Reviving Ramadan #15 Half Empty or Half Full The Midpoint of Ramadan

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AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the difficulty of experiencing the joy of worship and the need to address past mistakes. They also mention the importance of tamed and busy individuals in achieving success. The conversation is centered around the difficulties of finding the sweetness of worship and the need to address past mistakes.
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We've reached the halfway mark of Ramadan and I'm yet to experience the joys of worship. Why am I like this? It's been around two weeks already since the start of Ramadan.

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Yet Nevertheless, many of us still complain that our hearts are still

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out of gear out of shape and engaged. Yeah, sure we're doing all of the physical stuff but annoyingly the heart still is not there. It's not present what is going on?

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Email me blue Tamia identifies one possible reason for this coldness. He said either LM tagit in harmony Halawa, fie lb Kirwin. Ciara Hanford, the him who if you fail to experience the sweetness of worship, and that sense of inner expanse, when worshiping Allah then you must point the finger of blame to yourself. How come listen to his words? He says for in the rub that Allah shockula Because Allah is grateful.

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Yeah, and you know, hula would the annual fee Balaam Illa Allah Maliki for dunya mean holla what can you do? Have you called me he? He says meaning I was grateful. Meaning he will certainly reward a person in this world for his actions, through peace of heart, and a sense of sweetness and incredible joy for Hazel and myalgic Delic family, Mohammed hood. And since these feelings are absent, that it means that the act acts of worship

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are tarnished by something. In other words, you're saying there is a barrier that is blocking our hearts from tasting the joy of worship? That barrier in many cases is since so try to pinpoint that barrier with brutal honesty. Ask yourself Is it my insincerity? Is it myself? admiration? Is it how I appear in public both online and offline? My choice of clothes?

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Is it my Fallout with such and such person? Is it my finances that are hampering me my haram source of income? Is it my envy that's eating me up inside? Is it my deplorable relationship with parents? Is it my secret sinful habits? Is it my arrogant feeling that I that I don't have many sins to be accountable for? It's somewhere that it just needs tracking down. And that's why we're able to what one of our predecessors was asked Can a person who insists upon sins,

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experience the sweetness of worship, he said, law while I met him, he said no, not even a person who intends to sin. It's going to affect the joy of being a worshipper of Allah. The same way that an ill body may struggle to enjoy the goodness of food.

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A heart that is ill with sins, will struggle to enjoy the sweetness of worship.

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And I know that tracing those sins is hard. tackling them can be harder, but it's a must. The good news is that it will only be a matter of time before your soul surrenders to your wishes as it loads up said volume and enough set can be man zealot diabetic, to self the neffs is like the animal that you melt.

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How come? He said in honor of admin kuljit Jack that if it sees determination in you, it will be determined. We're in the heart of admin kill castle. TOMMY I tweak what Allah but Monica Hello. But if your mount perceives laziness, it will urge you to be even more lazy, and it will start demanding it's right and it's appetite. That's that's how the neffs works the self. It inclines towards sluggishness, laziness, excuses, comfort. So it needs to be kept tamed. It needs to be kept busy in a state of Growth, a noble pursuit, otherwise it will pull you down. And that's why I was eight he said, basil to us who could have seen it Allah he were here. He had done to her Ilya, he were here

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to back I continue to dragging my soul by force to Allah whilst it cried. It didn't want to come until it finally surrendered. And it came to me to Allah subhanaw taala smiling. And what better time to address all this honestly, than in this Ramadan of ours?