Yaser Birjas – Do Not Just Be A Bystander

Yaser Birjas
AI: Summary © The Sabbath video highlights the need for engagement and mindful behavior in fight against evil. A man named Subhanho wa Tada emphasizes his duty as Muslims to fight evil and bring positive change to the world. He also discusses finding the right side of Islam to stand for his duty and upgrading his spiritual state. The importance of learning and practicing to build a strong foundation is emphasized, as well as avoiding evil and bringing positive change to the world. The speaker also emphasizes the need to be part of a movement and not just a Muslim person, and to find strong shelter.
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Allah He prescribed that on that day that they should do should devote themselves to specific religious duties. Some of them, they were fishermen because they were on the seafront, several fishermen and ALLAH SubhanA wa Taala was testing them that on the on the Sabbath on that day, particularly, the sea will be full with all these fish and all this active the type of fish that comes to the shore, easy to capture, easy to catch, but they will not allow to do that. So some of them, they're kind of like thinking about what can we do because when they're a Sabbath, we can't do anything when it's when Sabbath is over. All the fish is gone. So they will now challenging

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themselves should we should we try to see a way where we can benefit from that and they start cheering.

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They start breaking the rules. And they start kind of like trying to modify the law of Allah subhanahu wa taala in this creation, so what do they do? They go on, they put their nets on Friday,

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and they wait for it to collect on Sunday. So even if they're not there, it's still catching the fish for them. Allah subhanho wa Taala warned these people from cheating.

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It doesn't matter how you deal with Allah knows the intentions. So he warned them, but amongst them in that group of people, there were those who would like to keep the Sabbath, the Sabbath keepers and those who broke it. But then there was a third group and ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada mentioned a dialogue in one single idea about the societal engagement and argument about the situation they were all in Bella Tabata, Quwata Island Surah Olara was caught at omega two men whom limiter Aluna Coleman Allahumma Holika Oh Ma, they will eventually the cardamom, gelateria, rock become one along at the goon. So in this ayah Allah subhana wa Taala speaks about three groups. He said when some of

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the Righteous Among them, they were righteous, they were good people, but they question their fellow Sabbath keepers, those who are engaged in Dawa active and reminding others about their duties to Allah subhanho wa Taala they will question Why do you bother even give Dawa to these people who deserve nothing but punishment from Allah subhanho wa taala? Did they have to be ruined?

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What was their answer Kadoma the rotten Ihlara have become so that we don't have any blame when we stand before Allah subhanho wa Taala what along with the Quran and they might hear the reminder,

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they might listen to it. So in this ayah Allah subhanho wa Taala speak about three groups of people. One that is wrong the worse wrongdoers the other one is engaging in Tao and reminding them to do to keep their duty to Allah subhanho wa taala. And there was a group that you could call by standards

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standing on the line and their job is always to put the stick in the wheel.

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Always they poke at the righteous ones are actively trying to engage and actively trying to remove that evil from from this creation. And then they keep keep poking into this keep putting a stick in the Will I keep telling the righteous ones who are actively giving Dawa says why bother, they ruin there is Jahannam

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I understand that. But I have a duty to Allah subhana wa to Ana to first of all, guide them to Allah the first and foremost and then even if they don't listen to me, at least when Allah asked me what did you do? I have my excuse me for Allah subhanho wa Taala those by standards, as a probably as equally evildoers. Because Allah Subhana Allah says in the Quran about charity, he says God what from the people who will be punished in Johanna, what do they say call Wallah your whole boo Allah Hammond Miskin. They don't encourage given to the poor. Forget about them giving. Forget about them giving no they even discourage others who tried to give.

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Allah says this has been Johanna.

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If you don't be engaged in the dialog, will we change that evil and bring it to the world of the Ummah get out of the way.

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If you want to be a bystander, that's up to you, but we can't afford the bystanders understand.

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You see it all around you and this pride month of June, everywhere. It's no longer in private places and private sectors and private you know, homes and organizations. It is in every every public sphere. You Can Go mind your own business anymore. You walk shopping center, you go you buy grocery, whatever that is even when you go to pick up your kids from school, you have to see that. And if you're not engaged, and given that data and trying to change that evil and I'm bringing her to the world, then we're just becoming weather bystanders, if not even worse than that, we poke we keep putting the stick in there which says don't do anything. Don't talk to them, or don't even try to

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change that. We can't afford that My dear brothers and sisters, that battle between good and evil is existential battle from the time of Adam Alayhis Salam and Allah subhanho wa Taala talks about

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When Allah created Adam, he ordered all the angels to prostrate before Adam

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happened to be among them. IBLEES was among the among the righteous and most knowledgeable of the jinn. He refused. He said, I'm not going to do this. I'm not going to do this. And Allah subhana wa and he knows why not. Because I'm a human, I'm better than his character limonada Hello Octoman teen you made me from fire this is made of what dirt nothing.

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And Allah subhanaw made an example of this of this creation. But then he challenged he challenged Allah subhanho wa Taala and Allah azza wa jal allowed him to do that. He says God, if you leave, let me live until the end of time. love who you are known as mine, I'll show you the don't deserve that preference. That privilege you have given them I will show you I will lead them astray. I'll make them change your creation, your ways. That sense of the job of the shaitan is trying to change the way that Allah subhanho wa Taala created this this world and the rules by which we should be live. Whether it's on a personal level, or a societal level, ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada says call for honey on

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Luna Elasto Nutella worrying whether waiting for

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other waiting that Allah Subhana Allah to make an example of them located to those will before them. He says subhanho wa Taala codified and tested a scintilla de la Allah's way will not change. Which means it's also our duty that if we don't speak if we don't do something, if we don't try to bring virtue back to its place where it belongs, we probably going to be taken by the punishment at all deserves.

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Brothers and sisters. Allah subhana wa Tada spoke about those who,

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you know, arrogantly, try to challenge Allah's ways, like you've seen this invidious Part One day when people speak about their views of the world. They challenge ALLAH SubhanA wa they proudly say that atheists they are proud to say I don't believe in your God, they proudly saying that. And Allah subhana knows about us it's in the Quran as well. It's thick bar and fill Allah says they doing this out of arrogance on Earth, as if they created themselves

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is sick bottom fill org Wilma Kurosu I will see you then you don't want to commit to create evil on this earth and the creator of Allah subhanho wa Taala Allah says that they're evil doing is gonna is going to backfire on them. Brothers and sisters, it's our duty as Muslims to be there as guardians of virtue. This is how Allah subhanho wa Taala made us and this Allah subhana wa Taala has he tasked you with this? Allah Azza says about this OMA subhanaw taala as being the preferred OMA based on what

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your honorable Malva and Hunan and monka come from Cairo mutton overjet Linares you are the best nation ever produced in mankind for what reason? Because you enjoy and God forbid even the honorable Morrow what's in Havana and in Mocha, that is our duty, you can't be a bystander anymore. You have to bring some change, positive change. And if you can't do anything, then don't put that second we'll

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let that development happen. Dialogue start, we get some summary shout Allahu terracotta Allah, Allah azza wa jal, he told us when you start making that when you bring that data to the world, you have to also make sure that you have the equipped with the knowledge for it, while Allah azza wa jal call her the Sabine Allah, this is my way that I call to Allah subhanho wa Taala Allah Sera, I have basura which means I have that knowledge. I know the way how to do that. So you need to do it properly. You have to have that knowledge. You have to know how to do it right. And also to be patient in the process. When the prophets Allah Sam says about the LMR Kawartha Ambia as OMA, we

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inherited the task from the Ambia and the prophets. And what is that you carrying the Huck to the people. So you're inheriting the knowledge itself. you're inheriting the Dawa, and the mission itself, and you're also going to be inheriting the trials that they have to go through. Which means we have to understand once you start standing for the hunger for the truth, you are going to be tested. It's not going to be an easy task, but it's worth it. Because that's how Allah subhanho wa Taala balanced even with help in this world.

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When the people have helped, they take a backseat and they relax and they don't do their duty because of comfortable where they are. That's when evil start rising.

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But it's not going to rise forever. time will come when Allah subhanho wa Taala to balance this back again. And you need to be part of this balance my dear brothers and sisters. What do we do when it comes to the subject of Phaeton and Dawa? We need to do these few things. Number one, when the freedom becomes So, so difficult, and so actually intense, a lot of people they withdraw and they hide because they don't cannot stand against it. But Allah subhanho wa Taala says in a moment like this called furfural ro eel Allah, you run back to Allah subhanho wa Taala not away from Allah azza wa jal, a

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lot of people break under pressure

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Just give away and given and the socket accepted whatever they become very, very agreeable to everything. But Allah says fulfill rule eat Allah. Find your way back to Allah subhanho wa Taala and you find strong shelter over there. That's what the prophets Allah says called Ableton will help you felt fulfilled origin tonight, if you worship Allah subhanho wa Taala during the time of Fitton, when there is no less incentive for people to worship, listen centered. So when there is when you are being dedicated to worship Allah subhana water in times of intense fit and he says call Mary, as if you're making Hijra with me or to me.

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You want to be with the Prophet sallallahu wasallam then do that Hijra when things get tough and difficult return back to Allah subhanho wa Taala The other thing in my in moments of difficulties like this, I know a lot of people they become very skeptical. They become pessimist and they kind of like realized you know what we lost? That's not true. And when we should then the last football you should be optimistic because when things get so difficult, that's when it basically Allah subhanaw taala will bring the light back.

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And Allah azza wa jal said and I'm one of the most difficult moments in the history of the Muslim ummah, when the Muslim community was, was divided over the fitna of Al F. When Omar Rashard Allah Tada was the accuser of the biller with the with the with the sin, and that was a big fitna for the ummah. Even the Prophet sallallahu wasallam was hurt by that. Allah subhanho wa Taala says about it was con, la Cebu shallow lagoon, but hydro lagoon don't exist to be evil. What does that mean? There is no such thing as absolute evil, no such thing as absolute evil. Yes, there might be some damage and harm that comes with it. But overall, if you look at the bigger picture, there's always hardwood

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come on that your duty is to find the * out of this. What is that? If I say this, I need not to become more active and awake and vigilant. Making sure that I promote my dad, my dean, my Dawa my values. It's extremely important that you stand for these values this day, if I wasn't really prepared for that, this is the time to do it. Brothers and sisters, when it comes to looking at what's happening around us, we need to understand that this is the way of Allah subhanho wa Taala there is no one methodology that says all the way up and just have that privilege of being always the victorious one. Allah subhana wa they will test the believers within unbelievers and unbelievers

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among themselves and and in many different ways. But it's our duty to make sure that we are always on the right side of it. How do we know that fulfill it Allah returned back to Allah subhanho wa Taala May Allah make some of the neuropil alameen Coolio Cody ha That was tough for a lot of the money will come with a certain moment of suffering all in the world of Orion.

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Alhamdulillah Allah Alameen sallahu wa salam Baraka, Anna Vienna Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa seldom at the Sleeman Kathira to my bad. My dear brothers and sisters as a believer, I'm absolutely certain that Allah Subhana Allah has promised for this Deen to prevail will come true.

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But you're going to have to be part of this. You have to do your duty in sha Allah Who Tabata codon as Allah. Allah says in the Quran, what are called Saba Kalamata de vida and mousseline. Allah says that we have sent our message for way before to our mercerie to the masters and the prophets of Allah azza wa jal in the hunger hormone monsoon, that victory will be in their hand they will they will prevail. They will always prevail, eventually, so Allah subhanho wa Taala promised that the deen of Allah subhana wa they will remain victorious, but it's my duty to be part of it. Insha Allah Who Tabata Kota Allah, and Allah has ever even gave us at some most of most difficult moments. He

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can change ways for people. Look at Ibrahim alayhis salam, when he was flying in the air on his way to that fire, to be punished by his people. Gibreel comes to him and it says hello caminhada Do you need anything from me? Ibrahim Ali Salam Gibreel tal Malaika follow Hajah from you. I need nothing. Well I can have to be Allahu naman Joaquin, I have Allah subhanho wa Taala and it's sufficient for me instantly, Allah azza wa jal chase the law of the physics of the fire for him to Naraku never there was salam ala Ibrahim

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Musa alayhis salam when they came to the sea, and they realize there is no escape anymore. The skeptical ones among his people, what did they say called Wynonna mudra who look they're going to catch us Musa with full confidence he goes killer. No, no, no, no, no, no you're busy and Allah will guide me and East is that the Allah told mo Salah ceremonial staff just strike the sea and a miracle happen. I don't claim that miracle is gonna happen on your hand in your mind. I don't claim that but I know Allah subhanho wa Taala will show you the way but you need to be remain steadfast on it and against all that kind of like evil that is happening in our time. Brothers and sisters. You cannot

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be bystanders anymore. You have to take a stance in this time of Fitton.

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My dear brothers and sisters don't become an obstacle don't become an obstacle some people Allah Mustang as you've ever been to him or him Allah says called Baba Nazca do Bab, La ilaha illa Allah Jura. Some people like flies, they only they go after what the filth.

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That's it, of all the sweet things that they have all the flowers that around you, they go after the filth, that's all so that we can choose in this manner. And call Salah Salem, Bella and Nivola. If this is the time you apply this one for yourself belly one you will add deliver even if it was one single item,

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even if it was one single link, even if it was one single signature, even if it was one single statement, or what position that you make whatever that you can afford to be part of the heart and part of support that hub you should do. And today Wallah I personally believe is not sufficient just to be just a Muslim.

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It's not sufficient to be just a Muslim anymore. You need to be a movement. What does that mean? You have to upgrade your level of Islam because Muslims are so many but many of them go astray.

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They say I believe in God, but they believe in their heart is so weak that they start accepting other things right and left. Even though they still say Allah, Allah, Allah Allah, but they're willing to compromise that with other things. But with Eman, you remain steadfast and have to learn to be a movement. It's not sufficient just to be a Muslim in this time and the least you could do if you couldn't do anything else. Just make sure to make dua that ALLAH SubhanA wa Bucha preserved his deen and whether there's Omar Abdullah Al Amin, Allahu Marlena man Fana one fan of Mr. Olympia Anna in the country. Rollingwood Hakeem Allahu Martina fusina Taqwa was a key Hunter hiraman Zika Antonio

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himolla about Allah and Allah Malika Soluna Allah and maybe, yeah, you are the nominee, Allah Allah who was dealing with a slimmer Allahumma salli wa sallim wa barik ala Nabina Muhammad Ali was the happiest man, what are the Allahu mancala Farah she didn't be back in Walmart I was man and what Ali wants out of Sahaba Jasmine woman tambien BSN idioma Deen, welcome salaam

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