Valid vs. Rewardable Fast

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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala rasulillah. Allah Allah, he was so happy.

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This will be my final installment of the the fasting rule book in sha Allah. And

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we have a great special little mold on ahead of us. And actually you see the How do I do this that the painting right behind me that I'm trying to capture?

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That is the reverse of Eliza gel Allahu nodo semiological Allah is the light of the heavens and the earth.

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Meaning Allah is the Creator and the source of light wherever it exists in the heavens and the earth. And so the light of Allah for sure exists in his masajid but Allah is the one that puts light in the masjid he can certainly put light in our homes is from Oban gear up everybody. And that is why today, though it is part of the festing rule book. It's the one thing of the many things we won't be able to speak about. This is the one thing I didn't want to leave, which is how to fast in a way that is not just valid, but rewardable. Because some people think there's there's no one in the same No, there's a big difference. You see, you know something, there's different ways to

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explain it. But there are scholars for example, who will tell you that fasting happens on three levels, many scholars mentioned this.

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There is the the fasting of the masses, basically people who will just culturally adopt fasting and it just it's been normalized too fast in a Muslim society and Muslim community. They say this fast if it's done from the legalities that we discussed in the previous session, you stay away from

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food and drink and things comparable to them. The invalidate there is illegal and validators. He goes, You stay away from that you fasted, he goes, that's the bare minimum fasting. You don't get rewarded for that fast. You just basically absolved yourself of the obligation of fasting. That means you're fast is valid a level not ask you why didn't you fast you will not be punishable or liable for not fasting. But that doesn't mean you're going to get rewarded for your fest. You're not going to benefit from it after Ramadan you may not reap any fruits from it on the Day of Judgment, may Allah forbid, you'd have to now add to the first level.

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The second level of fasting which is fasting from all that displeases Allah, in validating and validating your past is, is not the only way to displease Allah subhana wa tada every form of harm. And fasting is supposed to awaken in us and cultivating us that TEPCO.

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So it's supposed to expand now right into their other parts of our life. And so that should happen beyond Ramadan and beyond food and drink during the daytime and Ramadan. Our prophet SAW Selim turned our attention to this, so we have to pay a lot of attention to it. Didn't he tell us for example, la Soto, salaam, little basalt, I mean, Lisa hoomin see me he loved your role. outwash perhaps a fasting person will come away with nothing from his fast but hunger and thirst, you just stayed away from the nullifiers you didn't gain anything.

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And you basically you wasted your fast and to a large extent, for example, the sins of our tongue, Sins of our tongue. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, If I can assume me, you only sold me a honeycomb. When one of you is fasting, fill out a fourth when I have silk let him not be indecent or obscene let him not be lewd, let me not be sinful.

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And he said while I asked hub let him not be loud and boisterous. So even like fasting from speaking by the way, like minimizing your words, altogether, is part of perfecting your fast because when the book is the greatest gateway to sin is your tongue. And that's why he said something Allahu alayhi wa sallam, in another Hadith or in the Hadith.

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Men Lamia, Dakota Zoo whomever doesn't abandon this honest speech while I'm at Abby here and acting dishonestly.

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Meaning corruptly, while Jen and being foolish and of course every disobedience of Allah is foolishness. You don't know the greatness of God? You don't know what it means that what could the consequence could be of defying him subpoena without a will never doesn't have been these things the province offered him said Felisa de la hija tune Anadarko on the holeshot Allah Allah has no need for him to abandon his food or his drink. Meaning it's our need to develop that stuff for Allah has no need for us to give up food and drink. As if we're doing a law favor. We gave him that because doing the bare minimums comes, it is becoming of someone with that attitude. That's what it comes

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from. And so Allah has no need, it's your need. And so that is the second level of fasting, fasting, not just from the nullifiers fasting from the hot arm. So those first two levels are both mandatory. They're both mandatory. One for the validity of the fast one for the validity of their award of the fast and it's potential, the third level, may Allah grant us and you

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Proper daytime. So we can add to it a very special nighttime with Allah that fills our homes with light and fills our hearts with light. The whole project in Ramadan when it's done correctly when all of its parts.

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That is when you get to level three, or when you have a huge opportunity that hardly ever comes to any other point in the year to get to level three. Level Three is something you compete in it is not mandatory like one and two, but if we knew what's worth we would compete for it, irrespective of whether

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foregoing it was punishable or not. And that is the level of not abstaining from all that displeases Allah, that is abstaining from what ever will not bring us closer to the pleasure of Allah. So basically level one, you pass that level a level not punish me for not fasting, level two,

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you pass that level, you have escaped whatever may harm you in the Hereafter, if you will, right, you're not liable for anything, then you've fulfilled all your obligations. Level Three is when you are not interested in anything

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except what benefits in the hereafter. So level two is abstaining from what may harm. Level Three is abstaining from whatever won't benefit whatever is not the rewardable

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our some scholars say abstaining from slim from what ever anything but Allah subhanho wa Taala amaravati he and that which he is loving and is pleased with this panel. And so be very mindful of this what you watch what you hear what you speak of minimize all of this be protective of your fest. May Allah azza wa jal make this as a very special Ramadan that fills our hearts and our homes and our records of deeds with light and fills our faces with brightness and protects us from the darkness and the destruction that could befall a person on the Day of Judgment alone. I mean, is that lovely and everybody said I want a camera.