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Salam o aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen on October 2018, with Urdu and Ilana Lolly, meanwhile, Shadow Allah, Allahu Allahu la sharika Illa who Evelina will appear in our shadow undeniably Jana Muhammad Abdul who Rasulullah Mustafa Amin Allahumma salli wa Salam o radical Abdullah Zuleika Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi Ultramarine and Mbah Welcome to another episode of our to see program page by page and inshallah Tyler today we are on page 27, which is in the second to Surah Al Baqarah. Allah subhanaw taala begins in verse 177, which is at the top of this page, Allah subhanaw taala says are older bIllahi

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min ash shaytani R Rajim laissent. Bill want to Well Lou Juha como de Belen machinery will not only be working Nabil Rahman M and ABI la he wanted to meet here at Walmart ICA while you're here you will miss it Kathy will kita b1 been our Earth almanor Allah Who will be the we'll call by one year term. Well Misaki in our business Cemil will Misaki in our bonus me he was you in our field Rio calm u comma sada Zakka will move foreigner br Diem will move for Nebia de him either had to wasabi rain, if

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you can see and also the way you can tap on

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Allah subhanaw taala says goodness or bill which means piety, which means goodness, it does not consist in turning your face towards the east or the west. This verse according to a number of the scholars, Intersil is in relation to what we mentioned at the beginning of the second Jews, that passage of the Quran and the passage of Surah Al Baqarah. That speaks about the changing of the direction of the qibla, from B to Noctus, in Jerusalem to the Kaaba in Mecca. And as we said, then when we went through those verses extensively, and the story behind it of the changing on the qibla, it was the source of trial and a challenge for a number of the non Muslims and also for some of the

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Muslims as well, who didn't really understand what would happen, for example, with the good deeds of those people who had passed away before the changing of the Qibla. And so Allah subhanaw taala sent it down as he tests for people, as Allah azza wa jal mentioned in those verses, and we've already passed those verses in a previous episode. Allah subhanaw taala is linking this particular passage back to that. And that is because from the signs of iman, is that you it's not just about the the outward actions, it's not just about the symbolism. It is much more than that, because there are religions today, for example, that very much their religious practices are about symbolism. If you

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ask them, what does it actually mean? How does it increase you in Eman? What is behind in terms of piety? And so they probably wouldn't know. And maybe for a lot of those practices, they don't even know where history came about from and they can't really, they can't really link it back to for example, the founders of that religion or the prophets that they claimed that that region came from or the revelation that they say that they follow. Allah subhanaw taala is saying with all of these people who are speaking about the changing of the qibla, that true piety is not just a better direction, where you faces Allah azza wa jal mentioned elsewhere are mentioned in the passage

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concerning the changing of the Qibla at the beginning of the second Josie said, pulling the law Hill Mr. Cole Maghreb, Allah owns the he possesses, he's the owner, To Him belongs the Eastern the West. And so whether you face this way or that way, it is the command of Allah subhanaw taala. What is important here is that you follow Allah azza wa jal, you have Eman in Allah and in everything that that entails and you have belief in Allah subhanaw taala and the worship of Allah azza wa jal is according to what you legislate and your etiquettes and your mannerisms and your character is that which is pleasing to Allah subhana wa Tada and that is why Allah azza wa jal says that it is not

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goodness of piety is not about which way you turn your face, whether to the east or the west. So what is piety and goodness? What is the true definition of it? He said, Subhan Allah azza wa jal goes on to say well, alkenyl bill Barah the true piety and good men and a biller. The truly good and pious are those who believe in Allah will Yeoman after and the Last Day, while Mala Iike and the angels while keytab and the scripture when they're been and all of the prophets, meaning true belief in Allah azza wa jal is not just the verbal expression or the holding up of some symbolisms or some or some, some physical rights, but rather the true Eman is the one that comes from the heart to

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believe in Allah azza wa jal

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And part of the belief in Allah subhanaw taala is then to submit to His commands to sacrifice for him subhanaw taala to love him more than anything else that we have within the dunya and there is to believe in human piano, the Day of Judgment that Allah subhanaw taala will hold us to account that Allah azza wa jal will will will will resurrect us on that day, and that Allah subhanaw taala will reward the good news with Jana and he will reward the evil and punish them with the fire, that we believe in the melodica the angels of Allah azza wa jal, the scriptures the divine revelations of Allah subhanaw taala and in all of the prophets and messengers of Allah azza wa jal, and these are

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five of the six pillars of iman, as mentioned by the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in the famous hadith of Gibreel arte salatu salam and that is that Allah azza wa jal is telling us that this is true Imam Imam is the one that begins in the heart. So if you have the solid Eman in your heart, this foundation of belief in your heart in Allah subhanaw taala and in the other principles or pillars of Eman, then when Allah subhanaw taala says,

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apologies, Allah azza wa jal says face one direction over another move from one direction to another, or change this command with another and it is all legislation from ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada. You willingly submit, you turn to Allah azza wa jal and you submit to the commands of Allah subhanho wa taala. And then that person who has that Eman who has that strong faith, that person will automatically do good, that is pleasing to Allah subhanaw taala if a person in the heart truly believes in Allah azza wa jal truly believes in Yeoman piano, that true belief in the heart must manifest itself upon the tongue and in the actions and that is why the claim that many people have

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the O Eman is in our heart. That's where our piety is just because you can't see me pray just because I don't do certain things that are meant to do or I don't dress in a certain way or behave in a certain way. Oh, but my true Eman is in my heart. But a true Eman means that you have a a an unparalleled love for Allah and for His Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and the unparalleled love that means that if Allah azza wa jal is saying that if you truly love me, you will follow what the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said Is Allah azza wa jal mentioned the surah earlier in Quran, Pauline Kuntum to hipbone Allah, if you truly love Allah for Tibshirani then follow me in

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immediate follow me meaning the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, why wouldn't you do so? Why would you be told that this is the path that leads you to Allah azza wa jal to Eman must take you down this path and you will turn away from that path, you will ignore the commands of Allah azza wa jal, you didn't know you wouldn't submit to the Sharia of Allah subhanaw taala the teachings of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, where is the truth in that, because we all know that the things that we deeply love in our lives, our family, our hobbies, our interests, those are things that we're constantly engaged in. If someone has a interest or a level of hobby that they deeply

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passionate about, maybe a sport, it may be a craft, it may be cause whatever it may be travel, those people you will find them constantly engaging within that they are reading, they're researching, they're watching, they're engaged, they're participating, they're paying money, they're buying stuff they're they're experiencing, because that is what it means to love something to that level, as Allah azza wa jal said, as we mentioned, in a previous episode, Allah says concerning the believers will live in harmony, I should do humbly Allah. If you truly believe in Allah, those who believe love Allah more than that, more than the disbelievers and more than the people with their hobbies

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and their passions. So the true Eman then manifests itself in terms of the good that you do in terms of the the actual acts and etiquettes that you have and that is where Allah azza wa jal says, that also therefore from goodness and piety is what I tell my Allah Allah Who Be That will orba will your timer, one Messiah Kena webinars sabini was sat Nina Will Ferrell calm, that those people give away some of their wealth, no matter how much they cherish it, I let her be you love wealth, because there is something which Allah has made in the nature of humans that we love wealth, because of what it means and denotes and what we are able to do with it, in terms of in terms of living in the dunya

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and comfort and so on. It is something which is natural to have that level of wealth and that is why it is one of those temptations that Allah azza wa jal has told us to live with, with certain principles and parameters. And that is always the case, the things that humans love and COVID people from opposite gender, wealth, power, fame, all of these things that are permissible in certain parameters with certain parameters and in certain limited ways. And we're told that there are temptations and desires that you must restrict and confine in these ways that are legislated by the Sharia, ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada that these people have walked because it is natural to do so. But

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despite this, they know that what is more beloved to Allah, is that the spend some of it not all of it, some of it to groups of people that are needy. And because of that strong Eman in the heart that belief in Allah and human piano. That person will go and they will submit a

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They will sacrifice some of that which they love. And that is why Allah azza wa jal says in surah Allah and Miranda verse a beautiful vest was the beginning of the fourth or towards the very end of the third just Lenten. burrata tune for me matter a bone, you will never attain true piety, until you love from that which you and so what is that which you earn, let us spend from that which you love. You will never attend to piety until you spend from that which you love. What is that you love so much and COVID it is the wealth that you have, how should you spend it, Allah azza wa jal is telling us here spend they spend it despite their love for it. They give it to their relatives, from

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the people in their family who need it and who don't need they spend upon them. They help them come closer to Allah azza wa jal and join the ties of kinship, because of the way that they treat their family all the time. And they give to the orphans, one Messiah keen and the needy and the poor woman, the semi the travelers, meaning those who in their troubles,

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run out of funds, they run out of resources, and they're unable to get home or to their destination. So it's not like traveling today where people have their card, the credit cards and their bank cards. And it's very easy to have means we're talking about people who are stuck in foreign lands, because of a lack of provision. Those are the people that are being referred to was sat in, and those who beg and they ask, why for rehab, and those who are in bondage, meaning they're in slavery, and they're trying to purchase their freedom. So these are the people who despite coveting wealth, cherishing wealth loving wealth, they know what is more pleasing to Allah subhanaw taala. And so

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they're willing to spend and from the attributes of goodness and the people of goodness and piety is that they always come closer to Allah azza wa jal in the worship, welcome Salah Tao will act as the character will move forward and be either him or her Do they feel the obligations by playing and by giving the sucker and they keep the covenant and pledges when they make them? And then Allah azza wa jal describes so Allah azza wa jal describes these people as people of sada people of Zakah people of integrity and trustworthiness and honesty, these are all examples and all definitions of piety and goodness and from those people from the traits of these people was Serbian enough. Sir you want

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the raw you Halal base. There are those people who remain steadfast in times of misfortune and adversity and a times of danger. They turn to Allah azza wa jal, their patient upon the harm they patient upon the trials and tests that come their way. Their patient in terms of steak is staying firm and steadfast upon the religion of Allah subhana wa Tada. Allah azza wa jal describes these people, these people who fill all fulfill all of this, this criteria, these attributes, Allah says, subhanaw taala Allah you can livina Sadako these are the ones for the people of truth, what Allah is the human with Takuan and these are the people who are conscious of Allah azza wa jal have piety of

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him. And so Allah subhanaw taala has said therefore, that these levels that we have here, have belief in Allah azza wa jal of acts of worship and of acts of character of God towards other people biggest three components once they come together, that is Bill. That is true goodness, true piety. And those are the people who have true Taqwa of Allah subhanho wa taala. Allah azza wa jal in the next verse wants him to eat Allah subhanaw taala then tells us and gives us an example of one of those commands that we should submit to and it is from that piety and goodness that we have that we submit to the commands of Allah azza wa jal, Allah subhanaw taala says yeah, you had a lady in Amman

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or cootie Marilyn commonly saw Sophia in Patna and how to be heard we were able to build the will build on feminine coffee Allah homeopathy ha. Fatima on Bill Maher Wolfie, en la Ba Son, the the cartography for mirabito Marama. Feminine

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Erica fella who either Aleem or you who believe fair retribution is prescribed for you in cases of murder, the free man for the free man the slave for the slave, the female, for the female, from the Latin from the laws of Allah subhanaw taala is that Allah azza wa jal has allowed for the one who has murdered someone who allowed for the family of the person who has been murdered. So someone is killed and justly, they're murdered innocent. The family once that person is caught, the perpetrator is allowed for the family to seek retribution from the retribution is that the demand the life of that person who committed murder. So we have in our religion in the shadow of Islam, we have what we

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call the penal punishments. Meaning you can kill or you can have someone executed for the punishment of committing for the crime of committing murder. And Allah subhanaw taala gives us because it is a way of justice. It is a means of justice and it is a deterrent from people from taking the lives of others without any thought. And so Allah azza wa jal says that you would be just in this meaning the free person is killed for the free person, the slave for the slave, the female for the female, so the slave of a free person kills the slave

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If then it's not equal anymore because one has more rights in the region than others. And so therefore, Allah azza wa jal says that you have to be equal. This is part of the justice and from that justice is that a person may kill, that person may ask that that person be killed in the way that they committed murder, according to some of the scholars have seen as well. Allah subhanaw taala says, however, feminine Rafi Allahu Mina he che, but if the culprit is pardoned by his aggrieved brother, meaning that someone commits murder, the family of the murdered the person who is the victim, the family of the victim wants the perpetrator is caught. They have a number of options,

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from the options that they have is one that Allah azza wa jal encourages greatly for the believers for the perpetrator who is remorseful. He committed the act of murder, and now he wants to make Toba. He knows that he's committed a mistake or an error in his sin, and He wants to repent to Allah azza wa jal, he wants to do better. And so Allah azza wa jal says for the one for the plaintiff, the culprit is pardoned by his aggrieved brother, for Tibetan Bill Maher, Rufio Adonia, he said, then there shouldn't be adhere to fairly and the corporate should pay what is due in a good way meaning that person may say, as a result as as another option, that I want to forgive you in new of blood

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money, you pay me this amount, and if you give me that amount, then I will not take your life or I will not exact retribution in terms of taking your life. These are the different ways that a person is allowed to respond to murder in under Islamic law. And it is something which is easy for everyone to accept, not easy for people to accept capital punishment and so on. But for the believer, we know that Allah Azza legislates what he considers, or what he does in with all wisdom and with infinite knowledge. And so the options are that rather you take that person's life, as the member of the victim's family, you have that right if you are the ones who Allah is only at the people who are

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responsible for the victim. Or number two is that you take blood money and you let that person keep their life what happens is you simply forgive and you don't want anything for the sake of Allah azza wa jal, Allah subhanaw taala says that he could have been from Europe become Marama This is an alleviation from your Lord and an act of mercy. Meaning that Allah azza wa jal has given more than one option. So some people will forgive and it is good to forgive, and it is good to let people off if that person is remorseful. That person really wants to do better. It's not someone who will go and continue to oppress the person doesn't go and continue to murder or harm other people. Now, you

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know that this is a person who in the heat of the moment or whatever that circumstance was, they did something that they now regret, and they made Toba and they want to be better they realized the wrong that they did. And so Allah azza wa jal has given as mean as a means of mercy, more than one option. In this scenario, feminine I tell them about the DECA fella who are adorable Aleem, but if anyone that exceeds these limits, then Allah azza wa jal says that he will have a grave punishment, meaning even after this after they've been forgiven, they continue to do evil, they go back to murder and killing and so on. Then Allah subhanaw taala will punish them in the next life. And so

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Allah azza wa jal, as we know from the belief of human piano, is that Allah subhanaw taala will hold everyone to account and judge them. If a person is judged in this realm, then it is a means of expiation for them for the sin that they've been committed, they've committed meaning according to the Sharia law. However, if that person isn't caught, that person isn't, for example, that Justice can't be taken from them whatever. Then we have true and full Eman a belief that Allah azza wa jal will hold people to account on human piano and any wrongs that went that went unnoticed or went without any justice being taken for them in this world. Allah subhanaw taala exact justice for them

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on normal piano, and that is why Allah azza wa jal then says in verse 179, while a convenient resource to hire three l Babina.

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Own fair retribution saves life for you people are understanding

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Allah azza wa jal, it says that indeed within this retribution system, so for example, someone steals any cut off their hand, someone commits murder, and they can be killed certain other people, the penal punishments apply to them. Allah azza wa jal says within the standards like for you, life, because number one, it has an element of justice to it. How often do we hear on the news that someone has committed the worst crimes, the worst of evil, they have mass murderers, serial killers, or they've done amazing or great and severe harm and abuse. And then at the end of the sentence for X number of years, 2030 years, and maybe they come out and parole after a number of years. And those

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family members are like, we don't feel like we've had justice. We don't feel like you know, we don't feel like this person has taken the what they took from us in return. It doesn't feel like they had a sufficient response in terms of the justice that we've received. Allah Subhana Allah says, in the Islamic system to shatter the system, there is life for it. Because the people who are the families of the victims or the victims themselves, Will no one realize that they have had for retribution. They've been able to take an exact full job

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estas and at the same time, it is a deterrent for others. If you know that by committing murder, you will most likely lose your life. If you know by stealing that your hand will be taken from you, then you would think very carefully, very harshly or very, very, very carefully before you committed any of those crimes. And it is not as people say, under Islamic law, it is not as simple as someone steals, you cut off their hand, someone commits murder, you chop off the head, that's not how it works. The whole there is a whole system just as in every single country, and in every single land, you have a law system, with its nose with its etiquettes with its parameters with a burden of proof

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that has to be established combing through a court system and a judge and so on. It is the same in the Sharia. This is a vigilante law. It's not for me for you to go and start just chopping off people. No, it's not the way it works. There is a system and a law that is there that is comprehensive, like with every other system, but I was the difference is that we believe that it is divined from Allah subhanaw taala. And therefore, when Allah azza wa jal says, that if you complete comprehend this, you reflect upon it you seek to understand, you will find the good that is in it and yes, there is harm in it in the sense that every single retribution system or justice system has

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to have a level of harm, you imprison someone you take from the money you find them, there is that type of harm, but that harm is done to prevent a greater harm from affecting society, it is done as a deterrent to stop others from going into that path that will that may opened up doors that may be problematic for society at large. Allah subhanaw taala then gives us another example of and one of the things that you find within these examples of Allah azza wa jal will give is that there is there must be a sense of integrity. The believer who feels Allah azza wa jal believes in Allah has Eman as we mentioned at the beginning of today's episode, the beginning of this page about true piety and so

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on, that person knows that they will be judged by Allah subhanaw taala. So in cases, for example of capital punishment, the witnesses that come must be people of integrity, to lie just in order to be able to get someone into trouble, to accuse them falsely of murder or of stealing so that you can expect some type of petty revenge out of on them all because there's some jealousy or bad blood between them. This is something which Allah is really saying, Be extremely careful of, because the one who is truly pious knows that even if you manage to harm and oppress someone in this world, you will stand before Allah azza wa jal to be judged on your own piano. And so Allah subhanaw taala is

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saying that in all of these issues, that is integrity from those issues, is what Allah Azza mentioned in verse 180 and 181.

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And that is katiba. They either had or had acumen mo to Taraka Iranian will see your tonal world either in your upper Amina Bill Maher Wolf, have been idle monoterpene it is prescribed that the one who makes he will see your meaning of request at the time of death, he gave it and this is inheritance a bit quest meaning your final will and testament that you give it to the parents and close relatives. This is a duty that is incumbent upon those who have Taqwa this some of the scholars said that this verse of of inheritance is essentially at the time of death or even before death you prepare a final will and testament Allah azza wa jal is saying that it is proper that that

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request goes to your parents and to your closest family relatives. Some of the scholars said that this verse was then abrogated later on with the detailed verses of inheritance that Allah azza wa jal mentions the shares of the husband, the wife, the parents, the children, siblings and so on and so forth. And others said no, it is not obligated but Allah azza wa jal in this verse is speaking in general terms, that generally the people that are inherit from you are who are the closest people to you, in terms of your living relations. So that will be your parents, your spouse, your children, your sibling, these are the people that are closest to you, in terms of blood relatives, and so

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Allah azza wa jal has mentioned them generally here and then he will specify them in other verses in the Quran. However, this is an issue of integrity. How is an integrity here because Allah is really saying that if at the time of death, you're making this request, you write it down, or you say verbally, it has to be witnessed by two people. Those people who are witnesses to this, whether they hear it verbally, or they take a written down, there is now a trust upon them, that when they go to the surviving family members and they see that someone's a pastor in your family, this is his final testament and will and we are witnesses that this is what he wanted. And this is how he wanted that

00:24:17--> 00:24:54

was to be distributed, according for example, to the laws of Allah Subhana Allah, so Allah azza wa jal is warning people about this. Allah Subhana Allah says in verse 181, for remember della houbara dama Samia Hoefer in nema. If more or a little living in a humid day Nona in Allah has me on Eileen, Allah says, and if anyone alters the bequest after hearing it, the guilt of the alteration will fall upon them for indeed Allah is all hearing and unknowing. And that's why it's an issue of integrity. How easy would be if someone's on their deathbed and he says write down my will for me to change it, especially if those people that are there are close family members they stand to actually benefit

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from the inheritance. So now they can change it and say nobody gave me a gift. Or you said that

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This third that I can given sadaqa is given to me or is given to my family or the hearing a verbal statement of a final one because it's not always doesn't always have to be written. So those people now agree amongst themselves that they're going to change or they come to a family member and they say, We will give it all to you and say that he gave everything to you and in return, you give us some of it as a payment or as a bribe or whatever it may be Allah azza wa jal dissing, be wary of this. In the next verse and even though we are entering, entering into patient aid, we will take the first verse, because it's still speaking about this issue of inheritance. Allah subhanaw taala then

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says in verse 182, from and half me most in Jonathan Eastman for US law harbor you know whom fella in early in Allah oral Rahim. But if anyone knows that the testator has made the mistake or done wrong, and so puts things rights bid right between the parties, he will incur no sin free did Allah is Forgiving, Most Merciful. Allah subhanaw taala therefore is pleasing the one who knows that someone has made an error, an error which is, which is which is which is either unwitting, that that person didn't know it's a genuine error, or they purposely made an error. And so they come and they correct it. Allah azza wa jal says that this is a person who doesn't have any sin, because they are

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people of integrity. So Allah subhanaw taala is going to mention, well, he did mention the verse about capital punishment. And now these three verses about the final will and testament and Inshallah, in the next episode we will see that Allah azza wa jal will go on to speak about the verses of fasting one of the things that I want to want us to think about as we conclude this particular episode, is what is the link between them? How does

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fasting connect to these other acts of worship and Why did Allah azza wa jal after mentioning capital punishment and mentioning these verses of inheritance? What is Allah azza wa jal now mentioned the obligation to fast in the month of Ramadan, ask Allah subhanaw taala that allows us to complete the Tafseer of the surah and the rest of the Quran and that Allah azza wa jal mix from the people who benefit from the book of Allah subhanaw taala that Baraka lofi come or some Allah who are going to be the Muhammad and what are the early he will be mine was

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