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[The Superstars Series] Continuing with our coverage of the 10 Companions promised Paradise by Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him).

Az-Zubair ibn Awwam (#Bravery) – Omar Suleiman

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salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato Quran Weekly. This is your brother Omar Suleiman. And today inshallah we'll continue with the superstar series. So last week we talked about Paul have not obeyed the law of the law. And we said that there is a name that's almost always associated with all huddled the Allahu anhu. And that is the name of as obeyed, or one or the law. And part of that reason is because he was related to Paul ha, because he was the son of Allah one in hoilett, who was the younger brother of nofal in the Hadith, and who passed away at a very young age. So the person that would actually raise him was nofal, the half brother of Hades about the Allahu taala and who

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happened to be the same person that tortured Paul huddled the Allahu anhu. Also his mother was Sophia, the aunt of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam. So that made him a first cousin of the Prophet slice on them. But when he accepted Islam, he was very young, he was only 12 years old. So nofal took full advantage of this of this child, and NOFA used to torture him so severely, he would wrap him up in in a mat every single day and he would suffocate him with smoke. And every single night the people of Mecca could hear the screams of as available the Allahu anhu, this 12 year old child that was being tortured FISA beat Allah. Now this is a bear an alley and Paul hemiola be pleased

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with them all, became sort of like a trio of children surrounding the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam. And as obeyed had this certain type of courage, I mean, imagine, you know, when we're talking about the persecution of a 20 year old, or we're talking about the persecution of a 13 year old, that's much different than talking about the persecution of a 12 year old, who bears that with bravery and courage. And in fact, one time even heard that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was being attacked. So he took his sword and he ran to the Prophet sallallahu wasallam. And the prophets I sent him said, What are you doing? He said, The Auto Salon, I heard that you were being

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attacked. So the profit slice on him said, what were you going to do? Then? He said, I was going to strike the one that was attacking you. So this became as the scholar said, the first sword that was drawn FISA vitola. So we have this young boy that truly loved the messenger sallallahu Sallam that had the special quality of courage and bravery in the Battle of bed that he was he earned a special title. He was one of the two people that had horses so the prophets lie Selim only had two horsemen, whereas Grace has 300 horsemen against the Muslims. One of them was a debate what the alongside I know, he learned, he learned especially he learned a special talent. Basically, he had the skill of

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being able to fight with two swords, while controlling the horse just with his legs. And on that day, he wore a Yellow Turban and he fought so bravely, that Allah subhanho wa Taala honored him with something that no other man had ever been honored with. When Allah says that on the day of bed that he sent 3000 of the angels to fight alongside the Muslims, Allah subhanho its Allah sent those angels, all imitating and following as obaidul, the Allahu taala. And as the prophets lie, some informed us that they were all wearing Yellow Turbans, and following as a bit of the low tide. And also can you imagine this man, this young man was being followed by 3000 melodica, even in his

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dress? Well, the law of Thailand. Also in the Battle of Oxford, there was a man by the name of Paul had told her what happened, he told her, not all have been obeyed. The law was on the army was from the army of Mr. King. And he had the best horse that belonged to the machine again, on top of that, he was known for being a fierce warrior. So he called out the Muslims several times before the Battle of art started, and as the Battle of the lavon who insisted that he would fight him, and so he went forth, and Sophia the mother of his little bit, she went to the Prophet sallallahu wasallam and she said, He's going to kill my son and the Prophet slicin them said, No, no, no, as obeyed will

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kill him in sha Allah. And Zubair was a very special warrior, a little the Aloha Nui says about his Abed young devil can never he gets angry like a tiger. Well, yes. And then he attacks the way that a line would attack. So he says that as well. walked up to tall and

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he put down his sword, he climbed those, he climbed the horse, the best horse that belonged to the machine of thought having a beetle. He took his sword and he killed him with his sword. And then he threw him off and he brought the horse back for the use of the Muslims in the battle. So yeah, we're talking about a fierce and courageous and brave warrior in his obaidul, the Allahu taala and who, and in fact, he always served next to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he played a key role under Abu Bakr radi Allahu anhu in the battles against Muslim and the False Prophet. He played a key role in some of the conquests that took place in a time of honoring how Pablo de la Han

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No. And in the time of earth model the a lot of Tyler and who and he also has some he also had something very special happened to him when the Muslims first moved to Medina when the Hitler took place. Some of the people said that the Muslims would not be able to bear children. So as a battle the Allahu anhu was married to a snap of evacuees. The allow one one well, if you have a last pass, I'll be pleased with her and her father, and a smile The Allahu taala and who would be the first woman to give birth three months after the digital when the Muslims thought that they were cursed. And she gave birth to Abdullah Abu Zubaydah on the alongside and who the first child that was born

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after the digital now as the middle of the law. I know he says about himself. He says that Paul ha used to name all of his children after profits. He said I named all of my children after Shahada after the murder. So he named Abdullah and his event after Abdullah bin Josh, and he named Ottawa after Ottawa bin Massoud, so he would name his children after the Shahada and Subhanallah this this quality of bravery and courageousness. It stayed with him throughout his entire life. Unfortunately, he was also amongst the people who was sucked into that fitna that took place after the death of Earth Manuel de la I know he wanted the blood of Earth man. Well, the law of Thailand had to be

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event. So he was when he saw the law and follow the law and demanding that the killers have in demanding the killers of Earth man on the other hand, who be pursued. And as we mentioned with Paul huddled the Allahu anhu, both Ali and Arusha may Allah be pleased with them agreed upon this, and I needed the Allahu anhu. In fact, he reminded as obeyed of an incident that took place in the time of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, rasulillah seisen and one saw Ali and so bear together. As we mentioned, these three were a trio in the days of in the early days of Islam. So he mentioned to us debate and alley while they were together. He asked us where he said, Do you love alley? And

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ZWave said, Of course I love it. And the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam said to Caitlyn, who answered the whole volume, you will fight him and you will be the transgressor in that case. Now, does that mean that Zubaydah became a Catholic? Does that mean that so bad? Well, the Allahu anhu was a violent in his nature? No, absolutely not. Because if that was the case, the prophet slicer would not have said that they are my neighbor's agenda, the prophet slice of them would not have said at the end of his life, that I am pleased with a clump hands of it, along with the other 10 promised paradise, but the Prophet slice on him was saying, When that time comes, you should

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relinquish your cause. And you should leave that cause so as obey the law and who was standing in front of the law, and it reminded him of that of that incident. And Zubaydah the Allahu taala and who actually gave Ali Baba, he gave him allegiance, and then he left the battlefield. But he was pursued by one of the artists by the name of honorable john moves, who pursued as debate and he asked us debate, he said that I want your companionship I just want to travel with you. So it's a bit allowed, he allowed him to come with him and to be his companion. And when the time was salata last that came as aware of the law of Thailand who went and he made will do. And honorable gentleman

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was he made the karma whenever as Roberto de la Han, who started his salah and attacked him and he mutilated him. And he thought that he was going to be pleasing to the law. No, he thought that that he was going to be rewarded. So he took the limbs and the sort of ss obaidul the Allahu taala angle, and he took them to the 10th of it. And when he wanted to enter into the 10th of it, well, the Allahu tada and who he, you know, the guards told him not to come in, he gave his sorts of the guards of Allah who took the sort of as obeyed to do the Allahu anhu and a little the low end who started to cry, and he said, I heard the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam say, best suitable

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positive no Sophia to be not. If you see the murder of Eben Sophia as a battle of the Allahu anhu give him the tidings or give him the news that he is a person of hellfire. So he started to yell at the 11 who started to yell that Shiro cartilaginous Sophia did not tell the one who murdered as as the bit that he's going to hellfire. And when he came out of nowhere, moose had already run away and he committed suicide Subhana Allah. Now that is a very, very sad ending to his life. But there's something very significant here that that some of the historians pointed out with us obey the law. And now if you look at the lives of his children of the law and the law, may Allah be pleased with

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them both. Both of them died in their Salah, both of them died in their Salah, and you see as obeyed around the Allahu Allah and who also died in his Salah. So what is the show you the courage that as obeyed, had was not from arrogance was not from pride, but rather, the pride was what was in Allah subhanho to Allah, He loved Allah subhana wa it's out of this courage was coming from his belief in Allah subhanho wa Taala. And that's why as obeyed the old Thailand who was given the honor of dying in his slot as well as were his children, or the Allahumma so I asked you, what kind of courage do you have? How much do you love Allah subhana wa Tada.

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Whenever you feel like you're whenever you feel like you're being humiliated or whenever you feel embarrassed or awkward because of your Islam, shy to say Salaam Alaikum in public may be pulled over by TSA for an extra random search, how do you feel? Do you feel proud to be a Muslim? And do you love Allah? subhanho wa Taala? And do you have only the fear of Allah subhanho to Allah, we ask Allah Subhana Allah to Allah to grant us that same courage, coupled with humility to Allah subhana wa tada and we asked the last panel data to make us from the righteous and to join us with a Paul was the were the neighbors of the Prophet sallallahu Isom and the Prophet slicin them in the highest

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level of Jonathan for those that I mean, does that mean law heighten? I'll see you next week was

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