A Ramadan of change #29 – The night prayer of Ramadan – 8, 20 or 39 units!

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The Prophet's night prayer was not revealed until later, and the narrator describes it as in line with the prophetic way. The narrator questions whether it is just a number and recites a song about the prayer. The length of time people were doing prayer at the Prophet's death is discussed, with the number of units missed increasing from 39 to 3939 units, but people struggled to keep up with it. The message is to not complain of the duration of the prayer, but to focus on one key message.

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Oh Rama

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Murthy merci.

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Welcome Rama,

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Brothers and sisters it's actually

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not the eight vs 20 units of solid Tarawa that I wish to shed light upon here. But a topic that is all together different.

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For now I just want you to think about one narration the statement of Allah mother I Isha, describing the silence of the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in Ramadan. She said Mark can you as you do feel Ramadan wala fie Allah, aka the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam never prayed more than 11 units of Salah were there during Ramadan, or outside of Ramadan. Listen to what the Shan she then says, you will suddenly our Baraka in Fela test, Salah and Hosni. He never told him he would first perform four units, but don't ask about their beauty and length. So my Usili herba and fellow artists, Alan Hosni, he never told him then he would perform another four units,

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but don't ask about their beauty and their length. So my use only center, then he would pray his Witcher three units of solder.

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In other reports,

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it was narrated that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam would in fact pray 13 units of prayer, the 11 units, as we just heard, being described, and then an additional two light units that he would introduce his night prayer with. This was the way of the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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during the night prayer, why do I mention this?

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Is it to prefer one opinion over another, not for the sake of this recording? See, many mosques, many gatherings where Salah to tarawih happens have chosen the eight units that are concluded with three units of water and they say that this is in line with the prophetic way But hold on a minute. Is it really in accordance to the prophetic way? They see we're doing this because this is the Sunnah of the Prophet Allah send them on according to the hadith of Aisha but see my dear brother, my sister, is it just about imitating the number of units he prayed? Or does it also include imitating the quality of those units as well?

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We leave our home for the night prayer and then you return it an hour or so later and your wife is like Mashallah. Like you guys are finished already and you say yes and hamdulillah today, this evening we we applied the Sunnah of of praying 11 units just like the prophets I send them is it the Sunnah so beautiful you saying call it beautiful, if you wish, in fact, but you know what, don't call it the Sunnah.

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Because the prophetic way of the night prayer is not just a number.

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It's a description as well. She said, Don't ask about the length of those four and the beauty.

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How long is our Salah holiday that once prayed with the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he said I joined the prophets of Allah who Allah who sent him on one evening, during his night prayer, listen, listen. And he started reciting Surah Baqarah Chapter Two of the Quran, the longest chapter of the Quran, or the first set, you know, I thought to myself, he would go into bowing at the end of 100 verses, but he continued reciting, so I thought perhaps he would bow after he finished reciting the whole Surah continued reciting. So I thought to myself, Okay, surely he would bow upon completing it. He then recited Surah to New South chapter for Tinley, he finished it. Then he

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recited Surah two earlier Amara and chapter three, the narration says, till he finished it, how they felt may Allah be pleased with him said he would recite naturally. And whenever he recited in Isaiah which mentioned to be the glorification of Allah, he would pause and say, Subhan Allah exalted me Allah. And whenever he recited an area that included a request a DUA, he would pause, and he would ask from Allah and whenever he came across an area which speaks about seeking refuge protection and Allah He would pause and he would ask for refuge from ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada This hadith in Sahih Muslim.

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So how long was that one unit of prayer of the Prophet Salah Salem with her day for hours at least hours. Similarly, the Companions night prayer was so long that by the end of the prayer, they would be what they would be leaning on stakes. During the reign of all Marlboro hubbub to companions, to me, even though I was a daddy and obey ImmunoCAP they would lead the Muslims for 11 units of prayer. However, people struggled to keep up with this.

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And so it was decided that the amount of resuscitation would be reduced and it will be

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But they compensated by increasing the number of the units of prayer from 11. To what from 11 to 20. Again, as time proceeded, people struggled to keep up with this as well. So the number of units was then increased to 3939 units. Nafisa who was of course based in the city of Medina, the servant of Abdullah him, Norma, he said, LEM, Audrey and nurse Illa, homie, also Luna to San Juan Salah thena. Well, you know what I mean heartbeat Allah. He said, my only experience I eat in Medina, with people was that they were performing 39 units, which included three units as a Witcher, concluding Salah. So this was the way of the people of Medina a few years after the death of the Prophet Muhammad

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sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, I mentioned this so that you don't get so confused when you hear the number 39 Where did it come from? In fact, when the governor of Medina

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contacted Imam Malik for the purpose of reducing the number of units of the light prayer 39 units reduce it, Imam Malik prohibited him from doing so. Imam Malik, he said, had a drug to nurse Allah He, this is what I have found, that people are doing. Yes, and what are the honorable Adeem and this is the old way of the people. This is the old way of people. And I want you to bear something in mind. If Imam Malik himself is saying that this is the old way, although he himself is a very early Muslim, he was born in the year 93, after the age that he himself is a very early Muslim.

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That it shows that this 39 units is a very early tradition. And undoubtedly, the best form of prayer is that which the prophets of Allah while he was in in performance with respect to how many he performed, which is 11 and how he performed them. Don't ask about the beauty and length. But for those of course who cannot do this, and Hamdulillah I need there is maneuverability in the matter. There is flexibility. This is not the issue. The point of this message is one thing. It's not about arguing a case for a particular number of units for the night prayer No.

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The purpose is to establish one key message. Don't complain of the duration of your Imams prayer in Ramadan. And remember the example that was set by those who came before you. Oh Rama

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Muslim mercy Allah. Welcome Rama

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