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As university students engage in their end of year exams, others find themselves sighing with relief that the days of exams have passed, having recalled the stress of late night revision and the agonizing fear of the unknown.

What is up for stakes is very high; a degree which usually widens career prospects and secures one’s future, or a failure which may delay this but, in many cases, can be redeemed one way or another.

But how justified are our sighs of relief after one’s exit of the examination theatre? For if we have managed to overcome the exams of the academic world, there is an exam that every one of us is yet to overcome and its date is drawing closer.

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There was a teacher

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not too long ago,

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who cared immensely about the academic welfare of his students, and every other type of welfare as well.

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He was a teacher who would always warn his students well in advance of their exams, saying to them, make sure you make the necessary preparations before they arrive.

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He In fact, was so concerned over his students,

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that He even gave them

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the questions that they are to expect in the exam in advance

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so that none of them can claim that they were caught off guard.

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However, the students split into three different categories.

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A category of students who said the teacher is lying.

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A second category of students who said we believe the teacher.

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However, we will not prepare for the exam now. But we will delay when we get a little bit older, and the date for the exam begins to near then we will begin to prepare.

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And a third category of students, they were the wise ones. Not only did they believe the claims of the teacher,

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but they also made preparations for the exam well in advance. And therefore, when the exams took place,

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it was only category number three of the students who were happy during the exams, and happy after the exams when they graduated and passed with flying colors.

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That teacher was Prophet Muhammad Salama honey.

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And those students

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is every human being to walk the face of the earth who came during his time and after him.

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And the questions that He has given us

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is the purpose of this hope before today.

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And the exam that he had warned us of

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is the questioning the interrogation, the examination before Allah subhanho wa Taala on the Day of Judgement.

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Allah subhanho wa Taala he says, We're in hoonah de Kuru laka when the olmec was alone, this is a reminder for you and your people, and you shall certainly be questioned.

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Allah subhanho wa Taala says Fernandez, Elena de una de la la la la land and masa de we are going to question

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the people whom the messengers were sent to, and we shall also question the messengers themselves. A lot of heinola Dinah says, luckily for him in the homeless, ooh, detain them, oh angels, Allah who will say on the Day of Judgment detain them, they are going to be questioned.

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from Allah mercy, however,

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the test papers for this exam have already been issued.

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Therefore, those who wish to make a wise preparation well in advance of that examination they can.

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And our beloved sallallahu alayhi wa sallam has told us some of the questions that we are to expect in the court of Allah for the benefit of those who are afraid of their prospects, the prospects for their future, their real future.

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No retakes will be accepted in this exam.

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And everybody has to be present.

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What are these questions? This is the structure or the purpose of this hope for today. Question number one.

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You are to expect a question on the Day of Judgment pertaining to your Salah.

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In fact, this will be question number one.

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There will be a thorough and very agonizingly precise interrogation with regards to every bowing and prostration and will and who should concentration and time of each signer and the delaying of each Allah.

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As the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said,

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as Mr. Medina Medina writes in his jammy on your authority, baby, what he saw was Sam said in Nevada, now you have a movie lobby to Yeoman piano TV nominees

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for in Florida Hi.

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How are you?

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We're interested rockethub or

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for any telcos amin funny naughty he she planned on Rob Bazalgette on voru handly Abdi min Tata warning for you can man woman tacos Amina sumaiya Guru, sir Ilana Lee.

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He said the very first thing that man will be asked about in front of Allah on the Day of Judgment is his prayer. If the prayer is complete, the rest of his actions will be complete and he would have success and prosperity. If however, the prayer is lacking,

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then he has ruined and he had failed. If however, he says there is a deficiency in the obligatory Salah, Allah will say to the angels look into his optional Salah

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which we can use to patch up the deficiency in his obligatory slider, he says and then the rest of his actions will be assessed in a similar manner.

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So we understand that if there is a deficiency in your obligatory solar, the optional ones will be there to make things up. If there is a deficiency in the obligatory zakka, your voluntary charity will patch things up. If there is a deficiency in the obligatory siyam fasting of Ramadan, your extra fasts on Mondays and Thursdays under lights will be used to catch up therefore brothers and sisters, how do we prepare for question number one?

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My ensuring that the obligations are complete in terms of how we pray them, when we pray them, and where we pray them, may Allah make us the people of the masjid.

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Not only that the wise Muslim prepares for this question by amassing huge amounts of reserve voluntary acts of worship, to patch up the deficiency that will be there.

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This is question number one.

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What other questions are we to expect?

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Question number two, you can expect a question with regards to a name that delights.

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Every bit of goodness and pleasure that you have enjoyed in the life of this world. There will be a question in the court of Allah subhanaw taala about it down to the very micro blessing.

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Alex's mega, alumina, Yama, even any name, then you shall be asked about the delights. Look at the clarity of the questions. Look at how clear the matter is. The paper is there in front of us. What are we going to be asked or what are you going to be asked about the delights?

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Remember tabari narrating his Tafseer that Katerina said in the law hat

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that you could live in

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a law is going to ask every recipient of any blessing with regards to that blessing that he had enjoyed.

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Would you believe me? If I was to say to you that according to the Prophet Muhammad, sallAllahu, alayhi wasallam, some dates and a bit of drinkable water and a bit of meat

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constituted as those delights that a person will need to find an answer for in front of Allah on the Day of Judgment. Can you believe that?

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This was when he bumped into Abu Bakr and Omar on the Allahumma in the middle of the street during the middle of the night one evening. And he said to them as Imam a Muslim the writing is sorry, Maharaja Kuma. He has he said what has pushed you out of your homes during this late hour of the night? Abu Bakr and Omar said to him and Julia rasulillah hunger or messenger of Allah.

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He said to them, Well, I know we're living in FCB at EMA rajani in the lady of Raja Kumar. And me, I swear by Allah The only reason I am out here is for the same reason that you are as a prophet, so Lysander Iboga Kiran oma, they are hungry that evening they had nothing to eat.

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He said to them cool. Now let us go and they went to the house of an unsavoury companion. And he was very happy to see them. And he provided them with much hospitality. He gave them dates, he gave them some water and he gave them a bit of meat. And then when they finished their food that evening, the messenger sallallahu alayhi wasallam, that man whose heart was eternally attached to Allah and the home of the Hereafter, he said to Abu Bakr and Omar of the Allahumma, one of the NFC bat, he lied to

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He said to them, I swear by the one who possesses my soul

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We are going to be asked about these delights on the day.

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According to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam who was starving that evening,

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a bit of water, some days, and a bit of meat is a question that needs an answer. On the day of judgment in the law was about the delights of the 21st century.

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Electricity in our homes,

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heating, the pressing of a button.

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What about the delights pertaining to our senses, our limbs, our bodies, our access to Islamic material and for any lectures like never before? What about this type of name? What then about this type of name? It's going to be a stern and detailed interrogation about every blessing that you and I had enjoyed. The messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says, as was narrated by even a man in his life on the authority of ebihara.

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In the law has no agenda.

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and how you know, and even

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alum who's a witch careful.

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Here, Allah will say to a person he said, on the day of judgment, Allah will say to him, did I not give you horses and camels?

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Did I not give you authority on earth? Did I not marry you to such and such a woman whilst they were other men who wanted to marry her, but I pushed them away and they married you to her?

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Then you are going to be asked about the delights.

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down to the very micro blessing, this abuser would say the companion as was narrated by even when his son was younger.

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He said the demo honey, Yeoman piano tea I should have been.

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The person who possessed to do hands only in the life of this world will suffer a greater interrogation than the one who only had one

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down to the very micro blessing La ilaha illa Allah. This is question number two that we are to expect on the Day of Judgment. For those who wish to prepare, nobody can claim that they were caught off guard. As for question number three, and four and five, and six and seven.

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These are questions that were found in one Hadith that focus on the person's life, youth, money and knowledge and application.

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He's on the lohani he was sent him said as was narrated by emammal Timothy in his jammies on your authority of abdillahi. Mr. Holden, let as you know,

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he he has a lot and hierarchy he FEMA now,

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II mean 18 actors who are female, and when I mean a female only,

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man will not move from the court of Allah on the Day of Judgment. In other words, we will not be dismissed till we are asked about five things. What are they

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thinking he's asked about his life and what he did with his youth, how he spent it, his money, how he acquired it, and how he disposed of it. And number five, his knowledge and how he applied it.

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80 of the questions this is from the Russian mob, Allah preparations can start from today. He said his life and what he did with it, what does that mean?

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Your 60 7080 years here on earth?

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What was the theme of those years?

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What was it that occupied your time the most by day and your thoughts and your concerns the most by night?

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What was the cause that you truly lived for and died for? This is the question your life and what you did with it.

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We have to prepare an answer question number two he said his youth and what he did with it. Ah when your urges and desires my cravings and urges when they had rocketed through the ceiling. When our desire had reached an all time high, how did we behave

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where we like the rest of the other Shabaab youth around this

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Communicating with whom they want, buying and selling like they want delaying their prayer life, they want shouting back at their parents like they want over you a youth who is different, shabby female if Now what did he do with his youth? That's a question that requires an answer. He said, number three, and number four, his wealth.

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How he made it, how he spent it, the avenues of making quick cash today, they are countless. How did you make your money? And then when you made that money? What did you do with it? Did you enrich your mother and father?

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Did you spare your mother and father from the burden of needing to take loans from strangers whilst you have a full time job as their son?

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What did he do with his money? Did you enrich your family? Did you enrich those who are poor? Did you give your cat on time every single year and make up for the years that you had missed as well? What did he do with his wealth? Question number five was what he did with his knowledge.

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Lord has blessed us with 10s and hundreds of Friday sermons and lectures, this is a privilege that will not pass without a question on the Day of Judgment.

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This is question number seven. Question number eight.

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We are to expect a question

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with regard to our limbs, our senses, that Allah has built within us

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a privilege that will require an answer.

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Eyes is the touch the smell,

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and the other senses, Allah Almighty says when a duck or fall now let us say like a bee here in the summer, when Massara what is good Allah.

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Allah says do not follow that which you have no knowledge of, because indeed the hearing and the seeing and a person's heart. All of this shall be questioned about on the Day of Judgment. Now you know in the law.

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This How does a wise Muslim prepare for that exam question.

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When his eyes are presented with the harm, the case is noted. When the ears are presented to that which is haram and we know what they are and what this is, the ears are covered. When the heart is polluted with doubts with regards to Allah and His oneness and His justice. When our hearts are polluted with envy, has said greed, selfishness, that suspect of our brothers and sisters, we cleanse our hearts, the ears and the eyes, the heart all of this shall be question about your mo piano. What other questions are we to expect? Question number nine

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from the 10.

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We are to expect a question in the court of Allah

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with regards to every evil that you saw happening in front of you, and what was your stance towards it?

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Now this is a very difficult question.

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And I asked Allah likely to pardon me and to pardon the rest of us. A question that is so heavy that some of the companions would cry when they came to learn of this hadith

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he sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says

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as accommodating his Muslim

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and even imagine his student and others on your authority if he said he didn't agree, he saw Allah Holly he was seldom said in Allah Hi, Donna pulin abdomen Tiana.

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Menaka is eaten Mancha

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for either Latin Allah who have done for God.

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rojo Toka wolfer is to me the nurse, your ob Raja was referred to me the nurse. Allah will say to a person on the Day of Judgment.

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Why was it that when you saw the evil happening in front of in front of you, why was it when you saw the evil happening in front of you? You didn't say anything about

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the best interests on the low end he was in them says if a lot allows this person to give you the correct response. This man will say Oh Allah, Oh Allah. I had helping you and I was afraid of the people. He was honest. You're not be I had an O in you. And I was afraid of the people. In another narration, the messenger sallallahu wasallam says only old

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40 of Ibiza a lion

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nursey mean Ania una de Huston either Halima nobody should withhold from speaking the truth. When knowing of that truth due to fear, nobody should allow his fear. He says, to prevent him from speaking the truth when he comes to learn of that truth. I will tell you, the companion, the narrator of this, had he, he cried when he heard this. And he said, in our law, he

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thought he'd be there. And

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he said, Well, now he we have seen wrong things, but we did become afraid to speak out.

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And in another narration, I will say it would say, would it to anila a consumer to her that I wish that I had never learned of this.

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It could be a friend, it could be a colleague at work. It could be a member of family who is committing an act of harm in front of you. Just expect a question, Yeoman piano, for you, my brother, my sister who wish to prepare it in advance, expect a question on that day with regards to your stance. When you saw that pattern unfolding before your very eyes,

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as well Question number 10.

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Allah subhanho wa Taala is going to ask us during that examination about our actions in general, Allah says, fell out of beaker, let us learn the home in an cannon Liana Who? By your Lord Oh prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, we are going to ask them all together about what they used to do. By your Lord O Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, we shall ask every one of them about what they used to do. And he's Allahu alayhi wa sallam would say, as you remember Bukhari, integrating Islam, on your authority of Avi bakura.

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And he said this during his farewell pilgrimage. When he was in Minot, he said to the companions, and these were some of the last words that the companions had heard him after he said to them, was at

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first, as a newcomer,

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you are going to meet your Lord, and he's going to ask you about your actions.

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Dearest brothers and sisters days before our final year exams, our lives are in a state of emergency in preparation for these exams. Similarly, at times, we as parents almost wish to place our children under curfew to help them prepare for those final year exams.

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And this in of itself is not necessarily blameworthy, this is praiseworthy, but what is blameworthy

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is when we do not feel within us a similar level of anxiety and fear and urgency with regards to the ultimate examination of tomorrow. The failure of which will not be merely a retake, that we need to make,

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or a year in our academic lives that was wasted, or limited career prospects No. Failure of that exam means failing once eternity.

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This Allah says, defining to us the meaning of failure, he says put in ha syrena, alladhina, hasura and fusuma.

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Allah daddy can

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say to the people or prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, the true losers,

00:23:53--> 00:24:15

the people who have truly failed, or those who have failed and lost out on themselves and their families on the Day of Judgment, unless as this is the manifest loss. This is the ultimate loss. There are some of the questions ahead of us dear brothers and sisters for those who wish to make a wise and smart preparation in advance.