Akram Nadwi – Advice and reflections to the ASI graduates of 2020

Akram Nadwi
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Be nice for take a verse from chef Saudi.

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Maybe some of you know him. Chef Saudi Shirazi Mustafa Dean is really one of the one of the great parts of Persian language. No Sunni because now even if people think about Iran, they always think about the Shia. But in those days era Shafi, very few Shia they are most people are shafali Sunni Muslim, and all the great parts of Iran who are new, we are proud of them. None of them mushiya they're all Sunni, half a Shirazi.

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You know how Pani and

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I don't worry, though. See, all these people have said they're called. I'd prefer Salba partial language. And in the mother Assad when he started fasting, we have to learn is that Farsi for your language, especially chef Saudi, his books have been always part of the curriculum.

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The hidden from the service itself isn't evil, at least we'll have in the Josie, he mentioned at least, that I studied with evil jobs in bodard. They study with him, he also met the great shoe, Sufi chef, the founder us over the Scylla chefs you have with this server until he had very nice story with him. He said once I was traveling

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in the water in the river, and I was waiting for the boat on there without a chef Shahabuddin. So,

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and the board came and I paired the fear, and I went, chef's chef had no money. Then I saw chef walking on his might or the water. Do I ask a shake? How do you come to your chef said no. You came in a wide by the board. And I can divide by the one or two who made all the all the world when he met that he said, Chef I asked a chef over the water. Give me some advice to serve gave me this advice. The first thing is never think that you are better than anybody else. Don't think that you are better than other people. And never think that anybody lower than you. So it is very nice advice. Anyway, though, it reminded me of Saudi he said in the beginning of Buddhism

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he said about Roboto Mahalo for a humidor for like their current thought to nanny Ari

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he said all these

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cloud Sun Moon the water all these are working very hard. Very very all the time keep working Why? So you can get a beret and eat it just to make a one a better you need the whole universe you know the cloud the sun the

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moon and water you know everything actually working? Just to get you one we really don't realize how much effort is behind 100 actually sometimes you guessed it, we don't you know appreciated how much effort there is to sing loudly when we are working in or in studying you know in a salami stewed or we are teaching how much effort there is made by the staff we don't realize we should I know remember them and thank them well Melissa Baraka you know to them and their family and you know, I rewarded for their hard work because the money cannot pay people. So, whatever effort they make really did not pay it in this world money what they pay very little most of the first thing when

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people have their heart and all those things that only a LAN was and he can pay nobody can pay them too fast. We have to take them slowly I have to thank also brother and start on Robo so far actually his effort that always supporting us longitude, Mashallah. And, you know, and, you know, on animals auction, you know, he's the one who presiding and conducting and also carries throughout the year martial law, always support and sometime he, you know, sends a message to me for encouragement. Sometimes we talk about the phone, the last few months, I didn't talk too much because, you know, when I speak on the phone after that, I get a pin in my ear and a headache. But still, I'm doing

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Petrova. Thanks very grateful to him as well.

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Similarly, we must thank all the salon teachers regarding their effort that nothing's happening, guys only can teach us in some people, but all these classes they know now the problem is for seven years. So we need more teachers to know start

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after the happy, and Shafi

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you know, Tarik valora and Abu huraira and Surrey of luck God and Hassan and so many others sexually maybe I forgot everybody Omar Han. Mashallah so many people have been teaching. We have to thank them. I really, you know, they work hard.

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They do not really easy to teach people are willing to an awful lot about, you know, reading from, you know, some books that you know, reminding the students really

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reminded my own death in the in the mother that how, you know we love really to find in Africa, we didn't have book really if you come to my village you know you'll seriously that you know it is so far away. But it's still there no teachers used to manage to teach if we get a cleric we're so so happy. Some of the things that I studied, we have two copies with only one book in the library to every student has to copy with the hand and then read with the shift in also you know it or not, it often does remind me to we don't realize how much effort there is that people teach are awakened and rewarded with high recording if you teach any of the people you know, which can help people to

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understand the book of Allah subhanaw taala he was rewarded or to lie No, but arrabida he reminded very good reminder Mashallah enough love Marcel about Arabic language, also the sacrifice made by the greatest colors, especially we will be having a Razzie and people liking and also share again Mashallah he would my heart, you know, my heart reminded most of people that's true, really love a filter. The reason is, it gets a position. But truth really is second now the guidance, guidance in the book of Allah subhanaw taala. And what we need in the West is not people who can refer to will relate to people who can change people's life, who can work with people in Iraq to Lhasa hautala and

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that only can be done by the work of Allah subhanaw taala so in the subtle avenues move to that, well, we need for Aha, we will move at the theme. But most importantly we need really people who study deeply The Book of Allah subhanaw taala their relative come close to Allah and attested to his book, in a book in ocean Book of Allah subhanaw taala. Like Allah, Allah is no limit is the book has no limit. Whenever people say that, you know, we have 1000 points and Soto surah Yusuf, I said, No, you never can you never can comprehend. You know, people cannot comprehend what this finger is the fingers created for are not created, nobody can comprehend. Amazing, every time you read, really, it

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helps you. So I remind all of you that you know, to whatever life by spending most time you know, on the Quran, it really, you know, gives you it can make you like you without him, Melissa, at least, you know, nearer to them, you can understand him. However, a Muslim has been in all these puffers So certainly, you know,

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this was a good reminder. And if I now actually you know, in the beginning I used to love 14 all those tests Rumi is next to my bed, I but I realized really that nothing equipment, when you read the Quran, it is really something different, like a lot of motala. So all of you certainly used to reflect on that. And then actually, I was also really impressed by them, you know, SPS of the students in all of them, whether I show that he or no matter mobile, and

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others and maybe I covered all of the nerves that shamsudeen Wahid in all these people are generic and also the sister or a name, I forgot the name anyway. So all these, you know, Farzana. So and,

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you know, I really appreciate that, you know, you people really learn this important myself, you know, we all agree lover, that if you can excel, you know, teachers love their students, if they can become better than them.

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Generally, people don't like anybody else to accept them. But for the students they love because they're in the extension. So we really, you know, we have no profit or no jealousy with the students. Maybe I have jealousy with his teacher, but he also my student, but we have maybe jealousy with teachers, but not with the stores. We love them. You know, I remember,

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there were more of a Rahi studying in the University of Oregon. And the founder thing was disastrous Mr. Conover, at that time, you know, he was there he the founder. The ones he said that in the industry, we have got a student who knows our MC more than the teachers and he meant more of other

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than that, he just became upset they came to our notion more money and the complaint when they're insulting the teachers that's associated with cancer that there are so many students who know Arabic more than the teachers to simply said, You people should be upset, but not me. Because the one is praising his my students do I got a problem we know is more for I because better than me. So this thing really when you accept without a family, and certainly you know, in a salon student, we have no intention to impose upon humanity nor really, we only want to give you the tools and in mind and thinking after that you are responsible to the data via all the rewinding that we give you to think

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authority means Shahadah to have authority to learn to teach

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Also responsibility, you are responsible, whatever you teach, you know, we are not responsible, you're responsible have responsibility. We will never want anybody, we don't want to create a team of followers.

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That we I'm aghast

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with what what you

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know, your theory you agree, you know if, if a different mood argument is

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different me opposing me criticize me right of *, I have no problem as long actually maybe I learn from you and maybe I can actually change my opinions regarding I'll just keep changing. You know, somebody reminded one of the Indian Porter volume, the last time you said this, and now you change to all of your ideas, they keep changing, the forces of change, don't think that I'm stuck with the same thing all the time. If people remain who've done the same thing when they don't really, they don't love it hate to be changed. So in the South Korea, remember, when I start teaching a salon in Oxford,

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and some of these, you know, women stood they came to my class, you know, I need courage them. And I really learned from them from their question. And after that, keep learning to keep asking the question, I always keep learning, it reminded me, you know, I always change in a war and thinking, I know, maybe no idea they remain fresh in my mind. But anyway, change is something good, cuz we don't get revelation to be loved. And when you learn you learn, improve yourself. So certainly, you know, we really need to offer all of you, we are loving LSU. And I've mother shea butter used to advise us or the end of the year, that when you become hardened,

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you know, what you get is the key has the knowledge to now you can open the treasures. So you got the key to open all the treasures. So you have to make a particular SD card to your effort. You get to whatever you want. And then I also like really to reflect on the speech of my teacher, Chef, Robert,

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half as

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many of you don't know really how important he is. He's very old man. He was born in 1929

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is more than 90 of 1929 from Christian calendar 1929. So more than 90 year old.

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You know, when I came to the trauma this tonight, he was the most senior teacher that time,

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time talking to you know, something nearly 40 years back, he was most senior teacher. Now he made it. They still they're often really lagging burqa, and he's certainly now at MIT in India, they say he is the most of Pisces color in India.

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No ladonia You know, there are people who are pricking they want to make a disciple and then get money from you and lift, shake, Ravi meeting, you know, really he does. He had no interest in this one in dunya zone with a minor for a very big and really it's very noble man. If you stayed with him, you can see nobility from him. You will learn from his love. He's a minor pious person in a peace basically no doubt leader of all Muslim organizations in India, in the tough men every respecting from noble family alpha sraffa Osheroff is an airflow chef was originally

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100 luckily he likes me listening to he gave me Java to get connected for him he has a big honor for all of you to when he has Sunday speech there was no Java then I fought him again I said no please the students have to get a job as well then he in the center like I said now they put all that together, but what different three messages and they have been put together and then he said to me you know if you can ask them to read first of all this at least to you. So then I have given to all of them might each other so hamdulillah you know you are now connected in distance remove water system of our country for our mama rather to all the authors of the books of Hadith and throw them

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to the professor Lannister and to all the companions and people secondly what kind of be it agenda better than this that you are connected to a chain where you are the first person and the professor lesson to you basically you know move from one to the other in the same team say family so this is one important thing. I don't know how much time there is ugly because there's so many ideas critical thoughts coming. So what somehow remind me when the time is what is starting Marie Kondo

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easier projector you can you can continue as long as you wish. No If there maybe he can. I don't know if he has time. Maybe he can and then I can come back again. Oh, you want me to complete you can complete complete point inshallah and also started the hackings asking if you can also read the Hadith around as well at the end.

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Why should we live

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I read in the beginning of graduate read and he had this anyway. So I start with that gasa reason I Larry mom, Sophia Nabina and honoring the dinar in all of your problems in Lola Abdullah in yonder in the house, on Abdullah in the amygdala, so the low part of patos will lie some low, what is seldom are often non khattala you'd have more money in order to manifest some type of event

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or order for this and not only for you, for you and your descendants, inshallah, whoever is born when I'm alive, my mother was all of them, because it was dark normally higher there inshallah and he's one of the expert of the you know, chronic the Sierra and Mashallah working very hard in this field. So he will give some advice in identity shadow. But I just like to remind something for the students who graduate here

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this morning. I know somebody sent to me from Saudi Arabia fatawa of his color, he was asked about a woman, you know, who has got some beard on her face, that she removed the hair. So this color became very angry, and he wrote a fatwa and a saying that the woman gets all the good of her face. She's not allowed even to remove one here. And if she removes any here, she will be touched by Allah and His messenger

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is fatwa. And similarly, you know, same this morning, somebody sent to me, you know, he's very much in depth, you know, walking, you know, he said, in the best exercise to walk, the love, he has collected the verse of the Quran, where the walk has come twice in the sector. Understanding the Quran did not come to teach people walking, maybe walk is very important to you. But the Quran does something more important that you can see, really all this has happened in this world. In the district has come telling me really what happens. There are these other parts a lot less alum, that when Lola die, than those who are not learned that they take the place, they become leaders, and

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then they mislead people are dead misled at the mystery of the people. Now you're responsible in the West, worker heart rate, if you don't teach what will happen is the wrong teachers, teaching.

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And there's so much to be done. What I prefer many, many people in the autism group really what we can't do, then the keep complaining all their life. Allah subhanaw taala never likes that. He never likes people who complain, he's always see what you can do, and then do it. And then he'll go do it and he will be more Baraka or whatever thinking this is my space. I have got this knowledge in this space, how can I? No.

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Teacher Islamic sciences? And how can improve people's life? And how can guide people to Allah subhanaw taala? How can we make them to enter to paradise what I can do? Let me start with one thing, and in many, many things will keep coming. That what you need to learn that, you know, don't copy. And after the remarks, the story of that people have came, you know, the the six, seven, whatever number the seven people

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very tough condition, much tougher than we can imagine really such a tough condition that basically the thing they could lose their life. And they're kind of forced to become, you know, coffee. And a Khurana president that are they are the young people featured on our money grubbing Was it the LA home Hoda Cora has so much praise for them. When you read actually their Bible, their life in the Quran, what foreign ministry is that? How much concerned they are about their faith? And so oh my lord if you don't help us, we think that you know, this certainly we can be forced to become powerful they asked the defendant Lord and Allah guided them and help them in that story numerous

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feet see any word when they complain?

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They don't complain that Oh, we don't have the space. We don't we don't have numbers, that no complaint whatever it is, they have got a small clip in that is more give the content and one new word they have got how they calculate the load. Figure it out we have is much better than that there is this thing really saving you somebody Salaam never completely space. You know here in this picture, well, it's more well, then he's in the pilots of this lady who basically corrupt and she wants to corrupt him, then he is forced to be in a prison. But when you read his biography, never find a person, a man with a frustrated, angry, never angry person. In all this condition is actually

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in a form. That what Allah wants that whatever space you have given, thank Allah don't dimension of what you don't have already mentioned what you think read what how much I can do. And then do it. And Allah Allah will open more both for you and more positive for you then

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How the people excelled in the past. I've often thought of people that did not have all the space. Actually this place was not in his favor. But whatever he could do, he did. And there are lots of other made him to Excel to all those people who have got all this place. He was not the party of Kufa. He didn't know he was not a governor of Kufa. This this post got in the hands of those people who actually used to oppose him.

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But now how many of you don't know who was the governor of Kufa the first time how many people know who was called Jeff Cooper? We don't luckily their name only come in the Bible favorable funny photo from Allah. Mr. Medina.

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Medina definitely not easy really Guevara Medina even punished him some some time. But the thing really firm in whatever he can do get it

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on land. But you know what happened with Zima Shafi not very easy life gift in poverty. All these people know completely whatever is placed the guard they use this color in order for a Hindi the man of language did not have data for a very poor person, nothing really just one dry bread is to eat instead, he's to settle store and say that I just got distributed, I'm going to eat you have to find your own food. But to see his name it reminded you know, alive, that what you need to learn really never complaint, this space. Some people are going to teach you we need a philosopher and instead to unless the cursor lover, they can't do anything, the gift talking about Salah, nothing happens for

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200 years, Muslims have been talking about a philosopher that tells me what happens if you keep talking a lot of them never gives you something unless you do something. ideas have no importance, unless they are acted upon unless they're implemented. It's more idea when it's put in practice. It really brings big food, but great ideas without any practice. Nothing happened to there. So that what we need to understand really that you know, don't think we are small. Never think like you know, somebody sent me last last night a student complained that we are our biggest so we can this nothing compared to our teacher so you know, how can we translate anything? And how can do any work?

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So I think we we need to remind the difference, if anybody would like that.

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You know, I remember when I came to the dorm adopted my grandma, my grandma very, very good. I never loved our grandma. My learn grammar is more madrasah in my village, not in leather water and under my ground are very good. Teachers used to say that those who studied grammar before coming from the word they are the best to do I knew the grammar but I remember but we never had practice to speak up with the Nevada programmer to speak to once I get my first geez do I use a sentence in IRA merely this muffin Lamar?

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Let everybody left and teacher I think so far that I made you know this muffin number one su marfo nothing really you can think that you are in a scale in order to satisfy linguistic and

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do you know people should not think my arbitrary vehicle this or that not everybody has been like that?

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No peraza danika public everybody has I think this weakness in a problem. There are lots of bottlenecks you know, nobody's born from off the other end we're learning person. You know, it'd be if I count my mistakes. You know, there'll be so many that people remember that the commodity you know, like, I remember one of them.

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Mr. Alpha, you know, blasted Empire was the political era for asking a question. He didn't have an answer.

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To Holly fabricant angry and cynical and he says use money you don't have answer

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the minister said you pay me for what I knew. If you pay me for what I don't know your project definition in part of me only paying for what I know to think of every even the best minister he does not know everything. I've often heard of not knowing anything on magic actually be of questions to companies so many he has he said a lottery I don't know what to sell. I don't know. If you don't know there's no problem. But you know, make effort to not learn more than whatever you use it.

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So I think really no, you don't need a long speech. And I said enough. And if we limit those few words, inshallah wisdom, you know, it really be helpful for us very well remind you that don't think that you are, you know, inferior to anybody or weak. You know, you have the help of Allah subhanaw taala each one of you can be as best as possible, and

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help all of us and guide all of us and make us invest in his settlements and also grant us paradise in the Accra was on good luck.

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