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AI: Summary © A speaker discusses how some people, including a woman and a man, seem to be hesitant to discuss their religion, even though they are known for their appearance. The speaker suggests that while they may not be perfect, they are fine and that there is a way to impress with their appearance. They also mention a woman who thinks she is a success story but is hesitant to discuss her religion.
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I mentioned you guys were with Steven Seagal.

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How was he taken to Islam at all? Or have you guys had a discussion about it? We stick with it. Oh, and I also believe that right should triumph over evil. Similarly, I know there's a stigma about him. And those Western he had a lot of

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controversy surrounding it. But he's honestly a nice guy, very straightforward, very old school, kind of alpha male, and he respects me, he says, he lives in Russia, Russia, if you're gonna get a country, which is close to a Muslim state, and I don't know, if anyone I'm not saying about their political alliances, I'm saying Russian Orthodox Christians are very similar in a way

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the house holds the respect they have for those ones.

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They don't like entertaining certain kind of agendas, being pushed in a country is very, very similar. I've been to Moscow many times. So He's based in he likes that system. And he, when we speak, he agrees to everything he understands. He understands why he's Muslim, and he says, I understand I've been to the west, I've been to America, they've killed religion, they're trying to put religion in a drawer, right? And those things have molded to it. And they want basically the dollar or the market. I don't know what they're trying to push the agenda, but religion, keep it at home, keep it going out on their Christmas or their Sunday gospel, but it's not for society, whereas

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he thinks otherwise. He respects a lot. Honestly.

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There's not many people I've been around in my life when you speak to arrive, they don't respect.

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There's many who even in short, I mean, Andrews brother respects it a lot. Inshallah, one day, hopefully, he's a very good guy as well himself, Tristan, very straightforward, good guy.

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They've been raised. Well, you can see. And you never know. Because you have an older brother, who you respect and look up to as well. And they go somewhere. No, usually the younger brothers kind of falling apart. So who knows? But um,

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I think

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what he's done is very good for our younger youth in a way. I'm not saying he's going to be a role model because our role model should always be the Prophet, peace be upon him. But these young guys who I feel feel ashamed to be Muslim want to impress too much or express prayer time, I can't pray in front of them. This girl might think I'm this or this guy. He's putting a shame to that.