Ali Albarghouthi – Envy (Hasd)

Ali Albarghouthi
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It is interesting that whenever we are tested and afflicted with disease, physical disease,

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we do our best to treat it.

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We rush to the doctor, we take medicine, we jump from one specialist to the other until we make sure that that thing that ails us is gone. And we never tire

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trying to find a solution for it until we find

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that solution.

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But Subhan Allah,

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the greater diseases that infect us and plague us are not the diseases of the body,

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though they are testing, but they are the diseases of the self and the cell and the soul in the heart.

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And what is ironic about it is that though they are more severe, more serious in this life, and in the next, we don't seek treatment, we don't feel that they're serious enough. We let them torment, torment us and wreak havoc on our lives and our families and our communities and indeed, the entire Ummah, without seeking a medicine, consulting a specialist, or seeking a solution. And today's hotbar, I want to talk about one of those diseases, that in fact, I want to say,

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almost, if not every human heart, at least as we're living today, there is no single human being Muslim or non Muslim, who escaped from this disease. And that disease is the disease of hazard.

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I don't want to talk about hazard in terms of how you protect yourself from envy and what you do and what you read. I want to talk about how said as a sickness, that you and me are allowed to fester in our hearts, to take emotion out of it to cause so much harm, as you will see that in fact, ultimately it negates Iman.

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It's a disaster when you let it reside and grow in your heart.

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It's a disaster for your religion disaster for your social relationship. It's a communal disaster, and it's an Omar disaster.

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has said it's not something new.

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You must have felt it.

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And it's not you because when you go to the book of Allah azza wa jal, and you go to the Sunnah of His Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam you find them abundantly talking about it.

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When you go back to the early beginnings of humanity, when a bliss or Shavon was noticing the creation that yet to be formed, fully formed human being,

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he sends hazard

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inside of him.

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And he declared as he was circling Adam and Adam, yet did not have a soul in him. Let in so Lita, Allah, Allah subhana, wa ala insulet. To Allah, he literally can, if he will be given power over me, I'm going to disobey Him. And if I am going to be given power over him, I'm going to destroy him. He had felt that there is this new special creation is going to challenge his position. And I want you to see what has added to the shaytaan. He was worshiping with whom,

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with the Monica, with the angels of Allah subhanahu wa taala. He was in a station and a position none of us has reached. He has knowledge that none of us has. He saw things that none of us have seen. He was so close to Allah azza wa jal, yet when he allowed that hazard inside of them, and it's coupled with kibble, when he allowed that has an inside of him to ruin his relationship with Allah azza wa jal, he objected. And he disobeyed a direct command from Allah zuiden a direct command and he got himself rejected from Jana and dant. And when Allah who didn't want you to see the extent of that has said, how pernicious how cancerous it is, how blinding it is, that when Allah azza wa jal

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still, he had that opportunity to seek forgiveness, to say Allah, Allah gave me another chance.

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Allow me to allow me to be forgiven and to be admitted again into the company of the righteous when he had the chance to ask Allah azza wa jal.

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What did he ask Allah?

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He asked Allah azza wa jal for delay payment for to be delayed, so that he will be the cause for the destruction of this human and all of his family, all of his progeny. Like he felt

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He was destroyed because of them on Bernie laomi Yoga throne. Why? Because he was saying he promised Allah as you have misguided me, I'm going to destroy them. That's an instance where has had destroyed this being.

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And when you move to another scene, it's not the scene that took place on the upper realms. But now on the face of this earth, the two children of Adam Alehissalaam is called Robert qurbana when they made an offering you want to know why there is crime? Why there was mischief? Why why is there so many sins on the face of that you want to know how the first major one started? When Allah says photo OB lamina hottie Hema Allah muta, Koppelman, Allah, I want you here to

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relate this to yourself, when you find it times that you do your best, or maybe it's really not your best, but then someone else gets what you want it. It's a job. It's a woman, that you wanted to marry a man that you wanted to marry some money that you wanted to earn, whatever it is, and you find that you're competing with someone and they get what you don't get photocopied. I mean, I had Ebola muta, cobalamin, Allah Hara, that offering was expected accepted from one child of Adam, but not the other, rather than him, looking back at himself and saying there was something wrong in what I did. And asking Allah for forgiveness and trying better, what did he say? Because there was has

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said inside of him, God enough to learn that I'm going to kill you.

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I am going to kill you because he was Subhanallah, fuming with envy, fuming with hatred, that is what has it is, you see someone else possessing what you do not have, and you wish for it to go away.

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That's an internal feeling. And it often translate if you do not suppress it, if you do not treat it into statements and actions where you actually try to remove that number from someone else. You try to take it away from them. And he tried to eliminate that number by killing him. And the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam told us first in the Quran, Allah tells us

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that he regretted that action.

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And then he became among the losers. And then Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and that's the consequence of Hassan. And following your desire. He said that every murder that takes place on the face of this earth, unjust killing, the child of Adam will carry part of that burden and power part of that sin, because He's the first person who introduced this sin on the face of this earth.

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He comes on the Day of Judgment with billions and upon billions of souls being killed unjustly and he's partly responsible. And the reason has said

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that's the destruction of hesed. Move, centuries, and millennia forward. And Allah tells us

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that the people of the book when they received Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa alayhi wasallam.

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They rejected his message because of hassad.

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Um, yeah, so doing a nurse Allah, Allah home and fugly Allah saying all the envious of the favor that Allah had bestowed upon some people upon Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and the Sahaba it's because he came from them and not us. He was an Arab he spoke this but not from our own will never accept him. And fact they tried to take people dissuade them from accepting Islam. What the cathedral mean Alki tabula we do not come in by the Eman he can cover rassada they wish the tech to remove you from EMA to take you from email to disbelief, why hazard, out of envy, they look at what you have your favors, and rather than say we can be partners in this and others accept the emaan

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What do they say to themselves? This is what the envious person does. Rather than go back to Allah Zildjian and say yes, yeah, Allah, you've given what you give him for a reason for wisdom. And I don't have it also for a reason and the wisdom, but your gates are always open, go back to yourself, accuse it, purify it, ask for forgiveness, and then seek from Allah azza wa jal rather than them doing this. They released their venom, like a snake they released their venom on the one that they envy and they tried to kill him and destroy him.

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That's the hazard.

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You want to understand? Why has it is such a problem.

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The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said in the Hadith

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Allah is 10 year old Iman what has to do with your Colombian woman. Okay, Mahajan.

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and an authentic hadith. He said, Sal, Allahu Allah, he was alum, Iman and Hassan do not unite together in the heart of a woman.

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It doesn't happen. That is if you have a lot of hassad, then you understand that your iman is very weak. And if your Eman is strong, it eliminates hazard from the harm.

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You want to know why?

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hazard is built on C and some assumptions. And there are four things more or less Allahu Allah, that fuel hazard. And if you understand them, you will understand why I am I and you are envious. And then you will understand how to treat it has it first of all, is built on greed, trauma.

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You love this role. And I love this world so much.

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Because hazard is not or does not belong to the athlete era to the realm of the earth era. When you look at someone who has things that belong to the earth era, you really do not envy them, you have litho Lifta is that you admire what they have, and you wish for it without elimination of that Nirma you wish them to continue to enjoy the Quran to enjoy or to continue to enjoy giving sadaqa you see that Allah has favored them, and you love that for them. And you hope that you will have this for yourself. That Slipped claw, so it does not belong to the realm of the hazard comes because of the dunya greed, so much love for the dunya. And because it is built on competition dunya is built on

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competition and limited resources. If he has it, I don't if he's doing well, I am not. So then because of that greed, I nvm when he has a bigger house than mine, I envy him when he has better children or they're doing well at school. And my children are not when he's been able to achieve so much and his professional life and I haven't when he has a newer car and I don't when has a newer bag, a more expensive back and I don't when you look at something that they have, you immediately become envious of it. You hate that they have something superior to you. And it's almost exclusively related to the dunya if you rather focus yourself on the era and you take your attention away from

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the dunya your envy will go away. Your envy will be eliminated by the will of Allah azza wa jal and here there's something interesting.

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Allah azza wa jal and His Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam do not want you to compete in this dunya and for its sake,

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they want you to compete for the euro and for its sake. Allah azza wa jal says in the Quran Wafi the DECA affiliate and Fs in with NF is soon in that in the forgiveness of Allah azza wa jal and his flusher love those who want to compete, compete.

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Love them compete for them something that matters even when they want to achieve something in this life. They don't want to achieve it because of their own selves there because it's gonna enhance them, let them achieve it because it's going to please Allah azza wa jal when they need it, that's the right type of competition. Because Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam also says in a clear authentic hadith one at an alpha zoo, do not compete, do not compete with each other meaning you see that he has something from the dunya and your brain brain is occupied. Now I have someone has have something more except pensive, bigger, better than what he or she has. Do not compete for the dunya

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compete for the euro, divert your attention to it. And if we're either we'll get them anuna official Caffi Emery duniya vanefist Sophie la tierra if you find someone competing with you, sometimes Subhan Allah were plagued by those who want to compete with us not for anything good. But for the sake of the dunya I have something bit better better than you bigger than you. It says divert your attention to the compete with them. But not for the dunya you have a bigger home. I will Allah He wanted my bigger home to be there. You have better food I will Allah He won my better food to be there spent for where things will last? Now we will they will be eviscerated and they will

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evaporate. So it's built on greed. And always remember that for the sight of Allah azza wa jal, all of what you see weighs less than the wing of a mosquito. So if you eliminate great greed from your heart, there will be no reason for hassad Hola, hola. Hola. Hola. Hola. Hola. That was the hero la de welcome festival

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hamdulillah Hamdan catharanthus Even Mubarak and Fie, Walsall. Li wa salam O Allah Rasool e Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa sallam.

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The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam knew very well and he noted to people the effect of that greed on them. He asked once Abdul Rahman Lucknow Alvarado, the Allahu Anhu How will you be talking to the sahaba? How will you be when Allah azza wa jal opens Persia and presented to you, the Persian and the Byzantium Kingdom is going to be open to you. How will you be then? Then Abdul Rahman have now said we will be as Allah and His Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam commanders in love than the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said our hero Danek our lair Are you going to be different than that? That an ephah su ha. So matava alguna what that has to do now what the third rune? He said,

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Are you going to be different than that? You're going to be collecting it, then competing with each other because of it. That's the dunya and then you're going to be hating each other and then they will start boycotting each other. There is blah, blah. And there is to Davao Hazzard leads to it.

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He said, Sal, Allahu Allahu wa salam In another Hadith wants you to understand Subhanallah the extent of that disease, which goes untreated. Sometimes we don't even detect it, we feel it but we do not even we're not conscious of it. And the prophets, Allah alayhi salam called it a highly cost the eliminator of religion, or you said debate equals publikum it has to do with the disease of the nations before you had is infecting you. Hazard envy and hatred and our inner haha, it is the shaver, it does not shave hair, it shaves religion, it's eliminated completely. When you hate other people because of what you have. There is nothing left there is no bond between you and them, then

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what you will do is that you will try to do your best to take away that armor from them. Let's go back to the reasons of why hazard is their hazard is also there because you understand the reality of this life. And we also miss understand Allah's decrees. If you believe that Allah gives her a reason and denies for a reason, then you will never be envious by the will of Allah azza wa jal as some of the students have said, Yeah, Abdullah, who slave of Allah, why are you envious? If Allah has given something good to someone to honor him? Are you going to stand in the face of Allah's honor? Do you think that that person does not deserve it? And Allah has decided that they deserve

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Or if he has given that for a person as a test, and this test is going to take them to hellfire? Are you wishing for the same thing for yourself? Because it's one of two things. And maybe the thing that you want and people have and you don't, if Allah were to give it to, you're not going to be thankful, and it's going to be a disaster for yourself and for your family. Are you wishing for your own illness and disease? Are you wishing for your own peace of hellfire? Why are you envious, rather than when you see something that people have? And you don't want? Allah has been fugly as Allah says what at the time and Norma football Allah Hui Heba come on above, it says, do not wish what Allah

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has put had favored some over others, Allah this, Allah distribute this according to a reason. There's wisdom, incredible wisdom behind it. So don't accuse Allah in His distribution. If you want Allah His gates are always open, and know that he will give you what is best for you. The other thing is that we Subhanallah and this is human, we evaluate our self and our worth based on what we have. If I have a better degree, if I have more money, if I have better children in a hive, if I own better things, then I feel better about myself. And if this other person has more, I feel worse about myself. So envy, tries to do what eliminate that competition, make me again feel best about

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myself by finding the worst about this other person. And if I cannot find the worst, if I cannot spread the worst. I'll try to take that away from him. Because if he's doing worse, I by comparison, I'm better.

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But then yeah, at the last slave of Allah, understand that Allah azza wa jal on the Day of Judgment is not going to classify you based on how much you have in this life. All of these gap categories are meaningless. It doesn't matter how famous you are. It doesn't matter how many followers or responses you get on social media, it doesn't matter how many likes you get, it does not matter how much money you have. It does not matter how incredibly well you're doing in this world or how incredibly well your children are doing, or how beautiful or handsome your husband or wife are. It doesn't all of these things when you pass away and you meet Allah azza wa jal

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None of these things matter. The only thing that matters is that the whole of Allah azza wa jal. So you have to look at all of these things as illusions as distractions, you're not better because you own better, you're not better because you are achieved better. You are better if you use these things to please Allah azza wa jal, and you are actually worse. If these things take you away from him. Why do you compare yourself to others, do not compare yourself to others. And here I want to really share some piece of advice with people, especially those who use social media extensively. I'm asking you by Allah azza wa jal, do not post your happiest moments on social media, the best

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meal that you're having the best wedding that you're having, the latest trip that you have, there are people on this earth who are going to see this, and their heart is going to break because they don't have what you have.

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The least that is going to happen is you're going to break their heart, you're going to make the day worse. And the worst thing that is going to happen, and you should be aware of it, that some of those eyes are going to look at what you have, and they're going to envy you and you're going to lose it.

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It's up to you. You're doing two incredibly bad things. One you bring in NVT yourself, and you're harming your brother and your sister, say share it with loved ones, share it with ones that are close to you, not with everybody not with those who do not have, we need some consideration some compassion. And if you find that your exposure to social media is making you more miserable, and studies have shown that it's actually making humanity more miserable. Stay away from it. Stay away from it. The more that you're on on Facebook, on Twitter, the more that you see what other people have, and it's all fake, but how much people have, the more miserable you are. See it, test it.

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So stop that stop that.

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The last thing is that the way that you change your situation,

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is to ask Allah azza wa jal from his favor. And being someone else is a sin. It's a major sin. It's a major sin doesn't change anything. In fact, it's harms you'll more than it's harms other people, you're the first victim of your own envy. You're the person who's hurting the most mentally, psychologically, emotionally. You're like on a bed of fire. You can't sleep well. You can't be happy, because you'll always see other people having what you don't have. Why are you tormenting yourself rather let go of all of this and know that your real life is in the Hereafter. And if you want something and I'm going to tell you in sha Allah, about the treatment of hazard, but before

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that, I want to share with you a brief story.

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A brief story where Subhanallah the end of it is a nice proverb.

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Lila Haider will Hasidim, della Budda be so heavy Papa Tara, how incredibly just envy is it begins with the envier. And it kills him.

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There's a story that people share,

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where there was this king and he had this close advisor, very close to the king, and that advisor would repeat to the king, one golden piece of advice, as an 11 SNA leak, what to recommend ESA, esa uniqa took for ESA Be nice, be gracious to those who are gracious towards you, and let go of those who insult you and harm you. Because you will be surprised their harm and their wrongdoing. A person around the king was so envious of this person that he decided to plot against him. So what do you want it to do here? He went to the king and he told him so and so you're close advisor, things that you have chronic bad breath. And he's telling people that he says how do I know that what you're

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telling me is true. It says Ask him for a council, a private counsel, whisper something in his ear, you'll find that he's covering his nose and mouth. So he said I'll do this, then before that that person invited that counselor to a lunch and he puts so much garlic and onions in it. Then, in the afternoon, the king called this advisor. And of course when he came close to him and he wanted to talk to him, he smelled of onion and garlic. So he covered his nose and his mouth so that the king doesn't smell it. The king was then convinced, prematurely convinced that he was telling the truth and that he was spreading these rumors about him. So he wrote to them a letter, and he sealed it and

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he says Take this letter to so and so. And typically that is a letter that has in it. Gifts money. So he's taking this to its destination, then that envier saw him coming out. He said what do you have in your hand? It says I have a gift from the king. He says Please give it to me. Please give it to me. This is fine. Take it generous. He said take it. He takes it to his destination to open it What's written in it. The carrier of this letter if you find him, arrest him and execute him.

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He says pleading with them stop. It's not me. It's meant for someone else please. He says no. He says just going back and ask the king he said you want us to quote question the king. We're going to execute whatever he wants, chopped his head

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And they took back the body to the king, and they're bringing in the body and the counselor, the adviser is walking healthy sound the king looks at and he says, What is this, come telling me what happened? He says, as I was exiting, he asked me for this, so I gave it to him. I don't know what's in it. He said, he told me, this and that about you. They're spreading these rumors about me. And he said it and he fed me this and this before I met you. He said, Come back, you're really my advisor and my counselor. And then the end of it. He said, How incredibly just envy is it begins with the envier and it destroys him and kills them. It will destroy you if you allow it to destroy you. But

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you can stop it. And you can stop it in sha Allah. That's the last thing I want to say you won't stop it in sha Allah by dua.

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The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says that if you see something, and you admire it for you better Nikolay asked for baraka for it, that will protect that thing from envy. You're not going to envy it, but also there is in it a great wisdom. That is instead of you wishing that that will be eliminated. Change your attitude, yeah, Allah, give him more of it and bless it. Better children more money, if it's good for him a bigger house, if it's good for him, a better position, if it's good for him, and you will feel better, especially if you remember that as you are making this dua, Allah who will put an angel who is after every supplication, he will say, and YouTube and YouTube

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and YouTube, so you will keep making dua for him and her because the angel is making dua for you. He has not losing anything and you're gaining everything.

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That's the that's the medicine for envy.

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And at least at least if you feel it inside your heart, don't say anything and don't do anything with it. Oklahoma hasn't hasn't boiserie said, Oklahoma, he keep it inside. Don't say anything, to attack this verse and don't do anything to attack that person and then treat it on the inside we ask Allah azza wa jal, the Most Merciful, the Most High to eliminate envy from our hearts, and to eliminate the diseases all the diseases of the hearts and to make us aware of them and to help us to cure our hearts and to fill them with email and Yara Belisle me you Allah make us of those who purify their hearts and purify their bodies. Yeah Allah purify the Allah Muhammad sallallahu alayhi

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wa sallam from the diseases of the heart, purify our communities and our families from the diseases of the heart, Dr. Abdullah Al Amin, most makers of those who seek your forgiveness and seek what you love, and who run away from what you hate your hamara mean, You Allah, we ask You for the best in this life and in the Hereafter, and we seek Your protection from the worst that is in this life and in the hereafter. Shall I just want to remind you before we finish that as the brothers spoke up previously, and he said that the message is so close hamdulillah to paying its final installment for this year to settle the debt or what has remained from the price of the message, and that the simple

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donation of $100 coming from every one of us or more with Ninja if Allah has blessed you will insha Allah secure that last installment Subhanallah whenever you find this opportunity, when a door of good opens and you don't ever know when these things are going to close and you will not be able to do it again, for personal or for other reason. Whenever a door of good opens, enter it because Allah has zodion has opened it for you for a reason and he's inviting you. So don't decline the invitation of Allah azza wa jal whatever you can give Allah who will best rush you for it. I will continue with dua Allahu mattina, for dunya Hassan Ophelia Hirata Hassan, Filipina Agha, the NA Allah Herman and

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is a local Ginetta or Makarova, la Hammond COVID environment, when are all the becoming a Nerio Makarova at home in cold environment? When it's time to come in Haiti Mr. Alec Abdullah Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam are not only becoming Cherie Messiah, the Camino Abdullah Mohammed sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Allah hamata Helena Kulu bene Allahumma in an O to becoming a hazard. Allah hermana o to becoming a hazard Hola Hola. Hola. Hola becoming a hazard. Hola Hola, Vanessa Luca Hira Kula wanna Oh, to becoming a Sheree Cooley, Atlanta do Newbern Aquila, Ma, I mean, how am Allah Allah yada yada Yom will be automatic and steady oscillation inertia and an Akula will have to

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kill you know, unforeseen Alfetta I often miss salah.

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