Stories from the Past #12 Jabir and the Hadith Journey

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Be The

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of the great narrations in regards to seeking knowledge as the hadith of job, Abdullah the famous Sahabi alongside it, may Allah Subhana Allah be pleased with him he narrates that once he is after the passing of the prophesy Salam he heard or was aware that one of the others have had a hadith in regards to

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what's known as aka sauce Yanni Bri paying back

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injustices and he said he wanted to hear that hadith very important and he saw he said

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let me

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go on his highs now he jabber was in Medina and others had the Abdullah having on a case was in a sham so jabber he said I went and bought a camel

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expense number one was to go and buy a camel specifically for the journey then he prepared the camel you know you have to feed the camel you have to prepare him for a journey you have to take the luggage you have to take the provisions

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after buying the car while preparing and getting in there he said I traveled to a sham it took me one month to get there

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you know journey with obviously the stocks on the way but it was a journey because you wanted to meet the other companions Abdullah on here for him so he said when I arrived I went to the house of Abdullah and oh nice

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knocked on the door. It was said to me who is this?

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I said Jabber. So the voice replied son of Abdullah Yes son of Abdullah so although nice came out he was so happy he was thrilled to see job or had come you know meeting those have after such a while. He said come on in. You've been around Jason. He said just before I come in, so on. The reason why I come The purpose was that I heard you had Narita Hadith from the prophesy, Selim, in regards to a sauce in regards to repaying back. So I came to hear that hadith from you. So before we get on with all the, you know, the hospitality is and you know, as they call it, the small talk, let us let me come for that purpose, which is to hear the Hadith he said, that's true. I heard the messenger of

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allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said

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that on the Day of Judgment, people will be resurrected,

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uncircumcised, meaning the same way that they were created. And they will be resurrected. Boom. And they said that we asked a question, what is boredom? And he said, they have nothing mean they own nothing. Nothing with them. No luggage, no checkbox, no credit cards, no debit cards, no Apple pay nothing, no, no way to deal with anything, they have nothing. They are naked if they don't have clothes.

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And then there will be a voice that will call out. Or they will hear a voice, which the FAR and the near will hear it. That voice will say what they will hear will say I am the king. I am the one who shall account everyone. And no one who is from the people agenda. No one who is destined to go to agenda will enter our agenda. Whilst he still owes something to someone from the people of the fire destined to go the fire. You are from the rural agenda, you owe something to a person from the fire you might even just treat them badly you may have either abused them financially, physically, whatever you have an injustice owing, you're not going to enter Jannah until you pay back that

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person from the fight. And no one from the people of fire shall enter the fire whilst they have an injustice owing to a person of agenda because you even though you're going to the fire, you say okay, well, that was there was that was there left? No.

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This is part of the justice of ALLAH SubhanA town so you will not enter the fire you will not enter Jannah even if you're a dissenter until you pay back all the injustice. So we said was that what happened? Oh nice continue we said almost to Allah How will we repay back and you just told us that we will be resurrected Bachman we don't have anything we don't own it. How are we going to pay people back? He said Bill has an earth USC yet using the good deeds the Hassanal and the see yet

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another Hadith a process and explain this. He said that you know people who come and they've done lots of prayers, lots of good deeds, lots of things. They will then if they have done justice to other people, they will those people who have been wronged will take the hassle out of

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To the person who has wronged them, so he will keep on giving them a hassle not in accordance to the injustice that he's done. And he might end up losing all this hassle it might become bankrupt because he's lost all his Hasselblad. And then if he doesn't have any hassles, they will give him of his car as the commodity on the day of judgment. And it might be as the President said that he loses all his hasnat when he acquires say, because he was wronging people you have bad or flat bad morals, by behavior, bad conduct that he will be thrown in the fire. And this narration obviously Arkansas is a scary one it needs needs us to wake up to that reality. But there's Hadith I noticed you in the

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story, because you can see that how they were keen to, to travel in search of knowledge. Look out for the other video which I talked about shorba even hijab and his travel in knowledge, and Subhanallah these people they used to travel a lot a shabby and erase from

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who is the son of Abu Musa lashari that his father were mercenaries from the prophesy Center. He said there are three categories of people who will get their reward doubled. One is a person who's to be a slave or is a slave. And he fulfills the right of his master Allah and the his right of his worldly master. He feels both rights and he's he's beautiful muslim to Allah, His dutiful slave, you'll get double reward. And a person who used to be from the people of the book, a Jew or a Christian, he believed in his prophet, and then he believed in me, so he was a practicing Christian Jew, and then he became a Muslim practice when he gets double reward. And the last one is a man who

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used to own a slave woman, he looked after her well he educated her, he, he did all this good. Then he freed her. And he married her. So he was he was good to her. And then he also ended up marrying her. So these guys will get anyway the point of this a shabby set of people who was writing that he said, Take this hadith free, free of charge. This hadith like this, people used to travel one month just to get one Hadith they would travel from Kufa to Medina just to listen to one Hadith and here you can have this hadith free

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and I Say Subhan Allah Subhan Allah that's what they were saying then today, literally that hadith not books, libraries of Hadith books and like our our fingertips with our mobiles with our iPad with our you know, computers that are there in front of us. We don't even have to travel anywhere so power, but how many people actually

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are educated?

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Aloha live, there's more ignorance today. Unfortunately, there is knowledge. May Allah protect us cinematic