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AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of putting a favorite worship in a song. They suggest making it a "slower tune" to make it enjoyable and remove the "flatter of the tune" when reciting it. The speaker also mentions that the listener's "flatter of the tune" is not a reflection of their "flatter of the ear."
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had a sweetener to thicker, thicker or any form of worship you can make it a little bit dry or you can make it enjoyable. Like when we recite the Quran for example Rasulullah sallallahu never told us to recite it just just as we recite read the book now he said put a tune to it, right so you don't say then you can make it tabula rasa, you know, you say rarely Calcutta Ebola or EBV, who then in 30, so you put your own tune to it. Now any form of worship that you want to put a tune to it, the welcome put it put it especially when you do the vicar of Allah azza wa jal when you in Salah when you select guna engage yourself, just think I'm listening even if you're even if you're reciting

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just on your own, just in your mind, just think of a beautiful tune reciting to Allah it electrifies why bother? So in your in your sujood in substance one of Allah Allah subhanaw taala just say just think of this Subhana Allah BL ALLAH SubhanA rom Biella Allah Subhana Allah electrifies the rabada just by thinking of it, think of your favorite party when you're standing in Salah and as if you're reciting like your favorite Akari it will really Electrify Your Ibadah Okay, the same way when we sit with the spirit in something Subhanallah Alhamdulillah Vandalia la whatever you can say Subhana Allah you want to handle in Subhana Allah you want to handle in Subhan Allah He wants to hamdulillah

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Subhana Allah you want to handle in law are you adding a true it's your sweet now of liquor all the four levels you've got and plus you put your sweetener, okay? It's like you know, you made it you made a whole cup of tea for the water you put the in a tea bag and they put the milk and all that and then in the end you put the sugar there that's what gives you the taste. Okay, so you want the taste of liquor I'm sorry, some of you think a cup of tea cup of tea in Nanda Ramadan.

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So what you want to do is you want to put the sweetener of your diction, which is your personal tune. Now some of you are going to be like well I don't have a good job.

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I'm like you know, Mr. Broken voice. Good to look Allah's Name. We're gonna judge you on your tune. Though you've got a broken tooth though you've got a broken voice though you're not so melodious. Don't you're not so great in saying you like that, like somebody else. Allah will not judge you on that just like

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