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The speakers discuss the concept of "by the way" and its meaning in various context, including worship of the creator. They touch on the history of the Arabic language and its connection to worship. The segment also touches on the importance of practicing Islam and finding the closest to Allah subhana wa Tada. The segment ends with a discussion of the difficulty of finding the nearest to Allah subhana wa Tada and a difficult time where a woman lost her job and partnered with Microsoft.

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So I

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want to start up here at the working on a

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con alguna heeta muturi fusina wamena Anania mihaela who faleomavaega whoever you believe? Deanna, foreshadow Allah Allah in Allahu la sharika. Watch how do I know Mohammed Abdullah pseudo

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scholars of Islam they tell us that our worship of Allah subhanho wa Taala is categorized into two broad headings you have outer

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acts of worship and you have inward acts of worship. outward acts of worship are like the ones that you are engaged in at the moment, sitting in a gathering of knowledge or gathering where Allah Almighty is being remembered. reciting the book of Allah praying your prayers on time, a sister putting on her hijab and Jean babyz Allah Almighty has commanded from her etc, etc, and other outward acts of worship.

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As for the inward acts of worship, these things include his last sincerity, telecom putting your trust in Allah subhanho, wa, taala, etc. And our topic for today is one of those inward acts of worship.

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Rather, our topic for today is the very purpose of all of these outward acts of worship. And without this enemy that we are about to be speaking about today, a person's outward acts of worship is like a corpse, a soulless body, something that is a very little worth. We are speaking about what the scholars of Islam referred to, as Lulu, well if the call in Allah,

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humility, and expressing your bankruptcy to Allah subhanho wa Taala. How many of you brothers have heard of this act of worship before? A Zulu when if the call in a law

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declaring, confessing, expressing your absolute weakness and bankruptcy and hopelessness at the gates of Allah subhanaw taala dire?

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It is, when a person frustrates to Allah subhanho wa Taala in prayer whilst feeling that his heart has just frustrated to realize why

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it is when a person walks the streets, smiling, dressing well, looking very presentable. But if you speak to this person's heart, his heart to say I am in a scheme, I am at the mercy of Allah. I am so insignificant I am so weak Where do I go if Allah Almighty doesn't guide me and help me? And this is our topic for today, our messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam would make of this value that we are speaking about, as email multimedia humanoids and as soon on the authority of ns, although there is a difference of opinion with this chain of narration, that Our Messengers when I send them is reported to have said Allahumma Heaney, miskeen. And whatever funny miskeen and, or shorter neo

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malkia Mati sumati Misaki. Allah Almighty I ask you please, to cause me to live in poverty

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and to die in poverty, and resurrect me all Allah, with the people of poverty on the Day of Judgment, Allahu Akbar see is our messengers and why send them asking us here to

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get rid of our belongings and to leave our jobs and to give out all of our savings and to live below the line? Is this what our messenger on a Software Center is asking from us?

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It seems so but it isn't correct. This is not what Our Messengers when I send them is referring to when he says give me poverty Oh ally. How could this be the understanding by the way?

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When it was Our Messengers when I sent him who said in another hi de la Sabina, Marina Lee Manny Taka, there is no problem with a Muslim being rich, if he has a fear of Allah. And our professor lasala would say to sad me was when he was passing away, in in

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food and nurse Oh sad for you to leave your inheritance rich, possessing wealth. This is better than leaving them poor needing to beg from people.

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So how could this be the understanding? And we also know that our messengers last in them would say three times in the morning or three times in the evening a llama has been easy but any longer if you need the sunlight, alumni from the female sorry,

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a law homeless in communal coffee well, Allah please give me well being in my body, giving you I'll be in my hearing. Give me well being in my see

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You know, there's no god except you and then what did you say? Listen, listen, a lot I seek refuge in You from this belief and poverty.

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So, you have in your earlier narration, the messengers licenciado be give me a life of poverty, cause me to die with them and to be resurrected with them. And here are Mr. Johnson is asking a lot to protect them from poverty. I was to be understood. You know, a lot see the poverty that Our Messengers last send them was asking about is not the poverty that comes to mind immediately.

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What is it then, a man will be happy Rahim Allah gives us our opinion gives us his opinion with regard to this. As I mentioned in his book, and by the way, this was also the opinion of him, not me or him, Allah. Allah. He says, Why would you who I'm the Why would you do that? And now who let me upload my scanner? Allah TRG Omaha nL killackey belser Elon Musk and Alessia who do not

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encrypt the

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data. He says my opinion with regard to this Hadeeth You are the prophets lie Selim is asking a lot for poverty. He says my opinion with regards to this Heidi, is that our messenger was not asking the poverty which refers to the meaning of few resources. But he was asking from Allah Almighty poverty, the inward poverty of a believer

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a poverty that inherits a feeling of submissiveness and weakness and humility to Allah Subhana dagga. This was a prophetic aspiration Jambi made me somebody was bankrupt to you week to you. I see my slave I see myself as a slave in fact, he would say about himself and I had a Coca Cola

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he says I was saying I like to eat like sleeves they eat. And I like to sit on the floor to ceiling sleeves sit on the floor. I want to see myself week in front of Allah subhanho Donna Aloha.

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It was never about wearing clothes that were stained.

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It was never about walking the streets with an arch back or looking miserable. This was never the idea of the club being weak to Allah subhanho wa Taala. We are speaking today about an action of the action of the inward we pray to Allah subhanho wa Taala we have experienced this worship, and we fast to Allah subhanaw taala we've experienced this worship we pay hours ago we tried to do our hygiene. We tried to read the Quran, we've experienced these worships. But then you ask yourself the question, how many people have experienced worship itself?

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are you focusing with me? I have one? Yeah, we've experienced the outward acts. Yeah. The question now is how many people have experienced have tasted the essence of worship? In fact, when you see the word worship, just to elaborate on this meaning? This is a translation of what?

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What is the Arabic of worship?

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by you, our relationship with Allah is a relationship of how you bad

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and our title as Muslims are bad slaves. So you see a bad and a bad they're very closely connected to one another what is a bad all about? linguistically speaking the scholars of the Arabic language they say

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to us, no man.

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You are

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at a party on Moodle.

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They said the root meaning linguistically of the term a badge of worship is known. What is

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what is known?

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Yeah, exactly. It's humility. When the Arabs they use the word more bad in their day to day speech, for example, they describe a road as being more bad. They mean that this is a road that is humble, it is low, and it is walked upon by people. It is treaded upon. Therefore the root meaning of either worship is a humanity. Therefore, if humanity is not involved in the worship, you haven't tasted worship?

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Is this clear brothers? And this is absurd to say that the majority of worship worshipers haven't tasted worship, this seems to be absurd. That's like saying the majority of doctors have never been assigned a doctor surgery. This is absurd.

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For the majority of architects, they have never been on a construction site. This is absurd. Or the majority of businessmen have never bought and sold. That's absurd, or the majority of athletes have never been for a job. That's

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absurd. But you know what is amazing? When you say the majority of worshipers have not experienced worship?

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Unfortunately, it's not.

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It's an accurate reality. And I'm not the one who is saying this just in case I'm accused of being Miuccia in negative enamel.

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Listen to these beautiful words brothers and sisters, which should be written with Allah He with ink of gold, or perhaps the ink that is more expensive than ink of gold, the income the tears, of ink from the tears of the righteous who we from the fear of Allah This is more valuable than gold. Is Nakajima Hey, Mama says listen to these words and live with them brothers and sisters. The call to Allah Allah He may as well be particularly

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familiar the call to Allah human barbing in our budget to Allah, his hand, phenom atomic convener to call

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it to Barbara Lee. Well, if Deckard in a law

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in a law, he will know who he was.

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He was

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the most unreliable Academy in Canada for the loss of Hannah who

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pieces I have approached a low mighty from every single door of worship, trying to please Him, I've come to the door of Salah door fasting and the door of the car and the door, and the door of etc, etc. He says, Every time I approach one of these doors of worship, I noticed that they are congested. There's so many Muslims that these doors competing with one another, ignore our users. There were so many believers, they're competing, I wasn't able to enter. So panela in the middle of a battle is saying I wasn't able to follow. I wasn't able to keep up and that's true. Yeah, this is true. If you want to compete with the Muslims now in the field of prayer, it's difficult. We have to

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pray. But it's difficult to compete you will find people who pray at night and they pray they go home and they pray. And and and you try to compete with them in the field of fasting you can Subhanallah people fasting three days of each month, Luna days, they're fasting Mondays and Thursdays all throughout the year, they are fasting the days of Shahada so but it's hard to keep up with them. You want to compete with people in the field of knowledge, Allah Subhana Allah, people have memorized Mattoon and they are revising and they have no clients. Every time I came to one of these doors, I find it's congested with competitors, I can keep up with them. He says until I came

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to one door.

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This is the door of Zulu humility and declaring one's bankruptcy to Allah.

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He says I found that this happened to be the widest door that leads to Allah

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and the door that offers the quickest arrival at the pleasure of Allah.

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But he says, To my surprise, there wasn't anybody there.

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And I was able to enter. There were no barriers. No coin users I simply put my foot inside of the door meaning I just took an initiative. Then Allah Almighty took me by the hand and he entered me inside of that door.

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This is the rare currency for many of our suppose in practice practicing brothers and sisters. They're seemingly doing everything it takes to be classified as a righteous Muslim. But that important jigsaw puzzle is missing from their life. How often do they call upon Allah and week two in saying you are the most Strong and I am the most weak, you are up we all have the ropes with people that have been cut off now on your own your rope that remains is your role. Your role be I am ignorant if you do not teach me I am poor if you don't enrich me I am ignorant if you do not teach me I am unwise if you do not help me. Where are the Muslims who have this relationship of I gotta

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have bankruptcy, of confession of your weakness to Allah Where are these? This is nothing no clean, nice.

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Hello mighty uses.

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O p people. Allah says no, Muslims, Jews, Christians, Hindus, atheists, or people Allah has a message for everybody. What do you want to say to us online? Listen to what I was about to say. A sentence that is strong enough to break every single bone of arrogance within the heart of an arrogant man and Tomoko Corolla You are the ones who are in poverty to Allah.

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And Allah is the most Rich, Worthy of all praise. Then Allah Almighty says elaborating on this ayah explaining to you what it means to be in poverty to Allah, as your youth you become or it becomes injuried

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disease if Allah wishes he will remove

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All of you from the globe, and he will replace you with a different creation. And this is not difficult upon Allah. So it's not about having money or not.

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We are bankrupt and poor to Allah in every single sense of the word. The 22nd earthquake, and half a million people now have become a thing of the past.

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This is kingdom. This is richness, we are in poverty to Allah Almighty, expressed to him your poverty, he will aid you with his richness and express to him your weakness, your weak, he will aid you with his strength expressed to him your giant your ignorance, and what your how the knowledge of Allah will come your way. And that is why when you look at the words that we are taught to say by the prophets, I send them when we are sad, who here doesn't experience moments of sadness, who here has never battled it out with a sin? Who here was never in a relationship and he struggled to cut out that relationship who, who was never financially bankrupt? We have experienced one or the other.

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What is the word? What are the words that we are to say when we are in pain? They are words of humility and if the call to Allah, how much Allah loves these words, as narrated in his Muslim on the authority of

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the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says knock on our door to either Asada who hung out has known there isn't any Muslim who is afflicted with grief, sadness or sorrow. And he says the following words, what are the words listen if one and memorize them Allahumma inni abduch Oh Allah, I am your slave. Ignore, how do they even know ametek I am the son of your slave and the son of your female slave.

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Seeing a lime stick

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Oh Allah, I am a slave to your slave, the son of your female slave. I'm a slave. My mother's your slave. My dad's your slave?

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No see it via the mind for look. It's in your hands. Yeah, we hate to be grabbed by this part of our body and pulled because it's the highest part of your body. It's humiliating to be pulled like this. You're saying this for local minus, it's in your hands.

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marveling for your hockomock your command over me will be executed.

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I don't feel your karma or your judgement over me is always fair. A sudden can be clearly it's been who Allah I asked your law by every one of your needs. So May there be enough sec would you have called yourself? One Zelda houfy kitabi. Or you have revealed this name in your book on lambda hadn't been called cuckoo Have you had taught it to one of your slaves? How is that so why? Why behind the call you had kept the knowledge of this name to yourself? What do you want? What do you want? Oh slave, and Tatiana. And Robbie Appleby. I asked you a lot to make the hole and the life of my heart, when

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and the light of my chest.

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And the removal of my sadness was a hub. And a departure from my anxiety prophets. I send them says anybody who says these words alone would remove his anxiety and replace it with happiness. The Companions they said O Messenger of Allah, we should memorize these words. He says in verse 11, Samia hoonah Anaconda mahone every person who hears these words should memorize them. But what is the secret here? The secret is that these are words of loon and humility and declaring your bankruptcy to Allah subhanaw taala This is why Allah Almighty will answer focus with me I one.

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Have you ever pondered over the Hadith where the Prophet sighs and and tells us that Allah is with the ill person?

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Have you ever thought about this one as Mr. Muslim narrates in his a strange Hadith which will surprise you at first when you hear the messages that I sent him says,

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Allah Almighty will see to one of the slaves on the day of standing. You have been either married to me or son of Adam, Allah saying to one of the slaves, or son of Adam,

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I fell in and you didn't visit me.

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The slave will say Oh, allow

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me Oh, how am I to visit you when you are the Lord of the worlds? What does the law say?

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He says Allah Allah. naka de una Marie falam todo en la Linda and Nicola del hula was a penny

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on my sleeve. Did you know that slaves

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Such and such became ill and you didn't visit him? Have you visited him? You would have found me a lot with him.

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Abraham Allah mentions in his book my daddy to sanuki Why is it that Allah Almighty is revealed person? He says the No

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one can have and can he says because the heart of this ill person is broken, he's weak. This heart this this ill person is humbled to Allah therefore aligns with him. Yeah, for in Ghana, more meaning can Aloma therefore if this person is a Muslim, Allah would be with him.

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goes on to say, perhaps this is also the secret why the drought the supplication the requests of the Muslim, the oppressed are answered, and applying one who's fasting is answered. And the one who is most after traveling is answered what is the common theme between all of these three who can tell us

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the hardship which brings about what

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the topic of our humanity is a common theme with these three people why the prophesizing them said their requests will be answered by a lot every time

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is because the common theme is humility. Their hearts are broken to a law, arrogance is gone. They feel like a slave. Look at the room, the oppressed, one of the three he said, his rights have been usurped. He feels as the being the subject of injustice, His heart is therefore broken. Thus Allah is with him. You know Allah, as for the one who is fasting, he shall always temptations have been dumping down. Now he's hungry, he's thirsty, he's weak, he can barely get off the chair. Allah therefore is with him because his heart is broken.

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And the one who is driving, he's away from his wife away from her husband away from his children away from his loved ones. His heart is broken. He wants to be with them. Therefore, it's not about being hungry and thirsty as agenda. Origin said. It's not about just traveling or about being oppressed while you're black would be answered. It's because the heart is broken. Are you with me brothers? Are you with me sisters? Are you seeing how much Allah loves this act of worship of humbling yourself to Him?

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Allah Almighty praises Ibrahim Prophet Ibrahim,

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chapter nine and he says in the Ibrahima Hoon?

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Indeed, boy, he was a man who was a word.

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And he was highly meaningful, very highly forbearing. We know what that means. What is a person who is Allah

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says it has to do with that we and Allah under the yoke, the Roman colony.

00:22:51--> 00:22:56

He says Allah is an individual who frequently says,

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Allah says he was a wa

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I've ever sat next to a person who was

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suffering maybe the pangs of death. If you heard the noise that that person makes, oh pain. If he was described as being an A wa you do it frequently. How do you see you have to move? This is to exaggerate how much he says, Ah from pain? No.

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He would remember the fire you would say, Oh,

00:23:31--> 00:23:34

she would remember the grief and the long journey ahead of him you would say?

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He would remember the responsibility he has to the coup fall to the disbelievers outside and he says, oh, remembering that he is a slave to align, he would say ah, Allah. Allah Almighty wants us to express our bankruptcy and weakness to Allah loves this act of worship is one and the Ramadan, we will be fasting, we will be praying taraweeh we will be reciting the Quran. Please plug in this ingredient to every one of these acts of worship.

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Let me tell you something strange. How long have you been going on for

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but not longer? Let me tell you something very strange.

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Did you know my beloved brothers,

00:24:17--> 00:24:29

that at times a loss of Hanover Ghana will put you as a Muslim in the situation a testing situation simply to bring out from you this characteristic of our bankruptcy.

00:24:30--> 00:25:00

Focus with me. Let's give three examples. Sometimes you will make a door to Allah allow me to pass my exams your A B give me a wife er B or A B whatever it may be. And then Subhanallah you spent months years under Why is not being answered. And you say to yourself, Why is my daughter not being answered? Has Allah forsaken me? You don't know what's happening. You don't know what Allah has in store for you. What happens when you keep knocking at the door of Allah and knocking and knocking and requesting

00:25:00--> 00:25:17

With time your heart now it softens, and it melts, and it breaks at the doorstep of a lot you now feel really in need of him. Therefore, because of that characteristic which now exists in your heart, a lot gives you a reward which is greater than if you had been given the response of your day.

00:25:20--> 00:25:25

Is this clear? Is this clear? Allah subhanaw taala knows

00:25:27--> 00:26:05

that if it was next to me, you 50 6070 years would pass on our lives and not once we would say I don't be I am weak. Therefore Allah puts you in a situation where it forces you to say you're a bit weak, therefore your place in general is raised. If it wasn't for that difficulty, what happened, your place in general would have been kept your law how a law works, and we accuse a lot of listening to our last panel. Another one of these ways, where a lot of mighty puts you in a situation to bring up for you if declared the topic of hours today, calamities, difficulties, I can guarantee if I was to ask any of you, my beloved brothers to come here and take this place, and to

00:26:05--> 00:26:18

tell everybody about the time when you felt closest to Allah subhana wa Tada. What will the majority say? When I got married? No, I know. When I had my first kick, no.

00:26:19--> 00:26:37

When I found a job or when I graduated or or or none of these would apply rarely. The majority of us including me, will say that the closest I have ever been to Allah subhanaw taala is when I was in the most difficult and dire of situations when I was bankrupt.

00:26:38--> 00:26:40

When my mother passed away

00:26:41--> 00:26:43

when my child was born disabled

00:26:45--> 00:27:26

when I fell out with my spouse when we broke up you experience difficulty they say this was when I was closest to Allah subhana wa tada Why? Because at that moment you notice that every other rope has cut and there's only one more rope now not for you that's the rope of Allah. So you held on to it you had no choice and you called and you cry Then you go then you cry You became so close to Allah and therefore when you look back at those difficult times you say well like they were hot you know what he was sweet when the level of Eman that I had this is why shaken Islam even taymiyah he says listen to these words Yeah, why why they are beautiful. Yeah, I love these words are so strong.

00:27:26--> 00:27:32

Speaking about our meaning for today and I have almost finished bear with me. It will take me out okay, mahalo says listen.

00:27:35--> 00:27:38

In a lot of agenda epithelia a bad Yahoo.

00:27:41--> 00:27:42

Yahoo be shady.

00:27:48--> 00:27:51

What you will do in a via

00:27:52--> 00:27:53

email and email who

00:27:57--> 00:28:08

will know here is a beautiful he says our clients, Allah subhanaw taala tests one of the slaves with great difficulties. Therefore a lot forces that person to look to Allah.

00:28:09--> 00:28:13

Allah compels you now to look to Allah for help.

00:28:14--> 00:28:26

And therefore the heart now becomes attached to its creator. And therefore the level of Eman that you get because of this difficulty is greater for you and more beneficial than the remover of the calamity itself.

00:28:27--> 00:28:42

You will be right brothers and sisters, how much a lot of mighty loves this act of worship. I will close with one more I had a lot I had a lot to cover with you today but time is pressing on us. And I promised some brothers we will be finishing by nine. So I will try to finish before that.

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A third situation where a person is put in by Allah Almighty, which forces you to express your weakness to him.

00:28:52--> 00:28:53


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Allah Almighty at times opens up a door of sin for one of the most righteous of slaves Why?

00:29:02--> 00:29:05

Why brothers who can give us an answer for anything out?

00:29:08--> 00:29:09

Why would allow me to do that?

00:29:13--> 00:29:19

Because a lot enough to forgive by you. But before forgiveness can take place What does that have to express?

00:29:20--> 00:29:31

repentance or one? No gonna regret a broken heart bankruptcy if they are to Allah. Allah wants to remind that righteous person Hey, you can see Don't forget.

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He's hamdullah praying, fasting giving lectures listening to lectures, benefiting organizing halaqaat improving appearance, raising children, etc, etc. And then Subhanallah with time hidden arrogance that begins to appear in the heart of this individual which is so discreet that he denies it. I'm not arrogant, as arrogant. He's arrogant, and his parents can even talk to him anymore now because he felt his righteous and his friends he can communicate with him anymore.

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Because he feels he's a level above everybody else.

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Therefore there's a long way to do act of mercy. He opens up a door of sin and he enters it. What does he do the moment he commits the sin, He knows his head stuff.

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Wow, I forgot that I could sing.

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And he begins to call upon a lot. And he begins to bring if the car if the car in his life that was missing all those years, he had a lot of acts of worship, Mashallah. And they were increasing these acts of worship, but what was missing? The humility, crying, weeping, feeling that I am nothing, it's all from you. Therefore, Allah opens up a door for sin, and what is heartbreaks, and it takes him to gender. That is why some of the pious predecessors would say, a person may commit a sin and that was sin will take him to paradise, and a person may do a good deed and that good deed will take into the fire, your mama, how does that work? Well, as easy, you connect a good deed. And then you

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continue to remember that good deed when you're awake when you're asleep. When you're standing, when you're sitting when you're laying down. And you become to begin to feel impressed with yourself and content. Man, I'm going to enter general from every one of its eight gates, I wonder which one I'm gonna go through. And so halala now it's like it's a given

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until this good deed ends up taking into the fire.

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And a person may commit a sin like we all do. But he remembers that sin in the morning in the evening. And he thinks he Allah has forgiven me. He remembers it when he's standing sitting lying down has a lot forgiven me. I then that sin, thinking about it pushes him to do more good deeds on more good deeds. God forgive me for that sin I committed until that sin ends up picking him to where

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Allah subhanaw taala to make Ramadan a means of forgiveness and a means of unity between the Muslims and a means of removal from jealousy and rancor and hatred from our hearts towards one another. And a fresh new beginning for the mob. Islam has to look at it to make it like this