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Santa Monica live on a cat. Salon hamdu lillah wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah Loma Linda main founder and founder of Mr. Olympia Anna, was it nine months?

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We ask Allah azza wa jal teachers would benefit us, benefit us from our tutorials and increase us acknowledge me and you're a bride I mean, my dear beloved respected brothers and sisters, ask Allah azza wa jal to make me and you from the people who listen and apply I mean Allah as usual.

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In our series, a message in a passage, we take one area from the Quran and we mentioned the reason why this area was revealed and we try to take a lesson from that area and implemented in our life in sha Allah Tada. So, today's area is in surah. Al Juma The last area in Surah Al Jamar so inshallah Allah let's listen to our beloved brother Harris, Nadeem reciting this ayah and sha Allah and we will come right after that.

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Masha Allah comes out about Amin, Mela, bliss, Brother How to some brothers Zeki for this beautiful citation and the beautiful graphics. So as we have seen, as we said, the idea is the last idea in solitary Jamal, Yeoman Joomla. My brothers and sisters is, as we know, is one of the most important days in a Muslims life. This idea was revealed and the Hadith in Bukhari jabber blogged Allah narrated that are so much I Salam was giving a hot bath and then all of a sudden, a caravan with a lot of murder. A lot of good goods came to Medina. So many of the Sahaba get up and went to see the caravan. They left Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam standing called Iman were either out at

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Jarrah at an hour when in fact do Ouattara Kuka call Iman. They left Rasul Allah is giving the hotbar and on one after it says that there are only 12 Sahaba left this mean to the hotbar Allahu Akbar. So they left and they went to see that caravan. So Allah subhanaw taala revealed this area telling them that what you have done is wrong and what Allah subhanho wa Taala has what was happening at the masjid at that time, that hope of Rasul Allah asylum seeking the knowledge from Rasul Allah Azza wa sallam being at the masjid at that time is better. Hey, you don't mean Allah Hui? What do I mean a tiara is better than any kind of entertainment and any kind of business

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Subhanallah So, my brothers and sisters, y'all will Joomla is our weekly aid. The day of Joomla is our weekly aid. This is the day where Rasulillah Salam said that this is the day where Adam was created. This is the day where Adam enter Jannah This is the day where Adam was expelled from Ghana. And this is the day where the Day of Judgment will take place on a day of Joomla and it is a yo yo man Tala Tala he ships it is the best day

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Now that the sun has risen upon Allahu Akbar, that is your job. So as Muslims

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and as male, Muslim, adult, adult Muslim male, we should it's a must upon you to leave whatever you are doing and go and attend the Juma prayer in in Jamar the Masjid. This is a fourth Allah subhanaw taala revealed the surah named as Juma and in that surah Allah subhanaw taala said, Yeah, Lady in men who either know dearly saw that he me Timmy omy. Jumeirah first out in the

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weather will be all you believe. When the call is made for Joomla.

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Leave all your businesses, your jobs, leave everything and race to the remembrance of Allah subhanaw taala go to the masjid and praise your ma my brother

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when you are applying for a job

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when you are applying for a job and please listen carefully, this is all for my for all my brothers who are working and for my young brothers who are applying for jobs in the future. When you're applying for a job.

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One of your main questions should be about your time for solid.

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You ask the guy that is interviewing you, if it is permitted to take five minutes, seven minutes at your lunch break or depends on which country do you live at and what time which slot comes when you are working? You asked for that of the person and you ask also for an hour an hour and a half. It depends to go for and pray your Joomla

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if the person said no, we cannot give you that. My beloved brother. Listen to me carefully. Leave that job for the sake of Allah azza wa jal leave that job for the sake of Allah. Is it a coincidence that that Surah of Allah Juma? Is it a coincidence that the surah Tilly Juma ended by Allah saying, what Allah Who hired or Razia clean and Allah is the best of providers. There's no way you leave something for the sake of Allah, except Allah azza wa jal will replace you with something better.

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Make sure you ask that question before you get the job and put what Allah subhanho wa Taala has ordered you put it first in your life, Allah subhanaw taala will put Baraka in everything that you do. Unfortunately, some brothers all they care about is the benefits of the job. How many days is the vacation, this and that, and they do not ask at all about the Juma time for Salah No, my brother, no, we are Muslims, we submit to Allah azza wa jal and this is an order from Allah subhanahu wa taala. It's a command to leave everything and go to attend the Juma prayer. This is Allah subhanaw taala as orders we cannot play with Allah's orders. For my sisters, you can come to

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the masjid and attend Juma Al Hamdulillah, our Barrameda and you can come and benefit but it's not a must upon you. You will not be sinful if you do not for a person for a man who's an adult. It's a must upon them to attend and if they do not attend for they do not have any valid excuse valid reason why are they not attending? Then they are sinful and as a matter of fact, but so allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he said, and the Hadith isn't Buddhahood and Tirmidhi. He said, Whosoever abandons Joomla three times, three times, neglecting it, a seal will be placed over his heart. A seal will be placed over his heart. The scholars explained that that means it is a seal of

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nofap seal of hypocrisy. Allahu Akbar three Juma was someone that said three dramas in general and someone that said three jewels in a row. If you leave them for no valid excuse. They just bail Mala I'm busy this, I am watching this. I'm doing that. No. So three Jamar zeros for no valid excuse is very, very dangerous. The only drama My brothers and sisters is first of all, when we go to drama, it's a reward from Allah subhanahu wa taala and second Salamandre Pharisee reported that Rasulullah cisilion said a man who makes muscle at home and he goes to Joomla he perfumes himself and

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he goes to his drummer and he does not cause any separation between two people. He prays what Allah subhanaw taala has prescribed, and listened carefully and quietly and attentively to the Hapa. All his sins between one Friday and another are all forgiven Allahu Akbar, all the minor sins are forgiven Subhan Allah.

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there is a Hadith

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the reward on the day of Juma which I have never seen any reward like this before ever. So Lend me your ears. So we can apply this hadith as many times as possible. That's why I love when the brother

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he puts his Juma as his day off. My brothers and sisters that are watching from overseas Allah You're so lucky to have Juma as your your day of holiday during the week. So, so my brother if you can, if you have the choice to pick a day to be off during the week at your job, please pick Friday. Why is to this hadith, that the reward is so immense Allahu Akbar, that it is of course Asahi Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. He said

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mannerist, Salah was Tehsil

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whomsoever rustlers, some people said rasa he washes his head and a tassel washes his body and some unimat said Rasul Allah Tehsil means he caused somebody to perform Mosul, and he made himself Yanni they had a relationship with their wife before Oman, okay. When that set of actors were back, Kerala, Tucker, and he came he, he left to the masjid very early, and he walked and did not ride, walked and did not ride. And he sat down close to the Imam and ansata and he listened attentively and he does not talk any kind of idle talk. So this person, he made Rasul at home, he walked to the masjid, remembering Allah subhanho wa taala. And he got there very early. He sat down and listened

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attentively to the khateeb he did not speak any kind of idle talk, what is the reward?

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Listen carefully.

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He will get a reward of one year fasting and one year praying TM with every step he takes to the masjid. Let me repeat every step he takes to the masjid one year, reward of fasting one year reward of performing tahajjud with every step, so it took him 100 steps, it will be recorded for him that he performed the 100 years of pm and 100 years of Jude Law Akbar, Allah He this hadith the reward is so immense that I thought it was weak, it was fabricated, then I checked it was it is an authentic hadith, Allahu Akbar. So my brother do this. And some people Masha Allah, our brothers that are living over overseas, they can do this every single week, live that intention before you, you start

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your Jomar and my brothers who are living in the West, at least make it once a month, once every few months. Once a year you actually to get that reward and walk to the masjid Walk, walk to the masjid and get all that Azure do all the steps, the hustle and and the walking and being quiet and listening attentively. Every step one year of CRM and TM Allahu Akbar. How great is Allah? How generous is Allah subhanahu wa taala

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one of the great rewards of that day also is that there is an hour on that day Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and the Hadith in Bukhari. He said there is an hour on that day, no Muslim stands and prays and ask Allah for something except Allah will grant him whatever he asked for.

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Many Ireland that said it is between us and Maghrib of your Majumdar, between awesome and memory of yo la Juma on Friday, sit down and dedicate some time and ask Allah azza wa jal for the best of the dunya and the best of the accurate. Some of the Sunnah of that day is to perform also to smell good to wear some nice clothes and make a lot of salad on Rasulullah sallallahu wasallam Rasul Allah Azza wa sallam said, Send many blessings upon me on the day of Juma and the night of Juma Now today's Thursday you're watching me and it's already the night of Juma. So that's all makes a lot of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi salam Allahumma Salli ala Muhammad wa ala early Muhammad can let

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somebody tell Ebrahim earlier

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Raheem in Nikka Hamidah Majeed along with Ricardo Muhammad Ali Mohammed can ever looked at Ebrahim while early Ibrahim in Academy don't make a lot of salatu salam Salam on the night of Friday and then the day of Friday, put yourself I want to do 100 Salaat 501,000 wherever you can, but make a lot of salad all the time it is beautiful but on Joomla specifically rasa Sallam told us to do it abundantly, read surah Al caf on Joomla you could read it also on the night of July and starting tonight you could read it and you could read it all day you have the Maghrib of Thursday till the Maghrib of Friday to read it in sha Allah to Allah and the reward as you get a light from one from

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one Juma to the to the next light newer, Allah subhanaw taala will show you the Haram and the halal Allah subhanaw taala will guide you through this whole whole week in sha Allah Tala. Now quickly before we end in sha Allah Tala some of the mistakes that I noticed my brothers do on German.

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First, my dear brother, please, please, this is one very common mistake because I'm always giving the hotbar and I'm seeing maybe the other people do not see that because their their back is to the door. Many many, many of my dear brothers, they come very late to Joomla

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my brother, Allah prescribed us to come to the masjid for Joomla half an hour, a week, half an hour a week. You want to make it five minutes. While you only want to come for the salad. come from the beginning. The angels are standing at the door writing up the names of the people get the pleasure of coming early. Listen to the hotpot from the beginning Subhanallah and get all that reward. It's once a week.

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Imagine that was the whole day of Friday. Imagine it was three four days a week that we have to go and be there and listen is half an hour the whole week please do not make it five minutes and come only for the salad. No, no, no no. Please come early and attend the Joomla and enjoy it insha Allah Tala second very common mistake very, very common mistake lately is you see a lot of brothers while the Hatim is performing the hotbar they are playing on their phone. They are texting. No, no my brother Rasul allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he gave us an example that whoever started playing with the pebbles on the day on that day, they were pebbles. That means the Azure of Joomla is gone.

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The Azure the reward of Joomla is gone. Similarly, when you start texting and you know, you're you're losing the Azure match once a week, we cannot divorce this dunya for half an hour, half an hour, just put our phones put the social media away for half an hour and concentrate on the Acura in the law he failure on what Allah subhanaw taala had is better than whatever you are doing is better than whatever you are doing.

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So please put that phone away, turn it completely off, leave it in the car. You're not going to answer it anyway. So leave it in the car. Please, please don't play with your phone and German. Third very common mistake. A lot of people talk to each other during drama. Even as soon as I said I'm talking as if you tell your brother be quiet. You lost the drama. How about someone joking around and talking and Hey, what's up? What's going on? How's business? How's your studies house? No, no, no, quiet? Nothing.

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Fourth, many people come very early. May Allah reward them immensely. But unfortunately, they sit all the way in the back and they lose the pleasure and reward of the first rows that you would have the first row is a huge loss of loss I Salam told us in Allah Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah safilo Will, Allah subhanaw taala send his blessing to the first row, and the angels make dua for the people of the first row. And similarly, the closer the rose to the Imam the better they are in reward. So you came early and hamdulillah datamine sit down in the in the in the front rows, so you can get the Azure in sha Allah to Allah, of all the promises that are supposed Salam gave us. And

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finally, many people, maybe they're working in a place that has a smell, whether it's a gas station or a restaurant or a kitchen, whatever, and they come with with, you know, an order that is not pleasing to their fellow mousseline or to the angels. So my brother put another thought, another jacket, another shirt in the car that smells good and Charlotte Allah and when you come to them as you change it so you can apply the Sunnah of taking the Xena on when we enter the misogyny. So my brothers and sisters, this it was revealed because of the day of Juma or Salah Salem was performing the hotbar and the Sahaba left for dunya matters. Nothing in the dunya is worth what Allah subhanaw

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taala has promised us always Allah told us that

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will LLF Hera to Pharaoh. Look, I mean Allah, for the matters of the accurate are better for us than the matters of the dunya

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May Allah subhanaw taala make us all from the people of the akhirah May Allah azza wa jal make the akhira our main concern, may Allah subhana wa Taala gathers under his shade when there is no shade except his shade. And May he make our last deeds our best deeds by Love you all for the sake of Allah Desikan l'affaire. Subhana Allah Muhammad should Allah Allah Allah and the stuff Utica on a toolbar like

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in Mussolini now almost Lima T one meaning Mina team on et now look on it the more slowed up now saw the Ponte was slob eating I was sloppy a lot do you want to follow Sherry You know wonderful she

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wouldn't call she mean I want to follow she I think one downside BP now one downside being party was all evening I was all in

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one heavy Lina photo gentleman wasn't happy a lot the ones that get enough love I guess

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was the guilt or I don't know hula

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