Success is where opportunity meets preparation

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Valera Rahim. hamdulillah Ramadan, salat wa salam ala chef in available saline or her mother was always a Marathi when it was over Salam doesn't even consider the Thea Mavado.

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Sister there is a

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court we use in GE.

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And that is success is where opportunity meets preparation.

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Success is where opportunity meets preparation.

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Many times people

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have this feeling and people say, I never had the opportunity.

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So why didn't you do this why and whatever, I never had the opportunity.

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That's not true.

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What you did not have is preparation.

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The opportunity was there.

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What you didn't have preparation is in two parts. One is to recognize the opportunity. And the second one is to have what it takes to take advantage of that opportunity.

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For example, in 1997, one of the famous cases are 299 in 1996. In 1996,

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a man called Sabir Bhatia launched a product called Hotmail.

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Now, Hotmail was a simple product, which was

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a way in which a subscriber to Hotmail could access his email anywhere in the world. Because it was not an ISP based email product, it was a web based mobile product.

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So opportunity,

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the need for a web based email product or even service, which people can access anywhere in the world, it was a

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it was there even before I mean, that's an opportunity, right and anyone

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but Seville, but he was the man who identified the opportunity, he created a product. And in 1996, Hotmail was launched. One year later, 1997, Microsoft bought it over acquired it, for $450 million.

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Opportunity success. So opera success is where opportunity meets preparation

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to recognize the opportunity and to be prepared for it now, big secret is most of the time, if not all the time, I don't say all for simple reason that you know, I don't know everything in the world. But for most of the time, definitely, preparation cannot begin when you recognize the opportunity.

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In be too late, by the time you begin preparation, and you prepare and get ready, the opportunity is usually got somebody else to take on it.

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Which means that the preparation must begin before the opportunity presents itself. Now, you are not a fortune teller, you know, you don't know the future you're not a prophet. So, what do you do?

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You do what we call scenario planning.

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You anticipate situations

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you do what is called what in strategic thinking we call it what if analysis?

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Say what if this happens, what if that happens? What if that happens, and so on. And you then do an assessment and all this is to a great extent subjective. So it depends on the your level of experience, your amount of reading, I keep coming back to read him because that's that is this the biggest

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thing which is missing, and the most important thing that we should do, which is reading with them, that's the only way you have if you have enough knowledge. So based on that, then you say okay, these are the three likely scenarios, which is the most likely out of this to work and you prepare for that.

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One example of this, we saw all of us in 2019 and COVID it

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what are the first thing that there was a shortage of masks, right?

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Masks, but obviously, somebody anticipated that they made the masks

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and COVID was

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had it's obviously the negative effects but for the people making the maths that was a big,

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you know, earning opportunity.

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I think about why why not to spoon feed you. I'm asking you think about all the different opportunities that you may have seen. And I'm giving you a bit business examples can be any number of examples. Right now for example, there is an opportunity to create a homeschooling product

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and we now

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Have a lot of also experiential

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data about using zoom for children over many hours a day, we know it is not nice, you know, it is very tough difficult. And so if there is an opportunity, obviously for homeschooling children, and creating a product, which is interactive, which is interesting, which they will love to do and so on. And they are not exposed to public schools and all that is happening in public schools, this is a big opportunity.

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Right, so who's ready for that?

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Somebody has to lead. And believe me, if you don't do it, somebody's doing it. I mean, this Make no mistake.

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So get rid.

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What other opportunities are there? What do you think your AI coming in now? It's already in I mean, coming in meaning coming in at a much more

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general usage level?

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What are the kinds of opportunities that AI can present?

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What are the big success story we saw is Tesla.

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What is Tesla? Tesla is a battery with four wheels.

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That's it, then

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just another car?

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Tesla is a battery with four wheels.

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I mean, how much intelligence did it take to imagine that this will be a product which which will succeed?

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But there was a man who Elon Musk had the intelligence he he? It's not just a matter of money, it's a matter of where you spend our money. Right? I mean, he is that he's done dumb things like waiter, for example. But depends what if the man stands for election, he's a he is a good candidate to become a future President of the United States of America.

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Take my word for it, there is there is a very good chance that Elon Musk one day will be or can be the president of the US.

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And then that Twitter will be will become very useful for him.

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But that's a different but the point I'm saying is here is an opportunity for electric cars.

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There was a no brainer, but how come GM didn't do it? There are yes there are Mercedes has an electric car other people have but the kind of impact and market and the early entrance benefits the pioneering benefit that Tesla got over you

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know, what opportunities

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take an opportunity for example, in over the years

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in relatively recent times.

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Generally in the world, there has been a

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an awareness of doing something about your health. Right? I mean, exercising and this and that all over the world practically.

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And you have found like

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big gym chains, think about this. Arnold Schwarzenegger was arrested seven times for breaking into a gym on a Sunday to exercise

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you saw within course addicted to exercising that he couldn't bear the thought of so he used to break it without why would why didn't you do Does anyone need to break into a gym today? No.

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We shot the modules in the night not gyms, the gym which are open 24 hours, 24/7 days, seven days a week 24 hours.

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Somebody saw that now and Jordan had to break he got arrested seven times.

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So this is not what we're seeing today is not all it hasn't always been there. It's a new thing. Somebody sees an opportunity and the gyms are open because there's somebody paying for it.

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So what are the opportunities think about that. Success is where opportunity meets preparation

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to link it back to an Islamic

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angle. The opportunity to go to Ghana is always there for everybody.

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But only those who prepare for it will go there.

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So you can say to us rather I Allah What can I do? You know you never give me the opportunity. You know,

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the opportunity is there for everyone.

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What am I doing to prepare to take advantage of that opportunity and succeed?

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Similarly opportunity to read books.

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Who has it? Who doesn't have it?

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How many read

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how many read

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So don't blame anybody. Do not blame anybody.

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If you succeed, you will succeed because you made a fortune. And this is Allah subhanaw taala is law.

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What laserLine Sani Illa masa for the human being is only that which he works for.

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And Allah will give that to anybody, whether they believe in Allah or not, they will get it. Because this law is not dependent on your Eman. This is a regular law, it's like

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the law of gravity doesn't

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apply to everyone, whoever makes the effort gets the result.

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So success is where opportunity meets preparation, ask Allah subhanaw taala to enable us to open our eyes early enough to take advantage of that because one of the one of the truths also is that there is always room for change, there's no doubt about that you can change at any age in your life, but the cost of change is not the same.

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Cost of change goes up. And the avenues for change go down as you grow older.

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So the suit competition is more your ability is less you are now older, your brain is older, your body is weaker, and so on and so on.

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avenues for change Groseclose

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right like you're on here, the number of doors open to you is not the same as the Nozomi. The doors open to me are there because many of those doors I created.

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But you have to be there to create.

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As you grow older, avenues close, and the cost of it is more. You can get up and walk away anywhere. I've got to think about my family. I can't just get up and walk anywhere.

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So very important to wake up early, both physically as well as figuratively and take advantage of those opportunities. You ask Allah subhanaw taala to open our eyes and help us to take advantage of what He has given us. So that we succeed before him when we meet him insha Allah Subhana Allah we could even Allah He was having