The Ottomans Sultan Selim I – History Bites 15

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Salam aleikum everyone I am at the tomb of Sultan Salim, who was an Ottoman Sultan, the father of the famous Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent who besieged Vienna in 1529. This is the very tomb of Sultan Salim the son of Sudan budget by using the second the son of Sultan Mohammed Al Fatah. In other words, photon Salim was the grandson of Sultan Muhammad Al Fatah, who took Constantinople from the Byzantines from the Romans after a very, very difficult war that went on in 1453. So here you can see the title of Sultan Salim who conquered Egypt from the Mamelukes and the land of Hejaz. And that's when he claimed the title of kala for himself, his title is there. So tons of demand even the

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Sultan, Al Ghazi biases and he was a very important character in the Ottoman history, the father of Saddam Solomon, the magnificent, the grandson of Sultan Muhammad Al Fatah, and he himself was of Tanzania, who ruled for eight years, conquered Egypt and the land of Hejaz and defeated the sufferings very important person to remember in auto ministry. So tan Salim was born in 15 714 70. He was born in 1470 and died in 1520 when his son came to power, salaam alaikum.