Tazkiyah 13 – Reason to Seek Knowledge

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Alhamdulillah datamine salatu salam ala l mursaleen. While he was happy I mean, about

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today, I want to remind myself when you have two other issues with regard to the schema tarbiyah.

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And then both of them relate to the seeking of knowledge, the seeking of Islamic knowledge, why do we learn and what happens to us when we learn.

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And these two issues are the issues

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which are very, very important because they relate to the Nia with which we seek knowledge.

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Even though Karim, Allah said, do not seek knowledge for three reasons, do not seek knowledge for three reasons. One is to argue with the fuqaha is to argue that don't don't learn something for that purpose, that you will go and you know, try to

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checkmate this share for that show. That is not the reason for learning. So is it do not learn knowledge for three reasons. One is to argue with the FDA. And the second one is to look good before the fools before the sofa before people who are ignorant. So if you know something a little bit today, May Allah forgive us. This is our state, the people who we look up to and we say, and we call that so and so such a big shift. He's not a big chef, he is if you look at that person, I always say this, many people tell me they say you are a great scholar, I say you tell me I'm a great scholar, that only shows that you do not know what is a great scholar. I apologize for being rude. I'm not

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being rude, but just I'm telling you, if you look at a donkey and say this is an elephant, it means that you have never seen an elephant. Right? So if you look at me and you say I'm a great chef, then it is like looking at a donkey and saying this is an elephant.

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That means you have never seen an elephant.

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to look good before people who know less than you. And the third reason for not seeking

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knowledge is to attract the attention of people towards yourself.

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For self promotion for popularity for so many YouTube hits or so many modalities, how many people are coming to my jelsa how many people are coming to my football? How many movies do I have? The have enough of whatever you

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said do not seek knowledge for these three reasons to argue with the aka to look good before people who are ignorant and to draw the attention of people towards yourself. three reasons why we should not seek knowledge. So why should we seek knowledge for one reason only and that is to please Allah subhanho wa Taala to get close to Allah subhanho wa Taala there is no other reason to seek knowledge. The only reason to seek knowledge is to get close to Allah subhanho wa Taala by pleasing Him there is only one way of getting closed follows around with Allah which is by pleasing, you cannot get close to Allah angering him. So we seek knowledge in order to please Allah subhanho wa

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Taala if you seek knowledge for this reason, then inshallah Allah subhanaw taala will then open the doors.

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Lana Deanna homes Ooh, la la la Vina jaha Davina la Hacienda home sabudana. In Surah dangote, Allah said the one who makes jihad in my path, the one who struggles in my path, the one who tries to get close to me, I will open the doors for him, I will open the the soul the plural of Seville the I will open the roads and the you know pathways which lead to Allah Subhana. So therefore, we seek knowledge only for one reason that is to be close to Allah subhanho wa Taala by pleasing Allah subhanho wa Taala. And along with the same issue comes the issue of humility and humbleness,

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humility and humbleness which are which again, if you seek knowledge for the reasons that

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do not seek knowledge, if you seek knowledge for the for those reasons, then arrogance automatically comes in. And self promotion automatically comes in. But if you seek knowledge only for the pleasure of Allah subhanaw taala, then humility comes in. And that is a very important, there's a second aspect, which is to be humble. And humility, again, has to come from inside. It's not pretending to be humble, even though they are the one who says in my humble opinion, this is a simple thing, which many of us in my humble opinion, even at me, I said, the one who says in my humble opinion, is God being humble.

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You think God is the one who says in my humble opinion, he's not being humble? He will say whatever it is, that we let people decide humble opinion, in my humble opinion means that you are now trying to draw attention to the people to say even a great man like me, I am I am saying this therefore it is in my humble opinion.

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Let us remember this the in my humble opinion, is a sign of,

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of pretense.

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Go pretending to be something which you are not. So therefore, humility, genuine humility, really and seriously looking at yourself. And that's why it's a very good idea. In terms of therapy. I always advise people I said, read the biographies of people. Read the biographies. biographies are one of the most fantastic things to read, to learn from because they get real people, you know, actual human beings who lived not reading some funny story. So read biographies, or read biographies of great scholars, read biographies of people, even if they are not Muslim scholars read the biographies of people who have done something remarkable in this world. I just completed reading the

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whole biography of Julius Caesar. It's a set of five books, I've finished all five books in one month. Each book is 100 pages,

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plus all my all my eggs.

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So I'm just saying that it's very important for us to, and before that I finished reading the biography of Genghis Khan. And that and then our theory of regeneration so and so the point I'm making is that reading biographies is a very good thing. And obviously read biographies of great scholars, for example, and the reason I'm saying that is because it will make you humble it, it puts you in perspective, right? You have, if you take for example, young vasarely, Rasul Allah, you know, what kind of a man he was, what kind of a person what did he write? How did he face the world? What sort of knowledge did he have? You know, there's a famous story now that he and his brother Ahmed,

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and the story is that his brother was older, was elder to him. His brother did not one day his brother was

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leading Salah, and his brother was praying behind him, and in the middle of Salah, he left and walked off.

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So my mother was very, very offended. And he said, How can you leave in the middle of salah and go, you know what happened to this thing? So his brother said, You You are Osho is not dead, you are thinking of something else.

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So you know, Metallica blancos mother, he said, My brother is doing this, he's not putting behind me, and he's, you know, walking away. So mother called him and he said, she said, she said, What's the matter? Why did you not prevent evil? So he said, You know, he, he's not concentrating on his mind is somewhere else when he's reading Salah. So I felt that my Salah behind him is not valid. Right? I'm not talking to you here I'm talking about something beyond this. So

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is it true? That he said yes, while I was praying, I thought of a particular masala and I that solution came to me so that was my mind was there at that time.

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Think about his

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two sons, one son who is thinking of a malefic while he is the reading Salah is not thinking of is sharp or something No. The other one, Allah has given us some insight where he is able to sense that in the Imam right. So what are the mothers the mothers the Mashallah were to Olia my sons, you know what the mother said. The mother said both of you get out of here. He said both of you get out of here. He said you stand before Allah subhanho wa Taala and you are supposed to consider it in Salah. One is thinking about a masala fit. The other one is worried about what his brother is thinking so you should be ashamed of yourselves.

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He said you should be ashamed of yourselves the government.

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This is Serbia.

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This is Serbia. We've all aim in the world cannot get you a crucial answer. That aim is worthless. And this is what has happened today to our to us to our masajid and there's no spirituality in the masjid. There is no hunger in the masjid. massages have become places of conflict and fighting and this and that. And, you know, this committee and that committee and somebody is president of the committee and court cases are a

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shame we should we should know. But why because there is no there is not that the person does not come to the masjid to worship Allah come to the masjid to show him that he is boss. He comes to the mother to show that this is my budget. How can we you know, what is the house of Allah? Who are you?

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Who are you? How can it be a budget?

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The budget is the house of Allah. But this is what we have done. Why because the knowledge that the reason we seek knowledge is for all sorts of other things other than the reason why we just to get close dollars rantala which is to please Allah Subhana Allah and that's what I want to learn myself when you let us be clear on this. We seek knowledge only and only to please Allah.

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Genuine humility. compare yourself to other people who have done who had the same 24 hours in a day but their 24 hours

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They did much more with it than what we do. They live the same 6070 years, or whatever years, the number of years in their lives, but those 50 6070 years, change the world.

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And in our 50 6070 years, we can't even change ourselves one person, forget about changing the world, we can't, we cannot even change ourselves.

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what life is what life is just like the labor with animals

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or something, we can't even judge ourselves we cannot even judge our own family, our own environment in the home. And we and we like to think of ourselves Oh, Mashallah, you know, I'm such a big man I

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love it. So, let us be very clear, get humidity into our lives, ensure that we seek knowledge only and only please Allah subhanaw taala, not to accumulate degrees not to accumulate books not to accumulate, you know, list of courses that I attended here and there, all that knowledge which we seek, which does not praise Allah subhanaw taala and which leads to arrogance in ourselves becomes a judgment against us. Let us be very clear about this. seeking knowledge for other reasons, the knowledge then becomes a problem for us. Now, that does not mean we don't seek knowledge, we remain ignorant, no, we learn and we learn with the right intention. And then in sha Allah, Allah subhanho

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wa Taala will give us Baraka, we ask Allah subhanaw taala to open our hearts to his Lord, we ask Allah subhanaw taala to open the doors of who that was into, and to make that path is easy for us. And we remember the harissa Salaam where he said that when a person goes in the path of being to seek knowledge, they spread their wings under his feet and he walks on the on the wings of the Malaika and the buffalo have Allah subhanaw taala including and are right up to the fish in the sea. They make drive for that person, we ask Allah subhanaw taala to make us such people for whom he is in terms of love will make when we seek knowledge and we ask Allah subhanaw taala to make it easy

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for us to be pleased with us was Allah Allah, Allah will Karim Allah Allah He was happy he has made the erotica our hamdulillah