Sulaiman Moola – Tafseer of Surah Maryam 24 – The arrogant debtor who refused to settle his debt

Sulaiman Moola
AI: Summary © The speakers emphasize the importance of action and a genuine intention in achieving success in the fight against evil. They stress the need for rewarding actions as a means of reward and consequences, rather than just past experiences. The struggles of Islamers to overcome obstacles and face challenges are also discussed, including struggles with self expression and struggles with Islamers to overcome obstacles and face challenges.
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rows will be learning him in a shape on your rajim Bismillah AR Rahman AR Rahim, what does he do along with letting you know

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when he bulkier to Salah Hara to higher on the Big Bang

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sadaqa Allah will love him. So in the previous segment we went into somewhat detail regarding the importance of kindness, justice, fairness and equity to your spouse's. The messenger SallAllahu wasallam final words in Hunterdon vada was is those who have been Nyssa HighRock. Treat your woman folk with respect, honor and dignity. And we also focused on the importance of starting the virtue Allah will then increase you in it. Allah will give you the strength Allah will make it possible at the onset at the inception at the beginning, when you're going to see this huge mountain you're going to say no, I simply cannot summit this. I simply cannot climb this, but just get going. Take

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the baby steps take the baby steps make the movement. Again I have a reflection in Surah two Toba in the 10 Jews Allah subhanaw taala speaks about the Mana 15 With regards to the campaign of the book. So when the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam returned from taboo, they started making all the lame and feeble excuses actually, by the way, I wanted to come but you know what, forgive me and this happened and that occurred and this transpired and Allah said it's a lie. Low Arado hurrah Gela I do love more da lo Arado hurrah Jalla I do nothing more. My brother my sister, may Allah give me the love of Quran May Allah bless. It's just amazing, amazing, amazing. I can just tear and tear

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with joy over this bounty of the Quran that Allah has given us. Lo Arado the whole road if they intended participating and coming out with you in the campaign law aren't doula who wrote they would have surely made some preparations. Under this I am Brianna Quran it is written fi and Tula will be pa letter de lune Allah de Mirada, Kathy Eden me men are rotten and foster home or at home and foster home. You're the hero not the money.

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The AI indicates to us that lack of action in action, you're not doing anything. You just sit in idle. You sit in stationary, you're doing nothing and I want to I wish actually by the way, if only circumstantially that's my hope my dream my vision, the one who spent yesterday, lamenting today will spend tomorrow lamenting today the one who spends the one who spends today lamenting yesterday will spend tomorrow lamenting today that's how your life will go hey you know what another Ramadan when a I actually really want to memorize the Quran I actually really want to do this on a sort of my, my my MasterCard calculation. No, no, you need to do it now. Fee the liloan Allah, Allah Tala

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will be Pauletta Deleon Allah, Allah Mirada, your lack of action is an indication that you haven't intended it. Kathy remember Khartoum and for zoom, us here on a terminal metal, many people sit and dream and hope and aspire and fantasize, actually, I wish I hope I aspire. But until you do not

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put action behind that plan of yours. There's no commitment to it. And we need to be clear on this as well. When we say intention is can be better than the action. It means a genuine intention. It doesn't mean you're just sitting here idly and you saying I want to do this, I want to do this because then just sit at home and then intend everything and get reward. I want to donate so much. I want to perform so much Salah onto the site, so much Quran.

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I want to serve so many people, I want to assist so many people, but you taking no action is just verbal, it's just verbal. There's no meaning to that. Yes, I want to I'm hoping I'm planning. I just hope this can happen. And Allah knows the sincerity of your intention. So again, I'm reiterating that same point. Make the move. st now use of a salatu salam was in the palace, walk Allah cattle above the doors were bolted. And then he dashed to the door. And then Allah subhanahu wa Allah made it possible that the doors opened up, the doors opened up, right. But he took the first step he took the first step. There was a person that was incarcerated, and I read this in the tafsir innocently

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incarcerated and yes, there are so many people languishing innocently in jails, for whom there is no representative and we ask Allah subhanaw taala to grant them ease and deliverance. And every Friday, he would take a ritual bath and then he would walk to the door of his cell

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And he said oh Allah you had instructed us that either no de la sala de mio mille jhamora, when the alarm for Juma is sounded first so then hasten to the remembrance of Allah and Oh Allah, it's not within my reach, to go out and to go to the masjid, but I can get to the door and that is what I will do. So don't fail, don't fail in what is within your means. And then why is he the Allahu Levina that ohada Allah will surely increase you Allah will increase you many folds in that step that you have taken. Okay, the latter portion of the same verse, verse 76, what about the two Solly how to hire on nine Dara Becca tawa? What are you rumored? And surely, the, the last in good actions

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will Berthier to salejaw I bought is in fact, the good actions that will last so you don't render a beggar are best in the sight of your rub in terms of reward and best in terms of consequences. Every action will have its continuous benefit but then there are those actions that continue post your demise as well. So you dug a weld and people are drinking water from that well, you build a masjid and people are performing Salah in that Masjid

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you distributed Quran you made someone you know paid for the expenses or you as a teacher you know made someone a half with and then he passed it on so this good will continue this good will continue and that is the most rewarding thing. Hi Runa and Rebecca Sababa it is better than all the material things and that's what's mentioned in of zero saw Boonie that you know what your legacy you think you leave behind wealth of prominence or status or position or whatever or prestige it's short lived it's short lived we see it men for few days the media dogs is a hype around the death of so and so. But if there's anything that keeps you alive, it is your good actions that matter Coleman wama

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Tanaka Remo home well Asha Coleman will home finances and why do some people have died the physical death but the noble actions have kept them alive posted demise Why should omen for whom finances are more to and others are physically alive, but people are hoping they die people are hoping they die. Right sometimes when somebody passed away Oh, only now. Sure. I was hoping long time you your people make these remarks. Right? So So what's the quality of your life if you live in but people are hoping your death and and what's the meaning of your death that when you died, but the world still cherishes your legacy cherishes your legacy? You're still alive you're still alive in the hearts and

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the minds of people. So but the other side they had no generally when we lose a family member and most of when we lose a parent etc. Then people say I would like to do back to Sally heart and that's great. I would like to sponsor a masjid, I would like to dig a well, awesome, brilliant, meritorious, but why not become why not become the sadaqa jariya for your parents yourself my brother. Because the Hadith says that a child a noble child upon his child is a set of a god. So I can become a set of Nigeria for my parents you can become a sadaqa jariya In other words, the manner in which we behave and we conduct ourselves, was it not Ahmed bin Abdulaziz Rahim Allah who gathered

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his children, right? He had 15 Children, he had 15 children. And then he gathered them. And then Muslimah to Abdul Malik said in NACA photon, the FWA will add in Nikka, photometer, Allah, Allah, they can handle Mal, that you deprived your children, you deprive your children of wealth. And he said that I didn't deny them the right. And I would not give them something that doesn't belong to them. So I didn't deny them what belongs to them. And what doesn't belong to them? Why must I usurp from someone else and given give it to them? And then he said oh my children in Aleca in telecom ambrane in telecom ambrane You have one of two options. Either you continue the legacy and the value

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system, have your father post his demise. And hopefully that will make it easier for him in Agra, oh, then after I die, you just go on, you know what a free on a spree and you just go indulge yourself and you say that my father has passed away. And now there's no limitations on us. There's no restrictions. And I know for a fact that you would opt for the former over the latter, you would opt for the former over the letter, meaning you would hold on to the values of your father. So that's the thing. You know, so many times a person would say a spouse would say regarding the partner. He's lost his father. And you know if his father knows about this, his father will be

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turning in his grave or she lost a mother and if a mother comes to know what she's doing, her mother will be turning in her son

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Do meaning her mother didn't want this to happen. His father didn't want this to happen. And now that the parent is gone, suddenly you just feel that it's okay for you to indulge and do whatever it is No, the thing is, the best thing we can do is become that body or to solve the heart. And in one tafseer the call of urbane Rahim Allah is mentioned that pi is daughters by his daughters about the year two salejaw. And as mentioned in Merrifield, Quran in surah Toluca have, and in fact, the incident even goes that there's a person who who raised his daughters with Islamic values and morals, my daughter, don't do this. Don't do this. Though within his own capacity, he was somewhat

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deficient, and because of which a decision of temporary entry into * will be passed in his favor. And as he would be taken towards *,

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because of his deficiencies with his with Allah subhanho wa Taala his daughters will intercede and say Oh Allah, my dad had fallen short in his commandments, do you but my dad was an amazing father to us. My dad was an amazing father, and except our intervention, and the intervention of the daughters would be accepted. So well about a year to salejaw It's very important, Masha, Allah,

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we, we all we all try and do things for our disease and that's great. But it is important, it is important that we need to do some southern Nigeria for ourselves, you digging a well for your late mum for your late, great, great, do something for yourself, I need to do something for myself. Hopefully Inshallah, my student, my children, my siblings will pray for me post my demise. But I cannot rely on that I need to put something in place that insha Allah that rewards can continue. Of course we only opt into doing that once we have offset our obligation so I cannot be deficient in my Zakat and then want to be digging a an optional well to help someone because I'm compromising on the

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fundamentals and the basics. And then I want to do the extras. Okay, so verse 76. Well, back in year two, Sally had to hide on Rinda Rebecca, but what are your umara data everlasting good actions are best in the eyes of your Lord, in terms of reward and in terms of consequences that would come to your rescue. Okay, we move on verse 77. And now Allah subhanaw taala speaks about a another disbeliever and his arrogance. So you would recall my brother and I'm sure you would register my sister. We spoke about obey Ben Harloff and his arrogance where your quarrel Insano ala mommy to the sofa?

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Sofa okra to HYAH man arrogantly says When I die, will I be resurrected? Like really? Is this going to happen? Even logically, even logically, you would believe in the need of the Day of Resurrection and retribution. Because when you look at the things of this world, some artists on the receiving end some are just abusing some are just comfortable. Others are challenged. So surely there needs to be a day where everything the score is balanced out. Everything is balanced out. How can it be that this person was a victim of tyranny and oppression, abused and exploited and on the other hand, the tyrant was scot free? Well, don't worry, whoever that victim is, there is a day called Tiama yo

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Medina, the day of complaints The Day of Recompense. And on that day, every injustice will be addressed every injustice will be addressed for that total amount of sunshine or no soul will be oppressed in the lease. So

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even logically we know that Tiamat has to happen and surely it will happen. So Obon have denied resurrection. Now Allah subhanaw taala speaks about the arrogance of yet a another disbeliever after I tell levy Guevara bi Tina, what Allah Allah o de anima Al and while I doubt, verse 77, O Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, have you seen him who rejects our verses and says, I shall certainly be granted wealth and children. Okay, what's the context of this I have Atrazine allele the one kufra Denyse bia attina. Our signs are versus the word ayat in the Quran has been used in both contexts, the Queen and the SRI meaning the verses of the Quran and also the signs around right are used to

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mean ayatullah. So he denies the Quran. He denies the revelation and then he has the audacity as the arrogance. And he says lo Daya nama Allah and whoa Allah, surely I will be given I will be given wealth and I will be given children. Who was this person? His name was asked Ben wha ill Aspinwall. Ill. So this hasn't been the first display of his arrogance. This hasn't been the first display of his arrogance in de la Ilan Lagu, and other Keita

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hubs. Many scholars say it was him who instigated the blasphemous comment of Avatar against the messenger sallallahu alayhi wasallam. So avatar means an animal the tale of which has been severed mark to earth, then a mark to Earth venom and animal the tail of which has been severed.

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And he made this derogatory reference for the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, when he said Allah, they were Selim SunPass him or the Allahu Anhu passed away, marking the end of his male issue male offspring. So, Aspinwall said well, is male offspring has passed away, and via the male offspring your progeny will prosper, so his progeny will not prosper. So nothing to be concerned about this man and about his mission naturopaths will be re by the minute, he will be gripped by some difficulty and he will die and that will be the end of it. It was this does believe who made this blasphemous comment and remote referring to the Prophet sallallahu wasallam as Avatar and of

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course that prompted the revelation of Surah to Lakota in NA RP Naga al Goethe. Surely O Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam we have given you go through the common lose translation of both are higher on caffeine good in abundance and backbone and Mohave has recorded 26 different opinions of it. For Sol Lilia Rebecca when her offer prayer for your Lord one her and slaughter animals so you basically have three types of worship. You have a robot that Emelia everybody but Dunia and Monica banal manual but then those acts that are monetary like the God those acts that are physical, physical, that is like performing Salah and then there are those acts that are combined in which there's

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monetary and as physical like hedge you have to go into yourself in present you know be there and of course you need to spend so offer all acts of worship for some lady Rebecca one her inner Shani aka inner Shani, aka the one who despises you and resents you who will have better and cooler hiring, he will be cut off and severed off from every good aspirin while ill. And yes, he has been cut off from all good. So there was a companion by the name of hubbub in Arras, Radi Allahu anhu, who was a great companion. And he had persevered greatly in the course of Islam. Ababa the Allah Allah says we will reclining at the Kaaba and the messenger SallAllahu sallam was there. She's gonna in our Rasul Allah

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and then we complain to the Prophet salallahu alayhi wa sallam, of the challenges and the difficulties that were upon us, and you know the hostility that we were contending with from the disbelievers. And then Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said Katakana mankind Kubla Khan Hado Rajan for your foreigner who fill org so my Durban shower for you don't say he for you drag on this train. Well you wish it to be I'm sure till hottie the Madonna left me he won't revive me he may also do Danica and DNA. He said Allah is reminded the Sahaba of those that preceded them and the difficulties that they had to endure that those who came prior to you when they proclaim the truth,

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then they were taken a hole was dug they were placed in it and X was brought, it was placed on their head they were split into and what iron golems their flesh would be combed away, man, so do who's Alec Landini here, but it did not block them from the truth. In other words, given the Sahaba motivation to persevere hubbub in Arabic Radi Allahu Anhu

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he was told oak for Robbie Robbie Mohammed a drunken adab up for rugby, Mohammed Abdullah Juan colada, that deny deny the lord of Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam and I will divert the punishment from you. And he said I will never do it. So Ababa the Allahu Anhu had done he was a blacksmith, he was a blacksmith. Remember, we started with the criada his Salam and we said he was a carpenter. So Islam supports and endorses us to have an occupation for us to earn our Halal income, etc, etc.

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Anyway, he had done some work for us been while the work was done. And then hubub Radi Allahu Anhu said that please, you owe me money can you pay me? So you said I'll pay you after you say that? There is no Allah deny the lord of Mohamed Salah lism then I will pay you So Barbara they Alana said but why are you bringing my religion in the equation? I did the services I did the service and you get these type of Islamophobes you get these Islamophobes right, that unfortunately want to come and you know, with an attitude of arrogance, bring religion in the equation when it's purely a professional relationship between work. I did the work I complied. I, you know, sent my CV or

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whatever it is, and now you attack in my religion, or my NACA Moomin whom Allah Umino Billa Hila Aziz al Hamid attacking the believer purely because he believes

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lives in Allah subhanho wa Taala

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so her Barbara the Allahu Anhu said, if you were to die before me, and you stand up again, right then to I will not deny the lord of Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam so you telling me that I must deny that there's no Allah and then you will pay me I'm telling you, even if you have to die before me and you stand up, I see you dying and I seen you standing up still to our never meaning it's impossible. You asking for the impossible and don't interfere with my faith. So when her Barbara the Alon, who said this year, then asked me why it became more arrogant. He said, Oh, okay, so you're talking of dying and after they'd been resurrected, so Okay, when I am resurrected, then come and

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collect your money from me that time I'll pay you there. I'll pay you there in Accra. That was his arrogance. Wait and see what Allah subhanaw taala addresses this this believer and how Allah subhanaw taala rebukes justices Andrey reproaches him because of his arrogance, you think and you're going to have wealth when you will be resurrected, you lose what you have. May Allah subhanho wa Taala protect us from arrogance. And may Allah subhanaw taala grant us the ability to be present in the payments that we owe to anyone. I mean, your bill Alameen wa sallahu wa salam ala Nabina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi Adjumani well hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa

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