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Ali Hammuda
AI: Summary © The importance of showing off one's views on Facebook and Instagram to avoid false accusations is discussed, along with the danger of negative comments on social media and the need for individuals to show their views. The speakers emphasize the importance of showing off one's views to avoid false accusations and the need for individuals to show their views. The segment discusses the confusion surrounding Islam's, and the use of "arrogance" and "arogance" concepts. The transcript describes recitation of Surah Fatiha and the Herro, as well as the importance of staying in a certain environment and not giving up. The speakers also discuss the history and meaning behind the names of Islam, including the straight path, the use of waif-recdered words, and the importance of the straight path of Islam for achieving Islam.
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where we are in our study of Surah Fatiha is that we've reached the IOER Allah Allah Allah, Allah Allah who says,

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he cannot do

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what he can to stay You alone we worship

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and You are alone we ask for help.

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We mentioned before that Mr. B Blanca, yam, he said that Allah subhanaw taala has brought down 104 books, scriptures, all throughout the ages, to different prophets and messengers. He said the meanings of these 104 books were captured and summarized

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by three books, a Torah, the Old Testament, Bill ng in the New Testament, as a bore the Psalms of David.

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And then he said the meanings of these three scriptures were captured and summarized

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by one book, and that is a Quran. And the meanings of Al Quran as a whole was were captured and summarized by one Surah Surah Fatiha and the meanings of Surah Fatiha were captured and summarized by one idea which is to

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take a guess

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Yeah, I can do it I can stand You alone we worship and You alone we ask for help. So all principles, all fundamentals go back to this I go back to this concept that we are slaves, worshipers of Allah Jalla Jalla Allah who we worship Him and we asked him for help we engage in esteana Everything that you have read in the Quran or others may have read in other scriptures go back to this principle of riba that worship of Allah and esteana asking help of him Subhanallah what

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he cannot go do

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what you can to stay

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in the first sentence when you say er cannot boo you alone, we worship

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you are negating from yourself.

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The performance of any Iboga worship directed to other than Allah.

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He cannot put You alone we worship so you are removing from yourself and you by the worship from anyone or anything other than him you're making it exclusively to Allah Subhana Allah

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and then in the second sentence, you are negating from yourself any STI any, any search for help and assistance in carrying out that that diversion from other than Allah.

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So in the first sentence you're negating from yourself worship to other than Allah in the second sentence er can Stein you're negating from yourself is Tirana, the search for help in worshiping him from other than Allah Allah Janeiro. And here there is a beautiful Saturday benefit mentioned by Ibrahim Rahim Allah.

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He says something called by our doula humara Barney,

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helping Irani in LEM yatta yatta Kuma Labdoo, Tirana V Illa Telavi. When

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he says that there are two spiritual illnesses, two illnesses of the heart, which if an individual does not treat immediately, they will throw this person into the pits of ruin and destruction. He says, Well, who Maria will keep they are the illnesses of Riyadh showing off and keep her arrogance.

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He says these are at their core, the most dangerous, dangerous, most evil of harms that can affect the human heart today. Yeah, showing off Kibriya arrogance. We don't need to elaborate on this too much. I think you remember we spoke about it in the change of heart series. When we spoke about last sincerity and the dangers of React showing.

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It's enough to know that

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RIA is not bid on in Harmon. It renders good deeds now. Void, it ruins them, index them out their core, a show off has nothing with Allah Jalla Jalla Allah, Allah Allah who will say to this person, on the Day of Judgment, go to the people in this world who you used to do good deeds in order to please them and see if they have any reward for you on this day in LA. That's on the Day of Judgment. So that's one of them react, showing off. And how easy is it today in the era of 21st century of social media, cameras, instant communication, internet selfie stick Wi Fi, to become a show off where everything people would usually do behind closed doors is now on full display. Your

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recitation of Quran everyone knows about your location, you're in the masjid attending adults, everyone seems to know and if they don't know we go out of our ways to show the world it's a problem. Those who are in hajj the who's who nominate once in a lifetime trip again. They've got their phones with them next to the camera, photos and videos as if their hearts are not safe from showing off.

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In the month of Ramadan when giving the cow charity appeals in Uganda, in Africa, in Yemen, in Palestine, wherever you may be carrying out emergency relief work, the world is made to know consciously, intentionally, this is what I am doing.

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Therefore, this is a miracle and entry for shaytaan to destroy our good deeds by way of showing off Ria. One of the two dangerous illnesses of the heart what was the second? We said it is?

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Keep it arrogant.

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And it is enough for us to know here that the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said liat who do agenda mankind has been called behave with clouds without writing.

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Any person who possesses an atom's weight of arrogance in his or her heart will not intergender an atom's weight of arrogance. And you will say to me, what is arrogance? Is it about wearing good shoes and wearing fine clothes? I say to you No. Arrogance is simply as defined by our hobby sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he said butter will happy Welcome to nurse. It is to reject truth when it is given to you and it is to look down upon people. That's arrogant, two pillars if they are there, the building of arrogance is complete, to reject the truth.

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The second is to look down upon people. These are the recipes or the ingredients for arrogance. So he says even claim that there are two illnesses that are detrimental to the well being of a movement showing off the idea and Kibera arrogance. Where is he going with this? He said ie I can I will do that Valerie.

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Where he I can stay in that valley Kibriya he said ear canal boo You alone we worship that repellers showing off? It deals with it.

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And II I cannot stand when you say You alone we ask for help that deals with the arrogance. Allahu Akbar.

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So when you say Yeah, can you alone I worship.

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It deals with RIA showing off because you have just announced to your Lords of hanno Tala and then to yourself that I don't seek the attention of anyone but Allah.

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I don't worship the attention of people the praise and gratitude of people I don't need their banks I don't need their admiration means nothing to me. My either my dua my aspirations, my hope, my fear, my craving to seek the attention is purely from Allah gender Telugu iya okay you alone, Nabu, do we worship, not a parent, not a father and not not a share you not a child, not a student, not society, not an employee or an employer or a government IARC You alone we worship. If you say this statement of Al Fatiha conscientiously, you have subconsciously dealt with React showing off because you are saying you are known I want you

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and then you have the other illness which is what keeps it up arrogance. He said that is dealt finally with ei can sustain you alone we ask for help. When you say ei can stay and you have dealt with arrogance, how come? Because you are announcing to Allah, gender Janelle Dumont, you're announcing to yourself that any good that may have happened through me. It is from Allah. It's to his health wasn't through my ability or because I'm intelligent, or because I had a good upbringing or because I have knowledge or I graduated from such and such Islamic University. I have nothing to do with this. Ie I can assign you alone we ask for help. Any good that may have come through me.

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Whether it's a dose I delivered or others I have attended. This is how we should talk insha Allah or salah I have carried out prayer at night fasting Monday or Thursday charity I have given fundraise at what ever good Allah Almighty has allowed to happen through you remember,

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you have no shell, or role in that. If it wasn't for the trophy or the assistance of Allah. What does that deal with instantly? Arrogance, you and I are taken out of the picture er can stay.

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So you will say You alone we worship and You unknown we ask for help when carrying out that worship.

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Ask yourself that question. Who was it? Who enabled you to remember that there was adults this evening? Let's just talk about an isolate the event of this evening's class, who was the one who reminded you that there was a class who was the one who allow your phone to ping at the right time and say to you, hey, there is a class happening after Salah to Lhasa who was the one who gave you the trophy, the motivation to get changed and to get into your car or the bus or walk to the masjid and sit here attentively who was the one who softened your your your joints and relaxed your muscles to enable you to come to the house of Allah subhanho wa Taala

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who was the one who as you sat here removed the obstructions from you

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yours so that you're able to hear the sound that you're hearing from me this this evening and who was the one who more importantly has removed the obstructions from your heart so that he has allowed the light of Eman to permeate, permeate to your very core and to understand and to be transformed and reformed through what you are hearing this evening, who was the one who enabled all of these things? And that's just one small example pertaining to one dose you attend every week. What about the good deeds that you may do on a day to day basis and the sins you avoid on a day to day basis? Who gave you the help to achieve these things? Yeah, can I go to You alone we worship and y'all can

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stay in you alone we ask for assistance. I have no sharing this. So the first deal deals with showing off and the latter deals with Kibriya arrogance

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Yeah, can Abu er kind of stay

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and that's why

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many of those of

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many of our predecessors for this reason when they would recite Surah Fatiha and specifically arriving at this area er cannot go do what you're gonna stay in you alone. We worship you alone, we asked for help. They had a phenomenal reaction to it.

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It broke their hearts and it caused them to cry. Now if I was to ask you a question my brother my sister and certainly asked myself the exact same list to me the chapters or the passages of the Quran that shake you to the core. How many people will say and 30 How many will say er cannot go do what you can to stain. It doesn't strike us as being one of those sort of the Quran that bring about tears. You will say to me the ayat of the Quran that affect me most are maybe the latter verses of Surah to Hadid Allah mutiny. Larina Shah who probably decree like you may say to me it's the verses from Surah to Zuma was already in it Takara Bahama in agenda tomorrow you will say to me maybe

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verses from Surah to a heartfelt via call me merrily at your own chameleon majority voted on and Ilana some will say Surah to us in some will say the last couple of verses from Surah Baqarah each has What do you prefer?

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How many have wept when reciting Surah Fatiha or were really shocked to the core, especially when arriving at the ER can Agudo Yaquina stay. Yet as we introduced the session we said it isn't the fundamental of all messages. It's at the core of all of the scriptures all throughout the eras, ear canal Buddha Yaquina Stein

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and that's why

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one of the predecessors was 100 Zophar. He said, Son, Davina Sophia, Northumbrian Sophia, no theory once led us in the Maghreb Salah

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and he began reciting Alhamdulillah here Abdullah Al Amin R Rahman Rahim until he got to Iraq and I will do what you can to stay.

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The narrator said Fabrika, Hatha in kata annual Tara, he said Imams of young began to weep until he was unable to continue reciting Surah Al Fatiha as he said, he can Abu do what you can to stay thinking about these meanings of iftekhar of utmost need, and poverty, bankruptcy to Allah Dorinda chillagoe

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He couldn't continue his presentation.

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And others. This was narrated by Mohammed Al Hensley, speaking about one of our predecessors have not been Harare who died in the year 230 After the Hijra.

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He said to me how every once led us for Salah to Asia,

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and he began to recite Surah Fatiha Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa Rahmatullah Rahim till he got to El Kinabalu where he can stay in You alone we worship and You alone we ask for help. He said he began to repeat it over and over again. He said First off to Alhaji your Kula who I spent most of that evening walking around the garden attending to my needs. I came back and he was still in Salah leading the Muslims. And he was saying yeah Ken Abu. We are gonna start repeating it. He said my name too. I fell asleep. So Mama to be here for Sahara. Then I came across athletic nebula Harare, whilst he was still in Salah at the time of Sahara, meaning just before Fajr

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the entire night and there he was in his Merab standing and reciting a caribou or Yaquina Stein not going beyond it until Fudger

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because they are decoding and experiencing living with the many meanings found in this ayah and superimposing it upon themselves and realizing their need to Allah Jenna Gerardo er, can I go do it? I can stand. In fact, even some of our contemporaries maybe you saw the video of Sheikh ushering in unhearable McKee when he was leading in the

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Before the GABA and he is reciting Surah 230, and he recites Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen or Rahman Rahim till he gets to Iraq and Afghanistan and again it's there on YouTube. He begins to weep and he recites it again and he leaves and again and he weeps. These are examples of people in sha Allah and you will be amongst them even Illa who understand the implications of E Ikenobo dunya canister

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then now you are ready to give a request to make a request from Allah subhanaw taala

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for the most part, in fact, up until this year, you have been praising Allah. You haven't made any requests Bismillah R Rahman Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen Aruna Rahim, Maliki and when we deem II I can Abdullah yeah can stain you are praising Allah, you are speaking of His Names and his attributes. You are reminding yourself of his ownership of the Day of Judgment, you are surrendering yourself to Him.

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Now that you have done that the gates of the heavens are unlocked for you, and you're ready to make your request. This of course is the etiquette of dua before you make a request from Allah Allah Allah Allah Allah who you praise Him. Allah Allah Al hamdu Antonio to Samoa to a lot of the women feel like a hunk you praise Him

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and you give salutations upon the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Allahumma salli wa salam ala Nabina Muhammad and then now you are in a position from a manners perspective to ask from the king after you have praised him. Similarly here in Surah, Al Fatiha all of the verses so far have been in praise of Allah, you're glorifying Allah. So now you are in a position to make requests. And what will be your request?

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Your request will be Idina serata Musa to guide us to the straight path Oh ALLAH.

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Of all the things that could have been added here as a dua that is obligated upon you no less than 17 times a day when you recited in your Salah. The DUA, chosen by Allah Almighty for you. Is Idina Serato stalking guide us to the straight path? Because Allah knows that this is the recipe for success. Allah knows if this dua this one is answered for you in your life. My brother, my sister, you are the most successful person in dunya you are the happiest in the hereafter.

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It's from his dorama his mercy and his love upon the believer that he has not lifted as a blank and he said to you fill in the blanks, ask for what you want. I would have asked for a car and others would have asked for a house this person would have asked for a spouse and his individual ask for whatever it may be. Things that may be beneficial, but not wholly beneficial.

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Good things that you have you may have asked for but not the ultimate request. And the ultimate request that a believer could utter in the life of this world is Idina, a Serato stalking guide us to the straight path.

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This is the greatest of all dua.

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Now, you will say to me, what is a slot,

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Idina guide us Asli Rolla to the path almost a team that is straight. I set out from a linguistic perspective meaning when the Arabs use the word Surat in their talk, for those who still speak for Allah who understand the language they say a setup is a terracotta Atari whole worldly hola de la vida. JFe.

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A Surat is just from an Arabic perspective, a clear path that has no crookedness.

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A serif is in reference to a clear path that has no crookedness.

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So just from a language perspective, when you use the word serif, you are referring to a path that is clear.

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It's wide.

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It's traversed, meaning people are using it.

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It is straight

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and it is mostly done little mock lube, it takes you to your destination.

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This is how the Arabs used the word Surat in their day to day when they use it.

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As Surat, now you will say to me, but what is the nature of the Surat the path that I am asking Allah for in my salah.

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17 times a day plus, I'm asking Allah to put me upon a surah a path that you have just described to me brother it is what it looks like.

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But what is that path?

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What is the nature of the reality of this path that I am begging Allah Almighty for? I share with your Hadith, a very graphic Hadith and the answer is there.

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Listen carefully because there's a lot of imagery and symbolism used in the Hadith Subhanallah it is profound

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Even Mohammed writes in his mustard on the authority of a novice in Busan that the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said Baramulla who knoweth Allah? Allah Almighty has given an example analogy. What is the analogy? So your Latin was the key man. Did you hear that? Sara Musa Pema a straight path, imagine it a straight path.

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Why Allah Jenna the Tesla rotti su run on on the two sides of the straight path or two walls.

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Fee Hema Abu Abu Musa Taha along the two walls Our doors are open

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while Halil Abu Dhabi so Tarun Maha and upon each door are veils thin curtains.

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What Allah says Sarah sorority dime?

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Yeah, cool. Are you her nurse who does serata Jamia and Valletta, Raju. And in the entry to the straight path in the beginning, there is a cooler who is announcing and he's saying oh people come all together upon this straight path. And don't take any side steps.

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Were there and yet your main job is spirit and there is a second caller. But he is calling from inside deeper into the path

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for either Raja. And yes, there have been typical Abishai and parlor where you hack alert after who in the interface the hotel eligible. And whenever this person sees an individual walking upon this mass, and he's about to open one of the doors. He said to him Well do you don't open the door? Because if you open the door, you will definitely go inside.

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This is the analogy.

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Are you imagining it?

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What do these components represent?

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The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he said explaining each of these components. He said what's the route to Islam?

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The straight path is Islam. Al Hamdulillah

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hamdulillah congratulations to you, brother, sister. This is a Tafseer of the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. Our slot that you are asking Allah Almighty for in your Salah so many times a day is the path of Islam, Idina Surat Al Mustafa Karim, guide us to the path of Islam, and every other Tafseer interpretation that you will read our predecessors say speaking about what the Spirit is, ie the bulk of Allah, et cetera, et cetera. It all spills into the same meaning. The religion of Allah that takes you to paradise.

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He said the straight path.

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This symbolizes Islam.

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He said Well abou a was to Ronnie mahadi Mala, the two walls. They are the sacred limits of Allah.

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Halal and Haram. And Allah Almighty said in the Quran about his limits to include Allah He Fela caribou. These are the limits of Allah so don't go near them. So when Allah Almighty forbade, for example, alcohol he also forbade everything that may lead to the consumption or trading with alcohol etc. When Allah Almighty forbade fornication, he forbade everything that may lead to fornication. So he says, These are the limits of Allah so stay away from his limits don't go near them.

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He said the straight path is Islam. And the two walls they are the limits of Allah. And as for the doors, he says, well, Allah will move at the heart of Muharram Allah.

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He said and the doors are open.

00:23:54 --> 00:23:58

This symbolizes the prohibitions of Allah, the Haram things.

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And notice what he said earlier it is Salatu was Salam. He didn't say that they are vaulted shot with iron.

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He said that there are sin, veils covering them.

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Meaning all that a person needs to do in order to attain the Haram is to remove the veil and there you are under prohibited and how true is this of the 21st century more than any other time before us? Between you and a sin is the clicking of a button.

00:24:27 --> 00:24:36

The responding to a DM the Accepting of an invitation, the swiping of your finger across your screen and so on and so forth.

00:24:37 --> 00:24:46

He said the doors within these walls they represent the prohibitions of Allah the Haram and look there is only a veil.

00:24:48 --> 00:24:48

What is left

00:24:50 --> 00:24:53

what is left from this hadith my brothers to understand

00:24:54 --> 00:25:00

two more things. The the call is the first call

00:25:00 --> 00:25:09

There was at the beginning of the path and he was saying, oh people come to the Sirat and don't take any sidesteps Come on have you come to the path?

00:25:10 --> 00:25:32

What does this represent? He said whether Lika de Ayala Sieracki Taboola he said the Kohler who was standing at the edge of the bridge, the path this is the Quran, the book of Allah. What is the Quran, it is an invitation to all of humanity, Muslims or non Muslims alike to come up on the path of Islam.

00:25:33 --> 00:25:40

Allah says Allah Who yet to Isla, there is Salam. Allah Almighty calls people to the home of peace.

00:25:41 --> 00:26:02

Yeah, you are Nast. The Quran says oh humanity PAJAK como ala Tamura become a reminder has come to you from your Lord. So the Quran is an invitation from Allah to all of humanity. That's what the Quran is is invitation to all of you are trying to come up on the path of Islam. That's the cooler standing in the entry to this to the path

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and then now we have the second caller. What was he saying? Remember a

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lot of that who don't open the door in Naka Intifada hotellit You illegal? If you open the door, you're going to fall inside, you will enter the door. Don't even look. He said what early Canada I mean, filthy CRRT. We're here to Allah if you call it be Cooley Muslim. He said the second caller from within the path is in reference to the conscious that is found the conscience that is found within the heart of every muscle.

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The second color, he said is the color to Allah that is found within the heart of every believer. That's the sound that screams out to you when you are about to commit a sin so that you don't do it. And when you do it, it screams again, it says to you that felt so bad, the guilt, the remorse. And when you do a good deed, it celebrates you and it excites you to do more. This is the color of Allah that is found in the heart of every Muslim divinely installed by Allah into your heart to make the path of Islam even easier for you. And

00:27:13 --> 00:27:16

so what is the point of mentioning this entire hadith

00:27:17 --> 00:27:23

is to highlight the one sentence where the Prophet sallallahu wasallam said the straight path of SeRa is Islam.

00:27:25 --> 00:27:32

So when you are saying in your Salah, Idina serums guide us to the straight path you are saying,

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amongst other things, guide me Oh Allah to the path of Islam

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