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In the middle who want to stay in who wants to futile when we let him in surely and fusina was he at a marina Mija de lo philomel de La La MaMa usually Fela ha de Allah, Masha Allah ilaha illallah wa ala Sheree Kela why no Mohammed Abu ora sudo sallallahu alayhi wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa sallam am about to fire in the halal howdy Tiki tabouleh heeta Allah wa higher Alhaji Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was Shara memoriam of the third to her wakulla Mahajan, VEDA wakulla deltans, Allah Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah tintina.

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All praise and thanks belong to Allah, the Most High and the Most Merciful. We asked him for his help, his aid, assistance and forgiveness. And we asked him to protect us from the evil of ourselves in the sense that we do, indeed who serve Allah guides, no one can lead us astray. And who sort of Allah leads astray no one can guide

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I bear witness that there is no one worthy of worship except Allah alone. And then Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is his slave and messenger.

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a lot as his origin.

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Through His prophets, Allah Allahu Allah, he was in them

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told us about something that he loves.

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In the Hadith, he says

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in the law hibou either Amina Hakuna Matata yukina

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the prophets of Salaam says in the Hadith, it says, Allah loves that if any of you does anything, that they would do it well.

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They would perfect it. They do it with a son.

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And so in this football we want to understand this Hadeeth

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What does it say about Allah azza wa jal that he loves these actions?

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And how does this impact us?

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impact us in what we do and how we live and how we interact with others.

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Allah loves that when you do something, anything that you do it well.

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First of all,

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the first thing to take from that Hadith is that Allah subhanho wa Taala himself, when he created this world, US included, he created it with sn with perfection.

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So Allah azza wa jal, himself says about himself, sooner Allah He led the earth cleaner kulesza This is the creation of Allah. When he created it, he created it with its con at con akula Shea everything perfected. He created it well, well suited for its purpose.

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And this is similar to another ayah

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Allah the acid akula Shay in halaqa, the one who created everything with a son

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naka de la Canal in Santa Fe, as Anita comas, Allah says, we create the human being in the best of form and again, the word sand is there. So Allah subhanho wa Taala, in his creation of everything, and human beings in particular and included,

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he did that with perfection and the sun and sun here has two dimensions to it. One is to create well,

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and the other one is to create beautiful

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and both of them are connected.

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So when you look and you contemplate everything that Allah had made, you look at the sky, you look at the earth, you look at the stars, the planets, you look at us, Allah azza wa jal had equipped and given every aspect of its creation, the parts that it needs, the limbs that it needs, for it to perform its function. So when you look at it in its particular context, supporting other types of creation of Allah azzawajal you will see, this is why it has these numbers of legs. This is why the hand is there, the ears are there, the eyes are there. This is why a human being has this but not that because for its particular function for what it needs to do for its needs, Allah has given the

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human being what he and she they need. And so it's the case for every animal, they're different. No two animals are exactly alike. No two species are exactly alike, but they're different.

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And they're beautiful in that difference because Allah azza wa jal created them well.

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In everything that Allah has been made, from the smallest to the biggest, there is it can

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and that it can this perfection tells you that Allah azza wa jal cares, because you don't create something

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unless and created with care unless you actually care about it. So it tells you that Allah azza wa jal cares about his creation. And that's why Allah created it in this form, and in this fashion supporting each other, when you look at it, and you say, yes, there is wisdom behind this. There is intention behind this. And there is also beauty behind it.

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Yes, what a lot created varies in its beauty. But all without exception at a basic level is beautiful when you think about it in terms of Allah made this. No one else could fashion this except Allah has Odin. And in the larger context, it serves a purpose. So you can see in serving its purpose. There is beauty there as well.

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There's a hadith

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where, once Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam ran after a man.

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He ran after him.

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And he grabbed him by his clothes. And he said to him, alpha is our UK. He said, lift up your garment. Your lower garment is too long lifted up in a nice facade to the middle of the leg.

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That is the son of Rasulullah sallallahu wasallam. So he had been dragging his garment below the ankles. So the profits on load silom cared so much about it, that he ran after him, grabbed them and he said, lift up your garment. So the man lifts up his garment and showed the profits a lot. He was hitting them his legs and knees and he says, Yeah, rasulillah Indiana, we're in Nairobi Italia. Tosca Can he says oh messenger of Allah. He's offering an excuse. He says, My legs are crooked.

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And my needs the knees, they collide with each other when I walk, so meaning, I want to hide this. Meaning that this is a flaw, a deformity, I want to hide this. So Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, Kula health, Eli Hassan. He says, All the creation of Allah is beautiful.

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So that man till his death was never seen with his garments, dragging below his ankles, always to the middle of his legs, what are they alone,

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because he had heard from Allah He sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, that that thing in your body that you're trying to hide, and you think it is ugly, it is what

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beautiful, because all that what Allah creates is beautiful. Nothing in you is ugly. He say how he say, first of all, Allah made this out of nothing didn t and there's beauty in that.

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Second of all, these legs of yours, they still carry, you don't, don't they? And there is beauty in that. So if you are able to see the beauty in what Allah created and the function that it performs, you'll, you'll begin to praise Allah zildjian It doesn't matter what type of body Allah had given you. It doesn't matter at this moment, if you say I hate this about my body, I hate that about my body. You say no, Allah made this and he gifted this to me. And because of that it is beautiful and a lot deserves to be praised for it.

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Of course, this is not a call for people to start being proud of how they look. And so they expose it and they share it with everybody.

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There's a current where people should be proud never be ashamed of how they look. But what they do with it afterwards is problematic. They start exposing it. Wearing shorter and skimpier close, that's not the best use of the gifts that Allah zildjian had given you know, don't be proud of it. No be thankful for what Allah has given you then do with your body. The thing that a lot asked you to do with not what you want to do. But the thing that Allah zoton wants you to do with it. Because after all, it's beautiful and the one who defines beauty,

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beauty in fashion included.

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The one who defines what is beautiful and what is not is who

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the beautiful.

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One of the names of Allah azza wa jal is Allah Jamie, the beautiful

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from which all other beauty emanates. And when you look around you and you see something

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Thing beautiful around you it is a reflection of the beauty of Allah azza wa jal. I don't mean that that thing is Allah No, I mean it's a reflection of the beauty of Allah because Allah made it beautiful and only the beautiful can create beauty.

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So Allah azza wa jal created everything beautiful at varying degrees of beauty, but everything like that. So this is what Allah azza wa jal did.

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And now, based on that when you recognize the excellence in Allah's creation, the beauty in Allah's creation,

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now you are also required to do everything with your son,

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to do everything well, and to do everything with beauty.

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And that includes the actions of the athlete or the hereafter and the actions of the dounia as well.

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It is easier to see it in the actions of the athlete, although we don't often apply that

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there is the more that you beautify your actions of the Quran, you do them well, it's natural that Allah will love you more. Take the example of sada a example of Salatu Juma the reading of the Quran, the more care that you put in them. And when you perform any or all of these acts with all of their obligations conditions, recommended acts manners, then that act gains value,

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you start respecting it and loving it more and you will get more out of it. Consider two types of Salah someone when they want to perform their Salah their performance and the TV is in the background. Or their The game is on hold. Or they're waiting or listening to someone else while they are praying and therefore it is beside them. And they are performing their Salah thinking about something else. And they perform their Salah with whatever clothes they're have, whether they are decent or not. As long as it covers their hour, whether it's new or good or not. They just wear whatever and they perform their salah

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and they finish

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and they go back to whatever they were doing.

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That's not that's not it's fun.

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But another person who when they want to pray, they begin from will do

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and they perform their will go well knowing why they're doing it knowing that they're cleansing themselves of sin, getting ready for Salah, purifying themselves for Salah, they pour on whether they're coming to the masjid or at home,

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the best clothes that they have or clothes designated for Salah. They're not stained, they don't smell because they're going to be meeting Allah subhanho wa Taala. So they want to present themselves as well. So if you put on clothes that are decent, they may put on inside the whole perfume for men outside when they're coming to them arrested. And when they start, they start giving the Salah its obligations, but also the recommended acts and the man was associated with it, thinking about why they are praying away from any distraction.

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When you do this, you'll get something out of your son. Because you'll start respecting it and value in what you're doing.

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And it's a principle whenever you value something, you perform it with care. When you don't, then you're careless about it. Same thing when you're coming to Jamaica. If you're coming to Jamaica, and you're rushed, you have time, but you just simply rushing just before the hotel or just before the salah

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and you don't have your prayer best clothes on. And you're coming not interested in what is going to be said not ready for it. Now ready to carry the message of some drama for the rest of the week. You're not gonna get much out of it, you're sitting way in the back and there is space available in the front. But way in the back where it's more distraction when there you cannot see the hot leave. And if you have an excuse you have an excuse of talking about us when we don't have an excuse.

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You don't value Duma and it's not going to give you much and Allah as though didn't doesn't love that as much, but somebody who has the time and before Juma debate

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and they put the best clothes that they have. And they come to the masjid and if they are men they put perfume on and they go and they sit at the front lines and they start their center or reading of the Quran and they make dua and they're ready for the Salah, the value to man

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and that is an excellent performance, beautiful performance of a birder and because you value this a birder, Allah will love that from you and you will get

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Something from the hotbar no matter what the GPA is, you'll get back, you'll go back home with something.

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The least not not the least of it is the forgiveness of Allah azza wa jal

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and those who are sitting next to you, if they have not learned yet to value tomorrow, when they keep seeing you like this, they'll say this is important, and that's why this person is doing it. So they'll start copying you by the will of Allah zildjian. And so as an spreads, and beauty spreads.

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So every act of a bad day when you perform it well, Allah will love you more because of it. And that is easy to see. But in the next hope by insha Allah I'll discuss how even the actions of this life they also need to be performed with excellence with SN and why Allah would love us for that. Hola. Hola. esta la de

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hamdulillah Handan Catherine de Beauvoir confy, he was suddenly what was suddenly Manasa de Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa sallam.

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We said that the Hadith includes both the actions of the hereafter and the actions of the dounia. And it's easy to see why the actions of the hereafter will bring on Allah's love. Because the more that you do them and they are all a better, then Allah will love you more. But also included in that are the actions of the dunya. All of them without exceptions,

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based on your intention.

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That is, if you're a student, and if you're writing a paper, it's not about Islam, writing a paper about science,

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anthropology, sociology, whatever it is.

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If you're writing an email, if you're working on a project and your job,

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trying to meet a deadline,

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when you're driving, how you park,

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how you buy a new cell,

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how you cook a meal, how you clean your home, how you install and fix a sink, whatever it is, doesn't matter what it is, if you perform it with it can with a sand Allah zildjian will love you if you have the proper intention. It will bring on Allah's love

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for you.

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And the question is why would that bring Allah's love?

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It is because when you perform things well, you benefit other people.

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When you perform things well, you alleviate and remove their problems and pain and hardship, when you are a better teacher. Not because you're afraid that someone is going to complain about you.

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Or you're not going to be promoted. But simply because you know that Allah is watching and if I'm a better teacher, they will be better students. And because Allah azza wa jal loves such an act, I'm going to do it. Allah will love you because you're a better teacher, even if you're not teaching Islam.

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Whatever you're teaching, as long as it's helpful.

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If you're a better doctor, Allah will love you if you pursue excellence, if you are a better architect and engineer, Allah will love you because you're pursuing excellence because whatever you are doing is helping other people.

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And people when they see that from you,

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start copying your excellence is be infectious. I also want to perform things well and you will promote the quality of everything around you, because you chose at that particular moment, that I'm going to do things better. Even if

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everybody around me is careless and thoughtless.

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Even if everybody around me doesn't park right? Even parking,

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even composing an email

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even in my responses, every small thing even that is included associates even that is included.

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Even the way that you park well everybody you know, doesn't park right. So what No.

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They talk about quality management and quality control

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and business.

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Well, if you believe in this hadith and you are pursuing the love of Allah azza wa jal, you're constantly monitoring your own quality in everything that you're doing because not

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someone is watching me. Someone will complain someone will criticize or some other free being human being will love me or hate me because of it. But because we're ever I am even if I'm alone and by myself, Allah is watching me and if I do this, right

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If I do my job, right, Allah zoji loves it.

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So here, a Muslim is supposed to be the best and everything he and she they do, even inside the home.

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Not a thoughtless

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pursuit or activity what I just do this in any mediocre fashion? No.

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Yes, I may be able just to write it this way or perform it that way.

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And that could fulfill the requirements. And some people may not notice the flaws in it. But if I hold myself to the highest of standards,

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brought down by Allah azza wa jal that Allah loves that when you do something, you do it to the best of your ability. And we don't mean here so panela that you're going to be flawless all the time. But we mean that you pursue perfection, and you fix your mistakes for the next times and you keep pursuing perfection. So when you do that, then you're attaining Allah's love, whether it is a matter in the hereafter or of this dunya because eventually it does not matter. Where does that action belong? All of your actions are pleasing to Allah azza wa jal and then all of your actions belong to the hereafter. Whether you are cooking something,

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fixing your car on somebody's car, or sitting and reading the Quran, they're all the same.

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In that all of them can bring Allah's love. So we ask Allah, Allah, Allah mean, or hamara amin to make us of those who pursue and seek the love of Allah azza wa jal, we asked him to make us of those whom he loves. We asked him to make use of those who do the things that he loves subhanho wa Taala so that they can earn his love. We asked him subhanho wa Taala to make us of those who do everything in it with a sun inside the home and outside the home, religiously or otherwise, everything that they're doing, they're doing with sn, whereas Kim Subhana Horta, Allah to make us of those whose sins are forgiven, make us of those who repent Do you often hear or hamara hai mean? Make us of

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those who repentance is accepted? Make us of those who are protected from fitten that which we know about and that which we do not know about. Increase our email or hammer rahimian make a man and our heart solid unshakable like the mountains was your hammer rahimian to fill our hearts with your love and the love of your Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, we asked you to grant us Jenna and protect us from hellfire. Aloma inessa local hero Kula

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Gila Malema mean who am Allah Allah, Allah O to becoming a shuriken Li Jie Li Jie Li ma alumna mean who am Allah Allah.

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When I say Luca Jin Natoma hora de la hum in Colima Iman when I was becoming an reo Makarova, la Harmon Khalid Mohammed when lucam in Haiti masala Kava Luca Mohammed en sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. When I became in Sheree Mr. Iyer the Camino Abdullah Mohammed en sallallahu alayhi wa sallam along may I'm Oliver Kudo with a Bitcoin lubaina Allah de Nick, aloha my alma mater, Punahou bizarre, Hulu, banal, automatic, yada yada yada movie, magic and study or sleep inertia and an akula, tequila and fusina

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