Hajj 2021 – #01

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The speaker describes a video where they are on the bus and they are trying to get inside a certain area. They also mention that they are from Makkah and that they are trying to convince people to do Hajj this year. The speaker describes the train line and mentions that they are on the bus and will be heading towards the heart of Beatles.

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A rough man or female huddled in back or behind me, suddenly was

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literally the highest. I mean, while he was soft, China's salaam alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakaatuh who I'm on the bus going to hijack this very special journey the journey of Hajj, Allah subhanaw taala accepted from us and from all the pilgrims,

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well, performing Hudgens pan light has been an amazing experience even so far, because only, I think, think 60,000 people were allowed to perform Hajj this year. And you can see behind me, we can see the social distancing one person on every two

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on every two

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I see if I can show you so we're actually on the wait for the harm now, even though we live in Makkah, those who live in mcedit, they have these kind of Jamaat areas, these places where you're supposed to gather with your group, so we gathered in our place which was just outside or just kind of, it's inside the Hadoop but it's a little bit out away from the harm itself.

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So now we're in the bus

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handler and we will be going inside the towards the Haram in sha Allah, and those who want to do go off. They can do so but because we're from Makkah, we don't need to do de la Fukudome. Well, there is no dough often put down which is the dwarf that people do when they come from outside of Makkah right into macro. So we don't do the waffle Kudu. So from there, we're going to try to get another way, do a sneaky little toe off anyway,

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challenges like this, and

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we'll see how we feel when we get there. And then from there, we have to walk towards mattawa. And

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they have some coaches.

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They have some coaches, which will take us two minutes long to either, so if you have not already subscribed to the channel, make sure you do that now, because he Sharla throughout the hijabi trying to put some short videos

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just giving you a bit of an idea about this, this hatch and really it is a huge blessing to be able to do Hajj this year because like I said only 60,000 people

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were chosen to do Hajj.

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And I think there were over half a million people who applied to do Hajj this year obviously because of the whole Corona situation they had to they limited the numbers of people performing hajj this year. Now

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where are we now? We are just you can see the train line. This is the train line just outside my window as we are going towards the heart. Um, so inshallah I'll see you later in the heart of Somalia and what happened to like I've got a cut from your brother. I'm just

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speaking to you from Makkah.