A Ramadan of change #30 – Have you heard of this type of Salah

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The speaker shares a specific prayer he did during his life, which was the holy spirit of Jesus, which was addressed to his mother. The prayer was addressed to his father, who was a doctor. The discussion then delves into religion's benefits, including preserving and improving one's body and heart, as well as their reasons for pursuing it. popular musician statements are discussed, including those of their relationship with their Lord, their desire to be a god, their desire to be a goddamn person, their desire to be a goddamn person, their desire to be a goddamn person, their desire to be a goddamn person, their desire to be a goddamn person, their desire to be a goddamn person, their desire to be a goddamn person, their desire to be a goddamn person, their desire to be a goddamn person, their desire to be a goddamn person, their desire to be a goddamn person, their desire to be a goddamn person, their

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Oh Rama

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merci merci. Welcome Rama,

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Brothers and sisters I share with you a particular salah, a type of prayer that many people are completely unaware of despite our need for it several times a day.

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It was a solid, a prayer that was performed by the Prophet of Allah Ibrahim Ali Hassan to myself. When his wife, Sarah, was taken away from him by a tyrant. He knew exactly what he needed to do. During this calamity Ibrahim alayhi salatu salam started to pray, calling upon his Lord during his salah, and Allah Almighty did not let him down. In fact, Saara would come back to him from the tyrant unharmed during his Salah SubhanAllah. This is the same Salah prayer

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which was carried out by the Prophet of Allah Zekeriya alayhi salam,

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when he wished for a child despite all of the odds being against him. He was an old man, his wife was aging, and she herself was barren. And again, it was the knee jerk reaction of the Prophet of Allah Zekeriya to go down and to pray to Allah subhanho wa Taala so what was the outcome? Find out that holy mela in kathua Hua or mo use only female Rob and Allah you Bushido Cabuya. Here Allah said So the angels called him as he stood in prayer within the sanctuary, that Allah Almighty gives you the good news of Yahia confirming a word from Allah and honorable and chaste and a Prophet from the good ones. He received this good news when after Salah know, during the salah that we are speaking

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about Subhana Allah it was their comfort, and it was their first port of call. It's also the prayer that was performed by Judah H the worshiper who was falsely accused of adultery, and realizing the weight of the calamity that he was in, he requested a moment from the pupil to pray to Allah subhanaw taala. Then he requested to see the baby. He poked him in his belly. And he asked the newborn Who is your father, the baby miraculous, miraculous, he responded by saying, My father is someone so the shepherd and this became the end of the ordeal of Jura age, the worship.

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Again notice Subhanallah how the very first port of call for God which was what was prayer, in fact, in the life of the greatest of them all Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu ani he was saying, his immediate go to was salah, as holiday for me only a man who said cannot either has ever who Amarone fuzzy I either Salah whenever the prophets of Allah who I know who sent him was distressed by a matter, he would rush to Salah he would rush to sauna. This is the prayer which you carry out dear brother, dear sister at the very scene and at the very moment of a difficult situation that happens in your life savings that have disappeared a loved one who passes away a heartbreaking and distressing

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diagnosis at the doctor's a defamatory piece against you by a newspaper or any media outlet, an exam that was failed an opportunity that was lost salah

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the University of Ramadan has taught us so many values and the yearly visit of Ramadan to us is intended to do just that to refresh certain values and to remind us of certain lessons and perhaps one of the most important lessons that we walk away with this Ramadan is just how intrinsic salah is in the life of a Muslim. In fact, in one of the most inspiring descriptions of Salah prayer that one could ever come across from the words of a scholar are the words of Imam Imran Khan you listen to this long list of benefits that he says comes with Salah he said our Salah to Magilla to risk the salah is a report of provisions Halophila to Lisa Hattie a preserver of health. There are Fiat only

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other an opposer and Remover of harm. Not Radha tune. Lil Eduardo a repellent of illnesses

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more via to be strengthener of the heart. Mobile yella tune lean YG illuminator of the face more free Hatton. Lee Neff, see a giver of joy to the soul.

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Mother Heba tune in Kaesong a remover of laziness. Mona Shiva to live Jawara, an energy giver and a stimulant to the limbs will meet their two lives who are a supplier of strength. Sherry had to leave suddenly a provider of happiness and inner expanse mukha the attune layer Rohi nourisher of the soul Munna Willa to link

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Eat an illuminator of the heart have forgotten linearity a preserver of blessings

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Daffy How to Learn magnetic repellent of punishments, Jelly Batoon Lee Baraka tea, and a bringer of blessings.

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Mubarak there to min ash shaytani as well as a means of distance from Shaytaan Boko riba to be Nara, as a means of closeness to Allah subhanho wa Taala arama Allahu Akbar.

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Have you ever heard of anything that brings about so many benefits like what you just heard? These are the worldly benefits of Salah, let alone the hereafter. Then even pay him he said, what Bill giovannetti father had that fear on Ijebu when you sat in bed and you will only work wahama he said, genuinely speaking Salah has tremendous effects with respect to both the preservation and the strengthening of body and heart. He said, with a lower body it and home as well as very strong properties in repelling evil matters from both of them body and heart. And then he said, beautiful words. In fact, he said, any two individuals who are tested with an impairment of some sort or an

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illness or a trial or a calamity, the one who prays more, will end up suffering less and his outcome will end up better than the one who prays less firmer stood Fiat shuru dunya while Akira Wallace to Julie but masala Houma, mythically Swan and he said in reality, there is no better and more effective way in repelling the evils of life and the evils of the afterlife and in reaping the benefits of them both that through Salah was so romantic and lasagna so that to me now, he said the secret of list of this lies in the fact that salah is a connection between man and his Lord, while Kadri suela Teilhard de Bie. Rugby he took the holy minutes if it wobbles and according to how

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strong a person's connection is with his Lord, will the doors of goodness open up for him and accordingly will the means for evil, be cut off from him?

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What is this descriptive description of in description of that thing that you do five times a day and you have amplified now that you are in Ramadan and will carry through after Ramadan till the day we die. Today therefore is a perfect opportunity to incorporate this act of worship that we have just spoken about. The next time you for example, are horrified by any type of news that is conveyed to you. Roll out your prayer mat, pray to units pray for units, prolong your prostration and share the very details of how you feel to Allah subhanho wa Taala and realize that alive where every possible calamity is manageable. That's not just a dream with this type of Salah or retreat of a

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Salah being available. It's a reality unless it was tangled with somebody was like that seek help through patience and through salah. Oh Rama

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Murthy mercy,

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welcome Rama

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