Ali Hammuda – When I Was Attacked

Ali Hammuda
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Not too long ago, I was invited by an organization to take part in a dinner event

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that they were organizing. I asked them, What is the title of the talk that you want me to address and they said charity sadaqa.

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And you are my brothers, you all my sisters, I will not lie to you the very first thought that came into my mind was sadaqa. Again,

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especially in the month of Ramadan, this topic is addressed so much again.

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There was a huge part of me

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that wished that a different topic was assigned to myself.

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Anyhow, I sat down, and I began to prepare the headings, looking into what I want to say, rearranging my thoughts, structuring my ideas, and then I realized

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I realized that I had been attacked viciously by shaitan

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when he managed to convince me that there could be a topic more important than sadaqa

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I came across the idea where Allah Jalla Jalla Allah who said love for your a few cats here in Mina dua home in lamb and Amara Bousada cutting out will mal roofing Oh is La him being a nurse when the either likability law Mr. Latina, he first cellphone or D and you're on Athena, Allah said there's no good

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in much of their secret conversations with the exception to a person who commands people to give in sadaqa or a person who commands goodness or a person who commands reconciliation between people. Allah said and whoever does these things, we shall give him a mighty reward.

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In front of me, therefore was a topic

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which according to Allah subhanho wa Taala is one of the most important topics that any human being could ever tackle. I am Ruby sadaqa, to instruct one another to give sadaqa

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in front of me was a topic dear brother, dear sister, that affects every one of the circumstances of your life and your afterlife is well, I found that it affects Count with me these six things.

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It directly affects your finance, it directly affects your physical health. It directly affects our sins. It directly affects our Eman. It directly affects our life underground, and it shall directly affect our circumstance on that long day of reckoning.

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I began to expand upon these headings to see the gems that were hiding inside allow me to share with you some of what they found.

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We said that sadaqa is something that directly affects your money your finances positively.

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Imam will Muslim the rates on your authority of Ebihara the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said May nama Raju loon em she fell out in middle of the Samia household and means to her that intercooler is a Hadith of the Fulani.

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There was a man who said in the past, who was walking in the wilderness all by himself, then he heard a sound coming from above him. He looked into the heavens, he saw a cloud the sound was coming from the cloud saying go and irrigate the garden have such and such person

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go and take water to such and such person's garden.

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So he said the cloud began to move to one side. And then it released its water on a particular stony ground. And then part of the ground managed to gather the water and then the water began to pass through one of the channels I followed the water he said till that water reached a garden and there was a man standing inside who was changing the course of the water using his hatchet.

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I said to him Abdullah he must smoke, my brother, what's your name? He said my name is such and such Fulani such and such. The man said it was the same name I heard in the cloud, saying give that man water in his garden. I said to him, my brother

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that is the same name. I just heard being cold out in the cloud to bring you rain. So tell me what is it that you do in order to deserve this favor from Allah subhanho Medina their mindset said or not if the Dalek since you have said this, since you are pressuring pressurizing me to give you the information I will tell you what I do

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in the

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I'm little Ilana. When I look at what my garden produces,

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for atossa Duck will be following he and I give 1/3 of it as charity.

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Well, I couldn't really be solo, and me and my family we eat another third. And as for the remaining third, I don't do houfy I returned it back and I reinvested in the garden. A third of his money was placed in sadaqa. Therefore the angels were working to increase his finances.

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So Aletheia to an ox. Similarly when he said Sal, Allahu Allah, He was telling them what to do to come Hadith and Babu, ma Naka, ma na Casazza cartoon min man.

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He said, I'm going to tell you of three things, memorize it, and I will take an oath by these things. He said, the first of the three, money that is spent for the sake of Allah does not decrease sadaqa number one effects directly directly affects our finances to the positive. Number two, we said that sadaqa also affects our health, our physical health that is in the life of this world. That is,

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I will never forget the story of a boy Abdullah

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Al Hakim, and they supported the famous scholar of Hadith who died year 405 After the hijab. The story was documented by an by hottie in his book show Abu Iman, he said that Al Hakim had an illness that he was struggling with for so many years. He had poor or hot blisters coming out of his face, it affects his appearance, he was unable to see people and he tried to deal with these blisters for months on end. It was about a year.

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Nothing was working.

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He sent a letter to his teacher of mine and they support he. He said to him when you come and you deliver the Sermon on the Friday,

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can you make a dua for me? Make dua mentioned me by name? Perhaps the dua of one of the brothers or sisters who are there? Allah subhanaw taala will answer it from my home. So when the Friday came, I was Manmadhudu Ah. Oh Allah give shifa cure to Ebola Abdullah Al Hakim, oh Allah cure his face era be helped him.

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The week after that. A letter was delivered to the mosque

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written by a woman

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who said I was there in the masjid, when we were making dua for Al Hakim. I went home that evening, the letter sent and I called upon Allah subhanaw taala passionately that Allah helps him. And then I saw a dream that evening. It was the prophet of Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah and he was sent them who said to me who we are we have dinner, he was your only handle Muslimeen tell al Hakim to provide water for the Muslims.

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So they got the letter and they gave it to Al Hakim, he read the letter. He didn't waste any time he went to his front garden. He dug a pool, filled it with water, added ice to it, and he dedicated it for the free usage of the Muslims. The narration says the following words

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from Amara Ali he was born

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had never heard of Shiva. Only one week passed after this incident. And they began to see the signs of relief on his face was still called Kuru and all of the blister rings disappeared. While Roger our jus Ilana again and his face was restored fully to how it was before. Wow, Chabad Lika, Seanie in and he lived many years after this as well. Allahu Akbar. This is a medicine that most medics will not prescribe. It's not on the NHS to deal with a physical problem you have using sadaqa. It is a miracle. And I also never forget the story mentioned by our contemporary chef Alain Fifi, in his book, Lee and Nicola, I recommend every Arabic speaker to get his hands on this book and read it

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because you are Allah. He mentioned in that book, he said, I know a friend of mine,

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who was making his way to the masjid. He got into his car, and he reversed it. And then the most horrific thing happened. He realized that he had just reversed his car into his two year old niece. She was now beneath the tire breathing her last. He rushed out of the car.

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before pulling the after pulling the handbrake pulled out his child the knees from beneath the tire. He looked at her she was dipping in and out of life. He raced to the hospital. They assessed her. They said to him 80% chance she will die.

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She's crushed.

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The family was so distressed. All of this was happening in the night. He said a relative of ours called one of the local students of knowledge asking him for some advice, some comfort, comforting words.

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What do we do?

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He said my brother, quickly go and sacrifice an animal

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and distributed to meet between the needy with the intention that Allah kills him. He said we did that. And he said will lie by Allah. By the time February came the time of dawn, she was discharged from the hospital, healthy, fit and well.

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Is there a particular health disorder that you are challenged with your brother, your sister, deal with it in this way? Dedicate a sum of money, a small amount even towards a project of hair, a charitable project with the intention that Allah relieves you from the pain that you are experiencing? This Imam Don't call him he said for Inelia sadaqa T. V or Najeeb and V def. Anwar al Bala, yeah. Garnet min vollem. In our min Roslin, our main gaffer.

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He said sadaqa has miraculous properties in removing illnesses and problems and pains. Even if the charity is given by a sinner or an oppressor or even a person who has no faith, Imam Al Muna we he comments on this? And he says, Well, are you in Quito Zelicah Ilam and Christopher hijab who nobody denies this, nobody can deny this except the person who has been blocked heavily from understanding.

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So Dhaka has an effect on your finances, it has an effect on our health, it has an effect number three on our sins. Who here brothers and sisters, including the man speaking to you, who here doesn't have certain sins of the past that we wish we didn't do?

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Certain behavior when you think about it, you say, your Allah, where was my mind? Where was my rationale? As I was eating from the food of Allah, drinking from the drink of Allah, living on the land of Allah, inhaling the air of Allah, under the eye of Allah, disobeying Allah was my mind. It keeps you up at night. And the ugly face of those sins, they have to make themselves known to you, if they are not dealt with sooner than later. And this is when the lifeboat of sadaqa comes. He said, was sadaqa to tweet will hopefully at the camera up will mountain narrow.

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He said sallallahu alayhi wa sallam sadaqa extinguishes, sadaqa extinguishes sins, the same way that water extinguishes fire Allahu Akbar, the hadith of Imam will tell me the on the authority of Khabib. Raja, it extinguishes sins, look at the word totally extinguish.

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As if to say that these sins are like fire that burn inside, heat that bother you, keep you up at night, and therefore it's not strange to see a brother or a sister who complains of sorrow, depression, anxiety, anguish, they see it from time to time throughout the day, I need to go into my room, close the door and cry and cry. I don't know what the problem is. The problem is that the sins of the eyes are still there. The sins of the ears are still there, the hands and the feet and intimate the sins are still there.

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Fire heat brothers and sisters. Thus In another Hadith the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, which Mr. Montalban generates on your authority, everybody must hold either

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had a Kulu Salatin oh you battle monad in the Herati, Coonley, Salatin Yaku,

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who for outfit one Kuma, Alka Tamala and for Seco.

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He said, an announcement is made at the time for each of the five prayers saying, Oh human beings, get up and pray and extinguish the fire that you have ignited against yourself since I like fire my brothers and sisters, the heat of which you feel I feel in the form of sadness and misery, depression, and sadaqa extinguishes sins, Allahu Akbar, the same way that water extinguishes fire. So that affects our finances, our health, our sins, what else? La ilaha. In Allah What was I thinking therefore, when I had belittled the topic of sadaqa know

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what else? Number four sadaqa directly affects

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the Eman of a person. Have you ever made that link before? The imam of a person there was a man before us? You know who he is?

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Who was so worried about the state of his soul?

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And he employed so many techniques to clean it. That Allah subhanho wa Taala made mention of him in the Quran. And he told us of what this man would do to clean up his inside his his his

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Old. The name of that man is Abu Bakr, Radi Allahu Allah.

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And the area is where Allah Almighty said about him. Allah the youth Dima Allah Who yet is

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the one who would give charity in order to purify himself. So worried he was about his soul, and its cleanliness he would get from his money setup in order to clean his inside.

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Have you on I ever thought about that technique before? If there is a certain characteristic that you don't like about yourself, how to deal with it? By setting aside a small budget even if it is a small amount of money for sadaqa charity with the intention of ya allah clean me from this bad characteristic that I have.

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Somebody may say, Yeah, I have an issue with it. Yeah, showing off.

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My sincerity is so questionable. Set aside a small amount of money for sadaqa your A B make me a person of sincerity. Somebody may say my problem is laziness. I am so lethargic, I sleep too many hours. I don't have an Islamic project for my hereafter set aside the sum of money for sadaqa

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somebody may say my problem is smoking. Even if we're in Ramadan, when I have broken my fast I go outside and I light the cigarette. What is wrong with me? Why not repent, set aside the sum of money. Somebody may say My challenge is the hijab. I know it is an obligation. I'm trying I cannot do it set aside a small amount of money. Somebody may say it's my temper. I'm always angry always shouting, taking down my family misplaced rage set aside a small of money. Somebody may say I am stingy. I cannot wake up to pray pm I'm sleeping through my alarm clock for prayer.

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I can't stop those private addictions, no secret conversations set aside a small of money with the intention of Allah.

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Purify my insight Allah the yoke de ma la jolla. Abubakar that man Allah said who would give his money to purify himself? It affects. It affects our Imani state, Marisol, aka

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number five before we conclude sadaqa is that miracle is the name of that miracle that effects your my life and your life. Underground.

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So many people who when they pass away to your brother and your sister, all of their has entered their good deeds will come to a stop, they can't do any more they have died.

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And there are other people out to be makers amongst

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whom they are not affected by death at all. They die but there has another good deeds continue to grow. They are not limited by death in any way. That is because they had left a sadaqa behind them that people are still benefiting from your Allah Ya mean Martha batinah Allah Hamid Murtada? Why Allah Herman Mankad Fatima Angela Sneha Amin Mancha and he Hakuna Raju any Hakuna Raju Masha who wouldn't be bow the ASHA clearly if you had an even higher Belka, deucey the Torah Gazzara Ashleigh and mazurka were outside and Mutharika well Hassan to to the human Kulina here till come Allah He He yelled my Korean well, we're gonna

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fail yet in our first remote interview soon. These are the words of Mr. Bynum Rahmatullah here and he in his books are equal to each other Thank

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you. He said, What a high status it is. What a lofty rank it is, for a person who may be in the life of this world busy buying, selling with his family busy doing something worldly, or he may have even died and his body has depleted rotted away in his grave however good deeds are still being gifted to him from all different avenues because of goodness that he had left behind.

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Sadaqa is an extension to my life and yours

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and the messenger Salah Salem has given an example seven examples of the type of things that you and I could do to extend our life when we die.

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The hadith which are bizarre generates on the authority of Ennis that the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said in a beautiful Hadith, an optimistic Hadith he said suborn yet God algebra Hoonah Leela Abbe de cobre Heba Damonte there are seven things which if you do today, you will continually being supplied, you will continually be supplied with a stream of good deeds in your grave after you have died. What are the seven? He said, Man, I love it, man.

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Oh, Joanna harangue? I will have a rabbit run out I said I couldn't have done MSG then. A word was almost half an hour Taraka when they're done sorry.

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The funniest stuff.

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He said these seven things are a person who had taught knowledge before he had died. People are still benefiting from the knowledge after him or somebody who created a river, or somebody who had built a well, or somebody who had planted a tree or somebody who had built a masjid or somebody who had passed down a copy of the Quran, or somebody who leaves behind him a righteous child who makes dua for him. Gather with your friends, gather with your families, brainstorm some ideas, what is your charitable project to be an extension to your life sadaqa effects, your finance, your health, your sins, our Eman, our situation in the grave. And the last one that I will conclude with in one

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or two minutes sadaqa effects our circumstance on the Day of Judgment.

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What hope can a person have

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in being accepted for a six figure pay salary?

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When he has no qualifications to back it up to prove that he deserves it to prove that he deserves? What hope can a stranger have in coming into your home? who claims to be a professional, an electrician, a plumber without giving you proof that he is that person whom he claims to be and similarly what hope does a person have for safety and well being on the day of judgment if there is no proof that you and I deserve it from Allah sadaqa is that proof

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ATO Chateau Eman the hadith of Imam Muslim on the authority of epi Maliki and Ashari. The hadith you know up to Horry said shutaura. Eman cleanliness is half of faith Alhamdulillah ETOM la museun saying Alhamdulillah fills the scales was so behind Allah while Hamdulillah he Tamela Annie autumn la semana what you will up and saying Subhanallah And Alhamdulillah fills everything between the heavens and the earth was Salah to know and Salah prayer is light was sadaqa Rohan

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and charity is proof

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charity is evidence of a person's event or somebody

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or somebody Yeah, patience is brightness while Quran.

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Quran is an argument for you or against you. And there on that Day of Judgment 50,000 years worth of waiting in a deplorable situation of pain and suffering and heat. You notice that a group of people have been taken to be shaded by Allah subhanaw taala a shade provided by him. What did they deserve? What did they do to deserve this you think to yourself the Hadith explains khulumani inferior Lindley sadati he had you follow? A bad

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he said sallallahu alayhi wa sallam everybody will be in the shade of his charity on the Day of Judgment, he will be in the shade of his charity till people's disputes are settled until that day is over.

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Is IID he said therefore, upon failure who is one of the narrators of this hadith can Elia Murali Yom Illa Dr. Bucha in Volusia, Kalka, I will masala I will. I will say that one of the narrators of this hadith after hearing this narration would not allow a day to pass in his life without giving some sort of charity even if it was a biscuit or an onion or something like that.

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Brothers and Sisters in Islam in conclusion, if in doubt, when feeling weak, when feeling stingy and tight, we are all prone to this. Remember, sadaqa is like transferring money from one account to another account, from one account of yours to another account, the account of dunya to the account of the Hereafter, and that account of the Hereafter those deposits are preserved and multiplied. Is this an expense? Is this a burden? And therefore, I came to realize that I was mistaken. I was mistaken. When I had looked down upon the topic of charity. I had made a big error. However, I also realized that those who are even more mistaken or those who realize all of this information, but

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they don't create a plan of charity today

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