisfied. Right? This if this is who I am. If that's the case, then you know what, and you think I want more of this and more of this and more of this than actually the is teaching us you're only harming yourself. You're actually hurting yourself. You're drowning yourself in negativity, and it's paralyzing. It becomes paralyzing for you. Living a life of gratitude is actually liberating. It frees you from negative thoughts and makes you

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capable of doing more with yourself. It actually gives you energy. It makes you optimistic, it gives you a boost and you're able to do things otherwise you are unable to do some. I find that this is my experience, hopefully yours is not the same experience, unfortunately, in the Muslim ummah, as the only experience I have is this summer, we are really addicted to negativity. We're addicted to negative. Well, as a matter of fact, we're so addicted to negativity, if someone's doing something positive, you know what we say to them? What's the point? Nothing's going to change. Why do you even bother?

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And so instead of looking at anything positive, we say, oh, oh, you think you're doing something good. Look at all these problems that haven't been solved, which is come back join the negative club again. Why are you being so positive? Like someone being optimistic is kind of a we almost get an allergic reaction that this isn't? This isn't how things supposed to be? Why don't we bring you back down into the negative world again? Right. So this, unfortunately, sometimes this from those we look up to parents, for example, Look, mom is going to be described as a father, when a father is constantly negative. When a mother is constantly negative. What do you think is going on? How are

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you raising your kids with sugar? If you're if they always see you complaining, if they always see you upset? If they never see you appreciate? Not them, not anything else. They're just there's a there's never a happy look on your face. And a lot of people that come up to me and speak with me. A lot of them don't identify themselves as religious Muslims. Right? Some sometimes people come to meet me and say, I've seen some of your videos and stuff, but I don't really go to a mosque or I don't you know, but I so tell me about this. Why, you know, why don't you identify yourself with a religious community? Why do you feel uncomfortable with you know, people that you think are

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religious? You know what they tell me? They're always upset.

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We just they look angry all the time. He's really angry. How is it that the people that have divine wisdom, which is supposed to translate the wisdom equals gratitude, and this is hikma, the summary of hikma? The colossal of Hikmah the lobe of Hickman is what is sugar?

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How is it that someone who's closer and closer and closer to Allah learns more and more and more about Allah as Dean

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is more miserable. As a matter of fact, the more grateful you are, the more positive you are all the time. You just have a positive outlook on everything. And even if you are down it looks Of course it happens we are there are moments that were down. We tell ourselves, what am I going to be grateful for now? And you pick yourself up again, I'm reminded of you know, Musa alayhis salam. I'm always reminded of Mussolini, but still, I'm reminded of Musa days I'm he crosses the water. He is with the Israelites there. They left their home. They're homeless. They're hundreds and 1000s of their homeless in the desert. They have no roof over their heads. There are men women, children suffering

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crying. Can you imagine the state like right now? We're 20 minutes outside in the 100 degree weather in Texas. And we're like, I gotta get inside. These people are living in the desert outside of Egypt. This is insane. And he's going to give them a hot bath. He's going to calm them down. And what does he say to them? He basically says the goodbyes, the in chakra tulasi the Nakum if you're grateful, I'll give you more. I thought he was gonna give them a hug Baba patients. Know he gives them a hubbub about gratitude.

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And they're like, What? What are we supposed to be grateful for? Look at the weather man. Look at how bad the temperature is my kids. I'm starving. We don't have any other clothes on our backs. Where are we gonna get food from in the desert. grateful Grateful for what.

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And if you stop for a moment grateful for the fact that you weren't just killed, or you didn't just drown, or you're no longer slaves, you're no longer humiliated. Your babies aren't being slaughtered anymore. Your women are being allowed to live and live in degradation. The men of this community don't have to watch their women being humiliated in public. They don't have to do that anymore. You're not grateful. You're complaining. There's always something to be grateful for. There's always something Allah take you it takes you out of pulls you out of, there's always something that could have been far worse. And so this wisdom is very hard to live by. And if someone does, then the only

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beneficiary is themselves, while moniuszko nama Yash Guru, the NAFSA he and this is a profound wisdom from Allah. If you and I can become grateful, then you know what happens? Let us see the nakoma Allah has promised I'll give you more and more and more and more and more, Allah will increase and give you more of all the good in life guidance, health provision, everything will start putting it falling into place. If you can develop an AI can develop gratitude.

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I hope you guys enjoyed that video clip. My team and I have been working tirelessly to try to create as many resources for Muslims to give them first steps in understanding the Quran all the way to the point where they can have a deep profound understanding of the Quran. We are students of the Quran ourselves, and we want you to be students of the Quran alongside us join us for this journey on Vienna Where 1000s of hours

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work have already been put in. And don't be intimidated. It's step by step by step. So you can make learning the Quran a part of your lifestyle. There's lots of stuff available on YouTube, but it's all over the place. If you want an organized approach to studying the Quran beginning to end for yourself, your kids, your family, and even among peers. That would be the way to go sign up for being a

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