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The days, weeks, months and years passed by in the life of many people.

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And in the case of the overwhelming majority from humanity,

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the main concerns and worries that they have in their lives are concerns and worries pertaining to themselves.

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Our career prospects, our savings and finances, our health and well being my future, my children, my you dunia and even my.

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However, as for those whose concerns extend beyond themselves,

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looking to assist people in the affairs of their dunya. And more importantly, there are here are their afterlife. These are a minority.

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And as one selfish poet of the past would say,

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either admit to one and follow through. If I die, thirsty, then me the rain never come back down again. If I dine thirsty, then me the rain never come back down again. In other words that everybody else suffer as well.

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There is a category amongst people whose presence is exactly the same as their absence.

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And those people, whether they are dead or alive, the net influence and effect that they have on others is still zero.

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And in fact, as Muslims we know when we have cases of people who are dead, six feet under wedged in the soil, until this day, they are benefiting those who are alive. And there are those who are alive and they are causing not only no benefit to people, but in fact they may be bringing harm.

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And with this dear brothers and sisters we have understood and discovered what the theme of the hotbar today is it is the service being at the service of other people and other creatures of Allah subhanho wa Taala the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam would say as umemoto Bharani narrates in his margem when you authority with the companion Abdullah even Omar in one of the most remarkable narrations that you will read in this regard, he sallallahu wasallam said I have been nasty in a lie and from

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what I have been an early in Allahu Suren to the sinner wanna be Muslim?

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Texas, and who, first Quran otaku Ron who Judah otaku Bianco, Dana Juana and am Mishima asking Muslim fee hi JT he had bought a I mean an attic he messaged Gd shahara woman kesko Baba who satara la hora woman Calvin maza young in Shia and new muglia who am wha hoo man along Allahu Allah horas en Yama, Yama

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wala, and she woman Mashallah ki Muslim, he has it in Lahore. hotair used to be to her law who has better law who Kadena who yamata didn't do

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well in the zoo, and Whoa, looky loo, Sudan and camera you see, dude, hello.

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He said, he saw what was the name that the most beloved or people to Allah Almighty are those who serve others the most.

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And the greatest acts of worship in the eyes of Allah is when you bring happiness to the heart of another Muslim, or you remove poverty from him, or you pay a debt on his behalf. Or you give him food after he was hungry. And then he's done a lot while he was in him was saying the same duration. For me, for me to walk with my brother who is in need, till that need is fulfilled is dearer to me than staying in the masjid in worship for an entire month.

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And then he said whoever suppresses his anger, Allah will cover his faults. And whoever keeps in his rage, whilst able to act upon it. Allah will feel his heart with happiness on the Day of Judgment. Then he said, some Allah Allah who said him in the same direction,

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and whoever walks with his brother in need, look, it's the same meaning whoever walks with his brother in need till he fulfills what he needs. A lot Almighty will establish his feet on a day when the feats of humanity will be slipping.

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And then he concludes

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unsaid that bad manners, ruins good deeds the same way that vinegar ruins, honey. This was whom the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam was a man who was nurturing within the hearts of his companions, a burning sensation to always be at the service of other people, not waiting for them to knock at your door, saying, Please help me, but knocking at the doors of others saying how can I help you? This was the type of generation he wanted to raise men and women who wanted to be at the service of humanity knowing that they would be serving their own hereafter by doing so.

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For this reason, Mr. Moon knows that he wouldn't be right in his soon unknown new authority have more or we have been abusive here and that the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said

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in the hula taenia module, three Miss editing and now he has to show he, what

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he would say at times people come to me requesting a favorite help with a certain matter. I withhold I do not helping how things that one of you, oh, my companions will intercede for him, and that Allah Almighty would volunteer, he's raising his companions, nurturing them, wanting to instill within them a desire, a burning desire to be at the assistance of those of those who are around him. In fact, even before Allah Almighty gave him Revelation, this was the man who he was on he set out to set up and for the people.

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As emammal bucatini written his funny upon your authority of ebihara, in the narration that all of you have come across before

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following his very first encounter with revelation, and ye was gripped with terror with horror with fear. And he came running home back to his dear wife Khadija on the one hand, having feared for his life

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and then when he calmed down, and he told her what had to happen Kashi to Allah and fcf Khadija I feared for my life. Oh, Khadija, what did she say?

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What were the characteristics that she identified in him? Which she would use as an evidence that Allah Almighty would never disgrace him? What were the traits?

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She said to him come now and let him know you? Zika mahu

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in aka latos law Ryan, what can

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I do? What Oh, boy, what do I never even she said no, never unloved would never disgrace you Why?

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Allah would never disgrace you. She said to her husband. Why?

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She said, because you take care of your family ties

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and you take care of the poor and the destitute.

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And you honor your guest and you help those deserving people who are reading with calamities, that is you to handle Ah, she did not say to him, You are a man of a badger. She did not say to him, You are a man who is godly and you worship Allah and he did used to worship Allah even before revelation.

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Just 100 to the wrong.

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She didn't identify those traits. She saying to him, Allah will support you, he will aid you, he will assist you. He will provide for you take care of you in this world under one to come because you are good with the people. But there was something more remarkable than this. When abubaker the Chief Student of Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was leaving the city of Mecca trying to find another plot of land to worship Allah. persecution was reaching too much he was leaving. And then a man saw him as he Rommel Bukhari notes on the authority of Ayesha this man was called zaidan look Davina,

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what did he say to me back here? Listen to these words, and ask yourself do they ring a bell? He said to him miss Luke either decorilla Which one are you watch?

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abubaker Where are you going? He said, I am leaving. Looking for a land where I can worship along without being persecuted. They tend to overwork you know,

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a man like you mustn't leave normal anybody exiled him Why? He said to him, because

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in the

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middle attacks he would madam Otto, could you believe what

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he said? Because Because you take care of your family ties, and you take care of the poor and the destitute. And you honor your guests, and you help the deserving people who are afflicted with calamities learning are

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the same qualities that were identified in the prophets of Allah by Khadija, his wife, were the same qualities that the pagans identified in

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muraki What does it tell you about

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a blind, relentless imitator of the sooner? And what does this tell you about the companions? They were they weren't the assistance that would demo for the people.

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They considered it an act of imagine the same way for now under the care and charity. I'm tm and Quran are extremely bad. They didn't consider it anything less.

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And then you look down, you move down the life of Omar robiola, who died,

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the greatness of this not after the prophets and messengers and unblock it. And he was the exact same embodiment of this value we speak of today as in knowledge of narrating his journey on alumier on Hakan that Omar was a man who used to visit the widowed women and provide for them water in the evenings. And then Paul haben Obaidullah became inquisitive. Why is he going to the house of these women and so one day he sought permission from one of those particular women he knocked on the door she allowed him in, and he saw a blind, old, disabled women woman sat in the corner of the room.

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He said to her, why does this man Omar come and visit you?

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She said, Well, he's been coming to visit us, oh, my son for such and such years, attending to my needs, bringing me the luggage, the equipment, the food that I require, and removing the waste as well from the house from her. He came out of this house thinking to himself regretfully seeing for himself. It's tricky. Let's go

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out to Homer tell

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me my mother loves me. What was I thinking? Am I trying to find faults in

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me my mother Louise Milan has said Am I trying to find the faults of all my servicemen helpless assistance of the people.

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And as for the son of Omar Abdullah, as I've been noticing these earlier, Mujahideen, Jabba Mujahideen, new Jabbar from the second generation Muslim said for him to be normal, this cerca de the Duma who can a domani

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he said I accompanied the companion Abdullayev Norma in a particular journey, wanting to serve him wanting to be his servant. He says however, I was surprised to see him serving me. The companion serving a second generation Muslim he says he was serving me.

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As for Al Hassan Mombasa, he would say, for me, to be at the service of my brother is more beloved to me is more beloved to me, than to do it cost to be in isolation in the masjid for two consecutive months. Imagine imagine what will you be doing in the masjid for two months? How many times will be finished reading the Quran? How much is my prayer? Will you be engaging it? How many Jummah prayer in congregation would you have partaken in? How many reminders? Would you have heard? How many bowing and frustrations? How much would you have given? He says for me to walk for a moment serving my Muslim brother in need of his is more beloved to me than two months, in isolation in the masjid

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as for

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the sake of Imam Al Bukhari, he would say my son

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in the form of ministry, for intimate we're interested to know who we marry for intimate we're interested to know who the one is for intimate we're interested to know who

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he says nobody has ever asked me any favor, except that I would stand up and try to assist him myself.

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If I fulfill it, Alhamdulillah if I fail, I use my money. If I fulfill it with my money Alhamdulillah if I fail, I seek help with my friends, if we fulfill it accommodating that if we fail, we go to the authorities.

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This was their understanding of Islam, a precise understanding a precise branch of physics, much of which has been lost today to tell you the truth.

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Where Islam and unrighteousness has been confined to the law of Nevada appearances, outward performances, celebrity appearances.

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But as for these aspects of a bad in secrecy, wanting to serve others in private, wanting to be at their aid, lowering your ring of humility to people this is a branch of a bad at that has been very much neglected. What can we do to rekindle that fire in our hearts This is something we will look at, in the second part of the hookbaits Allah gives us life until then, we're still alone and Amina Mohammed Al Hamdulillah

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al hamdu lillahi wa Salatu, salam, Ala Moana, binyavanga Juana and

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thus it has become evident to us dear brothers and sisters that it is

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imperative for every Muslim, conscious Muslim wakeful of his hereafter

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to be very keen to join this bandwagon

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of assistance and helpers of other people because of their status in the eyes of Allah subhanho wa Taala. But the question that poses itself here is how do we do that? How do we ignite within our hearts a burning sensation like it existed in their hearts, to serve other people and be their aid? How can we do that, bearing in mind the very challenging setting that many Muslims find themselves in because the polar opposite of this is being promoted?

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The global culture now for the most part is a culture of individualism nestene, I've seen epsteen

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face book, face time, my space, iPod iPhone, iTunes, me, I myself, this is the culture that is being bred for the most part, and we as Muslims wouldn't be affected.

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And with time, without us noticing, we may in fact, become advocates of eye health, I time I importance I well being i is who matters. This, whether we explicit whether we express it explicitly or implicitly, this will become part of our class if we are not careful. So what can we do to break out of that? What can we do to refresh ourselves to want to be at the service of those women? Who are the subjects of tyrannical relationships? At home or other places? What can we do to want to offer loans for those Muslims and others who need Islamic loans? What can we do to offer experience and time and a helping hand and that we have to those who need it, we don't feel like we want to

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what can we do to revive it? I suggest several milestones for myself. And for others, the first is the following.

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to always keep in mind, the prizes and the offerings of Allah Almighty for a ye or she who makes himself or herself for the people at their aid, under surface prizes, one of which is the assistance of Allah Almighty in your life.

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This being the only prize By Allah, it would be enough to put us to full stop here in the hallway that Mr. Muslim narration is on the authority website. The messengers on the lohani he was telling him said one la hora de la de la Canada how to do SEO and he asked me, Allah, Allah, the Most Powerful decompiler Allah, the Most rich, the king, Allah will continue to be at the at the assistance of his servants, so long as his slave is in the service of other people.

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I wish their brothers and sisters that we would look to deal with the problems in our lives using this prophetic model that was laid down for us

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to deal with our problems, whether it's a financial issue you're struggling with, whether it's the career prospects that worry you

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whether it's an issue pertaining to your health, whether it's fear of something that's keeping you up at night, whether it's you being maligned and unjustly smeared by the media, or it's like, what is it that you worry about this category of special Muslims, they deal with the problems in a different way.

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They have enough on their own plate to deal with but what do they do? They start hunting down those people who need help to assist them, because they know that by doing so, Allah Almighty will get to his divine self involved.

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And that is why I'm delighted. He would say sloppy will not

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take care and he said those people who do good to other people, they will not fall. Yes. He says those people who are always helping others, they won't fall. He says if they do fall, however, they will always find something to lean on.

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So what is it that you have that people need Yaki? Is it well? Is it experienced? Is it time? Is it a helping hand?

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What do people need operate spend from it?

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So that Allah Almighty made it involve His divine self in your issues that you and I are suffering from on a personal level. And the opposite is just as true However, a person who hides the goodness that Allah has given him from the needs of people alone will hide his goods from him.

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Unless the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam would say,

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Manuel lahoma who Shea and min Admiral muslimeen faster Java Joon ha jetty, Mohan Lattimore, Sakura him, Java la Juan who do jetty he wahala to

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whoever is given any position of authority over Muslims, but then he hides himself from their needs, and from the poverty of Allah Almighty will hide what he has, from his need, and his poverty IE our need in our poverty.

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This is the first thing to bear in mind for us to be enthusiastic to help and serve others to remember the givens of this particular act. And the prizes that comes with it Allah Almighty witnesses to what more can we want? The second

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is to bear in mind to bear in mind that a person who makes himself at the assistance of others,

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Allah Almighty will then preserve the goodness that He has given him, health, money, status, well being energy free time, what are the goods that Allah has given you? These are prone to disappearance they are prone to being taken away from us how do we hold on to them by spending them in the path of those people who need them?

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And that is why the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he would say as emammal Pavani narrates in his margin

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when your authority of Abdullayev Norma in Manila in Manila he up one and yah

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yah de feu hula hooping neon in LA LA he up one? Yes, those for whom Allahu be near Amelie monashee I bad. Will you kill Rome v ha man.

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in your home Nana Oh Ha,

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Ha Ha Ha Long woman who was in a hurry.

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He says Lola while he was sending that there are certain people whom Allah Almighty gives them special benefits, special blessings over others. And he keeps it with them so long as they continue serving other people with it. However, the moment they decide to hide this goodness from others, Allah Almighty will take it away from them and He will give it to somebody else. What does Allah give any money, status or authority?

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A lot of mighty will keep these blessings with you so long as you are serving those who are in need. This is the second the third thing that we can apply in our lives to rekindle this fire this desire to help people is the following.

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to bear in mind that those people who are the assistance of others, they have in fact been chosen specially by Allah amid to the masses. They are different. Even if they don't look special. Even if the cameras are not facing their direction, even if they are even if they don't have Nobel prizes to their names and nobody's calling them out for an interview. They are special whether we like it or not because they are at the service of other people. Those are the messengers some of the lohana he was sending he was saying

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I'm the law he has done in Ohio today was Sheree McClatchy region and the law here in Ohio It was saaremaa 31 original photo Danny manyana. Hello, Mr. Napoli. Sorry, well, what are you doing? Well, we're in Lima Angelina. Hello, Mr. Hanley. Sheree miracle afternoon in hiring. He sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, Allah Almighty has the stores, he has the stores of good and evil. And the keys to these stores are people. And then he said, therefore, Paradise is for him whom Allah makes him a key to goodness and a lock to evil and woke to the one whom Allah Almighty makes him a key to evil and unlock to goodness.

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So they have been chosen to be keys of goodness. They are special and the fourth and final thing that we can do.

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to reignite the desire to always be serving others, even though we are busy with our own issues

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is to bear in mind

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that those who are at the assistance of other people alone would give them safety on a day when the majority of people wouldn't be afraid.

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That is why I'll do like Rob does hit the companion he would say in any manner he hung

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in there Hey, hold on. Hola, como la Whoa, Lima na siyang i bad? Yes, there are natural Elaine Humphrey How are eg him? Ola equal? Minami Naga.

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He says that there are certain people from the creation of Allah Almighty, whom Allah has created just for them to serve other people. Mashallah.

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Allah has created them just to serve other people. People rush to them when they are in need, if not, that says they will be the safe ones from the punishment of Allah, brothers and sisters a concluding message. This hope by today is certainly not confined and exclusive to those people who have money. This is just one avenue of assistance and service you might provide. You may provide to others. However, there are other aspects in life. And we have alluded to them several several times already. It could be a good word that you put in for someone help filling out an application form of some sort. It could be contacts that you have, it could be sympathy that you offer time that you

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offer a helping hand, that you offer, experience, advice, any type of assistance, which, at times is more beneficial than helping somebody with your money.

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And therefore, brother, dear sister, do not be angry when somebody comes knocking at your door looking for your helping hand because they only knocked at your door After identifying you as a person have noble characteristics. A person who resembles the prophets, they identified you as that person. Therefore Don't be upset and realize that it could be that Allah Donna is looking to raise your rank in gender to a position that you could never have otherwise attained. If it wasn't for this person who is now knocking at your door. I ask Allah Almighty to allow us to be at the service of the Muslims and the non Muslims hoping that Allah Almighty hoping that Allah Almighty will come

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to our aid at a time when we have never needed the aid of Allah like this particular time.