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AI: Summary © The transcript discusses the history and importance of Islam, including the origin of the statement that Islam is the day on which one is born and the day on which they received a revelation. The speakers also touch on various schools and narratives used in Islam, including the use of the "hasith" keyword and the various narratives within the subject matter of the net. The transcript describes the history of the Hadith movement, a popular movement focused on black people, and how it is used to describe a situation or person.
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No matter Haman having to learn a little bit on the mean. So Allah who sent him about Muhammad while early he was so happy I mean, I'm almost done for him Allah to Allah Vicki Tabori, on this on the web is very so many, many more homies. Yeah, he should have no he says in his book entitled the garden to the righteous in the chapter the virtues of fasting on Mondays and Thursdays.

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And I'd be excited to start on the Allahu Anhu and the rasool Allah salAllahu alayhi wa sallam sunnah and so me Yeoman Nene for call. They're like a young woman wanted to be he was a young birth to own Zilla Alayhi

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Abu Qatada Radi Allahu Anhu narrative that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was asked about fasting on Mondays and Thursdays. He said that is the day on which I was born and the day on which I received a revelation. And this is recorded by Muslim and be happy in his sunnah. And there is an IV Geraldo and who and Rasulullah sallallahu wasallam. God tour a man who Yeoman if Nene will come easy for him. And your although I'm sad what I saw in Abu Huraira Nehring, that the process said

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the deeds of the deeds of people are presented to Allah on Mondays and Thursdays so I like that my actions are presented while I am fasting. And I shut off the Aloha and

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call it Kendall also lies the lies and then we get to hurrah so much. If Nene were homies I inshAllah 100 And the Prophet salallahu Salam used to observe fast on Mondays and Thursdays. And the second Hadith was narrated by Timothy and David magia. And the last time it was on Timothy unnecessarily.

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So firstly, if we hear hadith is in Muslim, Bihari, a Muslim what do we know?

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is authentic? Know if we hear this on the other four books? What do we know? Firstly, what are the other four books of Hadith?

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A Buddha would

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tell me the

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even manager

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Nissei right. In the first two are

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Bukhari and Muslim. No, Bukhari and Muslim are the two books every single Hadith in Bukhari and Muslim is

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authentic How do we know this?

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Is there an ayah in the Quran? Or you believe

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the chain of narration what do we mean the chain of narration goes?

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No, so this is one aspect of it. So we're getting slightly into the science of what is called masala

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Hadith. And this is a whole science is the whole subject matter that we had in the College of Shinya was a whole subject for a whole

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the duration of our schools for four years. But there is a college in Medina is the College of hadith is where

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yes, recall the he graduated from this college you graduate from college of how do you think there's anyone else here in Dallas, they graduate from the college.

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But this is what college he graduated from. I graduate from college of Sharia. But it should add they particularly focus more on what is called solo silk. Because you're learning Islamic law. So you have to learn the code of scholars that got from this verse. What was the process that they use to get from this verse to this ruling? What were the different schools of thought in regards to so for instance, if Allah says, if he uses the imperative verb, what does that imply? Right? Is it allowed for you to delay telling someone the ruling when it is needed all these are issues in solar filk right but most of the Hadith and these particular issues and these this is basic issue here.

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What makes it Hadith so hate what makes it Hadith authentic, what makes the Hadith, non authentic, that's just the chain. But then there's a whole other chapter within the subject matter of the net

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know so there's a chain and then there's also the narrator's. So you have those two different sciences when you're talking about Bukhari and Muslim, their chains were connected, and each narrator was reliable. But even within the narrator's there's greats.

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How do we know these grades from scholars that have known them during their time?

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And it's all recorded. Right? So you have a mount, there's books that talk about each NARRATOR That's in Hadith. There's many different books there's come out of there's time, David, come on others to diba are We by no way? No, it was a hadith as well. You have shiksa. To me, he was Some scholars say was Hadith. So you have many scholars that were known to be Muhammad. Like they literally like books like this memorize, as a beautiful story on a Twitter meeting, who said to me, a tournament they use for tournaments, right, so there was a time that he would travel to go and get these cards or travel to individuals walking on donkey, to go get Hadith. And his book of Hadith was

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stolen. Apparently, it was taken from him. And subhanAllah he, it was a story to where

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the fact that he didn't have his book of Hadith with him. It made him it the level of Saturday, he was so sad that his book of Hadith was not with him, that just nourish that he was crying. Right, because of all not the fact that I did all this work. But it was the fact that he got to this hadith of the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam, and it brought him sadness. When you look at the lives of these companions, these these hundy throne

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they dedicated their lives to this. Like it's like if I was to say right, I'm going this weekend I'm gonna go to Houston because I'm going to get five Hadith from a brother

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You know, that's that was a pastime of the rhythm of the Hindi film particularly right? Say Mama Buhari. Imam Muslim Muslim hijab and Muslim necessity these scholars were, this was their life. Right? So when we read about them now we see boycotted by Muslim. When we realize the history of each and every one of these individuals, Imam Muslim is narrated that he died because he was eating a lot of dates. Recording hadith is how he passed away. But his His room was full of books of Hadith. Right? So these scholars were something that they're not to be taken lightly. Imam Bukhari is memorization is like immaculate Imam Muslim as well.

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And there's a well known story, if you type on Google, the test of Imam Bukhari, that's a whole other city the way he was tested on his memory. Basically, they they mentioned the Hadith, and they mentioned that it's not, but they mixed them up 1010 Hadith. They mentioned basically Hadith number one with snad. Number seven.

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And then they tested him he said, No, what you mentioned was incorrect. And he did mention No, this hadith is with this Senate and when they say son, it is not like

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you know how I'm saying here on our border. The process on said, Oh, no, it's it's on

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a boy, Ubisoft Yanni and Kether. And we call he said had definite, the scholar, he said, had definite, he said had definite even had definite, there's different seal was like seven, you can say had definite afterburner and garage and La all of these, if you say get it in LA, it can lower the level the Daraja.

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Right. So the data can be the data could be to where the student reads to the chef. So the chef comes to the student. He says, These are my Hadith, read my Hadith to me.

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Right? Or the chef says, okay,

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my Hadith are memorized, I need you to read the Hadith to me haven't memorized. So some scholars say well, if you read his Hadith to him, that lowers the level of the grade. So all of this is accounted for and they were very quick. They were very particular in regards to how they graded you know what made a scholar phablets what made a scholar reliable, what grade because they have fiqa the class totally reliable. They have forgotten forgotten sebd Like he's reliable and he's strong. They just have fickle. Right, he's reliable, but then you have a

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Saduak truthful, you have Cadabra liar.

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Right, so you have these levels of people. Right. So when you have for instance, Imam Ahmed, in these books, Imam Malik is Maha dethrone Imam Malik is second sub to an imam on the island. This is Ali

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Malik Imam Ahmed set

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To interrupt so all of these is and this is what majority of scholars said about this one man.

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So it's not something that is just Imam Malik was just someone that was just we knew no this is someone that has a reputation of knowledge or reputation of Haber, especially my Malik. He was known to have a haber. Haber means a presence that when people would come he's from Medina so many scholars were able to see him when they come to the Joseph Imam Malik in America is very tall in America Xmithie have blue eyes right light skin very tall you know in mashallah always dressed in white, very nice. Martial arts America same thing with Imam Muhammad as well. Right. So it was very known that the Imam Imam Malik was a person of Hadith well known with Hadith and Ramadan, put away

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the books of Hadith and deal with the Quran. So you have Imam Muslim Ibn hijab, Muslim imam Bukhari if you have if you have an opportunity to look up their lives and how stringent they were on grading Hadith and they're always you will understand why their books are the most authentic books after the Quran. Most authentic books after the Quran, but then you have the other scholars in them and they say even matter, they are their history as well, like Imam and the Saudi was one of the most strict

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the most strict on grading the robot, like the narrator's and some scholars say member Hardy was a little more a little lenient.

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Right? He was a little lenient, therefore, you know, there was Calam on grading whether his Hadith were authentic or not, but because of consensus of the scholars, there was no question right, but I'm gonna say it was known to be studied Mariani very studied Subhanallah when you look at the history of these people, is beautiful because they have different personalities, but Subhanallah they all wanted the hook, and they were all about the truth in Islam. So we're looking at this first Hadith of the prophets, Elijah was sending them on a bit cortada and he was asked about fasting yawgmoth name. He said that the Prophet SAW Salam said that that is the day in which I was born. And

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the day on which I received revelation, the day on which I was born in their rooms, which are received revelation. So it shows virtue that there was a day that he was born and he received revelation, but any type of ear to God to say, okay, you know, because of that I fast human listening. The scholars just say let's just cover it's just him informing that this day this took place. Is there any particular virtue like this is the you know, the overarching reason on why I fast not willing to scavenge mentioned this is why I remember no he mentioned the next Hadith

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when he says the deeds of the people are presented to Allah on Mondays and Thursdays. So I like that my actions are presented to Allah I am fasting. So their deeds are presented on Mondays and Thursdays. So some Orientalist comes and says, Oh, see, your Lord doesn't take deeds on.

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Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, What Is he asleep?

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Like a Christian says is easy rests is no. You see, that's what Allah subhanaw taala was is the process in the magic world. It's not like he's unaware. On the rest of the days of the week, where this is something that the process of him has been forming, he mentioned that the deeds are lifted up. How are they lifted up? Allahu

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Allah. All I know is that they are lifted up and then Allah subhana wa Tada, you know, in Sharla, while they lift it up, I love that they lifted up while I'm fasting which shows that the virtue of fasting and these deeds are being lifted up and presented in front of Allah subhanaw taala is something that is virtuous and that is the seems like the motivation behind him doing it. The first Hadith was just cover but the second Hadith serves as a motivation right? And then I show the Lohana mentioned that the purpose of salaam Kenya to Hara that he would usually fast Mondays and Thursdays in one wisdom behind him in Norway using the first Hadith firstly, is because it was the most

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because it was recorded by and Muslim the others were telling me the and even magic and Timothy and NSA Okay, so this is the virtues of fasting Mondays and Thursdays mmm and nobody has gathered particularly these two, the first of them being that the process one was asked about fasting those days. So that's the day that I was born in Dayton and I receive revelation and then also that the deeds are lifted up on Mondays and Thursdays and he loves that to happen while he is fasting. So just remember that when we fast on Mondays and Thursdays in sha Allah Tala and we talked about the joining the fasting of what

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show while and

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Mondays and Thursdays jazz,

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you choose Halal

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no Hello.

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We join inshallah you receive the reward for Mondays and Thursdays in sha Allah and also the reward of show while being Allah. May Allah subhanaw taala make this this matter show on a blessed one and beneficial when you're about I mean Allama filling Illumina will cover and so you need to know what to offer them out number one number 15 FSC M and L cam and AR

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But I mean, almost one enough if you feel the sting a little bit, I mean, I'm almost wondering if he's sorry get up. But I mean, almost wondering if you saw that in your ability. I mean, along with one and Peter hanging here a bit. I mean, I'm almost sort of wondering if he knew him and yet I'm not I mean, I'm gonna say with a bit academic, abdominal Misumi from sciatica or Luma Hardy band, you know, I mean, I mean, well, I made him be murdered in industrialized Israel, and my team was not alone was going to be in the Mohammed water Eddie was