How you’ll look 24 hours after death

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AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the distraction caused by people's knowledge and influence on their health, including past, social media presence, and family members. They stress the importance of avoiding distraction from social media and achieving healthy health through voluntary distribution. The segment also touches on the moderately rewarded result of one's deficiency and the negative impact of men's satisfaction. The segment ends with a discussion of the Islamic deficiency and its impact on individuals.
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Get to know yourself.

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come to grips with your deficiencies. This will immediately by the permission of Allah. put us on the pathway to assure

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to know who you are. Because when you recognize the,

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the Majesty of Allah, you automatically recognize the lowly state of men.

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When you recognize the wealth of Allah, you instantly recognize as well what the poverty of men

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when you recognize the power of Allah Jalla Janerio instantly and automatically and as a byproduct, you realize the weakness and frailty and uselessness of men

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get to know him as gender Julian who but then get to know yourself. And realize we are drenched with deficiencies from head to toe. And this is a rule, every aspect of Islam is easy if you managed to keep your ego at bay.

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So just if that either benefit, every part of the religion is manageable, and attainable and easy. Who's your class to work with in our second alcove Raja? All of these actions of the heart are attainable. If you acknowledge that there is an ego problem. And then you keep that ego at bay.

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Get to know your deficiency.

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When you speak about people speak about them in a positive way. When you speak about yourself acknowledge your weaknesses.

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This is the essence of horseshoe. What is it that is preventing you from realizing the reality of your weakness and the reality of mine? What is it? What is it that stands between you and acknowledging that I am frail? And I am helpless? What is it?

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Mother Rokeby Arabic Al Karim? Allah asks, oh son of a man, what is it that has deluded you with respect to your Lord? What is it?

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I mean, is it your knowledge

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that is preventing you from realize how helpless we are? Is it your knowledge that Allah has blessed you with? Will Have you forgotten that there came a time in your life when you did not know you're still a child? Is and you know Mina de la mia Gu Che Guevara. Allah says, Has there not come a time in history, when man was nothing to be made mention of?

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And then have you forgotten that there will come a time when you will not know if you live long enough and you reach the age of senility.

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So Majura do ILA or veleno Marilla, Kala Alam embody che, then we will return them to an age of seniority such that they will forget everything that they used to know Allah says.

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And then on top of all of that, have you not realized that no matter how much you know,

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there will always be far more that you don't know when Woody Tumino hang me in Cali, in the knowledge that you have been given Allah says,

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knowledge is causing you to forget your weaknesses, to look down upon people.

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And you're preventing yourself from attaining who show up because of it. Is it your knowledge? Is it maybe your authority,

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your standing in the community, your followers online, your influence, as a committee member?

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Is that what is causing you to forget your deficiencies?

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Well, I asked you if you were dying of thirst, for example.

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Would you not gather all of those positions that you have on all of your social media, all of your platforms? Would you not throw them away? If it meant that you could have a cup of water to save your life? An extended by an hour? You would? So is that something to become proud about?

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And to prevent Koshiba from coming into your life because of it?

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Don't allow that to be a barrier either. What is it your knowledge? Is it your authority or influence? Is it maybe your money?

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Well, if it's your money and your business that's thriving that's distracting you and preventing you from seeing your deficiency.

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The La Ilaha illa Allah realize that the some of the vilest of human beings on earth today have far more money than you will ever accumulate

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and what is the outcome of money? One of two outcomes either it is a voluntary distribution through sadaqa charity that you give

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or either it is a forceful distribution through death. How can money then be a criteria of greatness and a cover of a person's deficiency or to prevent you from attaining crucial what is money and what is your business? Is that what is preventing you from reaching crucial

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or maybe it's your strength.

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Maybe it's how much you can bench in the gym.

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Maybe it's your physique that's preventing you from reaching this stage. Of course, you know what you're so distracted by what the mirror describes

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La ilaha illa, Allah will remember, no matter how strong you become my dear brother, you'll never be able to bench as much as a monkey or an ape or a or a bull. You can't. If they were put in that position, they are far stronger than any one of us will ever be. So how can strength can be a criteria that is found in greater quantities in unintelligent creatures?

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Maybe it's your your beauty art, maybe it's your spellbinding appearance.

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Maybe it's your flawless skin, your upright persona. Maybe that's what's preventing you from realizing your deficiency and distracting you from who you are, and unable to humble yourself because you're so obsessed with the next photo and the next post and the next set of likes and comments. Your appearance is what is distracting you from who

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have you forgotten how you looked when you were born?

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When the nurses needed to use wet wipes to wipe your face and mind, just so that we don't horrify our mothers when they meet us for the first time.

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Or how you look every morning.

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Before you comb your hand before you wipe your eyes before you goggle before you comb your hair before you put on your makeup. Before you put on your filter. How do you look?

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Or how you will look when you pass away.

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Ask those who deal with the deceased as the colon is what happens to people when they die, they will say to you

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that within the first 24 to 72 hours

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your internal organs begin to decompose and there is now an unbearable smell of inner rock emanating from this individual this carcass

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and then

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three to five days later.

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your abdomen begins to bloat begin to inflate

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and then blood containing foam starts leaking from the mouth and nose.

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And then eight to 10 days later your caucus begins to change color now from your natural skin color to green. And then you turn red. Because the blood within you is now decomposing and your abdomen is accumulating more gas it is at this point that your abdomen will tear apart.

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Then a few weeks weeks after this, your nails and your teeth begin to fall out.

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And then just one month after this process your body begins to liquefy.

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This is an individual who will allow his appearance to distract him from crucial

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to busy himself with his mirror reflection.

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And that is why our predecessors who realized this reality about themselves that's just the physical weakness and then we talked about the Islamic deficiency don't get me started on that. Our me beginning complaining of Salah complaining of wudu and lack of Salah in GEMA deficiency with the hijab. The list is endless. I don't want to go on so as to not demoralize us we are drenched in the deficiency.

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Our predecessors were like that

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they realize and acknowledge their weaknesses so Allah bless them with who sure Imam Muhammad as ya have no matter in his friend he said in his study made.

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He said we were in Baghdad in Iraq.

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And he went to the marketplace ie Imam at the great Imam. And he bought a he bought some wood. And he was carrying it on his on his back, walking through the marketplace. And this was at the peak of his fame.

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And everyone recognized as a great email, I blogged in email, I don't even know 100 And they left their stores and they left their shops and they went to the Imam and they wanted to give him Salaam and they want the baraka of being near this great scholar of their religion and they said Todd Anca had let me carry your word for you. And everyone wanted to serve him and his friend. You have no mind he said the email was moving his hand as if to say no, please don't do this. I I don't need this. And his face went red as if you pop the pomegranate and he was shy he didn't like this. Then he began to weep. And he said no calmness. Again we are a poor people. We are a poor people. What

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are you doing this? That he said Lola I said to Allah Hey, Elena, and if

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it wasn't for Allah veiling our faults, we would have been exposed utterly expose

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people who recognized there was before Allah, so he raised them.

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And when a man said to Eva Muhammad Rahim, Allah Jazak Allah who I need to Islamic hyperalgesia May Allah reward you for it.

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everything you have done for Islam or EMA

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What did he say? He said Bell jazz Allahu Al Islam and nuclear Al Jazeera. And Elena. He said no, no. What you should have said is May Allah reward Islam for what it has done for me. After all, what am I and who am I? Who said What am I and who am I?

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One of the greatest ways of

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fostering who I now heart is recognizing the might of Allah, gender genetic through a structured study and every citation of the Quran number two through coming to grips with your deficiencies, remembering them every day