Have You Heard of The Lofty Mansions?

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The transcript describes a segment of a transcript where a woman named Jana discusses the different types of people and their positions in the world. She talks about the importance of patience and faith in achieving success in life. She also mentions the need for faith in the human experience and the need for a sense of community.

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So what has Allah Jalla Janelle who prepared as a thank you for them?

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Here's the report.

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In the verses they are concluded with hola Erica

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Pula ICA Eurozone al Horford Abby Moussa bottle. Well, you will not go in if he had to hang it was Halima Holly Dean if he had Hassoun at Musa Quran, one more karma. Allah said for these people, Allah he can for those people

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they will be given the HA mansions Allahu Akbar Yatta be make us residents of those high mansions, they will be given the lofty mansions because of their patience and their agenda they will hear greetings and words of peace. They will stay in there forever. Allah said How beautiful is it as a place of settlement and residence? You

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look at the wording hola Erica for those people. And this pronoun in the Arabic language is in reference to something that is far, far.

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So why is Allah saying not the home? them they ie those who are far to show you that how how high their rank is? How lofty their status is?

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how different they are to the masses of the people, they are here. Allah says for those all the way there the we will give them an huruf the high lofty mansions what is that? We'll get to that in a moment.

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Be ma Sabado because of their patience, Allahu Akbar, an acknowledgment from Allah Jaya, legend Allahu, that everything you just heard requires so much patience. It's not easy.

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And notice how Allah has not told us patient doing what because of their patients, patient doing what Allah it's open ended to encompass every type of patients, patients on the obligations of Islam and the patient's on the prohibitions of Islam. And patients on the painful decrease other that may come your way. Financially, they're patient, sexually, they are patient,

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socially, religiously, they are patient.

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They are patient in every way possible. Hence it was left open ended and Jana is only for the people of patience.

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And then in general, they will hear a word of greeting and salaam a word of peace or Allah maybe because in the life of the road, that's not what the herd does turbulence. Maybe it was war. Maybe it was bloodshed. Maybe it was mockery. Maybe it was people belittling them. Maybe it was a passionate fire of desire that they were always very deep inside of their hearts and fantasies they had put up on the on the side in order to please Allah subhanho wa Taala it was difficulty it was war with others or war against themselves. Allah said Darren Jana, they will hear a greeting and words of peace, normal difficulty, as the messenger so Allah Allah will send them said that the

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people of Ghana when they enter Paradise, the first thing they hear is an announcement. What is the announcement seen

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in electron and Tahoe finatus Kamala Buddha, were in the locker room and Danielle fernet mo two others. Were in the locker mentorship bufala taharah were in the locker room and an ammo fella.

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They will be told you are going to be given health. You shall never experience illness.

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And you shall be given youth You shall never grow old again. And you shall be given happiness you shall never be sad again. And you shall be given life you shall never die again Allah.

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May Allah make us amongst them. What are these lofty mansions You may now say? The messengers Allah Selim has described these worauf these lofty mansions he said, Bukhari and Muslim narrate. In a halal Jannetty the Uttara owner, a halal huruf even thought that he can I Uttara owner cupboard door real hobby Rafi sama Meenal machete I will Marguerite Lita file to remember, you know, the people of Jannah paradise,

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they will see the inhabitants of the lofty mansions above them. The same way that in the life of this world, we see this distant star the distant planet in the East horizon, or the western horizon, because of how different the grades are in gender.

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You think gender is a level playing field?

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Or is gender dot levels that go up in beauty? And what is the difference between one level and the people of dimensions? It's like that star that you look at today, and you think La Ilaha in the law, how far are you in fact you are so far I don't even know if you sit around in that light that is coming to us maybe delayed. That star could have

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disappear. That's how far you are. That's how they see the inhabitants of the lofty of the lofty mansions and why not? Because they had lived according to such lofty manners, lofty o'clock, lofty conduct, so Allah will give them lofty homes in general.

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We ask Allah, Jana, Jana and who to give us these and to forgive our sins and to bless us with the patience required to act upon every one of these characteristics are some alone and Amina Mohammed Al Hamdulillah. Here, Ramona.