How many days is itikaaf – Ramadan

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Speaker 1 discusses the benefits of Attica, a daily vitamin shot that lasts 10 days and is designed to boost fat burning. They suggest that spending time in the last 10 days of the year can help with the boost. The conversation also touches on Lavon's "slivery of the world" message.

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yes you can perform Attica for one day for two days for the entire 10 days there is no limit in sha Allah. So if the only thing you can do is ethika for one day, then it has to be a lot of blood. I mean you can do that even some scholars have said even part of the day. The important thing is, if you have time, spend it in the masjid in the last 10 Days and nights of Ramadan. Allah Azza doodle bless you for that Lavon