Mohammed Hijab – Disproving Ahmadiyyah With One Argument

Mohammed Hijab
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Salaam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh how are you guys doing? This is a short video, hopefully, which is meant to elucidate

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our brothers and humanity from the comedy community, of course,

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we understand that the comedy community is a small community of about 10 million people worldwide according to statistics, and then we also understand that they, because of that, because of that may be susceptible to kind of violence or oppression, all these things. And while the first thing we should actually sell by saying is that, whenever you see people who, who are susceptible to those things, we should be careful not to twist, you know, ideological points of contention, theological points of contention, which I'm going to raise, in fact, in this video, to religious violence or oppression or anything like that, so that's, that's the disclaimer that I want to make. And just for

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those who don't understand who and what the admin is, ah, the admin is are a group of people who believe in the power and the veracity of the Quran. And they actually even believe in the Sunnah, the, you know, the, the literature of the Muslims, of the Sunni Muslims, like Bukhari Muslim, etc. And,

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but they also believe, which is what separates them from the main body of Sunni Islam and Shia Islam, the fact

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that there was a prophet that came after they call him where I'm at right now, this man was a man who was born 1835 and died in 1908. And was in British occupied India at that time. Now, I'm not going to go into conspiracy theories about him, liaising and conspiring with the British, but of course, this is the main stream kind of narrative within Sunni circles, which is that you know, he was conspired with a British or he was an acting the British will, in that you know, he kind of

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on prioritized The, the the obligation of jihad physical fighting back because the British at that time, they had an agenda, of course, to,

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to demilitarize, if you like the aggressing

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military elements of the Indian colonial peoples. That's it, that's a conspiracy, I will call it. What could be true. I'm not going into the details of this now, because it's not my area of interest at this point in time. But it's important just to know what kind of narratives are out there. Now, here's what I do want to say, which you think is very important.

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How do we know a profit is a profit is a good question. Okay, how do we know a profit is a profit now, in the Islamic tradition, I've already made the argument that from a completely textual basis, that they cannot be seen to be any profit that comes after Prophet Mohammed. Why because of the verse and sort of hazard, where he's referred to as hotter and hotter when they begin. So that is the seal of the prophets, but he's also the final prophet. Now linguists and festival exegesis of the world and throughout all of history, have said that this means that he is the final prophet, the prophet himself said, in Bahati in many different ways. In fact, different durations, Atlanta be a

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bag, there's no prophet afternoon. Now, this is the strongest argument and there are many arguments which are subsidiary to those arguments, which are made to show that there cannot be a prophet after Prophet Mohammed from an Islamic perspective. However, there's an argument I want to make today, which is a different kind of argument. You see, Allah himself, who, as we've said, was quite important man in terms of his political placement. He says the following he says that, too drunk to judge my truthfulness or lies, there is no better test than prophecies.

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He also said, let it be known to the unbelieving persons, that my truthfulness or false will be judged on my prophecies, there is no other touchstone for it. And of course, I'm going to provide an article with all of the references for these things that he said. So what he's saying is, and this is mentioned,

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this is mentioned in

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in books where I will

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show you the evidences for the references for those particular quotations I just gave, as I'm finding those quotations, what I'm going to say is that I believe that what I'm at is actually writing these points. In fact, it is a good point to make that prophecies are what is required for example, those two things to judge my truthfulness realize it nobody has and prophecies is mentioned in a book called Ronnie has in volume 19, page 288. And it's also let it be known to the unbelieving persons that might truthfulness or false will be judged. There is no better touchstone for it is in amin, azima Islam, page 280 of these references are

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will provide in an article which I'm basing a lot of his research on.

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Now, having said that, he's saying basically my prophecies, which is my predictions of the future.

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This is the touchstone to know if I'm truthful or not, I think this is a very fair test, because if someone is being divinely inspired, if someone is being divinely inspired, they should be, in fact, yeah. Telling the truth about the future, because if God is all knowing he knows the future as well, very fair enough. And that is actually one of the challenges we as Muslims make to non Muslims that if the Prophet had made a prediction of the future, and that is time bound, for example, place bound, that should have materialized and if it can be falsified, this effectively falsifies his profit. So very fair enough test because no one knows the future for sure.

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Now, I want to just introduce you to two prophecies, or two or three prophecies that will Mr. Smith made and we want to look at these prophecies and see, was he telling the truth or not?

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He says, What am I going to says in the following he says,

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it was revealed to me by the Most High God, that I should seek the hand of Ahmed Beggs elder eldest daughter, and to tell them that I kindly treatment shall be dealt to them if they accept the proposal, and that this marriage shall bring to them blessings and blissful Beatitudes. But if they should refuse to do so, the end of the gal shall be very sad.

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And the man who shall marry her shall die within two and a half years. And her father within three years from the date of marriage, God the Most High will remove every obstacle in the end, bring her into marriage with me saying this, yeah. And turn the religious people into Muslims and bring to guidance, those who have lost the right path. It's very clear. I will admit, it is saying that he will marry this woman

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whose name is Mohammed de Beagle. Yeah, he's saying that will happen in this time. And if this doesn't happen, and so on, then it will be problematic. Now admins will jump on this and say, Well, hold on. He says that if the people repent, there was a conditional repentance, the family mark, if the family doesn't repent, then all these things will happen. However, even after the family was sending, because they got a little bit worried, actually, maybe this guy is telling the truth. So the family started writing, you know, letters of apology to the to the admins of Alabama and so on. Even after that, he reiterated, so it can't be because of repentance. He reiterated the same message

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he said, even after they supposedly, you know, apologized and so on. But the death of armored bag broke their backs. And this was why they sent letters of apology and regret. So he's acknowledging that they said this and letters of apology regret, as they were struck by fear and terror in their hearts, it was essential that God the Most High according to his ancient way, postpone the day of punishment to some later time. That is, to the time when those people again turn back fully to another time of fearing, and turning to God is displayed and is proved by the horn of the Quran. But the essence of the prophecy that this woman will enter into this marriage with me is an absolute

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fate isn't a discovery

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is an absolute fate which cannot be averted. Now this is clear, even after the so called repentance and apology, so absolute faith which which what cannot be averted, he says. So after these days when God the Most High Seas, that these people's hearts have hardened, and that they have not valued the few days of respect and relaxation given to them, then he will turn to the fulfillment of the prophecy of His Holy Word.

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So you can't say that because oh, well the family repented because he was saying he's definitely she's gonna definitely could be married with me.

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But did this happen?

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Was he ever married to Muhammad the beggar? This is the question we have to ask because this was saying is absolute? The answer is no. He never married and there's no evidence that he married in fact, she got married to another man. Now, did all those bad things happen to Mohammed de Begum? Did you know Did Allah break their backs and so on? No more. So the question is, how can his prophecy be wrong if he knows the future? It seems someone maybe a critical say, this man really wants to get married to this woman was using fear tactics to try to persuade the woman for marriage, but that never materialized. But unfortunately, what that did is it put the cat in with the pigeons and put

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the spanner in with the Woodworks because now we can say that this is a false prophecy, which effectively you can argue falsifies his whole claim to profit.

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So by the way, he says this, and I'll give you the references in the article, you can check the article and put in the description box. By the way of prophecy, the Exalted God reveals into his humble one, that ultimately the eldest daughter of Mozart, Macbeth, son of midazolam back would be married to me, these people will resort to greatness

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hostility would put many obstacles in the way. But in the end, it will surely take place, the Exalted God, by all possible means bring her to me, whether a virgin or a widow, and would remove all impediments and would have necessity

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to the sauce, no one will be able to prevent it.

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Yeah, I mean, if this has been in the, in the hedis literature of the cylinder, he was saying that this is gonna happen, I'm gonna marry this woman, and he never did it. Imagine what the Orientals would be doing. They'd be having a field day with this information. Now, somehow Look at this, in addition to this false prophecy have a secondary one. He says, it is God's intention, this is him. Again, God's intention that he will bring two ladies in my wedlock. So again, he America, one will be a virgin and the other a widow, therefore, this inspiration, now is related to the version has been fulfilled and presented by the grace of God. I have four sons from with this wife. I'm still

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waiting for the fulfillment of the inspiration regarding widow. Now the thing is, what am I married twice most two versions? He married twice before and he married to Harmon BB. And those are jam bigger. Both of them. Yes, both of them are virgins. Now the question is, he said, I'm gonna marry a virgin and the widow. So wait a minute, which is the window that way we know that he married? Well, someone could argue well, when he married her, she was no longer a virgin.

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But this is the book and she outlived him. So she became a widow, but doesn't work like that, because he said this to bring him to the,

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to my wedlock Jani that she was in that state of being a widow already. And then she was brought to my wedlock. Not that I made her the widow, or because of me, she became a widow Jani. So the two things here are interlinked false prophecies relating to marriage. And so obviously, someone will argue if there was oriented,

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self serving prophecies, because you want to marry the oranges will tell us you want to marry and therefore you say you're gonna marry this otherwise break your back this and that, they would have a field day with this, and they did not marry and so on so forth type so imagine if it was us, as the Sunni Muslims will be humiliated in front of the international community with such false prophecies.

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Moreover, while I'm Ahmed said I shall die in Mecca or Medina, and the man never stepped foot in Mecca, Medina, what more do you want? Listen, gentlemen, let's read the whole thing. Are you taking out of context as I read the whole thing for you brother, because you need to. So this I shall die in Mecca. Medina

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means that before my death, I shall be bestowed victory like that of Mecca. Listen to this. That is to say that the Holy Prophet had vanquished his enemies through the manifestation of majestic signs of Allah, so it will happen now. The second meaning is that before my death I shall be stoned to victory like that of Medina, which means that people's heart will be their own inclined towards me.

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The phrase God has decreed I am I messengers shall prevail points of victory like that Mecca and the phrase peace is the word for my merciful Lord points of victory, like a minute, wait a minute, 10 million people in the world which is the size of London as a religious community, what Mecca Medina, I'm sorry to say how can you even compare the victory of Mohammed Salah Salaam was stretched

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from Morocco,

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from the east part of the west to the west part of the West with such

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Yani so to say insignificant gains,

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comparatively, from a demographic perspective of Well, I'm

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not forget, when I'm told us the truth, so the tug of war can do. He spoke the truth, even though in many instances, he did not speak the truth, to he said in so saying, he said, to judge my truthful ness or lies, there is no better test than prophecies. But if we use the prophecies, and we come to the conclusion, that actually, when you came to predicting the future, you did a miserable job, you did not do the right thing. And therefore, in addition to all of those evidences that point to the fact that Prophet Mohammed Salah was a final messenger, you also have these clear evidences, to the brothers, to the sisters in humanity that made the brothers and sisters which claim which clearly

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show unequivocally unambiguously, that

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made false prophecies with this legend, gentlemen lie. I think we have to be humble. And I apologize if I came across deliver passionate, was very important matter. If we're going to only leave a subtle album, we're going to leave the bulk of the Muslim body and the reasoning that marks us as a final prophet. The question is, there has to be some incredibly strong evidences. Neither this man show, while I'm adamant that he had a revelation from his own words or from the information that is provided for Amazon. We invite the brothers and sisters in that mighty sect to come to

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Mainstream Islam in sha Allah to just go back to what the Sahaba believed in vain M and we Muslim are meant to be for the federal interloper in their home fisherfolk say, he can mobilize for answers. If they believe in what you guys believe in, then they are on the right path. And if they go away from that, then they are in transgression. I just say to the brothers, let's go back to what the Sahaba said on these matters. Let's see what the mu festoon said. Let's see what the exegete said throughout hundreds of years. Was the Prophet Mohammed the final prophet or not? Did they understand it linguistically as that I think you'll find that they did.

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Please consider Sunni Islam and we will happy happy to have you with open arms with Sam walakum wa rahmatullah.

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