Dirty Politics in a Holy Masjid

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Sara monokuma How to lava two brothers and sisters. Sometimes people come to the masjid and they get scared with what they see the massive because they see that there's politics in the masjid. And what happens I just want to give you a quick thing about what's actually happening in the masjid. You come in the masjid because you want to find something holy. You know, the beautiful thing about a Masjid is you can come in there, you're supposed to come in, sit down peacefully, and you shouldn't be bothered about anyone you want peace you want to sit down you wouldn't remember a lot. You want to do your draws. You want to pick up the Quran read it, you want to do your Salah, you don't want

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anyone to be bothered, bother you or getting you know, you don't. They shouldn't really drag you into the politics, politics of the masjid. And that's how, that's how much you should be. I mean, it shouldn't even have politics, you should be free of politics, right? You just want to go to the masjid beautiful people, wonderful people all have clean hearts. And you know, you go there, and you find your heart to be clean as well over time, and you come out and you feel good, right? But you know what?

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Unfortunately, that's not the case. Okay, you're going to get people who come in the masjid. People come from all sorts of places and mustard, they come with polluted hearts, they come with disease hearts, and Ill hearts, and they're not all clean, and inshallah after a while they'll become clean some of them but some of them just are crooked. And it's unfortunate. The first thing you have to understand is that the people who build a Masjid, they're not always the right people. I mean, a lot chooses sometimes different people for the work of his on the earth. And sometimes people who had the money got together and they built a place. And they basically became the people who not only own

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this place, but they control this place. And sometimes they don't know how to control things. And sometimes they think is like, you know, the way they talk in the workplace, they can talk to people inside the machine. And it's wrong. Now what happens over time is, you know, you got a land or you got a you got a building and people want to buy it. And the people who are most active, become usually they become the ones who are the trustees, or the or the people who are the main people running this place. And other masters, you know, you might have an election and every year people sort of change and different parties come in, and different groups of people come in, every now and

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again, maybe every year, every two years, every four years. And they bring in their own agendas inside. Now look, it's unfortunate. I know that but you're a person who wants to come to the masjid Look, just come to the masjid. You want to find peace, you can find peace. What you got to understand is when you come inside there, try and just just be good to people meet them and just bless leave if you don't want to be part of any anything that that's I mean, I'm not saying that every must it has got politics. But you know, some do and some don't. And you've got to just try and, you know, I'm saying this because there are certain brothers, I know that who leave the machine

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because of the politics. That's wrong, my friend is wrong because politics is in every single place. It's in your house. It's in your business. It's in your you know, it's in your marketplace. It's in the parliament building. It's in every small area. There's politics going on. Okay? every club has got politics, every organization has got politics, and unfortunately, corrupted hearts. Sometimes I shouldn't be corrupted, are in the masjid and they start to create politics. Now, in the midst of all of this, you have any man and you have a person who you know in Sharla should be free of politics. But then you kind of think that the the Imam like even if he's a good Imam, sometimes you

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think well, why does he speak out? Why does he say something? What is it just just get all these people to be to be straight? And you know, come come out there and give the hopeless and get everybody to be straight? Well, you know what, unfortunately, sometimes the Imams also dragged into the politics because they are there with a contract and they've got got to do the best to deliver the message of Allah. Without the corrupted hearts, embroiling them in politics, and spoiling the whole environment. And sometimes when imams speak too much, you know what the total leave? And it's unfortunate, yes, it's unfortunate, but you know what, you'd rather have the Imam still there and

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not to speak about the politics because it sometimes gives a breathing space for the goodness to prevail. And sometimes you have to wait for time to go by when certain people just you know gone by. And other people come in and Alhamdulillah you get a new environment and mustard because it's all to do with the people of the masjid. But what you should do is you need to support your local Masjid or you can just go there for prayers. If you don't want to be part of them, whatever, just go there for prayers. And if you really feel that you know what your Masjid is not allowing you to do the things that the goodness should should should be done to your community because sometimes that happens and

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brothers and sisters, you know, they get frustrated. Especially the brothers they get frustrated because they think you know we donate it even the sisters a lot of the sisters donate to the masjid

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Sometimes there's not there's not even space for them in the masjid, and, and a huge politics around the whole area. Now, I don't want to get into the issue, all I want to say to you is that if you find that your Masjid can't provide or is not providing the services it should for the community, you simply can do from your house, no one's stopping you from your house or starting a Davos. Starting a starting a, you know, a gathering together where you have someone knowledgeable come and they you know, in a setting of 10 people, you can fit 10 people in anyone's living room. Just get 10 people together, your friends and the people who are concerned to sit down and just to do a dance

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together. So it's a lovely thing, no one's stopping you from hiring a place nearby. No one's stopping you. If you want to really start a new place, upset a new place or do something no one's stopping you. You don't have to do it in that one place. You don't have the focus on one place and they're not allowing you to do something and therefore it's all gone bust It's not like that. What you need to understand overall is that the mustard is a place is a holy place, but inshallah over time good things will prevail there's still goodness that's coming out to the to the community, look at the positives. Try your best if you can to change certain things and if you can't, then do it

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elsewhere do the good you know, do the gold good wherever you can also but don't stop coming to the masjid and don't be Don't be thinking that you know oh my god the holy place in your this kind of thing inside the masjid. You know, I don't want to be I don't want to be part of Istanbul Come come near the machines. No. And even if a horrible person is in a machine, that's a horrible person. It's not Islam, that is horrible. Don't judge Islam with what you see of Muslims, okay, don't do that. But judge Muslims by the rules of Islam of how they should be or they shouldn't be. And I'll tell you one thing last thing is there are wonderful people in the masjid. There are wonderful people

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many mercies you just need to find them. Sometimes the most quietest people sometimes are the people who don't speak and there are always beautiful people in every single Masjid. You just need to find them and keep the company and inshallah you won't. You'll enjoy your time in the masjid. May Allah make that be easy for you as for for you and for me as well. salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. Hey.

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