A Ramadan of change #22 – Three messages for what remains of Ramadan

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AI: Summary © The speaker gives three messages to the audience, including keeping on the promise of staying until the end of the month, search for a woman who has been praying for the night of decree, and not take advantage of the opportunity to spend the rest of the day in prayer. The message is also given to those who have missed out on their prayer or have missed out on their praying plans.
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Oh Rama

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Murthy merci. Welcome Rama,

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Dear brothers and sisters I have for you three messages

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for what remains of our month of Ramadan number one, keep switching till you find your heart in these last 10 nights of the month of Ramadan. You can't afford to sit still vary your acts of worship, set your phone on flight mode, then move to the RE citation of the Quran to prayer to Doha to remembrance to moments of deep contemplation and so on. Alternate keep moving, keep switching. This type of alternation is a key way of dispelling boredom and kicking out laziness from your heart. And you will find your heart through this alternation and switching from act to act number two, search desperately for a little other The Night of Decree, the moment you feel a dip in

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enthusiasm. Remember that a single hour of these last 10 nights of Ramadan is equivalent to 3000 days worth of actions in other words, more than eight years and that is about a single minute during this night is equivalent to 50 days worth of actions. By the way, it's important to note that these calculations that you hear are only for the sake of TOC three meaning to bring the meaning closer to us the reality of Layla TopCoder cannot really be calculated why because Allah subhanho wa Taala said that it is greater than 1000 months not equivalent to 1000 months, how much greater 2000 3000 months Allah Almighty knows. In fact, some scholars of Tafseer have mentioned that the expression of

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1000 months is not even to be understood literally.

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Because the Arabs, they use it in reference to a lifetime as opposed to an actual number. So with that understanding, the idea can be translated as with respect to meaning Laila to Kadri is better than a lifetime Subhanallah and Eileen so contrary to common assumption, losing out on these 10 Nights cannot be compensated for next Ramadan. And on that note, we are receiving so many reminders of the Hadith that you have come across by now. muncom and a letter called the the email and 37 who fear Allah Houma to condemn them whoever stands the Night of Decree, out of belief and anticipation in reward stands meaning prays it now all of his previous sins will be forgiven. Here I asked the

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question, what does it mean to stand the Night of Decree in prayer?

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Does that mean I'm to spend the entire night inside out? What if I have work the next day, and I really can't stay up.

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Inaudible humbly he said that some have narrated that the companion Abdullah Hypno haberse. Who said spending the night in prayer is when a person prays the Asia prayer the night prayer Aisha

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in congregation and makes the intention to pray Fudger the dawn prayer in congregation as well.

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Malik Imam Malik. He also said in his book but that it was conveyed to me that ignored Musa yep said whoever witnesses the Night of Decree, meaning by carrying out the obligatory prayer in congregation, then such a person has taken his portion from it. And this was also what Obama Shafi had said in his old opinion. Whoever prays there, Aisha unfed your prayers during Leila to catch up then such a person has taken his portion from it. Now don't get me wrong, should you be able to pray more? And that is the objective and that is the goal. Undoubtedly, should you be able to pray more than that? Then you want to be congratulated? Because this is the spirit of the last 10 nights of

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Ramadan in the spirit of a person who wants to accumulate as many good deeds as he or she can but should something come up keep this in mind nothing equates to the five obligatory prayers perfect them this is the second bit of advice Dear brothers and sisters search for Laila to Qatar this way. Number three see a Stafford Allah say a Stafford Allah I repent to Allah I apologize to Allah and it seems to be a common theme

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where Islam urges us to repent upon the completion of a good deed. Think about it right when you finish your Salah your prayer, Salaam Alaikum salaam aleikum? What is the first thing you say? You say stuff that Allah three times as if you've just come out of the sin.

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When you complete your will do your ablution washing for the salah for the pray

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What's the first thing you say? Hola Hola Jiang Amina Tila V. O Allah make me from those who are penitent to you who've asked you for forgiveness towards the end of your Hajj. We were commanded to say what to say a stockfeed Allah.

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As they pray at night the believers were described in the Quran as being what? Well, most takfiri noble as hard those who ask Allah for forgiveness. So there is a theme of concluding good deeds with repentance. Why? Because these good deeds undoubtedly are tarnished with all sorts.

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There's no room for showing off here. tarnished with showing off, tarnished with laziness, tarnished with the lack of attentiveness tarnished with all sorts and these deficiencies can be fixed with repentance just as Abu Huraira he said I'll Reba to tackle

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what is still follow your rock to backstabbing rips into your fasting backstabbing rips into your fasting, but repentance patches it up and whoever is able to meet Allah with patched up fasting, then let him do so. Say a Stepford Allah dear mother, the sister as you are listening to these words, but as you weren't doing it, position your heart correctly. Make it repentance that repairs your gazes a repentance that influences your private conversations. I stuck with you to law that purifies your finances once and for all and improves your public appearances once and for all. Make it a statement of aesthetic federal law that remains with you around the clock. And before your very

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eyes and with you when your eyes finally closed and with you insha Allah as our eyes reopen for the day of reckoning We ask Allah subhanaw taala to forgive us are stuck people who are too. Oh Rama

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Merci, merci. Welcome Rama

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