Never justify your violence against others

Abu Bakr Zoud


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And then some Allahu alayhi wa sallam once in Makkah, walking past are so heavy, Abu Massoud not even rude, I was rude along sorry.

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And he was lashing. He was beating a sleeve of his

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soul. And he said the Alma Thomas root, and Allahu Akbar, roaming Ghana head on hoonah was rude. He said, he was rude. Make sure be aware that Allah is more capable upon you, then you have upon the servant, and upon this leave a lot of socialists capable. If you're able to oppress others, if you're able to oppress the wife, if you're able to neglect the rights of the children and oppress them along, he's capable to do whatever he wants with you. Someone was rude, he was terrified. And he freed the slave. He didn't even say solloway Let me explain to you the story. And I'm dealing in because 123 He didn't even say that, no matter what the boy did. It doesn't give you the right to

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show that knowledge to people. So I almost wrote he said,

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I free him for the sake of Allah house, I have nothing to do with him. And then there's an aeration that tells us I'm alone while he was alive, he said to him, and

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now, on another generation, lemme second now, if you did not free him, you would have been burned by the fire. Allahu Akbar. bad manners would have led to over soutien burnt in the fire. bad manners. Never justify your bad manners, never justified. The Muslim is always a degree above and he always carries his responsibility and he always carries good manners with him.