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The struggles of sick people, including Abdul arrahid and Tina Amina, are discussed. The importance of being humble and remembering history are also emphasized. Musab Musab experiences struggles with fasting and death, including the loss of the richest member of Islam and poor health of his wife. The conversation also touches on the history of the Sahaba, including the loss of the richest member and the poor health of Musab's wife. A woman named Missy recounts her experiences with the death of her family and loved ones, and mentions a donation of $40,000.

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don't need how

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many Mina most need me, Santa Monica. La Habra. Ket

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so la hamdulillah salat wa salam ala Rasulillah before we start our dear brother Kareem, his mother is very sick in Bangladesh. So please keep her in your diet. May Allah subhanaw taala give her a quick Shiva. I mean, you're there I mean,

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UK, Russia

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and Ibrahim bin Abdul Rahman bin

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can Abdul Rahman bin outh saw even

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for OTB time

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for con coup de la Musab bin Omega wo RK on mini

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war cofina fi Bucha that in either lutea right so who better Trishula well either who tre Sheila Dadda razza roxo

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Wakulla Hanza wha wha Cairo Mini.

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From Maui Tina Amina dunya na Athena

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Fafa Sheena and Hakuna Hasina tuna at the OG let Elaina

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Phaedra layup key with rocket bar

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Bukhari Rahim Allah in His so he he said, The Brahim the son of Abdul Rahman been out narrating the Hadith. He said, My father was fasting one day.

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the food was brought to break his fast.

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And when he looked at the food, he said, most abnormal was killed or subdomain was killed in the bathroom.

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And he's better than me.

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And he was shrouded with a sheet that when we cover his head, his feet will show

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will be exposed and when we cover his feet, his head will be exposed. Then he said hands up, was killed. And he's better than me.

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To my Latina, Amina dunya are Tina, then Allah bestowed upon us a lot of blessings.

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And this is the showerhead, Taka Sheena. And we are so scared and so worried that the reward of our Armelle was given to us in this dunya not in the akhirah.

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And then he started weeping and he left the food he was fasting.

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And then he started weeping, and he left the food.

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Well, where do I start from?

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When we are fasting, many of you were fasting today. Today's the 15th of Chawan.

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When you're fasting, you're looking forward to eat. And especially when the food is presented. You're gonna remember what happened. You're talking about Ibrahim is a tabby

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and Abraham and died in the in the days of Earth man. And he's remembering something that is long time ago, and the food is presented and what did he How did this come to his mind right now.

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And he said

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talking about Musab Musab was one of the few know the Syrah of Musa Musa was one of the greatest Sahaba, the early Sahaba. And he was very, very rich, and he left all the richness of the luxury and he moved with Rasulillah salam to Medina, we all know his story. And subhanAllah this rich man when he died, the sheath was not enough to cover to make a shroud to make a coffin. Look at that. Look how poor one of the Sahaba one I was leaving the Hadith today and say Muslim Rasulillah Salam said what is sad um, no bad. He said they said they told him he was sick. He said let's get up and go visit him. Robin Hadith the one who's narrating the Hadith said Kunta Ashura Falconer. We were it

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was 10 of us. We got up we have no shoes, no sucks, no shirts, no turban. And we went barefooted to visit San Beda Allahu Akbar.

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So at the moment, is remembering right now. And look how humble he is. He said, Well, who were hired on Mini, and he's better than me. Musab is better than me. And we all know that Abdul Rahman bin now for the Allah Allah is better than Musab. Why? Because the Sahaba they come back

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Omar Osman Ali and then the rest of oversharing Bill Jana the sixth and then a hell better than us hub then as her bilateral one and so on. So at the ramen is from

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Baba should have been billed Jana, he's guaranteed Jana by Rasul Allah and sell them so he's better than Musab, but look at the how humble he is. He said Musab was better than me. Subhanallah This is the first lesson to be humble, even though you were Mubasher Bill Jana, and he was crying Subhanallah then he said Hamza is better than me. Also, Hamza died as a Shahid and we all know the status of Hamza, but still Abdul Rahman is from the early Sahaba. And he's also MOBA shovel Jana, so he's better than Hamza.

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And then he said,

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Well, Tina Latina minute dunya and then we started, you know, the expeditions because this Bukhari there's something very important about that when you read the Bukhari is look at the Hadith for example, this hadith, there's no nothing in it called Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam you noticed right? And it's simple carry, but it's under Kitab kamikaze under the book of military expeditions.

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So he's talking about why the book as you put it here to tell us that the Sahaba after all these barrels and the expeditions they became became rich they started seeing the AMA so he's remembering that the Sahaba died before they see this Nam and we have seen so much Nam because keep in mind who's Abdullah Mohammed bin

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Abdullah man just to give you an idea and you can take your phone and do the calculation, Abdullah number now gave a donation a donation 40,000 dinar

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How much is that your shift? I'll give you something to bring it close to our mind. 20 dinar is the nisab

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20 dinar is the nisab of zakat. There's a cat, then the sum of this cat right now is $4,300. So divide by the 40,000 by 20 and multiply it by 4300. This is just a donation.

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Just a donation. And he's crying.

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Remembering how poor were the Sahaba This is from the Zod. You know, when we hear the word czar hid, we think that their head means he's living in a cave and eating cubs. Um hum. Messiah, he has no money to eat or he is very poor ripped clothes. No, no, no. The Tsar hit listen carefully. The one who is the one whom the dunya is in his hand and not in his heart. And that was a multimillionaire what we call right now. And the dunya was never in his heart, whatever he gets ya Allah to the folklore of the Sahaba spending it for the cause of Allah subhanho wa taala. So he started crying. He started crying. Why the cry?

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He felt well, before we go there.

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When was the last time we cried? Yeah, one lie, you know, because this eye

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represents what's going on here.

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When this becomes soft,

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this start

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shedding tears. When this becomes hard, this becomes dry.

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a multimillionaire crying after years and years and years, because he remembered his brothers that they passed by before they see this number. How many times we see our brothers in Yemen and Syria and and we become we became numb. Right? It's a regular picture about a baby with his bones showing it became regular Subhan Allah Subhan Allah. So he started crying, and what did he cry for? He was so worried.

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He's so worried. That may be my reward of all the things I have done was given to me now because of all the SNAM that I have, and maybe I have nothing left for the akhira

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this is your one Mr. Bashar Bilgin. Now,

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what does this Abdullah faqeer say? What do we say? We have no agenda guaranteed nothing guaranteed. And we act as if we are in different doses Allah

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will Bashar Dejan are crying, they used to be little there will be little there are none Subhan Allah. So he cried and cried and remembered his brothers. Look at the humbleness of of Abdul Rahman. And look how soft was his heart and look how the money did not change him. The world did not change him. He was one of the richest Sahaba ever Subhanallah so yeah, one, number one. Be extremely humble, no matter

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How much Allah subhanaw taala has given you number to keep in mind the brothers and sisters that did not they will not blessed as much as you are blessed and you know what? It's a side note maybe it needs a halacha by itself

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the shaytaan makes me and you just concentrate on the evil on the bad things in my life and he makes me forget this whole beautiful millions of great things. I have great health I have great spouse I have amazing house great job and then all because my mother in law did this. My boss said this.

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Your Habibi you are drowning in the name of Allah magnify the good, magnify the positive,

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magnify the positive. And then finally one

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you IS LM tuck the enter key factor Baca.

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If you cannot cry, just try squeeze it

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straight to squeeze the crying.

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And remember that people who are way much better than us told by the man who is all truthful that they will guarantee Janna and they used to cry.

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What about me that I have no clue where I'm going Allama Jana and Elgin Nairobi Alameen Lama Jana Alexander hammer Rahimi, Allama Jana, Jana Allah Masha

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Allah Masha Allah how much

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Allama John, accurate Amana coverage of the Amana our team I mean, Allah Masha Allah Africa lamina

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Allah Muhammad Rasul Allah wa salam ala Nabina Muhammad by Allah Allah He was

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