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AI: Summary © The importance of dressing for business meetings and events, graduation presentations, and graduation dressings is discussed. It is emphasized that dressing is not just a fear of offense, and personalities are respected. The importance of praying in a holy region and not just praying in the presence of Jesus is emphasized. The speaker emphasizes the need for people to not exhaust their minds during quarantine and not overestimate their ability to do things, such as staying at home and praying in a church in a different town.
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So you've done your will do.

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What next now? What next is choosing your clothing for Salah. What are you going to wear before you stand before Allah SubhanAllah? What?

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What is your attire for Salah?

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And I asked this question because look at how we dress Alhamdulillah when there is an occasion with a business meeting or an outing with friends or a meeting with your fiance, we don't need to tell you dress well it just comes to you second nature, it's instinctive you know how you need to dress for the occasion. Weddings. Nowadays even men are expected to come with two outfits in weddings. It used to be just women now men are expected to come with two outfits as well as for women that are on four or five six plus outfits for the night. This is well known.

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If you're going to

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I don't know employee gathering, a promotional meeting, an interview

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you dress to impress.

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What is interesting is that this very same individual A few hours later for Salah to the harasser another aberration will stand before Allah Almighty looking like he is a caveman

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standing in the middle of his room as if he's auditioning for you know a part in Rambo wearing his best Hercules mashallah

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fate inshallah his PJs, his leopard leopard print t shirt.

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Okay, you're always covered, your basics are covered, we know your Salah is accepted. But this is not how you present yourself in front of the people you respect in your life, who is worthy, who is worthy of this type of beautification and Marek

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and that is why Allah said yeah, you have nothing in common Will you believe Hulu's in ethical manga khundii Masjid Ying Ying Coulee, Salah, take your adornments to every prayer your adornments take it to every salah

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and the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he said either How do company elders How will they eat for in Allah ha ha Conan to zucchini, Allah who, when one of you praise put on both of your garments, because Allah is the worthiest of those who should be beautified for dressed up for both of your garments. Because the Arabs used to wear two pieces. There was another garment called the called the what

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the Tsar and then you had the upper garment called the

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The that he that that he that so? So an Arab who would wear both of those garments was trying his best.

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So he said when you are praying put on both of your garments. So in our language today, we don't wear this much. We are in a Yemeni mashallah, Masjid. So, it's still there, especially the lower garment. But in most of the other countries, we don't wear that anymore. So in our language is choose some fine clothes for your msgid Stew some fine clothes for your Santa.

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Because Allah is the word yes. So for those who should be beautified for

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and then by Hakuna writes that Abdullah him normally the companion, he saw his servant by the name of Natha.

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He was praying with only his lower garment on and he had nothing on top bareback and bare chested. So he waited until he finished his Salah and then he said to him, Can I Can I ask you a question?

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If I sent you to one of the areas of Medina to go and carry out a task for me, would you dress like that? He said no. He said for Allah who are Haku and Utair, Gemma Allah who I mean yes. So who is worthy to beautify yourself or Allah or the people? It was a lesson for naffaa Subhan Allah who became one of the scholars and the teachers of of course, Imam Malik, as you know.

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So choose an attire that is befitting of your Salah doesn't have to be expensive, you don't have to put on your fancy imam or you don't have to choose something that is respectful of the Salah.

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Without God you can know you have the Shah, your Allah He mean talk one kuruva said, those people who honor the sanctified things of Allah, it's a sign of the piety of hearts sign of the piety of heart. So for those who love Allah Jalla Jalla this should come instinctively to them. I don't need to tell you will you don't need to tell me how we should dress when we meet someone we love or we are attracted to.

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What then when you are praying before Allah has medic, the sovereign ljmu The beautiful the one whom you love, the Lord who we have described in the last couple of weeks.

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So we've spoken about although and then we've spoken about getting dressed for sada we now speak about making your way to the masjid.

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What happens when you make your

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Are way to them as you as you did today does Kamala hair?

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The short answer

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is that several things come into effect that would not have happened if you carried out your Salah at home. That's the short answer, the longer answer is as follows. The first

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is that every second you spend outside of your house making your way to the masjid and returning, you are in the state of solder Subhanallah

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and the evidence is that if no Jose man writes in his Soho new authority of Abdullah Hinomaru, on your authority of Abu Hurayrah, that the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said either Tala al.com fi ve t so Maharaja eland MSgt for who have your Salah Fela Yaqoob Hakka worship Becca unit asabi

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He said when one of you purifies himself does will do at home. Whoever does will do wear at home, have Rama on our Masjid toilet, whoever doesn't do at home, and then he makes his way to the masjid.

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He is in a state of Salah until he returned home.

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He said so none of you should interlock his fingers like this along the way. Interlocking of the fingers is a form of apathy. It's a form of idle behavior that is not becoming of a Muslim who was praying. It's not befitting for Salah to pop your fingers and to click them and to interlock them. So he's saying don't just do that during your Salah, the moment you leave your house you are in Salah till the moment you come back you are in Santa Subhanallah So how long is the experience from the moment you left your your home for Southern Asia and then now you have an hour lecture May Allah make things easy for you. And then you're gonna get back maybe another half an hour or so. It's a

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two hour endeavor every second of that you are in Salah when you go to your local Salah it takes you 45 minutes from the moment you leave till the moment you come home every one of those seconds you are in Salah Allah is Karim Look at that. That doesn't happen if you just pray next to your bed at home.

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This section of the lecture of course is primarily directed for our brothers and our sisters I will say something in a moment. What else happens when you pray in the masjid?

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Every one of the footsteps you take to the house of Allah is documented for you if I asked you to go out and to retrace your footsteps, every one of them you'd say I can't find them. They're gone. Allah said in the neck to bamaca demo. We are the ones who write their deeds and we write their traces as well. We right there traces the wind has blown away your footsteps but they are with Allah

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and that is why Muslim the rates on the authority of obey you have no cab he said cannot Junoon ma la Mirage Hulan Amin al Masjid Amin who

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I knew a man who said who lived the furthest away from the mosque that any one of us

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and he wouldn't miss a single Salah Sahabi Fatah wa jal Tula who My heart ached for him so I said to him Brother, why don't you invest in a donkey that can carry you during the dark hours of the night and during the hot hours of Lahore?

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Get a ride? What did the man say?

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He said, Hey boy, Andaman. xili, Elijah and Bill Masjid. I don't wish that my house was near the mosque. I don't wish that

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he said in the redo and yoke tab mm Shah either machinery to either mess ddwa Rudra he either Raja to Isla Holly because I want Allah Almighty to write the reward of every step I make to the masjid and I want the reward for every step back. And when the Prophet sallallahu Sallam heard this, he said Kojima Allahu Delica Kula who Allah has gathered all of those intentions for him.

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All of the reward he wanted. It is for him in sha Allah. So number two, your footsteps are written for you when you come to the masjid investment

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to give weight to those skills on your Mulkey.

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Now, number three, you are the guest of Allah Jalla Jalla yaki there are some invitations you don't want to miss out on when a Yemeni invites you for example, for food. You don't want to miss out on the invitation. Why? Because you and you are the guests of the Yemeni Yes. You better be prepared for the guest of a Yanni not gonna mention any other nationality because the list is gonna get endless.

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Imagine being the guest of Allah Allah Allah Allah, who can outdo him Subhana wa Tada

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and that is why he said in the authentic hadith sallallahu alayhi wa sallam.

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He said min Takahara fie Beatty. He

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so Maharajah Elon Musk God, for her was Ebola will happen

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northern Missouri and Ukri, Missouri. Whoever purifies himself in his house will do and then he makes his way to the masjid. Then he is the guest of Allah and it is incumbent upon the visited to honor the visitor.

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It is incumbent upon the visited meaning a lot to honor the visitor and that's you and I in sha Allah. Number four, you have the reward of hydrogen. You have the reward of a high G of a pilgrim who is in his haram when you come to the masjid to carry out a Salah.

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You don't get that by just praying at home.

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Mentor of the FE Beatty he Omaha Raja min Beatty he Matata here on Isla Salatin MACURA for Andrew who will have Gillmore Hareem. Whoever purifies himself at home and makes his way to the masjid to fulfill one of the obligatory salah. He will be given the reward of a hedge in the State of Iran, a Haji a pilgrim who is in a state of Iran Loacker

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what else you have the multiplication of reward for those who pray in the masjid

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or obey the law he even Jamar al kawari is the name of one of the teachers of Imam Al Bukhari.

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And he said that once I had a guest who visited me and it was my habit, that I would never miss Salah and I shot in the masjid. The guest visited me and I honored my guest and I attended to his needs until we missed the time for Asia in the masjid. And this had never happened before he left the home. So I left my house in a panic looking for any Masjid that is open in busulfan in Iraq, trying to find a congregation to pray with and all of the masajid had closed shut.

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So I came home in a state of grief. And I said to myself,

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the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that praying in congregation is better than praying by yourself by 21 times. And in one narration 25 times and in the third narration 27 times. So what did he obey the law he ignored model kawari redo. He said I repeated Salah to Asia 27 times.

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He said then I fell asleep.

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And I saw a dream that we were on horses and we were racing and I was beating their head out on my horse trying to catch up with the group and they were way ahead of me. I just couldn't catch up. And then one of them turned around and he said to me to hit for a sec don't exhaust your horse. Let's do it. Now you're not going to reach us I said why?

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He said because we praise Allah Tonatiuh in congregation you prayed it by yourself.

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Pray 27 times for you 270 times there is nothing wrong so to Gemini in the masjid.

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So I asked the question, what is it for a person who prays in the masjid the short answer? You get things that you don't get at home and the longer answer, you heard those five, a hadith and more just a sample. Now, as I promised a word of

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reassurance to our sisters, perhaps

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who perhaps struggle to pray in the masjid or feel that they don't have the opportunity as much as their brothers, their fathers their sons have to pray in the house of ALLAH SubhanA Medina, we put their hearts at risk at rest. And we say to them that the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, Let them now email Allah He masajid Allah, what will you do nothing.

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He said don't prevent women from the Masjid. don't prohibit women from coming to the masjid. But then he said and their homes are better for them. And their homes are better for them. So for our sister who is looking for reward, nobody can prevent her from coming to the masjid especially if she is coming to the house of Allah subhanaw taala in a appropriate, upright, decent way in the hijab that Allah Almighty has instructed. Our religion has not prohibited women from coming to the masjid. This was one of the features of Benny era in the children of Israel. They were prohibited from coming to their places of hybrida our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam did not prohibit them from

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coming to the masajid although our mother Aisha, she did say, after the death of our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, that if the prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam saw what the hijab of women become had become after he passed away, he would have prohibited them from coming to the masjid she said that

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but nevertheless in principle, nobody can prohibit a woman in concept conceptually from coming to the masjid. The hadith says that the home is better for them.

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So Allah has given you a station an opportunity that's not there for us men for for men who want their agile they

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To be multiplied, they have to come to the masjid and fetch it. And for you, it is there ready for the grabbing, ready for the taking from within the comfort of your own home.

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And that is why in the famous Hadith which Amma narrates on the authority of Omaha named the wife of Abu Hamid in a ceremony, she came to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and she said, I love to pray with you in the masjid. As you do never when your Salah is multiplied by how much

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1002 She said, I love to pray Salah with you in the masjid. He said other Alim too unlucky to have been of Sadat, and I know that you love praying with me in the mystery. But listen, he said but the Sunnah that you do in your room is more rewarding than the salah you do in your courtyard. And the salah that you do in your courtyard is better than the salah you do in your house, and the salah that you do in your house is better than the salah you do in your local masjid and the salah you do in your local Masjid is better than not Salah in my Masjid.

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Saying that, the more you are aware away from this type of domain, the greater your reward. So Omaha made she instructed that a small place of Salah is built for her in the most secluded part of her home and she would pray that until the day she died.

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So this is a honey. Words of reassurance let me say words of words of reassurance is the word I'm looking for for our sisters.