Fast or not to fast on Job – Ramadan

Ali Albarghouthi


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So there are ways around this insha Allah I do not think that fasting is going to produce those drastic outcomes you talk about it could be just anxiety and fear. So what I recommend is that before Ramadan comes, practice fasting on your off days, so that you get used to it. And when inshallah you get used to it when Ramadan starts, you're not going to find that fasting is going to be so troublesome. So hopefully you're not going to faint hopefully you're not going to fall now, if you start the day fasting and you find that you're too exhausted to continue and that could endanger you and endanger people around you then yes, definitely you can break your fast, but you cannot

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break your fast free hand thinking that you might fall or you might faint. So in sha Allah, it might be difficult but ask Allah azza wa jal for help and there are ways around it insha Allah to be able to fast and continue to perform our jobs well