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What Is The Most Effective Memorization Routine

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Ever try to memorise an ayah but quickly forget what you memorized? or not able to retain and recall a month later? What is the best way? How do I start?

Imam Wisam Sharieff gives you 5 components that will make your routine effective

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What's the most effective memorization routine?

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The most effective memorization routine involves five components, we will go over the first three now, routines and rituals, you must have put in the systems a time to wake up a time to go to sleep, the way that you carry your diet, how much you allow things to bother you. That's all in routine and rituals. I snuck in the word diet there, but in the second component is your diet and your sleep. They sound like routine and rituals. But the diet of a memorizer is not necessarily going to be as heavy as someone who's lifting or someone who's an athlete, but dried fruits, raw food again, we're going into diet and your sleep pattern. It doesn't need to be a lot of sleep, but consistent so that

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your body can rely upon you. Number three, the system through which you receive your memorization, and this is a key factor because you want to know what's the best routine in phase three. The best way to memorize is the way Muhammad Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Did he just pick up a book and start reading? No, a teacher? Yes, the best teacher in the universe. A teacher taught it to him. Have the Quran read to you one of the best things in your routine is when an instructor teacher or your memorization guide reads to you what they received from their teacher.