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Don’t despair, open up to Allah by Sheikh Hasan Ali

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The speaker discusses mistakes made by humans, including burning themselves and causing harm to others, which can lead to shaming and sinful behavior. They emphasize the importance of forgiveness and reminding oneself of past mistakes, as well as the need for everyone to say their minds and use their bodies to show their true intentions. They also mention the negative impact of actions on people's lives and the importance of avoiding regret and learning how to avoid losing faith in Islam.

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Bismillah Al Rahman Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa salatu salam ala Sayyidina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi line

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are all the human ashame or neurology

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Holy, I

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see him let

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know by Jamie.

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So the

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other is check your brothers and sisters, Salaam Alaikum, wa rahmatullahi, wa barakaatuh.

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Often what happens is, as we're moving along in life, we start to make mistakes. There is no human being that has not made a mistake on this earth. Apart from the prophets, everyone makes mistakes. And everyone will experience many different types of mistakes. And the kind of mistakes that we make, we make more and more

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of different types of mistakes as we move along in life. But there's a saying that goes, for those of us who are the wisest of those who have made most mistakes in life. So the more mistakes we make, the wiser we become. And if you think about it, if I just asked a quick thing right now, how many people sitting here?

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How many people sitting here, when you been young,

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you you actually burned your hand or something with fire.

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How many Put your hands of company hands up?

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Hands up. I said, I expect every adult to have experienced the once in their life, at least, that they touched fire, they went too close to it. And they realized that it's too hot. But what that does is there's two sides to this. One is that no matter how many times adults told us not to do it. Unfortunately, we still went ahead, and we actually got slightly burned, or we experienced that burning feeling. But second thing is that once you actually go through that once in your life than a second time, you don't want to burn yourself. You don't want to go there again, and put your hand on the fire.

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Now, mistakes happen.

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But the whole point is, have I and have you learned from the mistake if people learn from the mistakes and they move on.

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And learning from the mistakes has a couple of things. One is that you regret what you did. And you want to make a change, you regret what you did. And you want to make a change, you don't want to repeat yourself with the same thing again, that's that's one point. Second point is that a person is going to think that I've made this mistake. I've thought about it.

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And I don't want to carry on thinking about it again, and again. And again. Because if you carry on doing that, it's going to weigh you down, it weighs people down. So yes, we learn from the mistake that we committed, we regret the mistake. We don't want to do it again. But we want to become people who don't dwell on it too much.

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We don't want to dwell on it too much, because then you actually start to put a burden in your mind. So here is here's a whole set of human beings, we've all made mistakes. And the kind of mistakes that we've made in terms of religion, is that we've actually sinned. We send our that does is it's kind of eats into you, when you understand that you've seen a police caught you, the shaytan got you and you didn't send once you repeated the sin again and again. Or you did it a good few times, before you sort of thought about stopping it. Now the human being is conditioned in such a way that if the human being does something that is evil on a small scale, then it becomes customary to do

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that he gets used to or she gets used to doing that. That's the human being. So if you actually

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Think about the human being if the human being lies, the line becomes easy. Once you lie once, you can lie 10 times, once you lie once, you can lie 10 times when a human being steals for the first time, it becomes it's something which really, it's, it's a great feeling inside that, am I doing? Why am I doing this? Why am I doing this? You know, the mind kind of talks to itself and says, Why am I doing this, but once a human being steals once, then the same human being can steal 10 times 20 times. And one process is happening with that, which is, each time they steal, they kind of get more experienced in that each time they lie, they get more experienced in that. And what then happens

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overall is the thought process that allies watching me, the thought process, that thought process starts to diminish, or a person starts to justify their own sin. There are a lot of people who do this, they justify the sin that they're doing. And they say to themselves, it's okay. I can do it.

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It's okay, I can do it. So if it was a person who was seeing, you know, if there's a guy that is dating a woman, a person is dating a woman, they justify in their head, and they say, Well, you know, I'm not committing the harm. They just say, I'm not committing the actual harm, I'm only seeing her, I'm only talking to her. I'm only just having a bit of conversation. But when the person actually will touch the other person, first time, they will feel bad inside. But then they start justifying justifying it in their mind. They say to themselves, that it's okay, I'm only touching. That's all I'm only touching. That's it, nothing more.

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And if it goes further, they justify it again, in their mind. And they might say things like, well, I'm only dating, because I want to check her out to know whether she can be my wife or not unison, so that so they're kind of the shaytan gives them a new dosage, and new dosage because the justifying shaytan to make me and you come into sin, he's going to give us the justification in the mind. And there are plenty of boys, plenty of girls that will actually date each other. They'll date each other, on the pretense that is justified by thinking that I need to get to know her first. But that's not what the Sharia has said that's not allowed. To date someone is not allowed. Because

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you've got the intention of marrying that person, it is not allowed for you to date them. But what I want to say to you is that the human mind starts to justify itself.

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And then there comes a time when the person has committed sin again and again, and many types of sins, and a person wants to stop.

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One of the things that happens is a person starts to become hopeless of stopping what they've actually done. And this is, this is again, another trick of the shutdown, the shutdown has got quite a few tricks. One trick is to trick you into sinning.

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tricks mean you into sinning. Second thing is to trick you to believe that you need to carry on singing, to make yourself you know, to make yourself have a good time you need it you need Don't worry about it. And then he tricks you by saying, don't worry about it. God will forgive. God was God God is you know, Allahu

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Allahu Rahim, Allah has mercy. Did you hear the mercy? Allah has? Do you hear how much how great Li so he tricks the person to sin by saying Don't worry about it. You can do your Toba. And then once the person wants to stop sinning,

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and the person wants to go on a good way and a good pathway, the shaytan has got another trick. This new trick is this new trick is, hey,

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all these days, you've been messing around, messing around. How can you now stand in front of a law and be a good person? How can you just turn pious How can you become a person that's going to forget your past? You don't remember the amount of times that you sin.

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So what they do now is they make these the shaitan gives him a new dosage, the new dosages. First he said God will forgive if you sin Don't worry about it. Now you

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He wants to do Toba and he wants to leave it or she wants to leave it. The shaytan puts another injection in and says no, no, no, no, you can't. You're too bad. You've gone beyond you've gone beyond repair.

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There's nothing that's gonna repair you right now. You're messed up. Big time. You need to now think how you're going to spend the rest of your days in hellfire.

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So now he starts a new game. He says you're bust, you're gone. You can't do anything about it. You can't fix yourself up.

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And the Shakedown starts to play in the in the mind. And every time the person thinks that they want to go back, or the person tries to go back, the shaytan is there to try and make the person believe that no, no, no, you can't do this. How can you win, you've got so much sin in your record. So now my brothers and my sisters, what happens is this person gets despair inside. The person feels that, how am I ever going to stand in front of Allah with this many sins? What about when Allah says to me, you knew you were doing wrong, and you still send? What about when Allah says to me that the Imam gave a football and you listen to it, and you knew you're not supposed to do it, but you still

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carried on? What about the time when you came across a sign of mine, I made you ill, and you pray to me. And you said, Allah, I will not sin again. And you know that you did that.

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And I made you better. And then you go back again, and you start sinning. So behind Allah allow them so many different thoughts come in. And what that does is, it makes a person become despair of the hope and the mercy of Allah, it makes a person feel that you know what I'm really I'm really in a really bad position right now. And a person often what they do is they they kind of withdraw from religious things. Either they will make religion, a hated thing in their life, or they will make religion something which is, which is something they don't want to associate themselves with. And people do this, or they make religion something which they will take out and use when they want, and

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they will leave it when they want. And there are people who justify that, and the shaytan is really happy. Because this guy, he's got into sin. He's made in believers, he's made her believe, I've got no way of making it back with Allah Subhana, Allah loves him.

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And the real fact is, Allah, my friend, is waiting for you to come back to him. Allah has got his both hands of mercy,

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wide open for me and you to come anytime in the day, anytime in the night, and to come back to him and to seek forgiveness. So I'm going to show you a couple of stories of people who've had some kind of real bad in our hearts. And they didn't have much way of getting back but Allah azza wa jal, he, he gave them that and look what happens to them in the end. One story I'm going to give you is of a man. This is from a hadith in Timothy, where the Prophet salallahu alaihe salam has told us about a man from Israel

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from the from the from the oma of Musa alayhis salam. And it's a hadith with a good thing. So we can we can take good lesson from this. This man's name was Kiffin, this man's name was careful.

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And what happened is he got a lot of money from Allah. Now, a lot of us might be sitting here, and we might be praying that Allah make me rich. And you probably think that once I get rich, my problems are gonna disappear.

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My friends, I want to say one thing to you with money, you can buy your house with money, you can buy your fame. With money, you can buy your luxuries, you can buy your cars. But with money, what you can't buy is peace in your heart. You can't buy them.

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You can't buy them. Because what money sometimes does to you is that it gives you the opportunity to sin. You have the opportunity to do good deeds, yes. But you also have got the opportunity to sin. So what happens here is that kephale a man from him, he

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he says, You know what? I've got all this money. What should I do with the money? See, when you've got excess money, you start to think what am I going to do with

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Money. So a modern man, a modern woman, when they've got a lot of money, that we're going to build a big house, then they'll get a couple of cars, then they'll invest in properties. What's after that? Then you're gonna go out and have all these, you know, Russian, you got these restaurants and you eat and eat. What do you do after that? Well, then you start flying around you visit different countries. What do you do after that? Well, you're bored. Unless you get into something with your money. Unless you get into something that's going to give you more pleasure, you're gonna get bored. So in the modern day and age, people who've got access money, some of them, they fly around to

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different parts of the world, and they find opportunities to sin. So what did kiefel do? carefully, he used his money to hire different women.

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And he spent the night with these women.

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every other night, he had a new woman. He paid a very well, and she will spend the entire

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hour happens is

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one day, he has this woman who comes to his place by night, and he is going to give her something like 60,000. Durham's for her to spend an entire night with Kevin,

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our cable does is that he?

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He's there, and he's ready, he is closed, the door is in his chamber.

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And when he sits right between her, she starts crying.

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And kiefel says to her, why are you crying?

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Why are you crying?

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So then she says that I've never done anything like this in my life.

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So he said, Why are you here?

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What made you come here? And she says that, if it wasn't for my poverty, and for the fact that I need money, I wouldn't be here tonight.

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And he saw the fear of a lot that this woman had, because she was very fearful of the fact that she's doing this, and that allies watching her and only poverty made her have forced her to come to cable that night. So kiefel said to her, take your money, take the 60,000 go, it's yours. And you don't have to spend the night with me. You don't have to do anything. I'm gonna let you go.

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So he lets this woman go. He gives her the money without her doing anything. And then what kiefel does is that kiefel turns to Allah azza wa jal in Toba.

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And he makes Toba to Allah for the days that he spent his money on women, different nights, spending time with them. And Rasulullah sallallahu said that that night kiefel passes away.

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He dies that very night, Allah Haha, what a moment to die. He made his Toba and he died.

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And he was togo was Oh Allah, I will never do this again. Because of seeing that woman and the fear that she has had for you.

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I kephale will never do this act again.

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And he dies. And the best part of it is, is that in the morning, when people came to the residence and the House of kephale.

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They found on the door of kifah. This is his door.

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On the door of kiefel. It was written Allah has forgiven kiffen.

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Allah, Allah has forgiven given that means Allah arranged with his power, whether directly or through angels, to write on the door of kiefel that Allah has forgiven Kevin. And what does that mean for me and you brothers and sisters, a man who spends his life committing Zina.

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And then he does a real Toba to Allah what would what do we mean by a real Toba to Allah? See a real tober to Allah means that a person has to have a few conditions fulfilled. A real repentance to Allah means that a person regrets what they did.

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And a person makes a firm intention never to return again. Back to that deed, so you regret and you don't return.

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And the third one is that I person makes the intention that a person

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We'll have the inside his heart, the firm intention that he kind of hates the person like his stop what he's doing, he's regretting what he did what he's doing. He's never gonna go back to that to that deed. And he recognizes basically, that this is something which allows a Virgil doesn't like, and if a person then does the tober, Allah has accepted the Toba. Now, there's one more thing. If you and me have taken the right of someone, you know, sometimes we take the rights of someone, we kind of hurt them.

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If mean, you have taken the right of someone, then we have to return that right? Again, back to them, before October is accepted. before October is accepted. So for example, if you stolen something from someone, you have to return the item back. If you've actually been in a situation where You've insulted someone, you have to personally go to that person and ask them for forgiveness, because God's forgiveness is dependent on this person also forgiving you this is if it is to do with another person.

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Now, some of you sometimes might think, man,

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I've gone there, I've tried it.

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And every time I go and ask the person for forgiveness, they don't want to know me. Or they kind of, you know, they want to they want to show how independent they are from me and they want to show the upper hand from me. Now, what do you do? What do you do when a person doesn't want to forgive you? Or what you do is, you find an opportunity. If the person if you're traveling or the person is traveling, then you go up to the person. And you will say to them that please you know you're going to travel, I may not see you again for some time. I'm asking you, if I've done anything in front of you, or behind your back, whatever I'm wherever or anything in general, I might have done to you.

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I'm asking you to forgive me and usually people are soft at that time, and they'll most probably forgive you. But if the person

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if the person is not around for you to get your

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head around, what do you do? And you can't find them, or they passed away. The scholars say that you should do some sadaqa give some sadaqa some charity on behalf of them and just pray for them. Why? Because the more of that that you will do that more hopefully, Allah azza wa jal will send the reward to that person, because you're doing it on their behalf. And on the Day of Judgment, when they see you, they will not look at you with the same eyes, they will now see you as the person who actually gave them so much. And hopefully, they they forgive you. To me. So Allah says, okay, you take his this much good deed. So he takes this much good deeds, our law, he did this to me. Allah

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says, Take more good deeds, he takes more good deeds, our law, he swore at me, he insulted me. He did this he did. Allah says take more, take more, take more, take more until all of the deeds of the other person

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has finished. But the victim hasn't stopped complaining. Within says Allah, I've got more complaints.

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So let's carry on. So the victim says Allah, this person did this to me. Now what's he going to do? The only good deeds he's taken from his from the perpetrator. So now Allah says, okay, you the victim, take your bad deeds, some of them and put them on to the perpetrators bad deeds. So he does that.

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Then he says Allah, he also did this to me. Allah says fine, take more bad deeds, put it on to the side, Allah He did more to me. So let's just carry Carry on, carry on, carry on. Until now.

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All the bad deeds of the victim has finished his given. He's taken all of the perpetrators good deeds, and the victim has given all of his bad deeds to the perpetrator. He says, Oh Allah, I haven't finished. Allahu Akbar, the amount of wrong that this man did. When he was alive. He says, Oh Allah, I am finishing the finisher. So all of a sudden, and Allah shows him. Allah shows him a vision of Jana.

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So he sees, he sees looks up. And he sees these beautiful palaces and rivers that are flowing beneath the palaces and he sees these gardens his new

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Never, ever seen in his life, such beauty before in his life. And he sees the trees and he sees the gold bricks and the silver bricks and the wonderful palace and they look up in locations our law which profit which profit? Which server that is very close to you. Is this part of Jana for you? Because he's got to be some big

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Allah says,

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also unsold who's the victim? This place in Ghana is not for any profit. No Nabhi no profit is going to take this place. No CD, no truthful person, no close person. No Wally, nobody's gonna take this. So he says, Oh Allah, who's it for?

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So Allah says, It's for you, me, me.

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What did I do to get this? Allah says, If you forgive your brother, the one that you're complaining about here on the Day of Judgment, if you forgive him, then I will give you this place in Jannah.

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When he sees that place, he says Allah, I forgive him.

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I forgive him. Allah says, okay, you now hold the perpetrators hand. Um, both of you enter Jannah Allah Hopper, and that's what made the progress of Lawson smile, to the extent that you could see the molar teeth next to the canine teeth of the prophets of Allah Hassan lava. So what I want to say to you is that you still got a chance, if you feel that you can't find the person on this earth to try and get the forgiveness from them.

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Then inshallah, or maybe they haven't forgiven you, then there is a chance that on the Day of Judgment, Allah will find a way to forgive yourself. Now, in the final part of this, what I want to say is my brothers and sisters, we need to learn how not to despair

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and how not to lose our hope, because Eman is between hope and fear. If you stand like this, if you say this is hope, this is fear. As long as your Eman is between the two, you're a believer. But if you're a man

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loses the fear of Allah

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loses fear of jahannam loses fear of Allah punishment. Then you lose your Eman. You're no longer a believer. But and if a person's Eman loses the hope of Allah loses the hope of getting into Jannah loses the hope of ever forgetting forgiven by Allah then you too will not become a believer

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Eman Badal Hofer Raja, Eman is something which is between the two is between hope and fear. And sometimes it goes a bit towards a hope.

00:28:27--> 00:28:42

And sometimes it moves a bit more towards fear. When our Eman moves more towards hope. We need to start reminding ourselves of Johanna more.

00:28:45--> 00:28:55

We need to start reminding ourselves of a loss side of him being all inspiring, and him being shadow.

00:28:57--> 00:29:03

One that can punish him being contacting the Avenger we need to remind ourselves of those things.

00:29:04--> 00:29:58

And when our Eman goes too much towards the fearful side, we're getting too much too much fear about a lot. Too much fear about jahannam too much fear about too much fear that I might not be forgiven, then we need to remind ourselves of Jannah remind ourselves of Allah's forgiveness. remind ourselves of the stories in the Hadees that many people have been forgiven like kiefel many people have been forgiven like Gifu. So this is the challenge when I need to check my Eman. Am I a Muslim today? That is depending upon the hope of Allah a lot, or am I a Muslim that is being continuously attacked? By the fear of everything? Where am I? Because I need to remind myself of the other and as long as I

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can do this, I can check

00:30:00--> 00:30:03

myself, but I'm never to lose hope. Why?

00:30:04--> 00:30:07

Because Allah azza wa jal in the Holy Quran he has said

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Oh Mohammed, go tell my servants go say to them. Yeah.

00:30:41--> 00:30:43

Nadine sort of warm.

00:30:45--> 00:31:15

Fuzzy him. Go to the servants of mine who have wasted their entire lives and say to them, oh servants Obama who have wasted your entire lives, who wasted their youth who wasted their analysis, who wasted their time wasted their energy, never ever lose your hope in Allah's mercy led upon Abu Muhammad. Why? in La Jolla,

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by Jamie for Allah is the one that can forgive all sins at once in who

00:31:26--> 00:31:54

he is. And he is the one that is all forgiven. And the one that has a lot of mercy limitless mercy when he blew in deikun after not losing your hope in Allah, turn to Allah wa Asli moolah who and submit yourselves to him new Pavani ang TL colada

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before a day comes to you where punishment arrives and you will find no one to help you.

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are Sonoma

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after that follow what has been revealed in the Quran, start to draw towards me through that before a day comes to a punishment towards you, and you will not even realize what happens

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to Fijian

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to limenas ed, last one of you comes on the Day of Judgment. Lest one of you turns up on the day of judgment and says when they see their punishment of a law, they say our law I regret the moments that I've spent in fruit fruitless times on the earth. I regret not doing enough on the earth. And I admit that I was one of those that used to make jokes and used to scoff and used to I used to carry on laughing otaku La la

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la Haider, Nina, to me, at least one of you comes on the day of judgment and says, If Allah had guided me, I would have been from those who are aware of him. Don't make that excuse Allah say don't make that excuse.

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outer corner hyena.

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Nanny, come on akun I mean in Sydney, or maybe one of you will come on the Day of Judgment. And when they see the punishment, they will say, If Allah gives me one more chance to go back, one more chance to go back to the earth. I will always become the best of people on the earth. Allah says none of this is going to be accepted. Why? Because we've got the chance right now my brothers and my sisters, my final words to all of us are, let us not lose the hope in Allah azza wa jal, we can always make it doesn't matter what age you are, what background you are, Allah has still got his mercy stored for me and you and Allah as mercy does not see black does not see white does not see a

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poor person does not see a rich person. Allah's mercy does not choose from the people who are fortunate from the people who are unfortunate. Allah's mercy does not see a woman or a man. Allah's mercy does not see whether you have sinned multiple times whether you sinned once the sin, Allah's mercy and His forgiveness doesn't see that Allah can forgive anybody who he wants at any moment. whatever he wants. does Allah has said,

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yo fear only Mang

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The Boomerang

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he can forgive whoever he wants and he can punish whoever he wants. It's up to Allah who he forgives. It's up to Allah who he punishes. So we've got time right now, let us make a Toba. Let's turn to Allah. And let us with our heart, turn to Allah with emotion. When you say to him, how is the fall with emotion,

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with emotion, whichever way you want, you say is the fall you seek forgiveness from Allah. And you say I seek forgiveness from the one who there is no other law besides Him. And to him only I return when

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the game, and there is no one to turn me away from sin. There is no one to give me the power to do any good, except for Allah Who is the most high and who's the greatest. And brothers and sisters make dua to Allah. And when you make dua to Allah, open to Allah, and say to Allah, the very things that we've been through in life and say, Oh Allah, say Allah with your hand, Allah you gave me the ability to be on this earth and to benefit from the things that you have given me. Our law you've given me eyes to see you've given me is to listen with you've given me a tongue to speak with our law, you gave me a mind to think with the one law you gave me legs to walk with one line you gave me

00:36:59--> 00:37:45

hands to touch with one law you gave me the ability to think and the ability to have education. Our law, I asked you to forgive me for I have used my tongue to sin. I have used my eyes to see the things I'm not supposed to see. I have used my ears to listen to things that you have prohibited. I have used my feet to walk towards things that you have prohibited. I seek your forgiveness. And I'm asking you to forgive the sins that have polluted my legs that are polluted my hands that are polluted my face, that are polluted my eyes that are polluted my ears, on law, I asked and I stand in front of you on the day of judgment and I have no sins on my body. I when I asked you that you

00:37:45--> 00:38:15

will forgive me without me having to ask this time for forgiveness. I will ask you that you forgive me and you transform me to the people that you love and the people that have acquired your forgiveness, to open up to Allah even say the sins that we have actually performed the thing that we have done, open up to Allah May Allah azza wa jal forgive us. A May Allah azza wa jal give us the hope of having hope in his mercy desikan lo Hi, Rocco Davina, and in Hamden night of knowledge