Ali Albarghouthi – The Futility of Concealing Deception from Allah

Ali Albarghouthi
AI: Summary © The transcript describes a video where a person is being watched while they are alone in a physical world. The person is being approached by someone who is watching them and they discuss hiding from Allah's presence. The video also includes a homage to Islam and a mention of a person named Ozora holy woman.
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Stay away from the haram. And that should be a given. But it's really not.

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Because in the physical world The Haram is physical, we know we should avoid it. People are watching.

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But when you're simply by yourself, behind your screen, the barriers that seem to be up in the physical world collapse. And you find yourself easily engaged into images, videos, discussions, that displease Allah are unaware that Allah is watching.

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And Subhan Allah Allah says in the Quran, yes tahune emila Nursey what is the phone I mean Allah.

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He says they hide from people, but they do not hide from Allah while he is with them.

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Right? That's true, because you wouldn't really be watching these things. If someone is watching you. If your neighbor is looking at what you're listening to or watching, you would really not watch it. So you feel embarrassed because another human being may notice. But you don't notice or feel that Allah is watching you at this moment. He is with you. He is with you.

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Oh, who am I?

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And another area? Allah says Allah in the homie of newness, Ozora holy woman, and again is

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a user who know you already know. He says, he says talking here about that flood believed that some of the non believers had, which is that if we really bend and hide from Allah azza wa jal, he wouldn't know what we're doing yet no, not pseudo meaning that they will bend to hide their chests. So if we do this, Allah will not know about it. If we hide our thoughts, Allah will not know about it. If we hide inside our homes, you'll have no access to it.

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So Allah says, Allah Hina is still showing the app when you put your clothes on top of you and hide under your clothes under your covers. Yeah. You says oh my god, he knows exactly what you're doing secret and public. So when you are

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remember that Allah azza wa jal is watching in the sun, our boss our the cooloola you can homeschool your heart, what you see and what you hear. Allah will ask you about all of it.

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