The Spiritual Ladder – The Height Of Foolishness

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Bismillah he was salatu salam ala rasulillah he sallallahu alayhi wa sallam were bad. Every human by nature loves to be respected, honored and revered, refer to someone as, Madam, Your Excellencies when the Prophet sallallahu Sallam wrote a letter to the Roman Emperor Illa, Avi me room to the Roman Emperor, the Honorable, venerable August individual, so we all love to be honored, respected and revered.

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And none of us would be comfortable if somebody referred to us with condescending, derogatory and inflammatory comments. Unfortunately, when we have an argument in a fit of rage in a feud in an altercation, we refer to people in condescending ways. Sometimes we would say he's a fool, sometimes he will say he's ignorant. Sometimes we will say that's even silly of him, etc, etc. But if we pause and analyze the definition of ignorance and foolish lo and behold, at times we are more fitting of the definition than anyone else. So the under logo say the linguist tell us mania maluma your guru who merill me he because he, any person who is a fool any person who indulges in something, which is

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detrimental to him knowing the harms of it, I understand this is a synthesis device, this will be set me back in my religious affairs. I understand this is harmful for my health, yet I indulge in it I consume it, understanding that this will harm my health. This itself is a type of foolishness. And in fact, in the verse of the Quran, Allah refers to anybody who perpetrates an act of violence as a type of ignorance in the matoba to Allah Healy levena meluna su Abuja holla some Allahu elliptica Mela le le

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incarna Mallory me, Allah has referred to the perpetration of a crime and a sin and transgression as a type of ignorance. So unfortunately, many of the time many times we ourselves are the most foolish of individuals. But there is one type of foolishness that is the worst of it's all there is one type of foolishness and that is the worst of it all. And you I refer to a caption of a dialogue with Abraham Selma bien de la Rahim Allah when Solomon Ibn Abdul Malik had quizzed him and asked him and who knows who's the most intelligent, who's the most wise, the most calculated person? He said, Roger don't vasilopita atila A person who lives a life of being a lot further leanness, Allah, and

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then he motivates people towards it. So he obeys Allah and people obey Allah. Then the the halifa asked him, man, africanus, who is the most foolish and the most naive of individuals, he said, Roger alone, Roger alone by the lotto dounia de la ilaha illa Allah, that person is the most foolish one who forsakes his after, meaning he disobeys Allah to secure a worldly benefit for someone else. So it's foolish enough, it's naive enough for you to compromise your abode in order to procure and secure something in this world. But there's no explanation or no height to describe the definition of the foolishness of a person who does obeys a law for the worldly benefit of someone else. You are

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speaking ally so that he can cheat, you are doing something wrong so he gets something material in this world. We asked the almighty to save us from all extra foolishness. And may Allah make us the most intelligent as defined by the prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam, the one who can subdue his ego and prepare for death. That is the true intelligent person as described by the messenger sallallahu alayhi wasallam. I mean, you're allowed me