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The importance of staying away from fasting and drinking, the need for patience and understanding, and avoiding alcohol and drinking is emphasized. The importance of practicing and self-control, personal control, and acceptance of actions beyond drinking and drinking are also emphasized. The need for personal control and practice is emphasized, and reading the Quran and avoiding fear or anxiety is emphasized. The importance of practicing and self control is emphasized, and strong environments and avoiding harms are emphasized.

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In Alhamdulillah Hina Hamid who is the you know, who is the hero? When oh the we love him in should orient fusina will see Dr. Marina Mejia the healer who Philomel Diem Lola will my youth leave her heard the Ala Wai shadow Allah EDA illa Allah wa the hula Sherry kala was shadow under Mohammed Abdullah who are sudo sallallahu alayhi wa early he was so happy he was

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in the halal Hadith Nikita of Wahida Allah well Halal had you had you Mohammed and sal Allahu Allah He was in them were shorter or more defer to have a coup d'etat in Aquila with the team Dolla dolla team fun now, my bad we praise and thank Allah subhana Horta, Allah that he had

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gifted us Ramadan

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and now in the first few days of Ramadan, we ask Allah has a lot hamara Jaime to accept from us and to give us the strength to continue to rectify our intention our deeds and make us among the accepted not the rejected and make us among those who had been freed from hellfire

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and indelible al Amin

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in those early days of Ramadan

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if you're still if still feeling

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the fatigue of fasting, the headaches, the stomach aches, the lack of energy. Understand that this is all part of this thriving and Ramadan. So may Allah azza wa jal reward you for all of that. If you're not in the mood yet, may Allah reward you for striving and sticking to it and saying despite the difficulty of please Allah subhanho wa taala. So may Allah azza wa jal elevate you because of that suffering, because of these setbacks and understand that they do not last.

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And that Allah azza wa jal is trying to teach us all something. When we give up what we love for what he loves. Subhana Allah to Allah, this is one of the essential lessons of Ramadan is that you learn to redirect realign your life to be with what Allah azza wa jal loves and once not with what you like, but with what Allah azza wa jal likes.

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If you have attended

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the Torah we you probably have heard the Imam say

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and read in the Salah was the you know the slavery was solder

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and seek the assistance of solder patients and Salah

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there is in doing what you want and I'm going to discuss the context of this idea. But in complying with what Allah wants from you, in being the person that you should be Allah azza wa jal says seek the assistance of patience and Salah because there will assist you to reach your end goal. And some of the people of the Tafseer they said that the southern here means fasting.

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As if Allah is saying, seek the assistance of fasting in and Salah in doing an enriching what you're supposed to be doing.

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And there is definitely the case, that Ramadan, and so fasting encapsulates Patience, patience away from what Allah hates patients and doing what Allah wants and patience when you're visiting by an affliction. The essence of patience is there in Ramadan, and they're in practice when you are fasting and Subhanallah there is very few little types of rebirth where you're constantly in a state of a birder for many hours of the day. Not allowed many things are like fasting now as you're waiting for Salah This is a further as you're listening to the hot word, this is a bad, but the rest of your day because you are fasting you're in a constant state of a bad

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very few things pero fasting and Allah azza wa jal wants us to learn how to be patient when we fast.

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When we are fasting today, we may have a lot of problems on the side.

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And sometimes we fast and we pray. And we say here's our fasting and pray and here's our problem separate from each other.

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No, it should be here's our problem and here's our fasting solving it and here is our Salah father's of solving it.

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It is well known that when Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam would something would distress him he would rush and pray. So he would use the salah to solve his problems and medicate his heart and he he is Salatu was Salam and bring him closer to Allah. So you and I we may have financial

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Problems debts that we don't know how to repay. We could have marital problems with spouses with children with parents. We could have health problems personally or with people around us. We could be distant from Allah azza wa jal whatever problem you may have, Allah says was to a novice Sabri or salah, seek the assistance of this fasting that you're doing at this moment, and the salah that you are praying throughout the day and night in solving your problem and becoming the person that Allah azza wa jal loves. See, anybody can abstain from eating and drinking, right.

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Though it could be hard at this moment, but in few days it will become the new normal, so anybody can stay away from eating and drinking. Yet Allah azza wa jal did not Institute any of these things simply for the fact other than only for the fact of not eating and drinking only.

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See, he says that he is sold out to Salem.

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Malaria the whole story will MLB Felicity Leigh had to fear and yet the alcohol who was a robber, they will who doesn't stay from speaking and doing falsehood, Allah does not need him to abstain from eating and drinking.

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And here you get a glimpse of what Allah azza wa jal wants us to do when we are fasting. Yes, stay away from eating and drinking but push beyond that into understanding that Allah wants you also to stay away from everything else that Allah hates.

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To be better than you were before Ramadan.

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When you are fasting,

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and you're feeling the pain pangs of hunger.

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It shouldn't stop at that.

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But our the eyes fasting as well.

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Is the tongue fasting as well or the ears fasting as well?

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He said in a hadith. Ali's Salatu was Salam ala pasa a Malay salah, hoomins, cm hyndland, Joe Baca, Iman de cela, Holman TM, he in the Sahara, perhaps there's a fasting person and the only thing that they're getting from his fasting is hunger.

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And perhaps there is a praying person at night and the only thinking thing that they're getting from their Pm is like asleep.

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And that humbles us, doesn't it?

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You see Allah accept from me beyond simple act of not eating and drinking, accept from me this act of a Buddha. But how does Allah accept from that? How Allah will accept that from us unless we also do emphasize patience?

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Meaning, are your eyes fasting as well?

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Is the tongue fasting as well? Is it engaged in gossip in backbiting, in mockery in Haram and profanity? Are your ears or your eyes is your body? Or is it that when you want to engage in any of these things, even though some of them are a habit? And some of them are fun? And some of them may bring relief to us we think but when you want to do these things, remember no I'm fasting. And Allah is watching and this is haram. So you stop.

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And the next haram thing comes in you stop and you realize that you don't want to waste more of your time, of disobeying Allah hazardous you focus on what benefits you in the dunya and in the accuracy you open the goose, half the Quran and you read, you remember Allah with your tongue, and you feel close to him. Subhana who were to Allah, and Allah azza wa jal brings relief and comfort to your heart and his words and his message is in your mind.

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And when that happens, you will find that you will have power over your problems and over your afflictions. No matter what this affliction is. You remember that? Every problem has a beginning and has an end. And its solution is in the hands of Allah azza wa jal, you know that.

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But there is a distance between knowing and actually realizing something, knowing something and living the thing, seeing the idea that I caught it, seek the assistance of patience and salah.

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Before it, Allah azza wa jal is chastising the people of the book when he says, moon and NASA will be rewarded. Someone puts a one to two through Nikita Abba fella. He says do you command people to be virtuous? But forget about yourselves while you are reading the book? Do you not have minds?

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And though this is directed at the People of the Book, it does actually underline a human condition that all of us are most of us have the distance between what we know and what we do.

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The distance between what we want to be and our reality what we claim to be and our reality

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and the distance sometimes to us seems unbridgeable. He say I cannot leave that harangue very difficult, I can stop smoking, I can stop drinking, I can stop going out and disobeying Allah has to do they can stop seeing the Haram but when the month of Ramadan comes, you find that for extended periods of time, you can, isn't it

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and it tells you then the Allah azza wa jal had put in you with his health, the power to stay away from these things. He just needed something to push you.

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And when you fast the way that Allah wants you to fast that unbridgeable becomes bridgeable and you begin to see yourself reading more of the Quran, fasting a day to 330 days whereas before if wanted to ask you to fast one single day you'd say impossible, but now you aren't doing it.

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If someone were to ask you to wake up for February we'd say that's very hard for me but now you do it.

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If someone were to ask you to stand behind the Imam and listen to the Quran, he said, I don't have time for it. But now you do it or you know that you should do it. And that striving in the month of Ramadan is what Allah wants from all of us to push yourself beyond what you were doing before. Beyond beyond what you are used to beyond what we got comfortable with.

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So we could have a problem in the month of Ramadan but use the Salah and use and use the Quran to bring you closer to Allah azza wa jal ask Allah for a solution as Allah azza wa jal for guidance as Allah for power.

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And when you know that the Hara is better than the dunya and more lasting, any problem in the dunya will shrink in your eyes. And we knew that Allah azza wa jal has the power to change the heart of every single person around you will understand that change could come and you will put your trust with Allah azza wa jal, and you will never despair.

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And when you rely on him subhanho wa Taala you will find that you will have no anxiety anymore. You only have anxiety and fear when you rely on yourself.

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But when you rely on the one who has all the answers and all the power, Allah says give me your worries and give me your problems and burden and be set free. So set yourself free and get closer to Allah azza wa jal and fast but not only fast for eating and drinking fast from anything other than Allah azza wa jal fast from your own ego from your own arrogance from your own steadiness first from your love of the dunya and direct yourself and the era. Allah azza wa jal is giving us here in Ramadan, the foundation the fertile ground for us to be better so push yourself and ask Allah for assistance and Allah will assist you our Holy Father was the hula and he would have confessed.

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Okay, inshallah inshallah.

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Hamdu lillahi rabbil. Alameen. Hamdan cathedra on plebe and Mubarak in fee, who will suddenly was salam ala Rasulillah Muhammad, while early he will be here, we'll send them in sha Allah if we can move up closer and fill up as many gaps as possible because I could see some brothers there, standing and they don't have space. So BarakAllahu Pico, create more space and Allah azza wa jal rewards you for that.

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That is relief that you are bringing to your brother or to your sister of spaces needed there. And Allah will give you relief when you cause and bring relief. And in fact, that is part of what we want to practice in Ramadan, our character, the character that we have, that we have ignored and neglected throughout the year.

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So Examine yourself and examine what is missing from it and what you want to add to it.

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Is it that you have a problem with anger? Or is it has that you have a problem with money and stinginess? Is that you have problem with profanity and controlling your tongue? Is it that we have a problem with raising our children is it that we have, there's always something that is missing?

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And we lie to ourselves when we say that we don't have any or we are blind.

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So in Ramadan, Allah azza wa jal wants you to practice that type of patience and self control.

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And then Ramadan, Allah wants you to learn virtue,

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virtue when you're driving and virtue when you're shopping and Bucha when he was talking to your spouse,

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how did you control yourself when you're fasting control yourself when you're dealing with people as well? How you see Allah watching you

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When you're eating and drinking and abstaining from all of that, see Allah watching me when you dealing with other people. How are you trying to please Allah azza wa jal by abstaining from the Haram please Allah azza wa jal by not harming people around you. So your character, and that character needs to keep growing and growing until we meet Allah subhanho wa Taala and one of the greatest things that will help you is fasting and sada and fasting and reading the Quran. And the Sunnah Allah has some Allahu Allahu alayhi wa sallam said in the Hadith that fasting and the Quran will come on the Day of Judgment, to intercede for you.

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And fasting will say Allah I stopped him from eating during the day. So I accept my intercession and the Quran will say Allah I stopped and from sleeping at night, so accept my intercession, there is no better way that when that happens than Ramadan

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when fasting will stop you.

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And revolt and the Quran will stop you

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from eating and from sleeping.

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And so the Quran needs to be part of

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our routine in Ramadan hopefully, so that it can spill over till after Ramadan. So open the most half and read and read in ways where Allah is teaching you and in changing your character and changing your behavior and realigning you to be a better Muslim.

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So whatever position you're in at this moment, whatever pain you have at this moment, whether you're fully into Ramadan or not yet, Ramadan is not there to simply be a pleasurable moment that passes

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a point of social interaction that passes

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a time when we invite and we get invited and then it goes away. Ramadan is not there to do that. Ramadan is there to give you the best opportunity in the year

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to be close to Allah azza wa jal to be better than the person that you were throughout the rest of the year to you examine yourself and say, I was affirmed for Allah azza wa jal and I knew that I should be better but I did not know how now I have the tools for it. So push yourself. So if you have not started reading the Quran, read with intention that at least you will finish it once and as you are reading.

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Ponder that Allah is talking to you.

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And Allah is addressing you and Allah wants you to change and Allah is guiding and fast with intention. Eating and drinking beard Nila Zota that is going to be easy. But staying away from the Haram staying away from bad thoughts staying away from that company. Staying close to Allah azza wa jal and having that bit of Allah being on the tongue repeatedly. And a person who always is with Allah, in mind, heart, body and tongue when they're visited with an affliction. They can handle it.

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They can handle that because they know that Allah is with them. We only panic when we feel alone.

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But the SN that we want in Ramadan is to do what and tag with Allah aka nuggets Allah that you worship Allah as if you are looking at him.

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And if you cannot see Allah know that Allah can see you. So now as you are sitting I want you to ponder that Allah is watching you.

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And when you stand for your Salah, Allah is watching you and is with you. And when you leave the masjid, Allah is watching you and is with you. And when you're going to break your fast and when you putting that piece of data inside and saying Bismillah Allah is watching that. And Allah is recording it. And Allah has with you when you do that. And when you stand in Salah forterra We can you ask yourself every night Why am I here?

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For the sake of Allah, Allah, Allah is watching you and he understands your pain and extend the difficulty of doing that. And when you fast was watching you and He knows what you're going through and make it for the sake of Allah as urgent. And if you put Allah in your heart, there'll be nothing dear to you than Allah subhanho wa Taala if we can get this out of Ramadan, then you've won something very significant. So we ask Allah, Allah, Allah Allah Amin or hamara Herminia Allah make us of those who fast Amen and what have the Saba and those who do pm Iman and YT Saba, and those who do the pm have later to ricotta Iman and YT server makers of those who are freed from hellfire

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Europa Island de Europa Alameen there's an accepted to ask for every believer in the month of Ramadan except our da in the month of Ramadan you are hamara Hamid your Allah there are people who are freed from hellfire every single day in the month of Ramadan, make us of those who are freed from hellfire in that month you are hamara Hamid make us Europa Alameen those who are fasting not only in body but in spirit as well. Fasting from the Haram and fasting from bad thoughts. First thing in mind and fasting in heart, Dr. Opal al Amin with Dr. Belman.

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Now Pearl Alameen along Buffy Linda Dubois, Jimmy Allahumma, Taco Bell, Mina, Al Al Amin, Allahu Manas, local Jen Neto, Makarova, either you haven't called environment we're not Oh, the becoming a Nereo Makarova la have been called environment when I say local here Akula who hygena who do you know who Matt allemande I mean who am alumna Anna we're not all the becoming a share equally hygienic due to Hema alumni. I mean who am alumna alum when I was a locum in Haiti masala Abdul Hamid on Salah Allahu Allah He was in when we became teachers we must come in who have to come Mohamed Salah Allahu Allah He was Allahu Allah to the Alaina Illa wala Herman in for watch, what

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they eat and how they eat, whatever he is on inertia feta wala herget and here like I read on what NFE how Salah when in the holding to her where your sock the high or Bill Alamy yada yada you will be hermetic and as sturdy as lifting inertia and Aquila will attack in either and fusino Perfect type things.