Can I Hold The Mushaf And Follow The Imam In Taraweeh

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Shaykh Waleed Basyouni answers


AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the issue of the most half during the flu season, which is a problem for the Muslimiter. They also discuss the use of huff during the salon and the potential for it to be a problem for the English speaker. They also mention a federal law related to huff.
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The issue of looking at the most half

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or caring the most half during the Salah is an issue that there is, as usual is a difference of opinions between the Muslim scholars about it. And I do believe that it is permissible for the person to carry the most huff during the total we and to read from it.

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And this is the position of the Shafilea and an aeration from an emotional load.

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Even though I'm very well aware that the madikwe dislike it and the NFL are a little bit strict about that, that invalidate the salon if someone carry the most huff during the salon, but I do believe in the permissibility for a simple reason. Because of the logo and a lot of Aha, she used to be led by her servant dequan and he used to read from the Muslims in Amazonia Rahim Allah, one of the great scholars among the successors. They can afford kind of hero Naoko Unum in the Muslim, the best among us used to hold them as having to read from it during the summer. So, here I would like to say that the reason that some MLA said it's not allowed for a person to carry them as have they

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said, it's too much movement. But yes, too much movement, if it's not related to add a solid Nataraja to the solar will be a problem. But I do believe that this is part of the solid the to the to be able to understand as for looking into the English translation, while the amount of reading and taraweeh for those who don't understand Arabic, I also believe it's permissible for them to do that and to help them to understand what is happening. The only condition that I will put Alissa's that they should not

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read with that amount they should not read with the amount from the English translation. Wow, that's a lot it's gone up. He just looked at it with his eyes and read with his eyes.

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That makes sense.

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And one of the great scores are timeshare ownership in Versace mala give a federal law in the same line of this federal law. As millersport Alec said from all of us