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AI: Summary © The conversation covers the history and importance of Islam, including its use as a means of political gain and its historical figures. The speakers emphasize the need to be aware of the culture and its impact on one's behavior, as well as the importance of following the Prophet's teachings and respecting partners. They also advise individuals to remind their friend of their successes and take small deeds to motivate them to pursue their goals.
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Come and see what everyone's talking about.

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salaam aleikum, which means peace be unto you come to the source to learn about Islam Muslims are you're flicking through and you got caught on this channel and you heard the word Islam you thought something about the blow up is not the case. Not about blowing up, people are blown up things. Islam is about peace, acquiring it through submission and surrender to the Creator of the heavens and earth. You're about to meet a Muslim, one who was a Christian, and he's going to talk about a little bit about his role to Islam. And then he's going to talk about how now he's helping to educate Muslims and non Muslims about Islam. Let's talk to our brothers Abu Shahada. Salam aleikum. wa

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rahmatullah. How are you, brother, JD from the DSL, Muslim, very pleased to meet you. Nice to meet you. So talk to us. I used to be a practicing Christian, a Christian.

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Before Islam, how did you end up coming to Islam?

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At the age of 17, one of my friends, he got killed in a car accident. And I started asking the question to myself, what is the purpose of life? At that time, I realized that this is a serious thing, because there's more to life than going to clubs, getting high, getting drunk, chasing after women became very clear to me. So I started to go back to the faith that my parents brought me up, which is Christian from the Episcopalian Baptist sect, whichever, whatever that means. And I started looking for answers in the Bible. And whatever I was reading at the time, I just didn't feel that that was good enough for me didn't give answers. And then when I had some questions, I went to

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different ministers or learning people in our community, and it has certain questions they just couldn't ask. So I started to look for other answers from other religions. And I came across Islam. And and that had a profound effect in my life as well as the famous personality.

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Malcolm X Rahim Allah who Tada. Now, let's go back a little bit. What were these questions? And what were some of the answers you are getting that you weren't satisfied with? Well, my question is basically war. Who's got? Where's God? How's God? Who is God? Who isn't God?

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How to repent? What should I do? Who should I repent to? So I used to get a lot of different answers, repent to Jesus, repent, to marry, repent to God the Father, repent to this repent to that. God is like this. God is like that. So I was getting so many different answers. And when I asked them, what's your textual evidence, everybody had different answers. So they brought me more confusion. And I was really dissatisfied with all of that, that I started to look to other faiths. Now, we love Jesus, we believe that he was one of the mightiest messengers of God. But when someone said, Repent to Jesus, why was this something that just went against your very nature? Well, aisa la

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wa salatu salam, who was one of the mighty messengers of Allah subhanaw taala. So that an error in Arabic is Isa, Isa is the name of Jesus Christ, peace and blessings be upon them in Arabic and in Hebrew. We love him, and we want to emulate the path that he walked. But we, and us as Muslims, and even before I became a Muslim, I, I couldn't swallow the fact that a man who ate drank, slept, went to the washroom, ate food had a stomachache could be the Almighty. So when someone said to me back in those days, that he is all powerful, and he can do this and do that for you. The question came, well, if he could do all that for himself, how could they, as they say, how could they crucify him

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and beat him and robbed him and steal from him and hurt him and do all these things? So I said, well, that can't be right. Because when I go to sleep, he does not give me any food, the food comes from other sustenance. And I found it very odd that anybody could ask another man to help them start their heart after their heart has stopped. As one of my uncle's passed away. Some years ago. There's not anybody on the earth that could help him. No matter what, Dr. Libra, how about the whole concept of him, okay. They say some say, Well, he wasn't God, but he was the son of God, and He came to die for your sins. That's why he went through all this suffering being spit on spanked and all this

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other stuff. Well, for me, I always believe that, you know, you're responsible for your own deeds and your own actions. So if my great great grandfather Rob still still killed, made up, Pilger,

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robbed and killed and pillaged people, then why should his great great great great grandson be thrown in jail for that? That doesn't make any sense? So how if Adam and Eve did something bad, which the people say, how come that Jesus has to die for everybody else? for everybody else to get some admission into the paradise doesn't make any sense. It's not logical. It didn't fit didn't fit. What fit about Islam the head, you accept this

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And become a Muslim.

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Well, basically the main practice that every action that you do, no matter if you please the people, or you appease the people, that every action that you do everything that you heard, everything that you saw everything that you spoke that everything one day, you're going to be accountable for that. To me that makes sense. As opposed to I do all the dirt, robbing, stealing and killing, and I just say, Oh, so and so forgive me. We need a prophet or Angel. And then just like that, because you love them in your heart, then things just become null and void. So I can rob steal and kill but then today, I'm sorry. And that's it, charge it on the JC golkar charge it on someone it doesn't work

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doesn't work. So Islam had you accountable for your actions. Islam has made me a person that when I try to do something, I realized that I'm going to stand in front of the just judges of all the judges. I'm going to be accountable for everything. So if you do the crime you got end up doing the time, the time Oh, the villa, we don't want to spend any time in the fire mail. It was awful. So what when you did you read the Quran? Did you have encounters with Muslims? What overwhelmed you besides the fact of accountability, which actually makes sense you do something wrong, you're going to be held accountable. What else had you just come over and accept Islam, I had had the opportunity

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to get my hands on the autobiography of Alhaji Malik Shabazz, better known to the west as Malcolm X. And I read about his impressive transformation from the days of darkness to the days of enlightenment. And I seen a person that was like himself, who did many dastardly deeds before Islam and how Islam cleaned him up, and made him into the people's champion. So that had a profound effect upon me. And I said, you know, there's something in this Islam because it's one thing to read a historical book or a religious book, like the Koran. And at that time, I didn't know any Muslim. So when I read this, I seen some similarities in his lifestyle, and how when he side decided to see

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some truth, and appreciated that it made changes in him, it was very powerful. So I found myself when I started to become Muslim, the behavior that I had, I made a 180 degree turn to the law, and nobody's perfect. We're still trying our best to be good Muslims and practices here, just so there's no confusion when people think Malcolm X, we know that he ended up leaving. Can I say Colt, because it has nothing to do with Islam. Maybe you could put in better words, but I don't want people to get confused because he was first a part of the Nation of Islam, which has nothing to do with Islam. This was a nationalistic movement, calling to the white man's the devil and all this other made up

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mumbo jumbo. How did you?

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Can you

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talk about differentiate the two and how you didn't get caught up in the day you came to the true Islam for what we understand that Malcolm X Rahim Allah, Allah before he passed away, he came to what is known as authentic Islam based upon the textual facts of the Quran and the Sunnah. Unfortunately, his first so called understanding of Islam was from an Australian group that has many on Islamic beliefs that don't know very much and they don't know the Arabic language. So if somebody wanted to get deeper into learning the religion, you have to learn the Arabic language because this is the revelation that Islam came in the Arabic language. So we see that the pristine form of Islam

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is in the Quran, which is the final book that Allah gave, and we encourage the people, I myself, I've been learning Arabic for a long time now, and I have a very strong taste for it. This will help you to understand things better. But for the commoner, it is sufficient for you at this time to just read the Quran and learn the basics of Islam. So Malcolm X Rahim Allah to Allah, He, after being taught what was known to him, and then he realized after making his arch to Mecca makarora, meaning the Muslims from all the backgrounds around the world, and appreciating that everybody's coming together to worship a love regardless of their background, he submitted the Islam as it was revealed

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to Muhammad, the Messenger of Allah was the son of Abdullah, who lived in Mecca makhado, more than 1400 years ago, he submitted that submitted to that became a part of practicing proper Muslim adhering to the Quran and the Sunnah, and leaving all this segregation, black and white, knowing that we're all brothers of one another. And his piety and righteousness now the elevators that correct That's right. The problem said that there is no superiority over the black over the way or the way over the black except for the one who has the God consciousness. God consciousness. Yes. Let's talk about now your, your active role in educating non Muslims and Muslims and some of the

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vices that you see in society that unfortunately the youth have gotten swallowed up into the hip hop some of the, the cultural

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effects of you know, following the celebrities and going down this destructive path. What advice do you give to them?

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Well, we look at it, whoever they are the most.

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Michael Jordan is the Kobe Bryant's the 50 Cent's whoever that we see out there. We asked him the question, how many millions of followers do they have maybe 3 million, maybe 5 million, maybe 10 million, maybe 20 million. The Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam has over a billion followers that are living today. What about from the from now from the time that he was born? We're talking massive amounts of numbers. So we say to the brothers, and we say to the sisters, the most popular name in the whole entire world is Muhammad. When I die and my grandchildren die, people will still follow another prophecy seldom will that 50 cent tape still be around 300 years from now, where those Kobe

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Bryant shoes still be here. 300 years from now, they probably have some other celebrities. But there is a guarantee that people will still love, honor and respect the lifestyle of the Prophet, the last prophet and messenger Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. Now for the youth that you got their attention and you know what in their room when you walk in, they got all sorts of posters of the Kobe Bryant's the Michael Jordan's, the

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Jennifer Lopez and all over and they know their last name, their history, their lifestyle, if you follow them, what's the benefit? If there is a benefit? But if you follow the last and final messenger sent to mankind, the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him? What is that benefit? Yes, it's clear brother that those who follow the messenger have a loss of a lot of Salaam they will end up in the paradise paradise, those who follow other than the Mohammed Salah that do not practice in Islam in terms of an Imam or leader, but follow other than that, they're on escape Ward to the Hellfire out of the diamond. So let's just give a little broader scope on this. So when you when you say

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follow them, meaning because he's talking about doing what God wants you to do, and that's everything good. God is good. He'll need such good. What do usually following these celebrities, what do they usually invite you to? What do you usually end up doing by mimicking them? What have you seen? Well, we've seen some of the famous celebrities and actors and some of the females, because in the West, where we think everything began here in the West, where reality it didn't. Some of the celebrities are very famous, we won't name their names. They want to be skinny and beautiful. So after they eat their food, they satisfy something for half an hour, they go to the washroom, and

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they put their finger in their mouth, and then they regurgitate all the food. Yeah. And some of the Muslim girls want to be skinny like actress so and so. Also, some of the Muslim boys want to be famous, like

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running backs are so powerful are so and so. Yeah, power for us also got 25 kids from maybe 25 different women around and legitimate children, illegitimate children outside of marriage. So the question comes,

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you can get with this or you can get with that, as they used to say you can get with the halaal or you can get with the hora, it's up to you. Because when that Angel monocle mode, when it comes to take your soul, you need to be upon Islam. Because Allah says in the Quran, do not die except for in the state of submission and surrender to the creator going back to him in that piece. Otherwise, you're gonna be in some trouble. Again, some major trouble we got some youth now that coming back to the master they realize you know what, there's nothing in the streets. You know what I've been shot at? I've had all the women you know what? The kids bright enough he sees that, you know, the the

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friends only use me for my ride for the rims on my car and these women, scandalous. It's all just use use take take there's nothing there. There's something missing. But they come back to the masjid now. And how is it with the older you've seen situations with some of the youth coming in? And

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the elders make it a little bit difficult? What advice do you give them? Well, this is the problem trying to bridge the gap between the elders who respected we love for their effort and their knowledge and their wisdom and the youth who has energy and he wants to try to do his best to have some sort of place in Islam and the Muslims. And in the community. We're finding that many of the old mindset of our older uncles, they practice their Islam exactly how it was in their country. So when they came over here, not coming here for download, but they came here for secular things have been done yet the love of the world in life. And then now years later, they've had children. The

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children speak fluent English, but maybe still, 20 years later, their mother and father have a very bad accent still, even though they have their degrees. So within the language, the kids don't want to talk the language of the parents. And when the parents do talk the language that they both understand, they're speaking in different languages because the usage of the words and the slang they can't really. So what we need is a middleman to come in there who understands the adults and knows how to deal with them and somebody younger. So in my opinion, I think we need young imams to go overseas and study and come back here. Then they're bringing some

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Man from who knows where he's from, bring him over here, make him go to ESL and learn English for five years or not even learn English, because he is a Korean expert with making lead to a lot. But yeah, he doesn't know how to deal with the issue. Understand the cultural, we're having some mass confusion going on within the machine. So what advice now what's the so go overseas, or have some brothers who who are fluent in the language, who know the culture, know the society know the conditions of the youth, those should be the leaders, people who could connect with the youth, the process have said that the best of you in the days of ignorance will become the best of you. In

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Islam, if a lawyer gives you understanding of the religion. So someone who grew up in the West who tasted the good in the bad or they know of the bat, that that person, when they get knowledge, they'll know how to break everything down and make things easier for the people to understand. We have a problem. Now, here in the city, where the youth are what we call here in Toronto, the boys and the girls, the girls are chopping. The homeboys and the homeboys are chopping the honey, this means that they're flirting with each other. And the parents might actually hear their son say, Yes, I'm going to talk to my sweet honey, and the parents don't even know they're thinking that it

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actually means a jar of honey inside the inside of the kitchen. So these little slangs in languages, the parents aren't in depth, they don't know what's going on. So we can give you many examples, but the time doesn't allow it. The parents need to come and learn how to deal with the kids. We need to workshops on that. And we provide workshops on that in Charlottetown. So just a reminder that you need to respect the uncles, you need to be kind to them. But for the uncles out there, what advice what do you what do you got to tell them? Yeah, well, just as every year, you have to make inventory of a business or you have to do spring cleaning of your house, the adults, you need to go back and

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learn what it is that your children, you've brought them into these lands, you've put them into these lands, you need to understand what their brain is that so you can deal with them. So you have to get off of your chair, and learn how to deal with your children. Where are you going to learn that you got to come and hang out with the brothers who knows what's going on? Like my brother Eddie here to sit and ask questions.

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Yes, and we need to respect each other and love each other. We want Omar we need to work together. And we need to seek that knowledge. We need the knowledge we'll be

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At what a cattle. Welcome to another episode of The mailbag Show. I'm your host, Dr. Bobby,

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today's question comes from a young Muslim brother who says,

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How do I get my friends to take Islam more seriously. All he thinks about is women and alcohol and drugs. All he thinks about is having a good time. He says Life is short, have fun while you can. How do I get someone like that to take Allah subhana wa, tada seriously, to take Heaven and Hell the Day of Judgment, basically, to take the religion of Islam Seriously? That's a very good question. And it is a question that plagues many of us. And I want to start off by saying that,

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realize your job is to give the message and not to force it down somebody's throat. And I start off like this, because you need to have a realistic goal before you start. If you start talking to somebody with the intention that he has to follow my opinion, he has to give up all that he's doing or else, then suppose he doesn't, and he chooses to remain whatever, you know, however he's doing, this will lead to a change in your life, and you're going to feel depressed and demoralized. And you're going to feel Oh, there's no point advising anybody, I'm just going to give up everything and just constantly myself. That's not the right attitude. The reason you have this attitude is because

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your goals were wrong, had your goal been, I have to try my best to guide him. But in the end guidance is from Allah. And I've done my job and I am successful, regardless of whether he does it or not, I'm successful when I've explained the truth to him, and I've been patient with him, and I continue to do so I've done my job. And I will get rewards from Allah. When you have that understanding and that interpretation, then every single story is a success story. Every case is a positive win, because you've done your job one more time and I move on to another job. So I want to just have this point in mind with you that make sure that your intention is to proclaim the message

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to teach it to people and not to shove it down people's throat whether they like it or not, that's not going to work. So the question is, basically is with that Prelude? What do I do to get him to be more serious, and there are many ways you can do that. You can remind him about the fragile, you know, life that he lives the fact that he's a human being a creative being who needs things around him, and that there is a God who gives him these things. And this God is a generous and loving God who wants him to live his life in a certain way. You can remind him that there is something called the hereafter and death death.

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is one of the most profound ways to talk about these issues. For how long will you enjoy? What's going to happen after this 1520 3050 years of earthly life or over? What is going to happen to you after you die? That is a very profound question that you need to ask. And you need to basically give him Dawa basically make him feel soft through the issue of life and death. Also, any crisis that occurs to any human being brings him closer to God, the death of a loved one, a sickness that you've gone through anything that happens to you in your personal life, you feel a sense of emptiness that is only satisfied by turning to Allah. So you can remind him of this as well. Another thing that you

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can do is to tell him, these things that you're doing, do you really feel happy doing them? Do they bring about ultimate happiness? and leave it at that make him question himself? these sins that you're doing? satisfying your animal instincts? Do they make you a better person? Do you feel fulfilled in your life that what I'm doing is the purpose of life, women and drugs and alcohol, wine? That's all there is to life? There's nothing more than that? Or is there an emptiness in you? A craving that is not satiated by any of these things around me? Is there an emptiness that cannot be filled by anything of this world that I do? leave it at that and let him think about it? Because

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if he's arrogant, he's gonna say yes, that's all I want. I'm happy with that. Let him say that he knows as well as you do, and that's why you are practicing. He knows that there's an emptiness that is a spiritual emptiness. And it's an emptiness that can only be satisfied by worshiping Allah said emptiness that only comes about through turning to Allah remembering him reading the Quran, and that emptiness, when it is filled, you feel happy with your life. You feel comfortable doing what you're doing, you feel content and fulfilled. And so you need to remind him of that emptiness and use timings the month of Ramadan, if he's a Muslim, I'm assuming your friend is a Muslim, is a Muslim,

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use the month of Ramadan, use issues of bringing him to the masjid and making him read, listen to the Koran. Basically, never give up and realize that your job is to convey as I said, but you don't give up after a year or a week or even a few years. If you're friends with this person. Obviously, I wouldn't encourage you to hang around too often, because that would harm your own religion. But whenever you meet him whenever you see him on college, campus, various friends houses, just be yourself and show your positive aptitude. Show your optimism, show how happy you are. And eventually, this person will realize it will click if there's an ounce of sincerity in him. Look at

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this guy. I meet him every time and he's so happy. He's so optimistic. He's so positive, and I'm depressed, I'm lonely. I feel as if life is isn't worth living. Why does he have this happiness and I don't, don't give up just after a conversation or to keep on going and put your trust in a lot. One final point you can do is make dua

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pray to Allah to guide this friend. pray to Allah sincerely. Oh Allah just like you guided me guide him and make him also believe in you and worship you. And this is something that again, if you're sincere and you want guidance for him, Allah subhana wa tada will help you doing that. So build his basic human, make him think about Alembic. And think of the hereafter that they have treasured, remind him of death. Make him taste the sweetness of faith by giving him these various, you know, opportunities to pray too fast to give charity, remind him how good it feels to be a Muslim. And keep on doing this. And don't give up hope. And in the end of the day, whether he listens to or not,

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you have done your job, be happy at that and move on to other people as well. But don't just give him up. Don't just let him take him for granted that Oh, he's never going to change, continue to do so. And believe you, me and ice have seen this with my own eyes. Generally speaking, they all come around in the end, all people who have an ounce of faith all Muslims who have an activist weight of real Eman. After a few years of sinning doing all the things in the book, if they're sincere to Allen, there's something good in them. Eventually they do find the religion and you want to be there when they do you want to help them and guide them. So be a part of their lives in a way that doesn't

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affect your own emotion and give that power to them in the best way possible. And realize that in the end of the day, all you can do is to preach and teach and you leave judgment to Allah subhana wa Tada. This brings us to the conclusion of this particular episode. I hope to see you next time for our series The mailbag on the deen show. Until then, I said I'm worried

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about a cat.

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I have some some hats and stuff. Yes, well, so because we see that many of the Muslim youth they're looking for an identity they want to wear to hip hop clothing and a baggy clothing and they want to look cool. So we said okay, we don't want our kids wearing all that clothing. We want to bring some new clothing and at the same time, we want to give them some positive conscious messages and allow them to express themselves. So we have some we have a line of clothing called the strictly Cinnabon

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And we have with us now, strictly son athletics. We also have flowers of the Center for the women, and we have them strictly from the girls and for the kids strictly from the kids. So for this, this has allowed us to generate some income. So we can take some money from the purchases and put it back into the Dow. So we don't have to come to the Muslim to say, Please give us your money. So we can work with the problems that are in our community. So we've been able to begin this business, you can go to strictly See some of our stuff that's coming out if you'd like to purchase it, you're well, you're more than welcome to that this has helped us to work with the children, and we

00:25:36--> 00:26:12

encourage any Muslim that has an idea like that, to give us financial empowerment. And this is the problem with many of the youth, they have lost hope in the new world that's coming for us. So we encourage you to be people that seek financial empowerment. I don't want to only work as an employer for somebody even though that's okay. I want to be the employer because then I can help other people and allow he knows the best. Well it can you give some some suggestions, advice to non Muslims, Muslim, the youth who are caught in between this identity crisis don't know who they are. So they turn into drugs, alcohol, everything, all the evil vices of the world, you know what you caught

00:26:12--> 00:26:55

their attention, like what you have to say? Yeah, all I can tell you brothers and sisters, a simple if a taco law must attach to fear a lot to the best of your ability. So if you're in a lie is just coming to the machine for five minutes, a day or a week, read a little bit of gifts, alarms is a piece of food and be smiling at the Muslims. That's good. But we say to the youth keep continuing to do whatever small deeds that you think are small, do the more often as opposed to said that the best deeds are those that are done in consistency, even though they're very small. And if you just practice basic things like this small little slogans and ice and Hadeeth just practice the small

00:26:55--> 00:27:12

ones for now. But continue to do that over and over. And you'll see that the small deeds that you have become big deeds over a period of time Jazakallah Haida, thank you for being with us. Brother, we would love to give you some strictly some athletics clothing for you. Can you please accept this for us? Thank you. Thank you very much.

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Yeah, well, and I thank everybody for sitting into another episode of the deed show. I hope everybody got to benefit. Find out what the purpose of life is. If you don't already know find out what you've been created for. Is it to win a Nobel Peace Prize to be the NFL most value player? I mean, is that what you're going to tell the angel depth when it comes to take your soul out? You're gonna be attached to this world and it's gonna be hard to let go. So find out who your Lord is your monkey, a man and elephant or you see the unique guy that has no sun, no ancestry. He is alone worthy of worship. He's like nothing in this creation. He's the creator find out who is asked him

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alone to guide you take those necessary steps. It's not all about the after party. All right, because even after party ends, and it will end when this life comes to an end. So you want to get to paradise. That's what we need to get. That's what we need to strive for. We want to get away from the Hellfire and inshallah we can be together in general. So we'll see you again next time. The Deen show calm th e d e n every week if you missed this on the TV, all of our shows on the website we'll see you again next time I set Ahmad Aiko, peace be unto you